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spencer: Finally. Do you have an y idea how hard I had to work to defend your chaises — the dirty looks that I’ve gotten, the oh-so-polite questions from the staff about when the rest of my party will be joining me? Well, I-I-I’m sure it was a hideous strain, but thank you for enduring it on our behalf. How can we ever repay you? For you? I’ll think of something. Joss doesn’t owe me anything. She doesn’t? No, I wasn’t saving the chaise for her, but I knew that she would be with you and that you’d want her to have one. Spencer. Don’t worry. I still get a chaise out of it.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my god. Are you two gonna do this all day? Possibly. Just like old times. Before the dna test results.

[ Laughing ] Before the sec charges. Before greenland. Okay, I’m gonna get a towel.

[ Sighs ] Only one missing is cameron. Can you not make this weird? I won’t make this weird. He might, though. Oh. Hey. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] There’s a fresh pot of coffee on. And I got some fresh fruit. There’s eggs in the fridge if you want them. It’s not — I’m not a houseguest. I can make my own breakfast. Yeah. I-I guess I’m just adjusting to you being back home. I really wasn’t sure that you would come back home after learning that, um, trina is your biological daughter. May I ask what made you decide to stay?

[ Doorbell rings ] Good morning. Mom. Thanks. I needed this. Clearly, you do. Mm. You forgot we were meeting for coffee.

[ Sighs ] I-I’m sorry. It’S… it’s been a rough morning. It completely slipped my mind. Molly spent the night at her mom’s house. Did something happen? Mom, I really messed up.

[ Knock on door ] Hello, laura. Valentin. I believe you have something that belongs to me. Why am I under arrest?

[ Door closes ] Do you read the sun? I don’t read that rag. You should. The wsb got wind last night that you made the front page. Agent devane, any idea who would have blown your cover? Victor…

Quite a welcome. Well, I’m excited to see you. I didn’t think you’d show up. Well, I can’t say no to you, but I’m not sure your plan’s gonna work. Spencer hates my guts, and I don’t see that changing. Doesn’t he have some crimes to commit? Kneecaps to break? Suckers to punch? Joss invited him. Uh-huh. And when is she gonna realize that he’s a dead-end loser and dump him? Dex is important to her, and we’re all spending time together, unless you want to lose josslyn as your friend. It wouldn’t be the first friend that I’ve lost to dex. Cameron got a soccer scholarship at stanford. Dex’s relationship with josslyn didn’t force him to leave. No, but it certainly made things easier, didn’t it? Look, I know that if push came to shove, josslyn would choose me over dex.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah. Josslyn is definitely dumping dex to stay friends with you.

[ Laughs ] Whatever. Look, josslyn may forget about cameron, but I won’T. Spencer. No hard feelings? Stella. Please — please, come in. I was just heading off to work. Stella: Oh. Is marshall here? I just came by for his gumbo recipe. Oh, he’s out. But I can tell him that you stopped by. Is that why you came by, auntie? To chat about gumbo? Marshall called me last night, and he told me about trina’s paternity. I thought it was time for you and I to clear the air. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to open a vein. Feel free to unload on me anytime. What’s going on with you and molly? Or is it none of my business? You know molly and i have been talking about starting a family? We met with dr. Navarro. We’re having some fertility issues. Oh. Honey, I’m so sorry. Things got really tense between us. I said some things that I-I shouldn’t have. Molly raced out of the apartment and went to her mom’S. I spent the night pacing. I… I just want her to come home. She will. You and molly have the kind of partnership everyone dreams about. You’ll get through this. I hope you’re right. I feel like, just when she needed me the most, I pushed her away. You sure about that? You missed the reading of your father’s will. Uh, no, I didn’T. Martin grey filled me in on the details. Oh. So you received your inheritance, then? What, the finger? Yeah, that was cute. I laughed myself silly. Too bad the man’s still dead. Yeah. He managed to get his point across even from the grave, didn’t he? Uh, did you see what he left for anna? He said that he left her the truth, which didn’t make any sense, until I got up and read the morning paper. Yeah, I saw that, too. Anna’s been arrested by the wsb. I didn’t know that. A source of mine at the bureau says that victor obviously stole a copy of anna’s personal file before going missing all those years ago, and he made arrangements to have it made public in the event of his untimely death. The paper claimed to have obtained classified documents from the wsb. Yeah. Well, it’s obvious that my father’s not done ruining people’s lives. Luckily, he won’t have any influence on the younger generation of cassadines. Anyway, I digress. You said that he left something else for me, aside from the finger. It’s not for you. This is for charlotte. I don’t need to read any more of that. It’s my life, after all. Your cover is blown. There is nothing in that article the bureau didn’t know about already. Don’t go any further. We’re doing this by the book. What are we doing? Bring him in. What’s happening? What the — what are you doing here, martin? Valentin called me late last night after he heard you were arrested. You’re gonna have to forgive my appearance. Bureau kept me waiting for hours. So, this arrest is a mistake. Someone overreacted without talking to the higher-ups. On the contrary, agent devane. You’re being accused of a crime against the state. What crime? Treason.

