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Young & The Restless Transcript


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[ Sally exhaling sharply ]

[ Sally sighing ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Sally: Oh, nick. Oh, finally.

Chloe: So, I’ve put together a set of cad drawings from our sketches. I’ve got fabric swatches, paint chips. You know, I just think it’s really important to get lily and devon’s eyes on this asap.

Sally: Chloe–

Chloe: So we can get a sense of what they’re– I know what you’re going to say. That they hired us to define their new style for chancellor-winters, but I just think it’s really smart to involve them early on because then we can help guide them to what we are envisioning. What? What’s wrong?

Nick: I want extra guards stationed here and regular checks of the grounds. You see anything suspicious, you let me know. All right. Thanks. All right. Security’s beefed up just in case cameron tries to do something stupid, like come back to genoa city.

Sharon: Thank you.

Nick: I’ll let my dad know too.

Sharon: Well, that makes me feel better, but I don’t– I don’t wanna overreact.

Nick: Sharon, when cameron kirsten’s involved, there’s no such thing as overreacting.

Sharon: I can’t help thinking about those creepy packages. Now, I’m convinced that was blood that we saw on the champagne bottle. And he is trying to send a message with that motel matchbook.

Nick: Try not to let him get in your head.

Sharon: How could I not? They were hand delivered.

Nick: He could have paid someone to do that.

Sharon: Or it could mean cameron’s already here.

Cameron: You okay?

Faith: It was me. I’m an idiot. My boyfriend is always on me not to walk and text.

Cameron: Don’t you hate it when your significant other is right?

Faith: Totally. But I am sorry.

Cameron: No harm, no foul. Let’s just chalk it up to, um, a cautionary lesson.

Faith: I will never multitask while texting again.

Cameron: Yeah. I don’t believe you, but, uh, I appreciate the promise. Hey, are you– are you faith newman?

Faith: I am. Do I know you?

Cameron: This is a small world. I’m an old friend of your parents.

Tucker: Hey.

Ashley: Hi.

Tucker: Ooh, I like your hair that way.

Ashley: [ Laughs ] Thank you. I was just about to text you. I thought you were standing me up.

Tucker: Yeah, I almost did. For our grandson.

Ashley: I thought dominic’s music class was over an hour ago.

Tucker: We had a little jam session afterwards.

Ashley: The two of you?

Tucker: Yes. Him on drums, me on xylophone.

Ashley: Sorry I missed that. I’m sure it was pretty cute.

Tucker: It was. I’m telling you, man, he is a prodigy. And, uh, if our fake engagement becomes in a legit wedding, then I think he– he needs a better gig than ring bearer. He should be, uh, you know, the headliner of the band.

Ashley: Duly noted. Oh, my god. What the hell is she doing here? This is unbelievable. I mean, she’s supposed to be under house arrest. Does she always have to push the limits?

Tucker: What are you doing?

Ashley: I’m gonna call the police. She has to go back to jail. As someone living with type 2 diabetes,

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Sally: I was in the park earlier and I had an episode.

Chloe: What does that mean?

Sally: I just felt wobbly. Some double vision.

Chloe: Sally!

Sally: It passed.

Chloe: Well, I hope you checked in with your doctor.

Sally: Yeah, adam took me. She says that I am at risk for preeclampsia.

Chloe: Oh, honey. I’m so sorry.

Sally: I hate this. But my doctor told me that I really need to take it easy for a while.

Chloe: Yeah, of course. Of course. Whatever you need.

Sally: What if it’s everything?

Chloe: No, no. It’s okay. We’ve got this.

Sally: I know, but it’s just when we landed our first client and there is so much to do. I– if we do not impress chancellor-winters, our company is dead in the water. So, I really hate to put this on you, but I’m really gonna need you to take the lead on this for now.

Chloe: Of course. We’re gonna figure this out. Okay? I’ll– I’ll bring the swatches and the paint chips to you. You’ll sign off on all the samples and, you know, you’ll still be involved. Just– just from here.

Sally: I mean, it’s too much.

Chloe: It’s fine. It’s fine, okay? I– I’ll drive everything. I’ll do the in-person meetings until you get the all clear. I just want you to take care of yourself. I don’t want you to risk anything, okay? And I promise, you can trust me to keep this job on track.

Sally: I’m just terrified.

Faith: I’m sorry. Have we met?

Cameron: No, I– I– I did some work with your dad and newman enterprises years ago. And your mom and I, well, we– we go way back. I’m sorry. I’m being rude. I’m– I’m ck. Nice to meet you.

