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Congratulations on your first day at your brand new.

Did it not go well? Oh no. It went great. So great that I quit. All because of your partner, Gwen.

Start date ASAP requirements. Don’t be Chloe Lane. 20. I need your help. I’m in trouble. Big trouble. What is it now, Marty? It’s a nightmare is what it is. There’s a cycle on Halluc. He’s got me the sights. Guess I surprised you, mother. I’m telling him. Boy. Yes you did. You don’t call, you don’t write. Oh, but look, what’s important is that you’re here now in the family home where you belong.

Yet another prodigal son, just what the family needed. This isn’t some sick competition, okay? This is about a child, a life. And I need you to, to be kind to each other and to me, because it, it breaks my heart at the one thing that I have longed for for so long. Something that is a, a blessing and a miracle ends up being fraught and painful.

I need you to help me through this, okay. Whatever the results are, whoever the father is. Can you do that for me please? Ah, Nicole. I have your results.

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Can we go somewhere private please? I would love to, but I am the middle of dealing with an emergency. Does it have something to do with Colin Jeffrey? Well, it’s about a lot more than that. Abe disappeared this morning, too. Disappeared right out of his recovery room, and the precinct of the two of those things are probably connected.

Oh, where are you Colin? What are you up to now?

Colin, open up at the police.

What do you want? Yes, a warrant. Seriously, do you actually think I would be dumb enough to hide my brother at my own apartment? Maybe not, but if you are helping him, there may be evidence in here somewhere if I were helping him, which I’m not. I wouldn’t also be dumb enough to be leading clothes lying around.


You know, the department might be better off recruiting some officers who aren’t so easily overpowered by a guy who just fell off a roof. You’ll listen to me, Ms. Peterson. The mayor is missing and your brother might have him, and if you have the slightest idea of where he is, I suggest that you tell me now because I promise you things will not go well for your brother or you.

Could you be a bit more specific? This town is full of psychos. Hello? The one who tried to murder the mayor, not to mention his wife and daughter. Colin Bedford is out to get you. That makes no sense. Uh, you could try showing a little more concern if for no other reason than I’m covering half the rent. I just think you’re being a bit paranoid.

Oh, you’ve never heard the expression. Just because you’re paranoid does not mean they’re not out to get you. Okay, darling, why is Colin out to get you? Oh, thank you for asking. Finally, so here’s what happened. I lost my phone in the park, so I started to panic thinking about how my mentions must be piling up.

So I flagged down this super hot cop to help and it turned out to be him. Colin Bedford pose as a police officer. Yeah. And now he knows that I know that he’s no cop and he wants me dead. How long do you think it is until he shows up at the door?

So tell me. What took you so long to show up here? Yeah. Blame the tired antics of the US government. Let’s just say that they were less than thrilled to grant us our immunity in exchange for the turn of Shane Donovan’s son. So they made sure to make my customs process a rather arduous one. Well, I am just glad that you’re here now, finally, where you belong.

Mm-hmm. Now you remember your aunt Kristin? Oh yes. How could I forget yet? Last time I saw you? My quest for some precious jewels wound up putting my own jewels in quite an unnerving jeopardy, whatever are you talking about? You don’t recall our encounter in Amsterdam? You pointed a gun at my crotch. Oh man.

Yeah. Yeah, that, yeah. Well, I didn’t know you were my nephew at the time, huh? I thought you were some pesky. I s a agent in the thro of Inci Billy Reid. Okay. Enough. Hmm. Let us just let bygones be bygones, shall we? Especially a few two are going to be married. What? What?

I don’t get it. What? Why exactly did you quit your job at the newspaper? Two words. Too many letters. SWE rises in check. All right. What did she do? What didn’t she do? That bitch rolled out the unwelcome mat in so many awful ways. I lost count. Do you know where my office was? Wasn’t on the executive floor?

No, it was in the broom closet. She literally put an old desk in the closet with a landline and a dialup modem. Come on. There’s no way that true that you’re exaggerating. I, I wish I was. And then she was texting me every 45 minutes with some new unreachable sales goal. Maybe she was trying to motivate you.