Even though it’s meant for charlotte, I thought it was best to give it to you. The cassadine crest? Yeah. I hate that thing. I can’t say I blame you. I kept mine in a box for a lot of years, waiting until I came forward to claim what I thought was my rightful inheritance before I put it on my finger. My first instinct was to throw that thing into the harbor. I mean, it represents everything I loathe about the cassadines, everything that i don’t want my grandchild to be, but, I mean [Sighs] It belongs to charlotte. And you’re her father, so you get to decide. Well, I don’t know that throwing it in the harbor will make charlotte any less a cassadine. And my father’s gone, and with him, his influence and his expectations. So it’s my hope that charlotte can create a new legacy for her family. You know, maybe I could move things around at work and stay. No. Thank you, portia. But this conversation between curtis and me is long overdue. I’m the one who’s responsible for the tension between the two of you. Maybe I should stay and be a part of this. Do I wish you had been honest from the beginning? We both know the answer to that. But you’re not entirely to blame. Curtis is a man that wants the truth, and there are some hard truths that I need to tell him. So go on. We’ll be fine. Okay.

[ Door closes ] Okay. So, aunt stella… thank you. So, now that we know that trina is my daughter, do you want to finally explain why you kept that information to yourself? So very glad you could join us. Um, me, too. Can I get anyone any snacks, any drinks? Orange juice. Thanks. Make that two. You got it. I can’t believe that I’m being forced to spend time with that thug. I’m only gonna say this once more — let…it…go. Heller is the one who punched me. I did let it go. I shook the man’s hand, didn’t I? Like he was diseased or something. Okay. I spent enough time taking care of my little brother. Don’t you think that I deserve one single morning with my friends? Maybe you should think about your brother. You are the one that took the first swing at dex, right? Yes. So? If you start another fight, it could possibly blow up into something even worse. You think a judge would be happy to know that you got in trouble again? Is that what a responsible guardian would do? Treason? Are you insane? Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Agent hursley, listen. Now I’m finally in the room, would you mind giving us some time alone? I’d like to speak to my client in private. Of course.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] What is going on? The media. And you’re officially a sitting duck. They’re particularly interested in one aspect of that file victor had released, namely your history as a double agent. The bureau knew about this already. Yeah, well, maybe they did, but the public didn’T. And now the sun’s got hold of it, your name — hell, your entire history — is about to be splashed across the front page of every newspaper, website, cable news broadcast in the entire country. This is bad, anna. Somebody knew how to poke that bear just right. Public’s gonna want answers. They’re gonna think they want justice. How am I supposed to defend myself against accusations that are true?

