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[ Relaxing music ]

Deacon: Oh, hey, victoria. Uh, don’t forget to tell him about the cherry scones. Look at this. I can’t believe it. Two beautiful, exquisite women in my humble establishment again. To be so lucky.

Brooke: Always the charmer.

Taylor: Yes, he is.

Deacon: Look, I’ve said it before, I just cannot get over the two of you calling a truce after all these years. It’S…

Brooke: Well, it’s more than a truce. It’s like A… it’s a friendship. One that we value and will continue to put first.

Deacon: Much to good old ridge’s dismay, I’m sure.

Brooke: Hm.

Taylor: Brooke and I have

sworn off of ridge.

She might be into trying

an old favorite again.

Could be really great

for both of you.

Eric: So, it’s rome, huh?

Ridge: Uh-huh. Got a few things to figure out, but looks like it’s a go.

Steffy: Hope for the future is already doing so well, but with rome as a backdrop, it’s gonna be chef’s kiss. It’ll be great. Hope for the future, it’s great. You know, with the designs–

Eric: It’s going to be wonderful, you’re right.

Rj: Hey. So, what’s this I hear? Is, uh, hope’s line is actually going to go to rome?

Steffy: Going to the most beautiful place on earth. Yes.

Rj: Well, I mean, I love rome obviously, but…

Ridge: But what?

Rj: If hope and thomas are going together, how’s liam gonna feel about that?

Steffy: Thomas isn’t the

problem. I’m sorry, liam.

I don’t want to hurt you,

but I think your wife has

feelings for thomas.

Liam: Hi.

Hope: Hey, you’re still home.

Liam: Yeah, I’m, um, just answering a few emails before I head in. How was drop off?

Hope: Well, uh, first in line three days in a row.

Liam: That’s a new record. Good.

Hope: Are we… good? Liam, you know I love you more than anything else.

Hope: Okay, I just, um… I want to be sure that we’re on the same page before we go to work.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Thomas and I, we strictly have a professional relationship and I understand that we’ve been working a lot of long hours, but–

Liam: Hope, I know.

Hope: Our focus is on saving the line. Liam… our life, our marriage, our family, it means everything to me and I– I would never want to risk that. So, steffy can say what she wants to say and she saw what she saw, but she’s wrong.

Ridge: That’s a valid point, son, but I do feel that everything is going to be worked out between thomas and hope before we leave for italy.

Rj: You really think that liam’s just gonna be chill with it by then?

Eric: He’s always been supportive of hope before. I don’t see why this would be any different.

Rj: Come on, steffy. You agree with this?

Steffy: Yeah, I do agree. I think it’s an amazing opportunity. Hope for the future was on its way out and then thomas came in and started–

Rj: Yeah, I know, thomas. Thomas to the rescue.

Ridge: Hey, don’t do that. He did come to the rescue. He turned this thing around. He’s talented, just like you, just like you, and I’m glad you’re here. We’re all together again. And I know I said there wasn’t gonna be any family drama, and I– I do think that. I think we’re at the end of it.

Rj: That go for you, too? How’s the whole situation with, you know, you and mom and taylor going?

Deacon: So, that’s how I see initially scaling it. I mean, what do you– what do you guys think? Is it too ambitious?

Brooke: No! No, that’s exciting!

Taylor: Yeah, it really is. It is. It– it’s, um, it’s a roadmap to the future, a very successful future. One that you and– and everyone you know can be proud of.

Deacon: I mean, you know, as a businessman, you have to have goals, right? I don’t wanna get ahead of myself, but I wanna, you know, increase the visibility of the brand and maybe, I don’t know, strategically open up a couple of new restaurants. And I’m going full in on the frozen pizza.

Brooke: Oh.

Deacon: It’s very exciting.

Brooke: That is, that’s very impressive.

Taylor: Yeah, it really is. Especially when you think about how– how you got here. You know, you– you saw something you wanted and you put your heart into it, and then look at this place! It’s a huge success. You’ve really come a long way, deacon, don’t you think, brooke?

Brooke: Yes, of course. Absolutely. And now please welcome ana montoya.

Hope: Steffy misinterpreted what she saw and as your wife, I would hope that you would listen to me and take my word for it instead of your ex-wife’S.

Liam: The last thing I want to believe is that you have feelings for thomas.

Hope: Well, then don’t believe it. Don’t, liam, because it’s not… it’s not true. I swear.

