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This seat taken cowboy? Yes. I’m waiting on my dates. Oh, Wilson. She or he or they isn’t or aren’t here yet. Perhaps you’d like to give Lady Whistleblower the inside scoop on your recent family drama. What recent drama haven’t you heard? You’re indefatigable, auntie Kristen. I think that’s the appropriate adjective.

Bit of a mouthful. But anyway, she was released from prison. What again? What did, did she get another pardon? Mm-hmm. Immunity. It’s like a revolving door with her, isn’t it? One minute she’s in. The next minute she’s out. But that is boring. Boring and old news. I am way more interested in your other Aunt Megan Hathaway.

I think it’s long overdue that I take the family name. After all, I’m not a half the way. The purpose of that name was served long ago. I am now claiming to be a dememer completely and entirely,

uh, here, here. To Megan Dira. Cheers. Cheers. Thank you both for your lovely words on behalf of the family and now ej. That is something I’d like to say to you.

Well, fine. You figured it out. You’re a genius. Okay, but please, Tony. You can’t tell a soul. No. Tony, I can’t let you do this.

Hey, you. How you doing here? It’s nice to see you. Yeah, you too. I knew you’d be tending to your brother most of the day, so I thought I’d stop by and see if you needed anything. That’s very sweet of you, but I’m okay. And Collin is, he’s fine too. Good. So what are you two up to? Hmm? What do you mean? Well, when I came around the corner, I found the two of you with your heads together that seemed to be very interested in that box.

So what’s in it? It’s a medical test kit. A a test for what?

Like Sam through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

A test for a virus. A a virus. Yes. There was an outbreak on the 10th floor. I mean, it’s contained now, but to protect all the other patients from getting it, the visitors for the next 24 hours have to test negative before they let ’em in. Wow. That’s crazy. Yeah. So I, I was gonna share one of my tests with Sloan.

You know, since the hospital is low on supply, otherwise she wouldn’t. Be able to see your brother and as generous as Nicole’s offer is. I, I have to decline because I, I really think you should. No, you should have that test, Eric. Me. Why? Because me carver’s a family friend. I mean, despite my own feelings about his family, I’m sure you’d like to visit him.

What do you think, Nicole? Yeah, I, I think it makes sense. Yeah. You know what, Eric, why don’t you take a test right now and I’ll bring it straight to the lab.

Anna Wooden Gold’s name is wrong with you. I think she’s been guzzling too much wine at the bar again, excuse you. I am perfectly sober. My husband, on the other hand, obviously knocked back one too many at the bistro. What I’ve seen so sober as a judge to me. Well, that’s because I am, well, Kristin, you don’t know him like I do.

He’s obviously. Sous love Billy’s sake, and when he gets like this, he makes unwise decisions and I wouldn’t want him to say anything that he will regret later. Damn it, Anna. Anna, I think it’s adorable that you’re so protective of Tony, but we’re all family here and we should feel free to say whatever we want to each other.

Absolutely. You have the floor brother.

So tell me about Auntie May. I heard everyone thought she kicked the bucket in a hot tub incident back in the eighties. You’re asking the wrong guy. I’ve, I’ve never even met the woman. Hey, sorry, I’m looking for this slate. Hey, that’s okay. Wait a minute. Your Johnny’s date. Yes. Why?

I just assumed it would be Chanel Dupree.

What the hell, man? Like I told you before, there is nothing going on between Chanel and me. It’s history. Well, history has a way of repeating itself, so the engagement is definitely off. Oh, for God’s sake, it was never on. All right. I’m dating Wendy. Okay. My mistake. It is just so hard to keep up with things around here.

People change partners the way they change underwear. And speaking of flip flopping shin, did you really believe Johnny’s? I was high on Biscuit story. Well, Johnny wouldn’t lie to me, so yes I did. Not that it’s any of your business. So you believe he only has eyes for you? She believes it because it’s true.

Oh, that is so sweet. Too bad my shin doesn’t feel the same way. What the hell? What are you squawking on about now? My spies. Uh, Sources tell me that Ms. Shin ran off to Seattle to be with Trip Johnson, but since you’re back here now back to knock him back with this fine chap, does that mean that you’ve dumped the Good Doctor?

Was his bedside manner lacking? Oh my God, no. Of course not. Okay, so it’s double your pleasure. Double your fun. You little makes.

Well, what is it you wanted to tell me, Tony?

