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 Okay. Somebody put an extra step there. Uh, no. No, I, I don’t think they did. Oh, maybe I had too much a drink, but that’s not gonna stop me. Uh, champagne celebrating. Yes, you could see that long. Oh, steady. This thing is so big. I screwed up my Librium. But it’s beautiful, isn’t it? It it is beautiful. Yes. Mm-hmm.

Did you notice it’s on the fourth finger of my left hand? Mm. Anyone, you know? Oh, stop playing games. Steph and I are engaged again. Yeah. This time for keeps. So I take it then that Lee is officially past tense. Ah, yeah, the divorce paper’s right here. It’s almost as beautiful as the ring signed, sealed and delivered.

It’s over. It’s finally over. Erica, get it? If I keep any more secrets from you about my brother,

we’re done.

Lee. I’m a little busy right now. This won’t take long. I just need to know if Gabby signed those divorce papers yet. God Lee, we just sent them over this afternoon. But did she sign them? Look, Lee, I know you’re anxious, but this isn’t a good time. All right. I want more units deployed to the west side stat and make sure the a p B on Colin Bedford has expanded statewide.

I want him found now. Ra, did I just hear correctly that Abe is in surgery? The head injury? Yeah. Yeah. Head injury. And when he got here, he had some sort of seizure. What happened? I found him on the floor at Sweet Bits. He’d been attacked. Oh my God. Yeah. And he said whoever did that to him took Paul and now we can’t find her or Chanel anywhere.

I told you.

Damnit Lee, what does it matter? You know she’s gonna sign them. I just thought maybe,

oh my God. Calling. Can you hear me?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

My God, are you okay? Can you go to your sister?

You’re scaring me. Just try to stay calm, okay? And calling and care hurt anymore. Don’t give a damn about them. You need to get to a, uh, thank you. Well, the surgery is ongoing. They won’t have a status report for a while if he doesn’t pull through. I swear to God, I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch. You really think he was Sloane’s brother.

He bashed Abe’s head in with a rolling pin and left him there for dead. Then he dragged Paulina off with him. Dear God and Sloane, she could have stomped all of this, but yeah, tell me. Tell me you got ’em. What the Salem in? No. Come on, don’t move. Okay. You can make it worse. Listen, what happened? Hold on.

What did she say? She did this. Who? Who is she quiet?

That that animal attack. Dave, what It was that sweet be? He was on the floor. Oh, Abraham. He wouldn’t let call an ambulance.

Be calling the police.

Hello, Chanel. It’s Rafe. I’ve been calling for an hour trying to find your mother. She, she’s here with me, but it was awful. Right? Tell me what happened. Are you all right? Yeah. Yeah. We’re, we’re on the roof of the end. But aim that man. He, he hurt. Aim. I know. He’s in the hospital. He’s in surgery. Surgery. What?

What happened? What happened is his name. Yeah, I’m gonna send a unit for the two of you. Yeah, he, he’s in surgery. Oh. Oh, wait, but wait, right, right. There’s more Sloan’s brother. He, he got us all up to the roof and he, he, he was going to, to take a breath. Okay. He was gonna, he was gonna push me, but then, but then Talia, Talia.

She and Ed Sloan’s brother, they, they both went over the edge of the roof and, and Jada, she, she just, oh God, Jay, hope for Jada.



help is coming.

Don’t worry. Help us coming. Okay. You stay strong. You stay strong. Can you hear me? Yeah. It’s gonna be okay. Yeah.

Hey, listen, could, could I ask you something before you, uh, head back up to the party? Um, was Wendy in the office today? Well, now that you mention it, No, wait, what’s the problem? Uh, the problem is if she wasn’t there, then that means she is still in Seattle with Trip.

What happened to you? Well, What didn’t happen? I was supposed to be back here yesterday. Yeah. I was on a flight right on schedule until the drunk bro in front of me started to pick a fight with the flight attendant. So then guests who ended up covered in beer when I got physical, not you by any chance.

And then we got diverted to South Dakota so they could haul him off the plane and arrest him. But by the time they did that, the crew had locked too many hours, so we were stuck there for the night. I understand Pierre can be. Beautiful. This. Okay? Do not, no, do not make any jokes because today almost as bad, oh, we made an unscheduled stop in Boise.

You should have called what? So you could send the Demer jet. You don’t work there anymore? Such a foul mood.

Oh, I’m afraid I’m not the person to cheer you up. Not tonight.

What’s wrong? My mood matches yours. Sign the divorce papers today,

Liam. So sorry. Yeah, I knew it was. I keep telling myself it will provide closure. God, I hate that word. Yeah, me too.

