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[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: Look, I am not saying this to spread rumors or talk badly about hope.

Liam: I don’t think you are, it’s just not true.

Steffy: You say things feel weird when hope and thomas are together.

Liam: Yeah, but not like that.

Steffy: I’m just telling you what I saw.

Liam: No, what you’re doing is trying to protect your brother.

Steffy: Yes, I am. He has dedicated himself to writing his life, regaining our trust, and I’m not gonna let anyone interfere with that. So, if you have any concerns about hope and thomas, if you have any suspicions, it’s not because of thomas. I think it’s hope. It’s hope.

Thomas: Okay. So, if we incorporate the belt design, then that would draw the attention down. What do you think? Hope?

Hope: Hm. What? Oh.

Thomas: This is just– isn’t working at all, is it?

Hope: There are individual elements that, uh, I like, but it’s just not gelling together for some reason and I’m just too tired to figure it out right now.

Thomas: Are you, um, are you still thinking about your phone call with liam?

Hope: Yes. I mean, he knows we’re working on this collection and yes, there are going to be some late nights, but I just don’t– like, there’s no reason for him to get so upset and practically hang up on me.

Taylor: You know, I– I’m not sure who’s more hurt about this, my son or me.

Brooke: Taylor.

Taylor: Hm.

Brooke: Hope didn’t mean to hurt either one of you and neither did I. And if we knew that thomas was gonna overhear that conversation–

Taylor: She still would’ve said all those awful things about thomas.

Brooke: No, you don’t understand. She was trying to make a point. She was trying to get through to me by going overboard.

Taylor: Why was she going overboard? I– are you– are you saying– are you saying that she didn’t mean it?

Brooke: No, not the way it sounded. Really, she feels terrible.

Taylor: It’s still doesn’t make any sense. Why would hope feel the need to reassure you that nothing’s going on? You must think that there is.

Taylor: Okay.

Brooke: Uh, look, let’s sit for a second. I really don’t want this to cause tension between us. I don’T. I mean, hope already talked to thomas and she apologized.

Taylor: Yes and thomas graciously accepted her apology and they– they put it behind them.

Brooke: Okay. Well, maybe you and I can do the same thing.

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, we can. We can. But first, I just– I just need to understand, um, why hope would say those things for your benefit? Because it– it– it– it doesn’t make sense to me. Why would she say that unless you thought something was going on, which means there’s something that you’re not sharing with me. What is it?

Hope: I’m trying to be understanding. I’m sensitive to liam’s feelings.

Thomas: You’ve always taken his concerns seriously.

Hope: Thank you. I mean, it’s like no matter how many times I reassure him about us, he still opposes us working together. And it’s just– it’s exhausting. I have plans. I– I have things that I want to accomplish and it would be nice if my husband supported me in that and instead it’s like he’s just looking for something to go wrong. And it’s just– it’s wearing me down.

Liam: So what does that even mean? Hope’s the problem. What does that mean?

Steffy: It could explain why you’re feeling so anxious and uncomfortable that you don’t believe me.

Liam: It’s not even that. It’s just what you’re saying doesn’t make sense.

Steffy: It doesn’t make sense if you continue to blame thomas. Liam, I’m sorry, I don’t wanna hurt you, but I can’t allow you to continue blaming thomas for your wife’s feelings.

Liam: For thomas. You’re– you’re– you’re saying hope has feelings for thomas.

Steffy: Yeah, she does.

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Brooke: Taylor, come on. You’ve gotta believe me. Hope feels awful about this. And so do I. And she is genuinely sorry for everything that she said.

Taylor: For your benefit. Are you really that worried about hope’s marriage that– that she had to absolutely trash my son in order to reassure you?

Brooke: Well, actually, I am worried about their marriage. This has been a struggle for liam.

