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What is that God awful noise. Oh, sorry. Did I wait you, are you kidding? You could have woken the dead. What are you doing? What went to the hardware store and per your sage advice? I got some of those wall anchors you were talking about and now I am rehanging this picture. Sorry. What’d you think? Is this straight?

Hmm. It’s a little

Kristen. Well, hello Marna. Did you miss me?

Okay. So this is your first full day back in Salem, so whatever you want to do, we’re doing it. I can make you an appointment for a massage. We could take a walk in a park. Pink. I can chill. The choice is yours. God, it all sounds so lovely, but honestly I would really love it if you could drive me over to Statesville.

Okay. I know. I just, I need to see Lucas and he needs to see his mom see that I’m alive and well and. Roman, I really wanna know how he’s doing. Yeah, no, I get that. That will be a big relief for Lucas. And a thrill. Well, I don’t know how thrilling it could be considering the situation he’s in. And also, I wanna pay a visit that.

Bitch Megan in Hathaway, and give her a little peace of my mind. Oh, it looks like I’ve saved you the trip.

All right, take a closer nap. Well relax, cowboy. I’m not gonna lay a finger on your wife. She’s of no use to me. Now, besides, I wouldn’t wanna do anything to jeopardize my newfound freedom. How the hell are you free? How did you get outta prison?

Well, I, I decided not to go back with Roman and Kate because I, I just, I need to see this thing through.

Well, I have my doubts about Dimitri’s story that he’s holding Andrew Hostage, and I think that he’s, he’s trying to use it for leverage. You know, it was a bargaining chip for Unity.

Well, I don’t know, after what he did to Kate, I need to make sure that his frog marched back to that Amania prison where he belongs.

Hey, Steph. Uh, I think, uh, my room service is here. Yeah, I ordered, uh, ordered lunch a little while ago. Yeah, I’ll call you tonight. I miss you too. Okay. One sec.

Deit. Just gonna feel like I’m gonna jump outta my skin bound, sitting around just waiting to see if my dad’s gonna twitch an eyelid or, or move a finger or something. I just. No, I would give anything to be able to turn back time and make it so I didn’t pull that trigger. Let me call you back, okay?

Michaels, what the hell you doing here? I need to see your mother.

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Paper, thin walls. I don’t think it’s the wall’s fault. Look, I’ve just never been into putting up do dances on my own walls. You know, do dances. Isn’t that what your Americans say? Look, if you think you can do a better job, be my guess. Hand me the drill. Thank you. Do you have a stud finder? Excuse me. Have her mind.

You’re not getting anywhere near my mother. She made it very clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with you. I bet you understand. Okay. I’m not here because I want hope back. I’m here to warn her. Actually, I’m here to warn all of you. Warn us about what,

I don’t know how you got out of Statesville this time, but I’m calling 9 1 1 and having you dragged back. Ah. Do you really think that I’d come knocking at your door in my city’s if I had broken outta prison? What do you say? You got another pardon? Well, actually I, um, I got granted full immunity, courtesy of my newfound sister, Megan, Megan.

She doesn’t even know you. Why would she help you? Because family is the gift that keeps on giving. Oh, Megan and I met and bonded in Statesville two long lost sisters reunited at last. And, uh, here are my papers to prove it. Read ’em and

I must say, I do miss the fish market. It was so quaint. Hey, I don’t suppose I could still buy some live lobster. Go to hell, Kate. I did save your life. You could at least show nominal gratitude. How did you get immunity anyway after what you did to me and to Marlay and Tela, Dimitri Van Leitner?

May I, I wanted to share the good news in person. I’ve been free, so I see. So you kidnap Andrew Donovan, and you are, uh, rewarded with immunity so much for justice, huh? Well, I understand your disappointment misplaced as it might be because I know that you think of Caden’s family and you want to see me pay for what happened to her.

I did. I do. And I will make you pay. Noted, but I would urge you to reconsider where your loyalties lie for one, Kate is happily reunited with her husband in Salem. So no harm done. No harm done. You put her through hell, you son of a bitch. Okay, well, I will amend that to no lasting harm. But seriously, Chad, I mean this, uh, this outrage on Kate’s behalf.