Oh, come on, sander. She was setting me up to fail. Oh, listen, I know that you stuck your neck out for me for this job. I’m not gonna put up the crap like that from anyone. Don’t be sorry. I I should be sorry. I had no idea she’s gonna treat you like this. Well, you tried. Yeah, I did. I think the problem is you did not.

I’m sorry. What? Please don’t quit. Not yet. Why the hell not? Isn’t it obvious if you quit? Gwen Wenner.

Come on, Mattie. Nobody’s coming here to murder you. Well, another cockeyed optimist. You are Colin Bedford is on the run from the law, or the least of his problems matter if I go yapping to the police about my encounter with him, which obviously he doesn’t want. Hence he’d prefer me to be pushing up daisies.

Come now. What could you possibly tell the police that they don’t already know? I cannot believe you were being so bla about this. The guy is legit scary Gwenny, not to mention blazing hot, especially once he dropped the cop act and started talking in his real accent and a little smile, huh? So charming.

Honestly, I do feel like there was some chemistry between us. See, look at that. He probably thinks you’re hot too. If there was chemistry, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just focus on something else. Like what? Light your next column. I am not writing about that. Limey. Hunk, if that’s what you mean.

Offering to tell his story is what got him riled up in the first place. Right. I get that. No, um. Actually, I need you to find me some dirt on somebody else.

Mother, I’ve been in America for less than an hour and you’re already trying to marry me off. To my Aunt Mel. Yes. Yes. And you. And you make this outrageous suggestion without consulting me first because I was confident that you go along with it. Look, you too aren’t related by blood, as you well know. And this is hardly breaking new dira grounds.

Didn’t my father raise you to be my brother? Tony’s intended. Yeah. Well that was a long time ago and hardly something I am proud of. Uh, but it was father’s wish and so you saw the wisdom in it, and I see we still do now. I raised my glass to the upcoming NEP tools. Of two superior human beings

outta curiosity. Has a Salem PD ever heard of conflict of interest? Let’s not forget you have family mixed up in this mess too, detective. My sister would’ve had nothing to do with this if it hadn’t been for your lunatic brother and his dry for revenge. Of course, your sister’s the innocent victim, even though she’s the one who’s actually committing the crimes that my brother’s being accused of.

Just finish your search and get out of here already. Okay. I. God, I fed enough in my mind with my boyfriend’s ex being pregnant. Excuse me. Oh, you didn’t know. Yeah. Nicole knocked up. And, um, since you’re bound to ask this, I’ll just save you the time. The baby might be Eric’s,

are you okay? Yeah, it’s just. It’s Abe. I know, I know. Maybe you should. We’re gonna find him, Nicole. I’ll get on the phone right now and I volunteer. Damir is security Force to helping the search. Thank you. Are, are there any leads as to where Abe went? Not yet. Um, listen, I need to go to my office today. Head at the hospital is waiting for an update.

Okay. Well we understand. Okay. I am, I’m if you need me. Thank you, Kayla, for running the test, Uhhuh.

This is, I know exactly who this piece of buttered toast is. Formerly hunky all-American ISA agent Kyle Graham, well still hunky, but now Dimitri von Roiner’s his name and blowing up the world is his game. Did you say he’s not dangerous? Okay, I might, but that’s just because it’s such a good story. So what is this supposed to be?

Some sort of jailhouse interview? Ah, you are a bit behind on the news, aren’t you, darling? No. Not only is Dimitri free as a bird, turns out he’s also got some deeper roots in this town. What kind of roots? Rotten ones. Our little handsome Dimitri here is a Demara, another one of Stefano’s bastards. Mm. Close Megan Hathaway’s son.

Ah, there’s a twist on a twist. Mm-hmm. And my sources say that his plane has just landed in Salem Evil family reunion. That’s what I want you to find out. Why is he here and what does he want? Sounds great. Lady gb, you’re have to get someone else to cover it. I’ve already got one psycho killer after me. I sure shoot and don’t need another one.

Yeah, sure. We’re aware that we’re not blood related, but we’re also not a good math. Yeah. And to put it mildly, this is especially not our age difference. Ah, watch it. And also other. General Incompatibilities, hang on, come on. I think you two could be highly compatible if you gave it a shot. You’re both extremely bright.