Liam: Yeah. Um, all right. I’m, uh, I’m gonna head to the office because I’m kind of late as it is.

Hope: Um, yeah. I mean, I– I need to get going to forrester as well, so.

Liam: Okay. All right.

Hope: I love you.

Liam: Yeah, me too.

Ridge: Why does it feel like I’m on the hot seat once again?

Rj: Oh, we’re sorry. You know, we really don’t mean to make you feel that way.

Steffy: No, not at all. We just want to know what your intentions are where our mothers are concerned.

Ridge: What my– what my intentions are?

Rj: Yeah. I just wanna know where, you know, things stand between you and my mom.

Steffy: And mine.

Eric: Well, I think the two of them have made their intentions very, very clear.

Ridge: Yes, they have.

Eric: Yes, they have, but it’s also very clear to me that those two are the loves of your life. You share children and grandchildren with them.

Ridge: I know that. I know that, but part of history is the choice that they made. They put their friendship first.

Rj: Their friendship, but that doesn’t mean that mom doesn’t still love you.

Ridge: And that’s nice and I realize that.

Steffy: Well, that must mean you also realize that mom still loves you, too.

Ridge: I am aware of that also. Yes.

Eric: Look, we all admire and respect what the two of them are doing, but I have to say–

Rj: But how much longer before one of them is sharing their life with you?

Taylor: You know what’s really, really cool about this whole thing is that you have become one of L.A.’S most eligible bachelors.

Brooke: Ooh.

Taylor: Yes!

Deacon: Uh, according to who?

Taylor: According to everyone.

Deacon: Ah.

Taylor: Yeah. Just don’t be modest.

Deacon: Deacon sharpe, modest? That’d be a first.

Taylor: You know what I mean.

Deacon: Oh, I do.

Taylor: Glad you do. I’m– I’m sure brooke would agree.

Brooke: Hm? Oh, yes, of course. I mean, deacon knows that I want nothing but the best for him. I gotta go back to work. Sorry, but this was wonderful. Thank you for suggesting it and we’re gonna do it again soon, right? Oh, here, let me give you some–

Taylor: Stop. I got it.

Brooke: Okay. Thanks. Bye.

Taylor: We’ll talk later.

Brooke: Bye.

Deacon: Uh, laying it on kind of thick there, weren’t you?

Taylor: Was I?

Deacon: L.A.’S most eligible bachelor?

Taylor: Well, you are. You really are and it doesn’t hurt to remind brooke.

Steffy: We’re excited too. Rome’s the perfect location for what we have in mind. All right, I’ll keep you posted. Ciao.

[ Door slamming ]

Hope: You just had to do it, didn’t you? You just had to interfere in my marriage. Scout is protected by simparica trio,

Rj: Hey, dad, look at this. Check it out.

Ridge: What am I looking at?

Rj: It’s– it’s a video I posted yesterday and it blew up overnight.

Ridge: It blew up and that’s a good thing?

Rj: Well, yeah! I mean, I– I got a ton of followers from it. Come on, it’s pretty awesome, right?

Ridge: I’m sure it’s awesome.

Rj: Yeah, it’s not as awesome as if I were designing here at forrester, right?

Ridge: Hey, don’t do that. I told you I’d love for you to work here with me. I think it’d be great, but the most important thing is for you to be happy, and if that means blowing things up on the world wide web, then do that. Come here.

Rj: Thanks.

Brooke: Aw. I love walking in and seeing two of my most favorite men in the world.

Ridge: I thought you were gonna be here earlier.

Brooke: Yeah, I, uh, lost track of time. I was catching up with taylor.

Deacon: Laying it on a little thick there, weren’t you?

Taylor: Hm? What do you mean?

Deacon: What do you mean, what do I mean? Come on. It wasn’t that long ago that you were urging me to take a shot with brooke and obviously, you haven’t gotten over that idea.

Taylor: Right. Right. I just– I just happened to think that it was a good opportunity. You know, now that brooke’s sworn off ridge, right? This could be your opportunity, deacon.

Deacon: What if I told you that I didn’t want another chance with brooke?

Taylor: Oh, well, I would say you are a big fat liar ’cause brooke has always been the one for you.

Deacon: Just like ridge has always been the one for you. What– what’s going on with you?

Taylor: No, no, no, no, no, no, we are not– we are not talking about ridge and me. We’re talking about you and brooke.

Deacon: Which has me wondering.