It’s a little over the top, don’t you think? I mean, she’s, she’s not even a true family member. She’s not blood relations. I mean, not like, well, I am. Huh? You, we we’re not related. Oh, yes. You see, we are, you’re, uh, your sister Megan. She’s my, uh,

My mom, you’re the hi.

Okay, so what should I call you Uncle Chad? No, no. You shouldn’t call me. Um, no. Uh, I don’t like you. We’re not related. I want you to leave, leave. So this news is of no interest to you. Nope. Now, I understand that you only know my mother through reputation, but please try to have an open mind. I assure you she’s a fascinating woman.

She is smart, she is brave. I’ve, I’ve heard how, uh, smart and brave she is. Um, I’ve also heard that she’s a crazy bitch with the heart of stone, who, uh, who belongs in either, uh, a straight jacket or in prison. And, and in fact, since she is in prison, I won’t have to get to know her, uh, for a very long time.

Thank God, uh, about that. Um, she’s been sprung from prison. That is as has Auntie Kristen, who you mean you. Yeah. We got a very good deal for the three of us, although it did get a little risky adding Kristen to the mix. Then why would you do it? Why would you risk your deal for, for somebody like Kristen?

My, my mine? Not a very nice way to talk about your own sister. Who I happen to think’s a lovely woman. Talk about smart and brave shut. Oh, you don’t even know Kristen. You, the, the only thing you know about her is your fight with a, with a manie peacock. Yeah. Actually I do know her relatively well. That is, you see, my mother befriended her in Statesville.

I had the means to help and so I did. And now the two of us can head back to Salem and we can all be one big happy family. What do you say? Well, I must say you are looking rather refreshed considering you were re. Leah Garner. Oh, did Megan give you a dose of her fountain of use serum that she was telling me about?

Uh, maybe it’s just Botox.

What do you want? What do I want? Well, I came to tell Grandma Marmar that she was no longer the chief. Maternal figure in my daughter’s life. You see, mommy’s home to stay. This is not your home. Yes, but it is Rachel’s Brady. Surprise

there, huh? Alright, I, I can take it from here now that I’ve done all the work, well, not quite all. See that’s perfect. According to the king of due deaths, what are you doing? I’m gonna hang this other picture. You can clean up. I know. I mean now that you show me the correct technique, I’ll finish up and you can just clean.

Why? Because I’m supposed to stick to the woman’s work. No, that’s not, that’s not what I meant. I mean, it’s, all I meant was, you know, you are a better, cleaner upper than I am, so, That might be even worse. You, you know what? Just forget it. I will clean up. I a better cleaner uper than you are after spending years in foster care and then living in an orphanage, I learned very quickly how to make places sp and span.

So honestly, I guess I just have a little bit of p t s when it comes to cleaning. Oh, well, you know, after my stint schlepping manure for my uncle, I can, I can totally relate to that. But look, forget about it. I’ll just clean up after I finish hanging everything. No, it, it’s okay. I’ll do it. I promise to do the housework until I found gainful employment.

So just let me do it. And for the record, I don’t usually lounge around all morning in my pajamas.

Xander, I I’m sure you thought I would have a job by now and be able to pay my own way. I, I mean, I certainly did, and I don’t think it’s fair that you pay the rent all on your own. So I’m, I’m just starting to think that maybe this was a mistake, me moving in here with you.

Brady, I’m, I’m sorry I didn’t have time to warn you, but apparently Kristen was able to cut a deal. Yeah, I, I heard on the news, I figured she’d be here. Wow. And you came looking for me. How sweet. I came here to Warren, Marlene, and my father that you’d be coming. I guess you’d beat me to the punch, didn’t you?

Well, I was eager to see my daughter. Well, your daughters in pe, which you would be aware of. If you had any involvement in the day-to-day life of your daughter? I don’t know. It’s been what? Maybe a, a couple months, maybe a year since you had Oh, and, and, and, and whose fault is that? Okay. Okay. That’s enough.