Mm-hmm. Charming. Mm-hmm. Charismatic. Put that aside. I propose that you propose Dimitri for practical reasons and I propose that you explain what the hell that means. Well, I have recently been made aware of the fact that there’s a very sizable amount of Von ROI money that Dimitri is in line to collect.

There are strings. There always are. Okay, and what are the strings? The trust specifies that he must be married by the time he turns 40. And how old are you now? 39 and three quarters. Mother. Why have I never heard of this? Trust? I’ll wait for the same reason I haven’t until now. There are some members of your extended family who are hoping that you won’t make the deadline, but the money is yours provided you act.

And how much money are we talking here? More than enough to kickstart our plans. Plans. Oh, that’s right. You weren’t here. Kristen and I want to take over the world. I assume you’re in

Eric and Nicole. They’re not even seeing each other. And Nicole’s dating edit Damara last I heard. She is. So if Nicole is pregnant with Eric’s baby, You can blame your sister for that one. What does my sister have to do with this? She’s the one that spiked those biscuits seems. Nicole and Eric got their hands on a couple and while under the influence got all about ej me birth control.

I see all that’s unfortunate for everyone involved. Yeah, it’s true. I mean, it must bring up some painful memories for you too. I mean, you and Eric. You would still be together. You hadn’t gotten that abortion. You guys could be singing Sweet Little Lullabies, little Eric or Erica Jr. Instead, he might finally get to be a father with someone else.

If you wanna wait to open that until we get news about hey. But I totally understand. Oh, okay. The FO sympathy. You want answers just as much as I do. Better to get this over and done with now, and once we have the answer, you can concentrate on bringing home your dear friend. Sure. Because it’s all about Abe Bright, ej.

You sick and tired of him hanging around, buzzing in your ear with all his sanc. Please, both of you just let me do this.

Well, what does it say,

Eric? It says that. You’re not a match. I knew it. I knew it. The child is mine. Old darling. It’s a miracle. Nothing less. Oh, we can give it a gift.

Congratulations. Oh, Eric, I’m sure of this. Stevens a bit, but in the long run it’s what’s best for everyone involved. We don’t have to go through the awkwardness of you and Nicole raising a child together while her and I in a relationship, and your girlfriend has spared the pain of you fathering a child with another woman.

In a sense, everyone to win it today. I guess that’s it. I wish you best of luck with everything. Thank you,

Dolly. This is a gift. It changes everything. It does.

See, told you you wouldn’t find anything.

Oh, look at there. No people, no clues, no breadcrumbs. Just me. If you feel like grilling somebody though, you could check in with Leo Stark. Why would I question Stark? Well, because he said he ran into my brother earlier today. What? Why didn’t you tell me that when I got here? Hmm. Oh, because it’s not my job to help you do your job.

You withheld vital information in an ongoing case. You wanna arrest me as an accessory? Go ahead. I would love nothing more than to sue you in the department for false arrest,


Look, I know Gwen can be difficult at times, but please don’t close the door on this opportunity. You said yourself, the spectator could be the perfect fit for you. There’s nothing perfect about working with that witch. Ah, I know, but she’s only bullying you because she didn’t get away. You mean because she doesn’t like that I’m living here with you.

Whatever the reason. I know you can overcome this. You’re not afraid of bullies, aren’t you? Hell no. I’ve been standing up to them since I was in high school. There you go. So, you know, the only way to beat a bully is to prove to them that you can’t be pushed around, that they’re not gonna break you, not get bored and move on to the next target.

So, I’m just supposed to be miserable until she’s bored with me. Yes. Perfect. Exactly. But I, I’ll be there to minimize the misery or fight every indignity. She throws you away. And I just need you to fight too. I know you’ve got it in you. Oh, maybe I don’t wanna fight. Maybe I’m just tired, Chloe. It has only been one day.

Yeah, tomorrow’s gonna be the same way. And then the next day and the next day and the next day. Why should I subject myself to that? Do it for me.

Stay in the job for you. Look, Gwen and I are locked in a battle of Will and if you leave, I’ll be on my own against that woman. That woman who you used to love. Yeah. Well now she lives to antagonize me in it. But if you quit, she’s gonna use that as proof that I was wrong about you and everything else and she’ll never stop lording it over me.