Taylor: What does it have you wondering?

Deacon: It has me wondering if you’re using me so that you can reunite with forrester.

Steffy: So, if you have

any concerns about hope

and thomas, if you have

any suspicions, it’s not

because of thomas.

I think it’s hope.

Steffy: Obviously, liam spoke to you about what I said.

Hope: About your ridiculous suspicions. Yes, he did. I mean, how dare you, steffy? How dare you go out of your way to tell my husband that I have feelings for thomas. I mean, it’s pathetic.

Steffy: Is it, though?

Hope: Yes. What you thought you saw in this office couldn’t have been further from the truth. I wasn’t coming on to thomas. I told you we got caught up in that moment and– and yet, you insist on believing otherwise. It’s almost like you’re trying to undermine my marriage.

Steffy: Of course not. Though I have to wonder… are you?

Hope: How could you even ask me that? You of all people should know how much liam means to me.

Steffy: And you should know how much thomas means to me. So, are you lying? Are you attracted to thomas? If you think you, a child in your care,

Brooke: Oh, I– I realize I keep saying this, but I am so excited to have our wonderful talented son back here in los angeles.

Rj: Oh, mom.

Brooke: Well, it’s true. And when did you grow up and become an adult and carve this amazing career out for yourself? Oh, I love you so much.

Rj: I love you too, mom.

Ridge: See, that’s what it’s all about, right? Us being back together. Everything’s fine now that you’re home. Come here.

Brooke: It’s true.

Taylor: Do I want ridge back?

Deacon: That’s the question.

Taylor: I mean, I will always love ridge. You know, our love story was hijacked all those years ago and I–

Deacon: And that’s something that you still blame brooke for. Look, I get it. You guys have your little gal pal pact and everything’s supposed to be forgotten from the past, but my question to you, taylor, is, can it be? Really? I mean, if ridge is still in both your lives?

Taylor: Look, ridge is always gonna be in both our lives. We– we both have families with him and you are right, ridge has been in brooke’s orbit longer than mine.

Deacon: And now with rj back, I mean, that just reaffirms that brooke and ridge, they’re family.

[ Phone ringing ] Sorry. [Indistinct] Hello.

Guard: Deacon sharpe, please

Deacon: Yeah, you got him. Who’s this?

Guard: I’m with the lundberg

correctional facility.

We have a collect call

for you from inmate

sheila carter. Will you

accept the charges?

Deacon: Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m not going to be able to talk right now. What?

Taylor: I don’t know, that call.

Deacon: What about it?

Taylor: I don’t know. You seem a little flustered. It sounded mysterious.

Deacon: You know–

Taylor: Is that someone that you’re dating?

Deacon: You–

Taylor: Is that someone that you’re dating? Is that–

Deacon: You need to stop and be careful because your– your matchmaking is becoming very obvious. Let’s get back to you now. So, um, what happened to this, this gal pal pact the two of you had? Oh, no, there’s trouble in paradise, isn’t there?

Taylor: You’ve kept how

you feel about thomas from me

because, brooke, I–

I thought that we had a–

a– a real friendship.

Brooke: We do.

Taylor: Is there anything

else I deserve to know?

Anything happen with ridge? I am– I am– I’m not trusting our pact so much right now. Um, long story short, um, she doesn’t– she doesn’t trust thomas. She’s not being honest. So, our pact was about honesty and transparency across the board, especially when it comes to ridge and I… I think I’m just, I’m– I’m trying to do what’s right for everyone. Especially you, deacon.

Deacon: And yourself.

Hope: The answer is no,

liam. I love you.

My commitment is to you.

Our relationship is nothing

but professional.

My heart

is here with you, always.

Hope: This is my life you’re messing with. My marriage, my family. Yes, I care about your brother. I care about thomas. I am so grateful that he’s become a good father to douglas. I am grateful that he’s working on the line, but there is nothing more than that.

Steffy: But if you’re totally honest with yourself–

Hope: Can you just stop for a second, please, and listen to me? Liam knows how much I love him. I told him that he is the only man for me. He’s the only man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. And thomas? I’m not interested in him. I never have been interested in him. I never will be interested in him. Liam and I have been through too much. We have faced our fair share of challenges, and some of those were because of you, by the way.

[ Steffy scoffing ] So, we deserve to be happy. So, could you maybe try to not ruin that for once? Keep your comments to yourself. Stay out of my marriage.

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