You do, look, Kristen came to see her daughter. She’s not here. So you’re welcome to go now. I’m not leaving until I know when I get to see my daughter. Damnit Brady, we had a deal. You, you told me to write that letter urging Rachel to give Chloe a chance and I did. As much as it did it, it made my skin crawl.

I wrote that. I know you wrote the letter, Kristin. The problem was your daughter didn’t believe a word of it because you’ve been poisoning her mind with lies about Chloe for months now get the word lies. Oh my God. Oh, case in point, I knew that Chloe was going to leave you for the next red blooded male who came along and look what happened.

She’s already moved in with Xander. Oh, how’d you find out about that? Rachel wrote me a letter. She wrote you a letter about Chloe’s love life. Oh, all sorts of Salem happenings. I think her and Sandra make a great couple, don’t you? I mean, they both have no substance, no morals, and are utterly detestable to boot.

I don’t think you’re in a position to lecture anybody about morals. Says the woman who has been possessed by the devil twice. Xander and Chloe are not together. Kristen, they are roommates. Okay. Oh, just roommates. Mm-hmm. And how long do you think that’s gonna last? Xandra will get any woman he knows into bed sooner or later, usually sooner.

Even the ones that claim they hate him

wrong. Chloe, is it the apartment a decor or is it the roommate you’ve gone off of? No, it’s not any of those things. It’s me. It’s not the apartment, it’s me. That’s anyone. No, what I’m saying is I guess I just wasn’t being very realistic about my prospects on the labor market. Look, it’s just, I guess there are plenty of jobs out there.

You wanna flip burgers or drive a ride share, but it turns out there’s not a lot of job opportunities for opera singers in Salem. No surprise or fashion merchandisers for that fact outside of Dara C Couldn’t you like give voice lessons? Voice lessons here with the paper thin walls, like you said? Look, I guess I just, I had this idea that I was gonna reinvent myself and try something new, but no one’s interested in what I have to offer.

I find that very hard to believe. Chloe. Look, I guess I also kind of leapt into this living situation, partly because I wanted to piss off Brady. Yeah, it worked, didn’t it? Yeah, it did, but it, it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be. I mean, here we are. He and I are, are still apart, and. And you’re still in love with him.

I just, I feel like I’m at loose ass. Well, that’s exactly why you shouldn’t make any big decisions right now in moving. That’s one of the major life decisions, Chloe. Not to mention that, I’ll be really sad if you move out. I mean, let’s just about to hang a another wall anchor there so I can put the, the dart board on that wall.

What dart board, the one I picked up this morning. If you move out where I’m gonna find another roommate that has your killer dart instinct, come on, stick around a bit longer, please. We’ll split the cleaning even though you are better at it than me and I’ll, I’ll give you space. I won’t bother you. Lucas.

Have fun. We can play darts and. I don’t know, do puzzles. I just bought a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle that I will definitely need your help finishing, so, okay. Okay. I will give our living arrangement a little bit more time.

Ah, with that being said, I am gonna go get dressed and go pound the pavement. Oh, I just had a. I dunno, I didn’t think of this sooner. I mean, I, I guess I thought maybe it isn’t the kind of thing that you’re into or you haven’t really done it before and it doesn’t pay great. Plus, you’ve never really been my biggest fan, have you?

Although you have learned to tolerate me a bit more recently, but still in all, still in all. Would you like to come work for me, Chloe?

So you are deit two’s mother. Well, that really makes sense. Same shifty eyes, same cold heart. You’re so ungrateful. Dimitri pulled you dripping from the sea. He saved your life just as much as I did, and you haven’t bothered to thank him either. He pulled me from the sea on your order so you could torture me.

Well, I could have told him to let you drown, but instead you were treated like royalty in the end. In the end, after I cut the heads off a thousand fish. Okay, wait a minute. So this was all planned, Megan. I thought you believed that Kate was really dead. Well, I did it first, but then I figured out what must have happened and I acted accordingly.