To be perfectly honest, I thought you deserved a toast in your honor as well, Jay, A toast or a roast, because I completely agree on the roast. I, I’ll get it started. I said a toast. Over the last seven months. Ejs done a tremendous job as c e o. You mean as Co c o Stefan, we all know that you’ve been promoted recently, but I’m talking before that.

EJ was doing very nicely on his own. As a matter of fact, under his leadership, Demer Enterprises has attained tremendous heights. Ah, you are right, Anna. He’s completely wasted. Sorry, just Megan, you haven’t been around to witness the ups and downs of Demira over the years, but trust me when I say that ej.

Is best suited for the job and it would be wise of you to wholeheartedly support him. You as well, Kristin, quite an endorsement. Indeed. Perhaps it would be prudent to just skip the actual toast. You’ve made your point, Tony. Ej. Artie thinks she’s the second coming. Tony, darling. Now that you’ve said your peace, may I have a word with you in private, why make a.

Come darling.

Well, I can see that Anna is still quite the drama queen. Tony, what were you thinking? I asked you not to tell EJ about Nicole’s pregnancy, and yet you were ready to blab that news in front of everyone. Oh, heaven’s sake. I’m just gonna do nothing in the sort. Oh, don’t play innocent with me. I’m just glad I got you to back down.

And thank God you came up with that cover story, Anna. You know, if you would just calm down and listen to me for a change. It was not a cover story. I said what I intended to say in the first place. Oh, you did? Did you? Yes. There’s a power struggle going on in there between EJ and Steph. I’m fine for my sister’s votes.

I just wanted to make it clear that I support ej. Really? Yes. Really. So you were not planning to expose Nicole’s secret? No, I was not. But you almost did that on your own.

Yeah. Thank you. But no, it wouldn’t be right. I. Tests seem to be scarce, so I’d much rather slow down it. Oh look, I was with my brother earlier. Really? I can’t wait to see him, but you shouldn’t have to as much as I’d like to see am I think it’s more important that you’d be with your family. Okay. If you insist.

I, I do listen. How about I just meet you back at your place? Great. Okay. I’ll see you too later.

Damn. Well it was a good idea I that it failed miserably and now we’re back to the same problem. This is not a problem. It’s. It’s impossibility. Try getting a cheek swab from someone without explaining to them why. Look, Sloan Moon is forcing you to help me. You can still back out. No, no. I’ve invested interest in this too.

Obviously, since my boyfriend can be your baby daddy.

I pray to God he’s not

okay. I am sorry. I doubted you sweetheart. There’s nothing new there. Oh, come on. Give me a break. I mean, when we were at the bistro, you seem to be on the fence about it and I had just promised Nicole that I wouldn’t tell a soul that she would, you know, in the family way. I still don’t feel right about this, and I’m still on the fence as you put it.

EJ has a right to know, a right to know what.

Look, you’re making Wendy very uncomfortable. Okay? Oh, come on. I’m just having fun with her. No, you are making fun of me. There’s a big difference, sweetie. Relax. Everybody loves a good love triangle. Just ask Olivia Wild. She hasn’t been this relevant since well ever. Okay. Can you make him go away please? So tell me, did you serve your special salad dressing to trip Johnny?

Both. I don’t know what that means, but if you print a word of this, I will hack into all of your accounts and make your life a living hell. Good thing I make a point to always delete my search history. Oh, good thing. Nothing on a computer is ever really deleted. There’s no need to get Tessie. Honey. I am on your side.

On my side. Well, how the hell are you on my side? Because I sympathize with your conundrum. God, I love that word. Anyway, I understand why you are torn between these two men. They are both super hot, although I would say that trip probably has a slight advantage. No, just shut up. Okay. He’s a successful doctor.

Good with his hands. Valuable member of society. Where’s Johnny here? I mean, even though he is swimming in Dir, money is basically just in. Out of work, Dante. Oh, okay. Well that’s, it looks like I lost, struck the nerve now. Okay. Hey, I heard that Gabby and your brother filed for divorce. Please feel free to give Lee my number.

And is it true that Gabby and Stephan are already engaged?

I said I wouldn’t trust a word. Tony says, uh, not only does he have a screw loose, he’s completely biased. It’s basically e j’s lap dog. Yeah, I mean, have you seen the way these two fawn over each other? It’s nauseating. I mean, it’s like, come on, get a room. It’s a big crass considering they’re brothers. I didn’t mean it literally, they’re not related by blood.