Faith: You too.

Cameron: So, your mom and dad are good?

Faith: Yep. They’re doing great.

Cameron: That’s great. That’s great. Please give ’em my best. Hey, can you do me a favor? I’m– I’m terrible at directions and my phone is dead. So, uh, I have to do this the old fashioned way. Can you point me to that address?

Tucker: Hold on a second. Wait, wait.

Ashley: Why?

Tucker: Well–

Ashley: She’s clearly in violation of her bail restrictions.

Tucker: No, I understand. It’s very suspicious. But in my experience, it’s best to collect all the facts before you–

Ashley: Okay. All the facts are that she’s supposed to be under house arrest. So what else do we need to know?

Tucker: Just humor me a second and let’s consider the consequences of calling the cops.

Ashley: I call the cops. They come, they take her away, and then we don’t have to live with her under the same roof anymore.

Tucker: Okay. The devil’s advocate here. Will diane really be that foolish and brazen?

Ashley: Yes. She faked her death and disappeared for years. So, yes.

Tucker: Why?

Ashley: I don’t know. Maybe she’s going stir crazy. She couldn’t take it anymore. She knows jack will do anything and everything she wants. She’s a very resourceful person. She could have figured out a way to get rid of her ankle monitor and she wouldn’t get caught.

Tucker: Why don’t we go and see what she has to say for herself? Put the screws to her a little bit before we call the cops.

Ashley: Fine. What the hell are you doing here?

Diane: Oh, I imagine the same thing you are. I’m here to enjoy a good meal.

Tucker: I see you took my advice and figured out how to remove the ankle bracelet. Of course, in my scenario, you were meant to disappear.

Ashley: I told you. She thinks she can get away with anything.

Diane: Oh, no. You caught me. What am I gonna do now?

Ashley: Go back to jail where you belong.

Diane: Are you seriously calling the police? Go ahead.

Jack: Don’t even think about it. Overactive bladder? I’ve been there.

Ashley: What the hell is going on? Have you lost your mind?

Jack: You’re the one who’s lost control, ashley. Let it go.

Diane: Oh, jack, you’re spoiling my fun. I wanted to see ashley trying to explain her outrage when the police arrived.

Tucker: So, what’s the joke?

Jack: Christine has dropped all charges. Diane is a free woman.

Ashley: Oh, okay. So what technicality did michael dig up to get you off?

Diane: No technicality. I’ve been innocent all along.

Tucker: The only way they would let you free is if phyllis’s real killer confessed.

Jack: There was no killer.

Diane: Phyllis is alive.

[ Tucker chuckling ]

Nick: Yeah, it was hand delivered, sharon, but I don’t think even cameron’s bold enough to knock on your door, leave that cigar box with all of us inside here.

Sharon: I wish I could agree, but I remember all too well what that monster is capable of. He’s not easily intimidated, nick.

[ Door clicking open ] Oh, my god, that must be faith. Listen, I don’t wanna alarm her unless we know for sure that there is something to worry about.

Nick: Hey.

Faith: Well, I toured all of my regular spots and I can report that not much has changed in genoa city since I’ve been at college.

Sharon: Well, that’s reassuring.

Faith: I’m gonna go grab a snack. Oh, I ran into an old friend of yours. Like, literally nearly knocked the poor guy over. [ Chuckles ]

Nick: What old friend?

Faith: He recognized me somehow, but I had never met him. Uh, he goes by his initials. C something maybe.

Sharon: Ck?

Faith: Yeah, that’s it. Nice guy.

Chloe: Okay. Well, this is a no stress zone for you starting now.

[ Sally sighing ]

[ Sally scoffing ]

Sally: Thank you.

Chloe: And I know what you’re going through. You know, when I was pregnant the first time with delia, um, I fell off a ladder and I thought I was gonna lose her. And then after we got through all of that… um, my little angel decided to come into this world during a snowstorm so far away from any hospital.

Sally: What’d you do?

Chloe: I did what any mom to be does in a crisis. I fought with everything I had to keep her safe. I did. I did that time. At least I did.

Sally: Look, I’m so sorry. I did not mean to bring up any hard memories. I know that you were an amazing mom to her.

Chloe: And I know that you have the same fight in you. So, you just need to grab onto that inner superhero because I promise you that will not be the only crisis you ever deal with in your little girl’s life.

Sally: I really appreciate your support.

Chloe: You know, I gotta say, I was a little surprised that you called adam instead of nick.

Sally: I did call nick, but he didn’t answer. So i– I just tried adam and he came right away.