I’m always one step ahead of you, Roman. You should know that by now. Really? Okay, so how do you know so much about what happened on that boat you were in Statesville. My son adores me, so of course he tells me everything. Now you have one of those mama’s boys as well, don’t you, Kate? Poor Lucas. It must be so hard on you that he’s behind bars.

Keep my son’s name out of your mouth fine. I’ll just keep talking about how grateful I am that my precious Dimitri is free as a bird. Megan, if you’re just here to glow time’s up. I’m not just here to gloat Chris. Oh, that’s strange. For some reason I keep wanting to call you that. I don’t know why. No, Roman.

I am not here to gloat. In fact, I have pressing business with you.

So you’re telling me that Megan Hathaway is Dimitri Ventilation’s mother. Yeah. Now Dimitri refused to accept the immunity deal unless we included Megan and Kristen. Oh God. But Kristen’s out too, and I wanted you in hope to be the first to know, because knowing Megan, she’s gonna have her sights on your father.

Could you just, could you ask your mom if I could just talk to her for one minute and listen, Sean, from here on out, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to protect your parents, keep them safe. Look, no offense, but I think you’ve done enough. I’ll take.

One big happy family. Yeah. One big happy family. That’s insane. It’s all insane. Wilson. Wow. Compared to the Von Leischner, the mayor seem like a, a pretty merry bunch. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what they say. The more deras the merrier. I’ll DJ Throwy and Stephan, they’re all gonna feel exactly the same way. Boy, I hope so.

Yeah. So then, um, you and your mom, and. Kristen, you’re all gonna, you’re all gonna move into the Dememer mansion. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Well, that’s a good thing. I moved out when I did then. Now is that the, the right attitude to have? Okay. Look, I think that maybe we got off on the wrong foot, uncle Chad, but I suspect that you and I have a lot more in common than you think, especially because we both grew up outside of the family.

So what do you say? You call up the Damer Chen and you and I can get to know each other on the ride home.

Look, if you just, uh, here to make more threats, there’s a door. Okay. You can get it out. Alright. I can call the police and they can come and haul you out for trespassing. Hmm. Funny, you used to be one of those cops that you’re now threatening to call. But instead you’re slinging hash how the mighty have fallen.

Oh, what do you want, Megan? You already said that I, I’m no longer any use to you. What do I always want? My little brother, Kristin got a letter from Rachel in prison. In it she wrote that Beau was shot by his idiot’s son, and he’s now in a coma. How is he? His condition is unchanged, but don’t blame Sean about that.

All right. If anybody’s the blame, it’s you. Of course it is, because if it weren’t for me, Bo wouldn’t even be alive. If it weren’t for you, Bo would’ve been here with his family for months. But no, you had to keep trying to make him love you and damn Megan, what an epic fail that was cuz just a little time with hope and no love, which just as strong as ever before her son put him in a coma, poses a fighter.

He’ll make it through this. Of course he will. And when he wakes up, his heart will belong to Hope and Only Hope. Well then I’ll just have to fly to Greece and make sure that doesn’t happen.

You still here? Huh? I told my mom what you said. Fortunately, we’re already in the process of my father to a long-term care facility where he can continue his recovery. It seems like progress is a little slow. Yeah, well, we were trying to move him to Montreal so he could be near my mom’s home, but obviously that’s the first place that Megan’s gonna look.

So we need to find someplace else, someplace that’s secure, someplace where nobody’s gonna be able to track him down. You know, like know Megan or, or Dimitri or Wolf, a roof, or even you

work for you. Are you serious? Of course I am. Have you forgotten us? I’m co-owner at The Spectator now. I mean, you don’t have to go on step back so that Gwen could run the day-to-day operations, but I have an ownership stake with the power to fire and hire. Okay. Well, I’m not qualified to do anything at the newspaper.

As long as you could do for us, we could use you in advertising, in marketing. You’d be an amazing arts editor. You’re already a, an expert in in music and fashion. You’d be perfect. Oh, okay. Slow down. You don’t know that I can do any of those things and you don’t even know if I can write. Of course I do. I saw the letter that you wrote to Landlord about the rent increase and it was masterful and effective.