By the way, let’s not forget that Tony’s the gardener son, not to mention he’s hooked up with one of his siblings. You mean Renee? Actually, I was talking about Kristen, you and Tony. Relax it, uh, was more or less an arranged marriage set up by father, and the man that I married turned out to be Andre. Kevin, eventually you did marry Tony when you were pretending to be Nicole, and as I recall, you use that marriage of convenience to seize control at Dera.

But that’s fine. That’s forgiven and forgotten. Well, obviously not forgotten. However, we would love to work with you two very impressive sisters to ensure our family and the company’s very bright future. But to do that, we need to have Stephan solely in charge of Dara because, because he is more in tune with the.

Today’s modern world in either one of his brothers, so trust us. If you want Damara to thrive for decades to come, you need to back my brilliant fiance

out with you two. What is it that I have a right to know? Well, Anna thought that my speech before was somewhat impolitic in that I seem to be stirring the flames of your rivalry with Stephan. Oh, come now. That ship was sailed. He’s had his sight set on ousting me from the moment he returned to the land of the living.

My lover of was what I was trying to argue and that it was important that. I was proud to say that I am firmly in your corner and I sincerely appreciate that Tony and this family full of liars and vultures. It’s good to know that you’ve always hurt my back.

I am all for whatever is best for the company, but I do have to ask, what is it that you two can do for me? First off, we’ll welcome you back into this family where you belong with open arms. Make you feel at home. You’re not gonna get that from me, Jay. Believe me, he’s only looking out for himself. He won’t sacrifice a damn thing for you, not the way that Stephanie and I will.

Oh, that is simply not true. Gabby, I’m sure Megan sees through your malicious spin on my relationship with my family and this company. Furthermore, I’m sure she knows that I am more than happy to do whatever it takes to make our beloved sister feel welcomed and valued. In fact, Megan, in regard to the former, I’m willing to turn over my master suite to you after being locked up in Statesville.

I think you deserve the largest room in the house, which also boasts the best of you.

I was locked up in Stayville too, you know? Ah, yes. But Megan has seen your. Otherwise, I would’ve of course offered you the room, Krista. Mm-hmm. Of course, of course. Don’t sweat at Elvis. I wouldn’t accept your offer anyway. Not after you stabbed me in the back.

I just hated lying to eat. J just now. Oh darling, that’s because you are a kind and decent man, which is what I love about you. But darling, despite your bleeding heart, we do have to be. Careful and just keep this between us. I mean, it means that we have to be very careful and not chat about this, you know, unless we know we’re all alone and no one else is around.

I mean, if someone overheard us talking about Nicole’s pregnancy, like EJ almost did Anna, what the hell?

Hey, I am so sorry about everything Leo just said. He’s just trying to stir up drama as usual, but you know, nothing’s changed. All right, snow and I are just friends, not Johnny. You don’t have to keep telling me. Okay. I totally believe you. Good. And I know Leo was wrong about the two of you, but. He wasn’t exactly wrong about me and Tripp.

I know that. And Johnny, if it’s ever too weird or uncomfortable, I’ll understand you. Kidding me. Afraid of a little competition. No,

I’m not giving up on you without a fight.

I was wondering when we were going to get to all the demerit trauma that I’ve so sorely missed. So tell me, Kristen, how did EJ stab you in the back? Can we not go to that please? He and I were once very, very close. For God’s sake, what’s the point? I helped save his life when he was shot, and I put mine on hold as I supervised his rehabilitation.

And then a few years later when I had legal trouble, he refused to represent me for good reason. Well, whatever the reason, it doesn’t sound very brotherly. As C E O I, regrettably had to distance myself from Kristen. It was what was best for business at the time. Sadly, he shunned me again, even more hurtful.

Hey, uh, He barred me from attending the funeral of my dear friend Susan, a dear friend who happened to be my mother, whom you tortured Musclely much like you’re torturing me now. You know, I must concur. EJ does have a knack for back stabbing, especially when it comes to his siblings. And I’m not just talking about Christian here.

I’m talking about me, Chad. Ah forbid he’s saying it. And how can you be sure he won’t do the same thing to you? Just saying, and I’m just saying the bottom line, E j’s loyalty to this family is pretty much non-existent. So he might wanna think twice about taking his so-called offer

and Nicole. I, I, I didn’t, I didn’t mean to tell Tony it, it was an accident, I swear. And EJ almost overheard. Was that an accident too? Yes. That EJ is still in the dark and Tony managed to cover, so we’re all good. You know, Nicole, I still don’t feel good about this. I think my brother has the right to know if you might be carrying his child.