So, um, you gonna let Johnny know you’re back?

I’m not sure. You mean he didn’t convince you? He only proposed to Chanel because of psychedelic bakes? I didn’t know he did. I’m convinced. Then. What’s hesitation you think he’s. Still interested in someone else? No, but maybe I am.

Take them right to the trauma center and I’ll be right there. Okay? Okay, good. Thanks. Uh, that was e m t who just brought in two patients, Colin and Talia. I don’t know whether they’re in pretty bad shape, so I’m gonna go there now. Ray. Ray, where, where is, where’s Abraham? I, I have to, I have to see him. Yeah.

Yeah. I’m sorry. He’s still in surgery. Are you two? Okay. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Yeah, we’re fine. No, we’re not. Okay. What kind of surgery is it that, oh, what did that animal do to my Abraham? Hey mama, please, please try to stay calm. Yeah, yeah. Calm down. Okay. I’m gonna tell you everything that I know.

Are you raised? Mama? Just freeze. There you go. Now it was brought in for a head trauma. Oh, when? When? How long was he lying on that floor? That, oh, that man. He beat his head in and he wouldn’t even, lemme call.

Everyone here loves ape. No one is gonna let anything happen to him. Okay. Not her. Not her. Please rape. Get her outta here. Oh,

I need to see my brother. He’s Colin Bedford. Yeah, I know. He’s in the trauma center. Go and stay the hell away from Paulina Price. I’m pretty sorry. Just go. God. He didn’t even talk to her like that. The hell. I don’t look at them. Look at them. Her and her brother are responsible for that. You understand? Son had nothing to, it’s not that it matters.

Yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t,

Paul, I’m sorry. You are sorry. After what that bitching her brother did to my Abraham. You think you could just say you are sorry? No, no. When you tell, you, tell your girlfriend that I’m glad her brother went off that roof. Wait, I don’t understand what happened to Abraham. Colin bashed his head in with a rolling pin at Sweep It.

Oh my God. He’s, where is he? He’s in surgery and we, we don’t know if he’s gonna make it. We don’t know if Talia’s gonna make it. We don’t know anything. Talia, they brought her here. Jada came with her. Wait, wait. She’s alive. I hope so. I hope the brother is dead.

I’m his sister. How is he alive when she’s a miracle? How bad is it? Well, no obvious breaks thanks to that awning, but I’ve ordered him x-rays and some painkillers. You can talk to him if you like.

You tell me, I didn’t what I had to. You had to take Paul and Chanel captive. You were supposed to go away. You, you promised me that you would leave them alone. I lied. I was so close. I was gonna make them pay and I would’ve, it wasn’t fat. Talia, the paramedic said that the awning saved your life. When I saw you go over that roof, I thought,

hi. Kayla. Hi, how are you? Hi. I’m so glad that you’ll be treating my sister. Oh, of course. Uh, taa, this is Kayla. She was a very great friend of dad, a very good friend of your father’s, and I’ve heard a lot about you. I’ve, I’ve heard a lot about you too. Well, All good. I hope. Well, um, I’m gonna examine you.

Okay. Can you tell me how you’re feeling? Scared, angry? We’ll sleep at myself. Well, you’ve been through a lot. Why don’t you try to follow my finger? Okay. Don’t move your head, just your eyes.

Okay. All right. This might hurt a little bit. Okay. But I’m just gonna get in here.

Okay. Well, it looks like the paramedics did a good job managing most of your contusions, so we’ll just see if you have a break. All right. It might hurt, but uh, just gimme a second. All right.

Ah, Walter, well, we might have a break. But we’ll know more of an x-ray. All right. Are you allergic? Any medications? No. Okay. I’ll go get you something for pain, okay? I would say you’re a very lucky girl. Thank you. I’ll give

Chah. I’m right here. How Chanel. God. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. We’re gonna be in the.

Are you ready?

That was weird. I didn’t think anyone could calm her down, let alone him.

Well, there’s a strong woman you take after her. Yeah, I don’t know about that.

I guess. Yeah, think can talk about it. Yeah. Wanna have a seat?

It’s alright. Just take your time. Um, so tonight, um, I’m, I’m, I’m not sure what time it was, but, uh, Talia, she told me that it was Sloan’s brother who ran the whole shell and that she was his girlfriend and that. She’d been working this whole time with him to get to me and mama. So I, I tried to warn mama, so I, I tried to find her and then when I called her, he answered Colin Bedford.

Yeah, him. And he told me to knee him up on the ends roof. And when I got there, He had a gun and he, he said that he was gonna make mama jump. Uh, you know, he, he wanted her to die like, like his mother died and she wouldn’t. And so then he, he turned the gun on me.