I do believe that, Hmm. I mean, from here on out, it’ll just be one battle after another and unrelenting slog of bickering. And also, he’s gonna turn me into the most miserable roommate. You’ll come home every day to a darkened apartment and a brooding Scotsman just staring off into the distance, contemplating how his life turned into such a hot mess.

Mm-hmm. That does sound tragic. How could you possibly do that to me after everything we’ve been through, getting these pictures up on the walls? Okay, stop it. You had me at brooding Scotsman, so you will stick at it. You’ll stay at the job. I’ll give it another try. You won’t regret it, I promise. Mm, we’ll see about that.

In the meantime, pour us a couple glasses of that. Oh, forget the champagne. Let’s go out and celebrate. I’ll tell you wherever you wanna go. Oh, honestly, I’m not really in the mood. I’d rather just stay and put my feet up and watch a movie. Can we just order delivery? Absolutely not. You’re sacrificing yourself for my sanity.

You deserve better. I’m gonna prepare a feast now. I’m not named Cook for nothing. Hey, he’s got jokes for first a toast. To your ultimate victory in Gwen’s inevitable defeat.

Can’t believe the great lady whistleblower would pass on such a juicy story. And I can’t believe that you’ve forgotten how I’m the one who switched the emerald on that. A manian peacock, that va lo MiiR, whatever the hell his name is, needed to Doctor Evil the world. Well, that’s why I think your histories makes you so uniquely suited for this job, except that the guy probably wants me dead for foiling, his plants.

I don’t need another psycho when he put my head on the wall. Very well. We just have to find somebody else then to cover the greatest and largest story of the year somebody else can buy for the Pulitzer. Pulitzer. Yeah. Book deal. You know, you write a story like this, an article like this, and you get a podcast or bestseller or hit series.

I do love crime shows. Mm. Yeah. This is, uh, All the elements here for a great breakaway hit, money, power, hot, untrustworthy guy. You know, I’m actually thinking this could be seven figure deal, seven figures. That’s one with six zeros after. Hmm. At least, but it’s okay. I understand your trepidation. I wouldn’t wanna put you in any danger, so just pretend I didn’t say anything.

Well, let’s not be hasty. I, I do know how to keep myself safer on dangerous men. Are you saying you’re interested, interested? No, I, well, I mean, no. Still No. What good is all that money? If you’re too dead to spend it, find someone else to cover it, that’s fine. You want something bloody done. You have to just do it yourself, don’t you?

You’re gonna write it. You’re dare write. I’m gonna write it. And you know what? If something does come out of this, don’t you dare expect me to share the half with you, Mr. Leo Lion hearted, who’s obviously not. Lock the doors. Now you dunno who’s gonna come calling. Do you?

So this is what you meant by having a plan to finance our mutual ambitions. Exactly. If we keep it in the family, if you will, then we can get the money quickly. And that would save us time having to find a suitable mate for Dimitri and avoiding the risk that she’ll turn out to be a gold digger. Mm, yes.

Much better for me to marry someone’s steady and trustworthy like Auntie Christian. Oh, and look who’s talking Agent Graham. All right, you too. No sniping. Opportunity is knocking and we must answer.

Did you bring the SWAT team with you this time? Hey Eric? Yeah. Any news about your brother and did they find him? No. No, but you did just miss Detective Jada and her search warrant, complete waste of time, obviously, since they didn’t find anything. Right. You heard about Abe? Yeah. You don’t think, no. No. Oh, look, Colin is desperate.

He’s, he’s not a monster. He’s also not stupid enough to put a big target on his back like that. How did you hear about it? Is it, is it on the news? No, not yet. I was, I was at the hospital and Kayla told me, oh, what were you doing at the hospital? Nicole got her results from the DNA test, and I’m not there.

Am I? Oh, you don’t have to pretend you aren’t happy,

Bob. I can’t deny that’s what I was hoping to hear, but I know how much you wanna be a father, and I see you’re hurting. It’s not the right time’s. Probably for the best. Right.

What’s happening, what’s truly happening? We’re having a baby together. I know this sounds strange, but I, I felt it all along that this was meant to be.

So, um, do we share the news or do we keep this to ourselves? Um, I, I think. I think we should wait. Are you worried about your history? I don’t wanna be negative, and I also, I don’t wanna forget that there’s a chance, I mean, a really good chance that I can’t carry this baby to term.