So that hardly qualifies me to write for the Spectator. If Leo Stark can do it, why can’t you or anyone else for that matter. Good point. But uh, should I accept, which you absolutely should. For us living and working together. Isn’t that a bit much? Oh, well, no. I mean, we can handle it, right? It’s not like we’re sleeping together.

Did Xander sleep with you? When he was working for you? I don’t think so. So why don’t you just shut your mouth about the subject. Okay. Oh, I’m sorry, Brady. I know this must be painful for you. Of course you do. That’s why you said it. I said it because you need a dose of reality. You and Chloe have been on again, off again for what, 20 years?

And it never lasts. It never will. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s kinda like the toxic relationship that I’ve been in with you in and out and in and out. But you know, fortunately it’s been more out than in, you know, it’s actually, it’s been a nightmare. If you want to really think about Chris, please, please.

That is not true. We have had some good times, Brady, and unlike Chloe, you and I share a daughter. We do share a daughter, and sometimes I wish we didn’t. And sometimes I wish that you would just say the hell out of my daughter’s life. Your daughter. Your daughter. How dare you call her your daughter. She is as much mind as she is yours.

And that’s a shame. It is a shame because that little girl has no idea how bad you are for her, how bad you are for all of us. If you think you’re gonna stay here and put Marlena through hell again, think again. It’s not gonna happen. She’s not gonna put up with your crap anymore. Wow. You’re blaming this all on Marlena.

To get me out. I mean, what I’m guessing you can’t do it yourself, can you? And guess what, Brady, that is why I know you’re gonna come around again, because you always do.

You, uh, Mr. Scott, be my guest. Ugh, you know what? I might just go ahead and, uh, get as a housekeeper pronto rather than do a crappy job. Well before you do that, uh, I have, I have a question for you about the job at The Spectator, and it’s kind of a personal one. Okay. Well, I was wondering if Gwen is running the day-to-day operations, doesn’t she get a say on new hires?

I mean, I’m sure she’s not happy that we’re living together and. She probably hates me. I’ll handle Gwen. Well, what if you can’t handle her? I just left a really toxic work environment and I can’t deal with anything like that Again. She won’t be a problem, I promise. All you have to focus on is all the lovely dinners and concerts that you’re gonna be enjoying at the spectators expense.

I mean, You’ll be able to make your own hours 99% of the time and work from home and be your own boss. Wow, that sounds too good to be true. Let me prove to you that it isn’t right. You go get changed. I’ll hang the rest of these up and then I’ll give you a tour around the office. What’d you say? Okay,

sureand. Thank you.

You kidding me? You don’t think I have it in me to kick your ass outta here. Tell you what. I’ll do that and then I’ll ring your neck as an Encore Brady. You can’t keep me away from my daughter. See, that’s where you’re wrong. See, I have full custody, don’t I? My little girl took a ride share all by herself to come visit me in Statesville.

What do you think she’s gonna do when she finds out I’m back in Salem? You can’t keep us apart, Brady. She’s gonna hate you just as much as she hates me. No, not if I make her understand that her mother is a mentally disturbed, destructive person who needs therapy and just refuses to get it. Damn you, Brady.

I don’t want you near her. You may be her biological mother, but you forfeited all of your parental rights when you became this evil conniving person. You know what? I’d be considered an abusive father if I let her around you for a minute right now, and I will see you back in court to revisit our custody arrangement.

And in the meantime, Brady go to hell.

Megan, believe me, you do not wanna go near my brother. I suppose there’s no reason for me to rush. Rachel’s letter made it clear that Beau is being quite unresponsive. I’ll just delay my trip to Greece until he’s close to waking up. There’s a lot here for me to accomplish. In the meantime, destroying more lives.

My family’s here, and not only will I want to get to know them better, but I’ll be claiming my rightful place a Amira.

I get it. You don’t trust me and I don’t blame you. Well, I’m glad you understand. Now we’re done. Here we are. But I thought I should. Give you a heads up. When I leave Greece, I’ll be flying home to Salem.