Chloe: Well, that doesn’t sound like nick.

Sally: Yeah. No, not at all. And I still haven’t heard from him, so I’m really hoping that everything’s okay.

[ Knocking on door ]

Chloe: Ah. Well, look at that. Right on cue. I’m sure that’s him. Oh.

Adam: I, um, I had to come back. (Wheezing)

Sally: I said I was okay.

Adam: Well, if you’re going to stay put, you’re gonna need some snacks and not any old kind. I, uh, checked in with a doctor friend who recommended salt-free and healthy options and bottled water.

Sally: That’s considerate.

Adam: Not really. It was just an excuse to check back in on you, but I see you are in good hands. How is she doing?

Sally: Well, she’s right here and doing fine.

Chloe: And under strict orders from me. Do not stress and not think about work because I’ve got us covered. Which reminds me, I need to get to that meeting at the office furniture showroom. Um, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, um, I’m happy that you’re here so I can pass the baton.

Adam: Uh, baton accepted.

Chloe: And I heard you stepped up today. So, um, you know, I’m– I’m glad that you’re doing the right thing.

Adam: I’m– I’m glad sally felt that way.

Chloe: Okay. Um, listen, do not stress out. You call me if you need anything and that is an order.

Sally: Thank you.

Adam: Well, you might change your mind once you try the, uh, salt free options.

Sally: I mean, for coming back.

Sharon: Here. Is this him?

Faith: That’s him. But this article says that he was arrested. What’s going on and why did you call chance when I mentioned his name?

Nick: That man is extremely dangerous, faith.

Sharon: If you see him again, you steer clear. You understand me?

Nick: And then you call us immediately and then chance.

Faith: Now, you’re freaking me out.

[ Knocking on door ]

Nick: Hey, thanks for getting here so quickly.

Chance: Yeah, I got your message. Faith saw this guy? Oh, hey. You wanna tell me exactly what happened?

Sharon: Yeah. Go ahead, sweetheart.

Faith: It was nothing really. It seemed like no big deal. I was texting and walking and bumped into him. We laughed about it. He recognized me, which I guess was weird since we’ve never met.

Chance: Anything else? Or was that it?

Faith: He asked how my mom and dad were. Then he needed directions. Uh, said his phone had died. So, I looked up the address for him and told him how to get there. Some bar. Hold on.

Chance: All right, give me a second. Hey, it’s chancellor. I need you to send an officer over to a bar on the south side of town. I’m gonna text you over a name, address, and a picture of this guy we’re looking for. I think he might be there. All right, thank you.

Sharon: That’s near the motel where–

Nick: There’s no way he’s there. He’s just sending another one of his sick messages.

Sharon: Okay. Well, this time, he used our daughter to do it.

Chance: We’ve gotta follow up on this lead. See if he was there and see if he talked to anybody. It’s the only thing we have to go on right now.

Faith: Will someone please tell me what’s going on?

Jack: And chance was able to prove daniel’s story that he saw phyllis and that she was alive.

Diane: They found a program from phyllis’s memorial at the motel.

Jack: And they pulled dna and fingerprint evidence from it to prove that phyllis was alive after her own memorial.

Diane: Which means that I didn’t kill phyllis the night of the gala, which I’ve been telling everyone all along.

Ashley: Why are you looking at me like that?

Diane: Well, because if I was someone who thought the worst of everyone, like you do, I might think that this was a plan hatched by the coven.

Ashley: The what?

Diane: The coven. You, nikki and phyllis have been out to get me since I came back to town.

Ashley: Okay.

Diane: I wouldn’t have put it past the three of you to try to frame me for phyllis’s murder.

Ashley: Moving on, it’s– it’s a wonderful thing that phyllis is alive. I mean, for daniel, for summer. It’s a miracle, really.

Diane: Yeah. It is. Well, of course, I hate that summer has been thinking the worst of me too when it was her mother that was clearly in on this with jeremy stark. She admitted as much to her son.

Ashley: Right. Well, maybe you can explain why phyllis would be driven to do such a thing since you did the same thing yourself.

Jack: Enough, you have been hurling accusations at her for weeks now. All of it has been proven false. You can’t cut her a break?

Tucker: You know, you really gotta hand it to phyllis. I mean, it was almost the perfect revenge play.

Jack: Oh, phyllis is definitely going to be punished. She’s not getting away with this.

Diane: No, but right now, it’s about celebrating. Would you care to join us for some champagne?

Ashley: No, thank you.