I understand we’ve dealt with this disappointment twice before. But don’t let the past dictate the future. We have to remain positive and the first step is to get you the best care possible and there is no time to waste.

All right. No time to waste. Come and get it while it’s hot.

Egg sandwiches. Well, the one thing I really do know how to make well is a traditional Scottish breakfast, so I made a kinda like dinnertime version of it. So before you have drops cones, we have eggs with crowdy cheese and a weeper a ham. And you’ll be glad to know I spare you the haggas. So here’s some sausages instead.

Hmm. I don’t understand half of what you just said, but it sounds impressive. Well, please withhold judgment until after you’ve tried it, but go ahead.

Okay. There’s a lot of pressure with you watching me right now. Oh, sorry. How does this help? Ooh, okay.

I’m actually really good. Yeah? Mm-hmm. That’s really good. You got some skills, Mr. Cook. Well, I will say that it does pair rather nicely with the champagne. I am sure it does. You know the French stole the idea for champagne from Scott’s Champagne. There’s no way that that’s true. It’s absolutely true. No.

Scottish people invented all kinds of tasty things like hamburgers and pizza. Okay. You were literally just making things up right Now. Why would I do that? I am not a liar. Chloe Le. No Scottish people. Well, very famous inventors. We invented hoverboards. We invented zippers. We invented kissing. Kissing the Scott’s invented kissing.

Well, maybe we didn’t invent it, but we certainly perfected it.

Wow. Do I hear wedding bells? I have already picked out the most gorgeous mother of the groom dress. I gotta hand it to you, mom. You certainly thought this all through. But my answer is no. Kristen. Oh Shirley. You are smart enough to make the right choice and persuade your nephew that this is the best strategy that we have.

Ah, sorry, megs, I’m gonna side with your boy on this. I’m gearing up for a custody fight and showing up in court with my nephew on my arm is not gonna win me brownie points with the judge. Pathetic. A relaxed mother. Plenty of fish in the seat. Yes, and most of them are not suitable for you to marry. If we are not keeping it in the family.

We have to find someone very special for you, Dimitri. Woohoo. Anyone home? The door is open. I’m looking for Dimitri. Yvonne Ner.

I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad to get up close and personal with that. Uh, funny. You were homosexual instead of homicidal. Oh my god, what’s the other homicidal maniac?

Open up. It’s a belief. Yeah. Yeah, I know. What can I do for you, detective? I understand you had a run in with Colin Bedford. Uh, yes I did. It was very brief. Still a little chat, all small talk. I don’t know anything, I swear. Oh, I think you do. And you’re going to tell me everything about the encounter from start to finish.

Unless you’d like to spend the night in Joseph,

I’ll be putting out a statement about the Colin Bedford possible involvement in Abe carver’s disappearance in about an hour. But until then, if there’s any press inquiries, please refer them to the administrator’s office. Uh oh. Okay. That’s great. Thanks so much. Come in Dr. Johnson. Uh, a moment. Um, sure.

Nicole. Hi. How are you doing? She is doing wonderfully well. We both are. Now that we’ve gotten the news, we’re hoping for. Oh, well, I’m glad that’s the case. Please. Uh, have a seat. Go ahead. How can I help? Uh, well, uh, we were concerned about my medical history. You know, if I can carry the baby to term, and as you know, the scar tissue on my uterus has created issues.

Well, I know you’ve had your struggles. Perhaps there have been some advances in treatment since the last time she was pregnant. Anything that could help boost our chances. Well, I’m not a fertility doctor obviously, but I can certainly give you a referral. Excellent, excellent. And, uh, we will remain optimistic and hopeful.

As you should. Well Nicole, I need to go make a statement to the board about, uh, the Abe situation, but I wanna talk to you, um, and I will be getting you guys that specialist phone number. Okay? Thank you.

I’m in your corner.

See you later.

I promise you this, I will move heaven and earth to get us a successful outcome. You will bring this baby, our baby to turn.

I’ll pray for that. I love you, Nicole.



speaking that I’m here with you and I just.

I look forward to our future together.

I love you. I love you.

Sorry, Eric. I just can’t risk losing. You call this baby ends up being yours. That test has to come back negative.


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