And then that was when Talia and Jada, they showed up and then things got even crazier and brave. I swear, I thought he was just gonna start shooting everyone. But then, Well them up. Yeah. That’s when, um, Talia, she, she jumped in and she was trying to grab the gun and then he started fighting her off. And then, then they, they, they both went over the edge.

Okay. Yeah. So what you’re saying is, Talia save your life. Like hell, she did.

You think Talia saved my life? I wouldn’t have been on that damn roof in the first place. If it wasn’t for Talia. Mama never would’ve been in danger, and Colin couldn’t have done any of this if it wasn’t for Talia warming her way into our lives setting us up. Okay. Okay. I know that she’s been lying to us.

What was she really in that deep? Did she know what he was planning to do? She admitted everything. She loves that disgusting creep and she would do anything he told her to do and that is why she spiked those biscuits. She stole the keys to Mama’s office and she was willing to sleep with me. Just so that Look, you get the picture?

Yeah. Do not, do not let her get away with this. Do you know that She tried telling me that she felt bad about it all, but she still did it, all of it, and she still needs to pay. Chanel is okay. So is her mom. Thank God. Look, Jada, I’ve never seen Colin like that before. Look, I know he wanted to teach them a lesson, but.

Killed him. It’s obvious that’s what he wanted from the beginning. No, no, it, it literally, it just got out of hand, out of hand. God, Talia, the things you did, the lies you told me,

that’s not you. He lost both of his parents, Jada, it wrecked him. You know, a lot of people have been through a hell of a lot worse than calling Bedford and they don’t try to kill people. And you knew it was all wrong. That’s why you called me and thank God you did. I am trained to handle situations like this.

Why didn’t you just let me handle it? Look, I know. Okay. I just, I just wanted to stop him from hurting Chanel. That’s all I ever wanted to do, and I never met him to blow off this roof. Why do you give a damn about him?

I heard those two bitches right where I wanted them, and then Talia showed up with her cop sister and everything went to hell. She was supposed to be on my side. And she pushed me.

Why are you up there in the first place? Why? Why? I had to be on the roof. Why did you do any of it? Why didn’t you leave?

God, I told you I was gonna go to the police if you didn’t back off. Colin, I miss mom and dad as much as you do, but there are limits you can’t kill. You gave up. You told me that you met someone. You wanted to have a life here. What kind of life is that? You could see the two people who did this to us park in a restaurant and a damn bakery free.

Walking around still alive.

What kind of life is that?

I dunno.

I just did what I had to, I guess. Yeah, and I did what I had to

a different Sloan.

I can’t forget what happened. How everything is SW apart. I’ll never forget

that. You know, I was in Seattle helping trip with his brother, Joey and I. Mm-hmm. I was pretty angry with Johnny when I left. And I guess that made me wanna see if there was still something with Trip. What’s there? Well, we, uh, he was still interested and I do like him and we did end up going out one night.

Really? Because right now you don’t exactly sound over the moon about it. Well, I just, I don’t like not knowing what I’m feeling. Okay. I get so angry with Johnny, but I like him the trip. He’s just, he’s so easy to be with and I know I have to choose, but I just, I don’t know how I’m gonna do it. Why? Huh? Why do you have to choose?


Because I don’t know why, because you don’t have to choose. And in business, the worst thing you can do is make a decision before you have all the data. You know, scares me, is that I’m talking to you about my personal life and it terrifies me that I think you’re actually making sense. No, I have my moments.

I told Johnny I wouldn’t be gone long. Wonder if he thinks I was lying to him about how I feel about Trip, given the way it was the last time I saw him. I think he’ll take what he can get. Oh, well that’s romantic. Flattering too. Okay. Didn’t come out the way I meant it too. Okay. Mm-hmm. I mean, you have the upper hand.

You wanna take your sweet time to figure out what you want. They’ll both wait because you’re worth waiting for. What’s up? Was up flattering enough for you?

It’s a star.

We’re a real pair. I have no one. And you have more guys than you know what to do with.

So Wendy was kind of vague about it, but I really thought she’d be back by now. What you think she stayed to beat with Trip? I thought you said she believed you about why you proposed to Chanel. Yeah, she said she did, but Guy was here. Tripp was there. Kind of hard to compete when you’re not even in the stadium.

You know what I mean? Oh, you don’t know that for sure. Here’s an off the wall idea. Why don’t you call her and ask her, ah, I’m already coming off as kind of needy. The light from needy would take 8 million years to reach any dera, especially you. Come on. Do you need a pep talk? Johnny, don’t give up. Are you kidding me?