Diane: Oh, well, we can toast at home.

Ashley: This day has just gotten a lot worse.

Tucker: Yeah. Let’s look on the bright side.

Ashley: What bright side?

Tucker: We’re not living with a murderer.

Ashley: Yeah. The way I see it though, this nightmare with diane has just begun. Febreze!

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Sharon: I’m not trying to hide anything from you.

Faith: Okay. Then tell me who ck is.

Sharon: He is a painful part of my past. It’s very difficult to talk about.

Faith: You’re obviously upset and I don’t wanna make you feel worse, but you guys have me worried.

Nick: I’ll tell you what. Let’s give your mom some time. Can you please, for now, just accept the fact that ck is a very dangerous person, and he needs to be avoided at all costs?

Faith: Of course. But I hope that you talk to me about it at some point. I’m not a kid anymore.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Chance: Okay, I just got a confirmation that cameron is not at the bar. And according to the bartender, he hasn’t been there all day.

Sharon: Then nick was right. It was just another tactic to get to me and it worked.

Nick: Do you have enough now? Clearly, this run-in with our daughter was planned. He’s not hiding out. He is taunting sharon. Can you at least find out where he’s staying?

Chance: Nick. You wanna put this guy away for good, right? Then, we have to play this by the book. I do not have enough to arrest him. I don’t even have enough to question the guy. So, I’m gonna get some units to canvas the hotels and motels in the area. Let’s get some eyes on him, and we’ll go from there.

Nick: All right. I’m gonna get my dad’s security team on this toO. Oh, when did I miss this?

Sharon: What is it?

Nick: Sally’s trying to get ahold of me.

Sharon: Oh, well, I hope everything is okay.

Nick: Hey, it’s, uh– it’s me. Sorry I missed your call. Um, call me back, okay? All right, bye. Went to voicemail.

Sharon: All right, well, maybe, you should go. Uh, we’re fine here, and you have alerted ranch security, chance is here.

Nick: Okay. Okay, I will come back by here after I check in with her, okay?

[ Door clicks closed ]

Ashley: I mean, obviously, I’m thrilled that phyllis is alive. That goes without saying. But I’m worried that it’s gonna make diane think that she’s invincible.

Tucker: She’s not wasting any time rubbing our noses in it, that’s for sure.

Ashley: I was worried about this from the very beginning, because she’s gonna convince jack that she deserves some kind of a reward for everything that she’s gone through.

Tucker: Yeah, and jack is doubling down on his defense of her obviously.

Ashley: Yes, and… she’s gonna use that to get her claws into jabot. I’ve gotta protect my family.

Tucker: How do you plan to do that?

Ashley: You. Yeah, you. If I’m gonna protect my family right from her greedy hands, I need a support system. I need an ally and a partner.

Tucker: Uh-oh. [ Laughs ]

Ashley: What?

Tucker: I can just see that brilliant brain of yours working away.

Ashley: Mm, I gotta do something that just stops diane in her tracks before she marries my brother and has even more power.

Adam: Our little girl’s gonna be strong, fierce. From what I know about the spectra women, uh, our little girl already has a lot going on for her. And my mother, hope, she– she had a lot of strength too. Hardy farm stock, as they used to say in kansas.

Sally: [ Laughs ] I’m sorry. I just still find it hard to believe that you grew up on a farm.

Adam: Says the carnival gypsy?

Sally: Hey, my background makes a lot of sense for who I am. I’m tough, adventurous, itinerant. So, I’m really trying to change that, ’cause I want stability for this child. But you on the other hand, nothing about adam newman says, I grew up shoveling manure.

[ Adam laughing ]

Adam: Hey, I will have you know that I once birthed a calf.

Sally: Get out.

Adam: I will spare you the details, but just suffice it to say I would be a rock in the delivery room.

Sally: Look, I know you’re busy at mccall, so I– I don’t wanna keep you.

Adam: No, I mean… nothing is more important than being here with you.

[ Knocking on the door ]

Nick: Sally, it’s nick. I got your messages.

[ Adam clears throat ] Adam? What’s going on? What happened?

If you, like many people,

Adam: Nick, glad you could make it. Um, I’ll let you take over from here. Enjoy the snacks. Check back in with you later?

Sally: Thank you for everything. It meant a lot.

Adam: Take care of her.

Nick: Yeah. Always. What’s going on?

Sally: I had a scare. I just felt a little dizzy. Some double vision. Anyway, long story short, the doctor says that I’m at risk for preeclampsia.

[ Nick sighing ] And has ordered me to take it easy.