Look, um, I’m doing a paternity test in a few days, and as soon as I find out who the father is, I will deliver the news. But until then, I, I need you to keep this under wraps. Can you do that, please? Of course, of course. I promise. We promise, right, Tony? Fine. Thank you. Well, while I have you here, maybe you could help me speed things up, gimme some advice.

Of course. So for the paternity test, I need to swab e j’s cheek without him knowing and, and it would be easiest if he was sleeping, but he is such a light sleeper. I, I don’t, oh. No worries. I have the perfect solution.

Give him one of these. What’s this? It is a sleeping pill. Whenever I have insomnia, I just popped one. It’ll knock EJ right out and he will sleep deeply for hours and hours. Believe me.

Hey there. Hey there to you. What are you doing? Well, I saw all these towels in the dryer, so I thought I’d fold them. Oh, how very domestic. Yeah. Well, I know you got a lot going on. Hmm. So I just wanted to see what I could do to help. Thanks. I appreciate that. By the way, what are you doing home? I thought you were gonna be with your brother for a while.

Oh yeah. Well, the hospital, they canceled the visiting hours until tomorrow because of the virus? Yeah, I guess they just wanted to be safe. Yeah. And um, Eric, thank you for being so understanding about all of this, especially considering you probably think my brother is a monster and I don’t blame you one bit, but I can’t turn my back on him.

I mean, he’s in some serious trouble and Well, I should probably let you know that, um, I agree to defend him in court. I know I overheard you telling him yesterday and you’re okay with it. Well, I’m appalled by what he did, but I know you are too. My sister Sammy, she’s done a lot of terrible things over the years and I too struggled to defend her, but I stood by her to the best that I could and I admire and wanting to do the same for him.

I mean so much. Hmm. With everything going on, I really, I couldn’t stand with Lucy. You won’t. I’m here. I’m here for you. I’m not going anywhere. You know that. Right.

You know, as much as I hate to admit it, Leo was right about one thing, one time. Well, when he called me an out of work diante, I wanted to kick him in the, you know what? But he did have a point. Ah, I need to hurry up and jumpstart my film career. Okay. Well, you sound like you have a lot of family drama to mind from.

Maybe you could do a documentary about them. Not a bad idea, although. It didn’t go very well the last time I tried to tell my family’s story, so maybe I could tell yours. Mine. Mm-hmm. Thought that would be very interesting. Kidding me. Let me tell you about Wendy Shin. Bright and ambitious. Her sexist family relegates her to the wilds of Alaska, sorely underestimating our Wiley heroin.

She comes to Salem guns blazing, demanding a seat at the table. She also finds herself investigating a plot involving a mad evil scientist risking her own life. To uncover the truth along the way. She falls in love with a dashing and super hot filmmaker. Oh, super hot. Well, that’s lady whistleblowers, or it’s not mine.

Hmm. Wendy briefly finds herself torn between two guys. Before realizing that there is only one man for her. Really? Mm-hmm. And which guy was that? Well, you have to buy a ticket to find out.

Megan, I assure you that I am offering you my room as a sincere gesture of goodwill and not asking for anything in. Accept to vote my shares in your favor. Well, in that regard, I’m no different to Stephan than am I. Well, in order to avoid choosing sides of this early juncture, I think I’ll choose a different bedroom.

I’m sure there are plenty to choose from in this house. Oh, definitely Megan. I would take a look at the east wing. The sunlight in the morning is breathtaking. You know what? Come on sis. We’re gonna take a look at all the wings and uh, we’ll find a place to crash. So this will gimme a chance to give you a tour of the family homestead.

Hello? Hello there, Nicole. Kristen, you’re out of prison again? Yes. My resourceful sister got me immunity sister. Mm-hmm. Oh, Megan, this is ejs on again, off again, girlfriend Nicole Walker. Pleasure to meet you. Oh, likewise. Well yeah, stay in chat. We need to find our. Bedrooms, or should I say suites? Oh my God.

You’re gonna be living here. Of course we’re damira is darling. Where else would we live? Well, I’ll be into, mm-hmm.