Coffee? Thank you. You’re welcome. Um, you know, I-I was wondering if you might be able to help me with something. Have you by any chance seen the cassadine property in chechnya? On the terek river? Yes, I have. Several years ago. I had to see it for myself. It’s been in the family for 200 years at least. I’m a little surprised that the soviets didn’t confiscate it, and why it isn’t in the possession of the current government. Well, it seems that victor has left it to nikolas. I think this may be where victor took nikolas to recuperate from… …from when you shot him. That was in self-defense, laura. Let’s not revisit it. Okay. You think that nikolas is at the terek property? I don’t know. It could just be wishful thinking. Well, anything’s possible. But if he is there, given the current political climate, it would be tough for him to leave the country without raising red flags. That’s assuming he wants to leave. Well, I’m sure that he doesn’t, but I have to find him and bring him home. Fine. I will play nice with that, um, dex, but I’m not gonna forgive him for what he did to cameron. We may never know exactly what happened between joss and cam, but everyone could see that it wasn’t working at the end. But now cam has a scholarship at stanford, and joss and dex, they seem really happy together. Dex: Thank you. Doesn’t joss deserve that? Aww, thank you. Josslyn: Here you go. Thank you. I’m sorry about the punch yesterday. I’m sorry I hit you in the face. Yeah. Yeah, you got me pretty good. You don’t seem to have a mark on you, though. Well, I can teach you how to block. Never mind. No, go ahead. Dex: It’s like, when you swung the way you did, right? You shoot this gap here… josslyn: Oh! …Then if you throw up here, you can block that, too. And then your right… spencer: Oh, I see. Molly. It’s been a while. I know. It’s been too long. We have to put something on the calendar. I’ll text you with some dates. And, if you’ll excuse me, I, uh, need to check in with the station. Be good. I’ll try. Did you get a good night’s sleep at your mom’s? I tossed and turned all night. What about you? Same. Spending the night apart is not fun. I’m sorry I spent the night away. I-I just needed some time to think. You have nothing to apologize for. I was the one who was totally inconsiderate. My words came out wrong. I don’t blame you. I never would. Can you forgive me? No word from the wsb on anna devane’s arrest? Let me know if you hear anything. Thanks. I hope I’m not interrupting anything. No, not at all. What’s on your mind? I was just wondering if you had spoken with — with taggert at all recently? No. Why? Because he might need a friend right about now.

[ Sighs ] The dna results came back. And curtis is trina’s father. Yeah. Why didn’t I tell you that I suspected trina might be your daughter? Fair question. One I have been asking myself lately. Were you able to find the answer? I’m — I’m — I’m just trying to get back to the day of your wedding and why I couldn’t officiate at your wedding. You said something about your conscience. Yeah. I couldn’t — I couldn’t in good conscience marry you and portia, knowing that portia hadn’t told you that you might be trina’s father. And I didn’t feel like I could be the one to tell you. I convinced myself of that, that I shouldn’t interfere because… you and portia just seemed so happy, and I didn’t want to get in the way of that. Okay. So, what changed? Why now? Ultimately, I caused more pain and heartache by keeping silent. And I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive me. Early in my career, you know I was compromised by the dvx, specifically cesar faison.

[ Sighs ] I thought I could outwit him, but I couldn’T. And so I ended up leaving here for a bit, and, uh… and then I came back, eventually. And I gave them full disclosure. I told them everything. And I was reinstated. And I have had a clean record ever since. The bureau has trusted me for decades. And none of that’s gonna make any difference to the general public. Anna, that article does a good job painting you as a total judas. Trusted agent, somebody with clearance, access to privileged information — somebody who turned around and betrayed her own agency. This is all ancient history. The only difference now is the media spotlight, and the fact that frisco has been replaced as director, yeah. And now the bureau wants to distance themselves from my actions. They’re charging me with treason to cover their own asses. Exactly. That is exactly what they’re doing. Which is why valentin was right to call me. It’s time for me to protect you. This isn’t cloak and dagger. It’s public. It’s federal. And that story is not going away.

Do you want to go to chechnya to look for nikolas? Didn’t we do that for charlotte? No. Charlotte was in a boarding school in switzerland, not exactly a war-torn country, and charlotte wanted to come home. We don’t know what nikolas would want. Yeah, well, I-I’m not that concerned about what my son wants. He is needed here. Oh, he’s certainly wanted by the pcpd. And I’m sure that he’s going to face some very unpleasant consequences for his behavior. He held a pregnant woman in a tower at wyndemere. At least he’ll be back in port charles. He’ll be near his sons. Okay. What about the people in port charles who need you? That’s not a very safe part of the world. What happens if you don’t come home safely? You know, I just can’t think about that. I feel like… I feel like a part of me is missing. I need to find that part, just to… just to be whole again. Okay, I understand. And if you’re not gonna worry about your safety, then somebody has to. So if you’re going to go to chechnya, I insist I go with you. You understand — I know. I know. You said you were gonna do this. Alright, you gotta hear me out. Just hear me out. Alright? Please. We have different rules and procedures here. Listen to me. Listen to me. I’m sure you do, and right now, I really don’t care. I’ve been sitting out there growing old, drinking bad coffee, waiting to do my job, and you’re going to let me do it.

[ Scoffs ] I don’t know a whole lot about the inner workings… you don’t know anything about how it works here. But I know you need legal representation. Valentin was crystal clear. I’m sure he was. Now, you’re not the only person in the world who’s good at their job. I’m already on retainer to valentin. He’s ordered me to protect you, and I will comply. Fine. Fine. We’re ready for you.