Nick: I’m so sorry, I– I got your messages. I tried to call back, it went straight to voicemail. I took a chance that you’d be here.

Sally: Yeah. Chloe turned off my phone so I could rest. I’m just really glad you’re here.

Nick: Well, I guess, I owe adam a big thank you.

Sally: He was really great, to be honest.

[ Sally sighing ] And I admit, it was scary. I’m still worried.

Nick: Yeah, well, you just– you gotta do what your doctor said. Sally, you gotta take it easy.

Sally: Yeah, no, I’m– I’m following all the orders, I– chloe put this blanket on me. Adam got me some snacks. I am– I’m doing all the right things.

[ Nick chuckles softly ]

Nick: I feel awful. It’s awful that I wasn’t here for you.

Sally: Yeah, I admit, I was starting to worry. Why did it take you so long to get my messages? You’re normally, really responsive. Is everything okay?

Jack: To you. To your indomitable spirits, to your courage to keep going, to keep fighting when others would’ve given up.

Diane: To you. To the man who gave me that courage. Who kept me going. To the man that I will be forever grateful to and for.

Ashley: Oh, god, I just find them both so nauseating. It just makes me wanna focus that much harder on my plan.

Tucker: Do you care to fill me in?

Ashley: I think that our fake engagement, we could actually use it to our benefit ’cause it’s the perfect distraction to make a move against diane.

Tucker: Uh-huh. What move is that?

Ashley: Okay, well, I– I know that it was billy who told jack, right? I know. But that’s okay, I figured he would, and I can work around him, right? ‘Cause I’ve already reached out to the board, so I know what we can do.

Tucker: Yeah, you– you keep saying “we,” but you’ve only mentioned things you’re doing.

Ashley: I want you to come work with me at jabot.

[ Tucker laughs ] What? Strike the numbers.

Tucker: Oh, honey. I love how your mind works, you know that, but… I think you should consider the possibility that you are taking this whole thing way too seriously and putting way too much energy into it. You are talking about the possibility of alienating both of your brothers. Where’s the rest of the family gonna fall if you– if you draw these battle lines?

Ashley: Well, I have to make them realize that the cost is gonna be huge if we let diane get what she wants.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. What if… you just let jack and diane have their happiness?

Ashley: No. Absolutely not. That would give– that would give diane a stronghold at jabot.

Tucker: What if you let her?

Ashley: Why would I do that?

Tucker: Because you don’t need jabot. Hell, you don’t even need the abbott family, for that matter. You know, you and i could build something that would tower over jabot.

Chelsea: Hey. I’m glad I ran into you. Um, I need to talk to you about connor.

Adam: Um, is– there’s something wrong?

Chelsea: Well, that’s what has me concerned. Have you noticed he’s been on edge lately?

[ Adam clears throat ] I feel like his moods are all over the place.

Adam: Uh, it’s probably– it’s just a phase.

Chelsea: Well, do you think it’s like a pre-teen thing or something we should be concerned about? I just hope he goes back to his normal self before the baby’s born, adam, because it’s gonna be a huge adjustment for him.

Adam: What do you want from me? W– w– do you wanna ask me something?

Chelsea: Excuse me? Forget it, adam. Forget I said anything.

Adam: No, look, I’m sorry. Chelsea, I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to snap at you. Of course, I care about what’s going on with connor. I just–

[ Adam sighing ] There’s just– there’s something bothering me.

Chelsea: What is it?

Adam: There might be a problem with the baby. Type 2 diabetes? I got this mountain bike for only $11. Dealdash.Com the fair and honest bidding site. This kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. This I-pad sold for less than $43. And this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. I won these bluetooth headphones for $20. I got these three suitcases for less than $40. And shipping is always free. Go to dealdash.Com right now and see how much you can save. Want a smarter way to mop?

Chelsea: Oh, adam. I’m really sorry. Must be very difficult watching nick and sally together. I imagine you feel like a bit of an outsider.

Adam: You know, I was able to be there for her today because she couldn’t reach nick. It just– it stings that I wasn’t her first call. I’m the baby’s father. But I get why it might be confusing for connor. I mean, maybe, that’s what’s going on with him. I know it’s not, uh, an ideal way to bring a baby into a family.

Chelsea: Well, you can’t beat yourself up because of that. From where I’m standing, you’re doing everything you can to support sally, while also not getting into it with nick.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: I mean… what else can you do?

Adam: Well, I’m supposed to be focused on work. Fixing this wreck of a company that victor entrusted me to. And I– I just– I can’t think about mccall at all. All I can think about is sally and the baby.