Taylor: Sounds like a liam problem to me. This has nothing to do with thomas. Nothing at all. There’s no reason that– that hope should have gone after him the way that she did. I am so tired of having to constantly defend my son to everyone. I really am, but I will continue to do it until you and liam and everyone else realize that my son is not a threat. Especially not to hope and liam’s marriage.

Hope: I just want liam to respect my decision.

Thomas: To work with me?

Hope: Well, and to save the line and that’s what we’re doing here. All these late nights and long hours. I mean, we’re giving this line our all.

Thomas: I don’t think he wants to stand in the way of that.

Hope: Well, he clearly doesn’t trust me.

Thomas: I don’t think that’s true.

Hope: That’s how it feels.

Thomas: It’s me that he doesn’t trust.

Hope: Mm-mm. He clearly doesn’t trust my judgment and that is what is frustrating. He doesn’t think I know what’s best for me.

Thomas: He’s just being a little protective, okay? He’s not doubtful of you. He’s devoted to you and everyone knows that you’re committed to him.

Liam: The– the– so the– here’s the thing. There– there is nobody more generous and– and– and forgiving than hope. So– so maybe you’re just picking up on the fact that she cares genuinely about everyone, including thomas.

Steffy: Hope’s feelings might go beyond that. Liam, you need to understand things have changed.

Liam: I don’t know what that means, steffy. Changed how? Like what? Did something happen?

Steffy: I saw it. They were working in the office. Hope thought they were alone and it was the way she was looking at him, touching him. The feeling she has for him are obvious. I’m not making this up. I saw with my own eyes.

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Taylor: You know, I– I think I’m– I’m– I’m just– I’m– I’m feeling angry right now. Disappointed maybe that you’ve kept how– how you feel about thomas from me because brooke I– I thought that we had a– a– a real friendship.

Brooke: We do.

Taylor: Hm. I– I can’t help it because this whole thing is making my mind race. I’m– I’m wondering, you know, if you– if you’re keeping all of this from me, what else are you keeping from me? So, is there anything else I deserve to know? Anything happen with ridge?

Brooke: What? No.

[ Brooke scoffing ]

Taylor: All right. I just had to ask.

Brooke: I don’t wanna be at odds with you. Can’t we just drop this?

Taylor: Yeah. Yep. Yep. We can drop it. I think it would just– it would help a lot if, uh, if you could just believe in thomas.

Brooke: Uh, yeah. Well, I guess I have some thinking to do.

Taylor: Yeah.

Brooke: But the last thing I would want is for this situation to cause permanent damage.

Thomas: So, this isn’t working either?

Hope: Oh, it’s just– it’s me. I– I can’t focus right now.

Thomas: No, it sucks. Look, I’ll– I’ll keep working at it and I’ll– I’ll get back to you with any changes.

Hope: No, I thought we could fix this together, but clearly I can’t fix anything right now.

Thomas: Okay. Wait, hold on. We’ll just– we’ll take another crack at it in the morning.

Hope: Oh, we need to get this done now.

Thomas: You can’t– you can’t force it, hope.

Hope: Okay. All right. You know what? Fine, fine. I’m still upset. I’m upset. I’m upset because liam is treating you unfairly. You– you’ve done nothing, but– but try to prove yourself and– and you’ve been understanding and respectful and it’s just–

Thomas: Yeah, look, after everything that I’ve done in the past, I sort of understand him being on guard.

Hope: I get that, but how long do you have to keep proving yourself for? I mean, what? That has to go on forever? You shouldn’t have to defend yourself.

Thomas: I don’t know. Look, it doesn’t bother me that much talking about my past. It’s what’s made me into the person I am and I’m kinda proud of the– the changes I’ve made.

Hope: Then you are a bigger, better person than me because I am tired of justifying myself or my choices or what I choose to do in my career and quite frankly, I’m tired of it. And you know what, thomas? I’ve had enough. So, I’m going to go home and I’m going to clear this up with liam once and for all.

Liam: You’re wrong, steffy. You’re wrong. I’m sorry.