[ Door closes ] Agent devane, I trust your lawyer has brought you up to speed? Yes. That the bureau is hanging me out to dry. Yep, I’m aware. Agent hursley, there’s something I don’t understand. Perhaps you can help me out. Now, she’s been perfectly honest about her history with the dvx for years now, and since that time, she’s proven over and over again that she’s shrewd, loyal, courageous — hell, she’s a solid-gold asset to the bureau. Why, all of a sudden, is her dedication being called into question? It doesn’t matter that we appreciate agent devane’s work. Our hands are tied. Her entire dossier has been released, and the public knows that she’s never been held accountable for her crimes. Not until now. Don’t dunk me. Don’t splash me or immerse any part of my body. Is that the trina robinson pool rules? Set in stone, my friend. Set in stone. Thank you for what you did before. Getting trina an orange juice? No, not punching spencer. Mm. Mm-hmm. He’s not so bad. He’s crazy about her. I think they might actually be in love. For spencer, that means showing off, which is counterproductive, because trina hates when he does that. But he knows you’re ex-military, and I think he just wanted to prove that he was tougher than you and couldn’t, so he’s embarrassed. Well, I figured. But look, we’re gonna be spending a lot of time together, hopefully poolside, and I want your friends to like me. I like you. The feeling is mutual. I was surprised you wanted to do this today. I thought you’d want to be at the hospital. No, um, there is something that I have to talk to you about, though. With willow? Is she okay? No, no, no. She’s great… considering everything. Her doctors are super optimistic. It’s about michael. Things are pretty bad between us right now. Because of me? No, because of everything. Everything’s just gotten spun out of proportion. I’m really sorry. How can I help? We should… go somewhere private. To talk. Thank you. For what? For making an effort. I know it wasn’t easy. Well, as long as we don’t have to hang out all the time. Probably not. But I know joss appreciates it. So do I. Joss? No, no. I’m doing this for you. Thank you. With everything else going on in my life, I don’t want to worry about my friendships. Yeah. I didn’t want to pry, but if you want to talk, I’m here. I honestly don’t know what to say or how to feel. I knew that it could be a possibility that curtis could be my father. But now I know the truth, and it makes me wonder if I should have even asked the question in the first place. It’s been a huge shock for everyone. But taggert, I can’t imagine how he’s feeling right now. Like, he lost his daughter. Not that he would ever, ever say anything like that. Well, taggert doesn’t care about dna. He only cares about trina. Still, I’m really worried about him. I mean, his relationship with trina is just — it’s just so special. I just think that he could really use someone to talk to right now, and I’m so glad that he has a friend in you. Sure. I’ll talk to taggert. Okay. Not to intrude, but… how is curtis handling the news? Auntie, of course I forgive you, but I’m not trying to sit here and listen to a lecture about family. I know. Not right now. Okay. I know we have a lot of issues to work through, and I’m gonna do everything I can to make things right between us again. But right now, I need you to know how much I care about you. You just had life-changing news, and you need the support of your family. Because it’s not only about you. You are a father. You have a daughter now. And believe me when I say that changes everything.