Nick: It’s nothing to worry about. I was just dealing with some family stuff.

Sally: Well, baby girl and i are a part of that family now, right?

Nick: Of course, you are.

Sally: So tell me.

Nick: It’s just a boring newman business. And you’re not supposed to have any negative thoughts in your head, just positive stuff. So, how about if I put some of those in instead?

Sally: What did you have in mind?

Nick: Come on.

Sally: I am supposed to keep my heart rate down.

Nick: I know. I’m just gonna activate my superhuman spooning skills.

[ Sally chuckling ]

Sally: You are brilliant at making me feel like everything’s gonna be okay.

Nick: Good. I promise you it is. Come on.

[ Sally sighing ]

Tucker: Just think of it. You making all the sound business decisions, laying waste to our competitors. We’d be unstoppable.

Ashley: You make it sound a little enticing.

Tucker: What’s stopping us?

Ashley: Me. Clearly, I’m not as enlightened as you are. I just don’t want diane to win, sorry.

Tucker: Terrible reason.

Ashley: It’s a good reason.

Tucker: Oh, no, no. Look, I got all this cash from the sale of mccall. You can have jack buy you out at jabot. Huh? Think of what we could do. You could pursue all those innovations you dreamed of. No board, no ceo to deal with.

Ashley: Very sexy.

Tucker: Yeah?

Ashley: I’m not sure if this is a pitch or a seduction.

Tucker: Maybe, it’s both, baby.

[ Ashley chuckling ] No, but really. Not only would it be the best business decision you’ve ever made, but it would be a ball. Am I wrong? You and me in sync? We forget all about what’s her name over there?

Ashley: Hm. What’s her name? Maybe, um– maybe, you should, uh, continue to make your case someplace a little bit more private.

Tucker: Now, you see, that’s the kind of million dollar idea that I’m talking about.

Ashley: Okay.

Jack: Okay, why do I get the feeling those two are up to something?

Diane: Oh, who cares? I’m having too much fun with you to let them spoil my mood. In fact… [ Clicks tongue ] Let’s keep the celebration going.

Jack: Oh, I like this idea. So, what’s next?

Diane: Hm.

Chance: Are you sure you’re okay?

Sharon: Um, we’ll be fine. You need to get to work.

Chance: All right, well, I spoke with ranch security. They’re on top of it. I checked all the windows and the back doors. Everything’s sealed shut. I want you to lock this door after I leave and just stay on high alert, okay? And call me if you need anything.

Sharon: We will. Thank you.

[ Sharon sighing ] Okay. I know you have questions.

Faith: A few, but if you’re not ready to talk about it…

Sharon: No. You deserve to know what we’re dealing with. I’ll tell you exactly who this monster is.

[ Cameron sighing ]

Sharon: Nicholas newman is my husband.

Cameron: [ Chuckles ] Well, this small world just got a little smaller.

Sharon: Actually, when I– when I saw you in nick’s office, I was hoping that you wouldn’t remember.

Cameron: Yeah, I bet you were. But I do remember.

Sharon: Please, won’t you listen to me? I am not the woman you met in denver.

Cameron: Yeah, you are.

Sharon: No, I was not myself then, I was–

Cameron: You are the same woman now as you were then. And you are very hot.

Sharon: Are you gonna tell nick?

[ Cameron clicks tongue ]

Cameron: That depends. See, I live my life the way I do business. A good deal is where everybody gets something… and everybody gives up something. The night that we met in the motel, I thought we were gonna hook it up, but, uh, well, then, you decided to hit me over the head with that bottle.

Sharon: You were trying to rape me.

Cameron: You know what? I– I– I still– I can’t believe how strong you were. The way you could drag me down all those steps. I didn’t think a little girl like you could do that, huh?

Sharon: I thought you were dead.

Cameron: Yeah. Obviously. When I came to a couple hours later behind that dumpster, covered in snow, frozen… I don’t think I have ever been angrier in my life.

Sharon: And that’s when you decided to destroy me.

Cameron: What are you talking about, destroy you? Honey, you’re my dream girl. You just weren’t being that cooperative. So, I need to talk to gabe about frank’s demise. All right. You know what? That’s all in our past. You are here now. I’m here. We’re together. And I love you.

[ Cameron sighing ]

Sharon: The vineyard just sounds so familiar to me, and yet, I can’t place it.

Adam: Well, what did the card say?

Sharon: Said, “memories are what life is made of.”

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