Steffy: It’s what I saw.

Liam: Yeah. Well, then what you saw doesn’t mean what you think it does. I made the exact same mistake when– when hope fell off that pedestal, when thomas caught her. I thought I was walking in on something, like something was going on, but– but it wasn’T. And it isn’T.

Steffy: Hope was gazing into thomas’s eyes, caressing his hands. I know what it looks like when a woman has feelings for someone.

Liam: Can you stop, please. Just stop.

Steffy: Look, I can’t ignore what I saw and I don’t think you should either.

Liam: I– hope is completely committed to me, steffy. She’s my wife. I mean, I’ve just– I’ve just been telling my– my dad and my brother and everyone who will listen, how– how connected we are. I have to talk to her, don’t I?

Steffy: Yeah, you do. I think that is long overdue. You have to have a conversation and you need to be real honest. I’m sorry, I know this is painful, but I had to let you know because this could be bad for everyone, including you, hope, and especially my brother. He has been extremely professional and he hasn’t crossed any lines. I’m certain of it. Just can’t say the same about hope.

Thomas: You are the most

principled and moral person

I’ve ever met. You’re nothing

like your mother.

Here. Come here.

Steffy: My brother is doing everything he possibly can to redeem himself.

Hope: No, I know. I– I know.

Steffy: Do you know that? Because what I just saw was you flirting with thomas. And I know that sounds so crazy because thomas is the one we’re supposed to be worried about, not you. Not sweet hope. Hope who never misbehaves. But you are now because I saw you flirting with my brother.

Hope: Hey.

Liam: Hi. Um, donna took the kids for the night, so. You’re home a lot earlier than I thought.

Hope: Well, yeah. I think we have some things we need to talk about. I didn’t really appreciate the way you got off the phone with me. I get that you’re worried about thomas, especially given everything he’s done in the past, but I keep telling you over and over again that– that he’s changed and you don’t believe me and you don’t listen to me and quite frankly, I’m starting to get a little frustrated with this judgment and lack of trust.

Liam: Yeah, trust.

Hope: Well, I could see how you might not view it that way, but I’m telling you that’s how it’s starting to feeL. That you don’t trust me to make the decisions that are– that are best for me, and liam, I’m not that teenager that you met anymore. I’m– I’m a woman. I’m a mother. I– I’ve developed a successful fashion line, one that I am very proud of and I’m not just going to throw that away because you’re insecure about thomas. Look, I get that you don’t trust him and you probably never will, but can you at least try to have faith in me, your wife?

Liam: I’ve always had faith in you. It was about what thomas is capable of whenever he decides he wants to get close to you. But now, I– I– I don’t– I don’t know. Maybe– maybe I had it wrong. I saw steffy today.

Hope: Okay. Okay. See now that– that is a perfect example. So, you get to spend time with your ex-wife, with your track record and I take no issue with it and yet, I can’t work with my lead designer?

Liam: Steffy has a husband and a family of her own that she adores. Hope, it’s not the same.

Hope: Okay, well, maybe it would be the same if you could just accept thomas.

Liam: The way you have?

[ Liam sighing ] I wasn’t gonna get into this today, but, um, well, I heard something this evening that I wasn’t, uh, expecting to hear. I guess you weren’t the only one who wanted to talk to me about thomas today, but steffy made a really… interesting case for why thomas isn’t the problem.

Hope: Yes. It’s what we’ve been trying to tell you. So, if you don’t believe me, can you at least try to believe her? I mean, thomas, his perspective has changed. He– he’s not making excuses anymore. He’s not blaming other people for his problems. He’s not doing this all for show, liam. He really has worked on himself to become a– a dependable, caring man. And everyone else can see it except for you.

Liam: Well, it was hard to believe what steffy was telling me. You’re right. She did defend thomas. Um, she said that he has changed and he does respect my marriage and he’s not the one I should be worried about. You are. Steffy said you have feelings for him.

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