I am impressed with you Eric. Grading. Yeah, because I’m folding your towels. No, because you could have cut and run. A long time ago when the whole tile thought that I was a stalker. You stood by me. You defended me to, and Abe, your sister fell. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

You know what? Don’t gimme too much credit. I’ve had my own share of doubts as you know, but ultimately I got another person that you were, you are, and I know you aren’t capable of committing the crimes that your brother did. God, I still cannot believe he terrorized Paul and Chanel. Tried to kill them. I mean, I was angry too, but my God, I just wish I knew how broken he was, how troubled he was.

I mean, he was good at hiding things, obviously. No, still I should have been there for him, but instead I moved here to Salem to ex exact, my own revenge. Setting a bad example for him. I mean, even though I’m gonna fight like hell for him, the truth is that Colin’s probably going away to prison for a long, long time.

With both my parents gone.

You won’t be alone. Hey, you have me.

The funny thing is that for so long I was so scared of opening up my heart to anybody, letting anybody in. I’m so glad I.

I’m glad you did too.

Yeah. I love you. It’s out. Yeah. Don’t feel obligated to say it back. Don’t.

Truth is


Let me guess. This is about the Sanderson sisters. I just ran into them downstairs. The Sanderson sisters, the witches from Hocus Pocus. Oh, ugh. Why are you letting those two nightmares move in here? For the simple reason that Kristin is a shareholder and soon Megan will be too. I see. And you need their votes to maintain power.

Right. And so far I am doing a miserable job getting them on my side. Dammit. I feel like my head is about to explode. I can imagine.

Oh, so do you think you’ll be able to sleep? Oh, I don’t think so. I’m too wound up. Well, in that case, um, Maybe Ha, you could, you could try one of these. What’s that? It, it’s just a sleeping pill. I don’t normally take them, just, you know, when I’m feeling anxiety or when my head is gonna explode and it’s not addictive.

It’s a mild. Instead it did to just help you sleep well through the night, and then you can wake up and you can form a plan of attack with a clear head,

fine. Sure. Sounds like a plan.

In spite of that jerk Leo turning up. I have a really nice time tonight. No, just doesn mean I’m winning. Okay. I wish you wouldn’t put it like that. I mean, it’s not a contest, it’s just me being conflicted. Then indecisive, which I do tend to be by nature or wish I weren’t, but hey, it’s okay. However indecisive you might be.

I think you’re great. And though we are not calling it a contest, Since it’s a choice that you have to make, hopefully this will, I dunno. Hope you decide.

That’ll definitely go in your column. That’s what I was hoping.

Good night.

You think we should go back downstairs? Keep working. Your sisters. Ah. Now let’s quit while we’re ahead. Best not to overplay our hand. You’re right. I mean, good thing we’ve stopped EJ from, uh, making any inroads, Megan. Hmm. And for now, Christian seems to be on our side. Yeah. Well if we keep that up, then we’ll have enough folks to ask your brother, and then we’re gonna be in control, baby.

Mm-hmm. You know, I never would’ve guessed my sister’s getting out of prison would’ve been such a major win for us. An answer to our prayers.

It’s very satisfying that our brothers are working overtime to win our allegiance A bit demeaning. If one had thin skin, how do you mean? Well, it is obviously chauvinistic of them to assume that our only option. Is for one of them to run the company. Hmm. You’re right. Huh? How the boys had their turn at the top.

Perhaps it’s time for the girls to take charge. You catch on fast? Yes. Let’s hear it for the girls.

I’m not one to take sleeping pills, but as I said, I’m so worked up right now. But you need to sleep, AJ, and honestly, it’s just one pill. It’s not gonna hurt you. Right. One second. Ah, damn. It’s where Shin at this hour. Hello, Mr. Shim. What I thought you said it was a done deal.

Of course. No, no. I, I understand. I’ll take care of it.

A potential investor is getting cold feet and need to take the jet to Chicago, talk ’em off the ledge. What you don’t mean tonight, I do. It’s too important to let it wait, especially with Steph and nipping on my heels. Look at every and any opportunity to gain the upper hand. So unfortunately, I need to depart.

I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay. Well, good luck.

Hello, it’s me. How are things going with ej? Total Bus. He just left for an urgent business trip, so obviously I won’t be able to get a sample from him. It’s all up to you now. Well, actually that’s why I’m calling Mission accomplished. I’ve got Eric’s sample in my hot little hands. Oh, thank God.

I’ll be in touch. Okay,

well, it won’t be long now. Now, soon we’ll know whether your daddy is ej. Oh, Eric.

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