you’re talking about alleged crimes that are decades old. That’s not who she is, and you know it. What about the — the valor, the bravery she displayed in the last two weeks alone. She got out of a hospital bed to take on victor cassadine, stopped him from deploying a pathogen that might have wiped out millions. Martin, just stop. Just stop. You’re wasting your breath. The new head of the wsb can no longer turn a blind eye to the agency’s past. If agent devane chooses to dispute the charges, the bureau might need to take a closer look at robert scorpio or annie donely or any other colleagues who might be stained by her misdeeds. Just hang on a minute. If I’m being asked to do what I think I’m being asked to do, then I need assurance. Well, no — no, no, no. We’re not in the business of negotiating with double agents. Oh, really? That’s a shame. Because what if my file is incomplete? Suppose there are other missions I undertook — other black ops that didn’t make it into my dossier, didn’t make it into the wsb official books. Suppose I have evidence of these hypothetical ops hidden in some secure location — evidence of activities that would seriously embarrass the wsb far more than whatever news is being tallied around. Is that a threat? Oh, no. I think what anna’s saying is — what I’m saying is if anything happens to robert or annie or anyone else I care about, I am taking the bureau down with me! Okay, so my mom has the chance to avoid these insider trading charges if she gives evidence against sonny. Would she do it? No, of course not. She won’t even consider it. But she doesn’t have to, because I can do it for her. Do you regret taking the dna test? No. Not at all. I just miss my family the way they were. Mm. Well, you’ll find your way back to them. It’ll be different, but the bottom line is that you and your mother have always had a great relationship. You know I’ve always been jealous of it. Yeah. I mean, it could be way worse. At least everyone’s healthy and safe and relatively sane. Spencer. Hm? Where’d you go? I’m sorry. I was just thinking about something that my uncle victor told me in his will. He said… he said something about having to safeguard my family, but all he left me was a key to a safety deposit box. Have you opened the box yet? No. No, come on. Not when I don’t know what I’m gonna find in there, considering everything that he did when he was still alive. Safeguard your family. He meant ace, right? I think so. So the next question is… safeguard your family from whom? Of course I can forgive you, but I understand why you were so confused. I’ve been all over the place. With good reason. I hate that you’ve been in pain and that you went undiagnosed. I should have pushed it with that old ob/gyn. That’s the doctor’s responsibility. I should have listened to your experience, asked for details. That’s the first thing they teach you in med school — you listen to your patient. You respect them. That didn’t happen for you. It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about it. Yes, it was isolating — scary, even — to be told that your pain was all in your head. I’m so sorry. Molly, I promise you, I never have and I never will say that to anyone under my care. I know. That’s why I love you so much. I thought I had to deal with this diagnosis on my own, like always. But now that I’ve told you and my mom and my sisters, I know that that’s not true, because I’m not alone. And if I’m not alone, anything is possible. Trina and I are making progress, but it is not easy. I can’t imagine it would be. So I am just trying to take it slow and make it abundantly clear that I am not trying to replace taggert. And I trust that trina and i can one day develop our own special relationship. You will. May I ask you about ho[ Sighs ] I’m not sure, auntie. I am not sure. But you moved back in. I mean, that’s progress, right? It’s possible. Well, what made you move back? A situation arose between jordan and me. Jordan? Yeah. We had been spending some time together. She was helping me through all of this, and, um, it happened. Oh, my goodness. Auntie, I quickly realized that, uh — that I needed — that i wanted to give my marriage to portia a chance. So I came back home. I’m glad to hear that. I truly am. How did jordan take it? Honestly, I don’t know how curtis is doing either. We knew that he could be trina’s biological father, but now that it’s been confirmed, now that we know the truth, I just… at least stella stopped by. So I’m hoping maybe he’ll be able to talk things out with her. Stella is back in town? Yeah. Yeah. She came back to check on trina after everything that happened in greenland. So I’m hoping that when I get home from work, that maybe curtis and stella will have made some progress. Uh, I’m sorry. I’m a little confused. What do you mean, home? I’m sorry. I’m not being clear. I’m all over the place. It’s the one good thing that has given me some hope. Curtis decided to move back home.

You want to go to chechnya with me? Do I want to? No, of course not. But if you are determined to go, I’m not gonna let you go alone. Besides, I know a little russian. I honestly don’t know what to say. Thank you. You don’t have to say anything. Just say you want to do this incredibly dangerous thing and then let me know when we’re leaving. I haven’t spoken to jordan yet. Jordan doesn’t know that you moved back in with portia? It’s not — there’s a lot of moving pieces, auntie. Look, I-I’m in no position to tell you what to do, but, curtis, please don’t wait. You need to talk to jordan, and you need to do it now. Curtis moved back in? Yeah. Yeah. We both decided that it’s the only way to really make our marriage work. What do you mean, “anything is possible”? Well, if you’re open to it, there’s more than one way to start a family. What’s it gonna be? Because unlike the wsb, I do not make idle threats. Your friends are safe. What the hell just happened? Is he gonna go ahead with the charges or not? Not. Why? What was all this about? What did he want? He didn’t want anything. I don’t even think the bureau did. This is all just victor. He wanted my resignation. I’m no longer an agent. Nor will I ever be again. You taking off? We’re going to the bank. What? We need to see who victor thinks is the biggest threat to your family. No, forget it. I don’t exactly trust my not-so-dearly departed uncle. Who would victor see as the biggest threat to your baby brother? How do you expect me to know that? By opening the deposit box now. You’re not gonna take no for an answer, are you? What do you think? Your mom doesn’t want to make a deal with the feds, so you’re going to make one for her? All you have to do is give me the evidence of sonny working with pikeman, and I’ll do what my mom can’t, and I’ll turn sonny in, once and for all.

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