Damn it. Why is this happening again,

Brady, I’m so sorry. No, you don’t. Don’t be sorry. I’m sorry. Everything she’s putting you through we’re just fine. It’s you and your daughter that are suffering. If it’s any consolation, there was not a judge anywhere who would allow Kristen full custody of that girl. I hope not. Still still what? Marna, she’s right.

Kristen’s right. Our, our little girl’s gonna want to see her mom, and I’m gonna end up looking like the bad guy if I try to put any kind of reasonable distance between the two of them. You’re in a tough place and it’s, and it’s so hard to talk to Rachel right now. She’s so stubborn. I mean, she’s really hard to reason with.

I wish she is just a little girl. Yeah. She’s just a little girl. She’s just a little girl that wants a normal family, that she wants her parents to be together. She wants her parents to be in love and it’s not gonna happen. And it’s really, really sad. And I know. I know. I know. That’s part of the reason why I can’t reason with her right now.

But I think another big reason is that she is, Just her mother’s daughter. She’s just so, Kristen,

one of the reasons I worried about her, but I’m also worried about you. Me. Why are you worried about me? Because I know how much you love your daughter. And I know how much you wanna make her happy. No, no. I, I know you’re going with this. You think I’m gonna get sucked back into Kristen and I would get back together with her just to make Rachel happy.

No, can’t do it. I, I look. It’s as heartbreaking as it is for Rachel. I know that I need to keep her away from Kristen just as much as I need to keep myself away from Kristen, okay? Hell is gonna freeze over before I get back together with Kristen Damara on my life, on, on my daughter’s life. It’s not gonna happen.

I’m not gonna change my mind about that.

What the hell? Some newspaper reporter you wore. Zander. All right. How is it that I know about your living situation and you know nothing about mine? Kristen, whatever you’re doing these days and whoever you’re torturing, we don’t care. And if you want Brady, he’s all yours. Oh, he will be. And Chloe, I really hope that you and Sandra are very happy together.

And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I don’t have the demer yet at my disposal. Sorry. Oh. Uh, that’s not a problem. Yeah, I, I would, I’ll even fly coach if I could spend that time getting to know my uncle and, um, I would, I would really appreciate if, uh, if you could gimme any insights on how to be accepted into the, to the bosom of the family.

Uh, look. N um, none of us grew up in the, in the bosom of the family. It’s a really creepy, creepy word. Um, in fact, you know, we all sleep with one eye open when we’re around each other. Most of the time it’ll be both eyes with you weirdo around. So, like I said, you know, I don’t care if we’re related. I don’t want a relationship with you ever.

Well, okay. Well, whether you want to or not, we are still family, so there will be holidays and uh, weddings and funerals. So we’re gonna be spending quite a bit of time together.


And, um, there’s no escaping that Uncle Chad.

I don’t get it. Why would you go to Salem? I, I grew up there, you know, after joining the Navy, I just never really felt settled and Salem is the closest thing I’ve ever had to a real home. Okay. And I’m sure you’re thinking that I have an ulterior motive. I admit I do. I wanna keep my eye on Megan Hathaway.

I feel it’s my responsibility after everything I did when she was pulling the strings. Yeah, but it really isn’t though. I mean, you were a victim too. Yeah, but I owe it to your mom. Okay. So your mom can move bow to a secure facility and I’m gonna make sure that Megan does not hurt them. Yeah, well, I doubt you’re gonna be the most popular guy in town.

Says the guy who put his dad in a coma. No one blames you for that, my grandfather does. But look, you know what? There’s enough blame to pass around in this whole mess. Right now my top priority is to make sure that my dad gets moved to his new location safely. So again, Thank you. Thank you for the intel.

No problem. Uh, guess I’ll see you in Salem.

Your eggs are cold. I can warm them up. No, that’s okay. I’ve lost my appetite. I think I just wanna get over to Statesville to see Lucas.

This is from Shine. Michaels told him that, uh, Megan had been released, so Hope is making plans to keep Bo off her radar. Well, good luck to them. Good luck to all of us Now that Megan’s back in town who knows what she has in store for us.

Hi daddy.

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