Stefan was dead and now we’re gonna get married. Hope and love. That’s what makes the world go round. Forget that at Shapiro Johnny V.

You rang, you’re back. Hey. Yeah. From the trip from hell dropped off my bag in Am Well, I am very glad because I missed you very much.

Okay. I. I wanna say something, Johnny. Okay. I’m really glad we got the, uh, proposal stuff behind us because I like you. I like being with you. That’s good to know. But I like trip too.

I am probably the last person you wanna see. Last person I expected to see. Well, I wanted to, uh, Tell you something, I wanted to do it in person. Okay?

After I got the divorce papers, Stephan proposed

and you accepted. Yeah, I did.

Gabby, you could have texted me the news. So why are you here? Shouldn’t you be celebrating with your fiance? We have celebrated, um, as a matter of fact, I was going downstairs to grab a second bottle of champagne, and when I got upstairs, Stephan was already asleep. But that’s all right, because it gave me the chance to do this.

I signed them too,

Talia. Why do you care about what happens to Colin? Do you still have feelings for this guy after everything he did? No. I don’t know. Okay. But you keep telling me that I could have died, but he could have died too, and I would’ve been the one who killed him. But you weren’t. He survived. So now just forget about him.

Okay. Just be glad that it’s, it’s, it’s over. Okay. Okay. What Can you do one thing for me please? Can you just see if he’s okay?

I’m back. Your pain medicine in IV bag. I’ll to go. Um, she’s gonna need to get some sleep. Okay. Okay. There’s, I need to,

Hey, I want you talk like that. This hospital is crawling with hops he needs. He needs to what? What are you doing here? What do you think I’m doing here? Don’t worry, this won’t take long. Colin Bedford, you are under arrest. Watch. And I will read you your rights since you already have counsel,

Mr. Chanel. I can’t say anything until I speak to the da. Okay? Well, I’m just gonna tell you this. One way or another. Talia Hunter is not getting away with this. Yeah. Alright, Jada, there you are. Hey. Hello. How you holding up? Fine. I just arrested Colin Bedford. And what about your sister? I think she’s gonna be okay.

I wasn’t inquiring after her health. Yeah. Chanel’s been telling me everything that your sister is just as guilty as Bedford. Only, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know am I? So if you arrested him now, what about her? I look, I’m gonna go make sure my mom is okay. Because you see, she’s worried that her husband might die because he got in calling and told you his way.

So if your sister is not arrested tonight, I will be calling the DA and alerting the media.

Yeah, Jada, um, Chanel told me everything that Talia has confessed to her only in his office, the biscuits, and I’ve got no choice but to hold her. Okay. Why don’t you go home, go get some rest, right? No, no. I’m, I’m, I’m still on duty and I have an arrest mate.

Well, must feel nice to finally be free.

I’m not gonna lie. It does, but I’m not here to. Quote Lee, you’re, you’re free too. You can put yourself out there and I know that there’s gonna be somebody waiting somebody. They’ll be very lucky to find you after everything I put you through. You can’t seriously think that anyone would be lucky to find me.

I’m not a hypocrite Lee. I don’t forget the things that I’ve done to get what I want, so I don’t think I get to take the high moral road here. Let, let’s just move on and forget the past. Gabby, I’m, I’m sorry that I hurt you. I got crazy because losing you is the worst thing that ever happened to me.

I look back and it was inevitable. I mean, we’re a lot alike, so it felt like something that could last.

And even if Stefan hadn’t come back, you’re good at the game you set yourself. That’s all it was a game.

You’ll realize that when you meet the right woman.

I hope you do soon.

I am sorry if I was abrupt, but. And I thought you needed to know where I stood. Well, where we stood, if there’s still a we after that. So you weren’t shutting me down just then. No.

It was more of a, I like you both. I want to see where it all goes, kind of thing. And I’m not trying to make it sound like it’s a competition. I feel like different things about both of you.

Huh? Why not call it a competition? Because it means I’m still in the game.

And frankly, I like my chances.

Don’t get back to me as soon as possible. Where’s Paulina? I have good news. She’s in the chapel. No, I’m not. What? Good news? Uh, they just brought Abe to recover. Thank you. Thank you. Dr. Hubbard is cautiously optimistic that the surgery went well. Oh, can I see him? Yes, but briefly. Okay. He’s heavily sedated and he may not react.

Oh, I don’t give a damn how he reacts. I just need to see you. The alive. Okay, I’ll take you.

He’s telling. Okay, so that way Frank Sloan had no idea that Con would do this. She would’ve stopped him if she had. Don’t worry. Your girlfriend’s not facing any charges. You know, you could at least say you’re sorry for the way you were harassing her earlier. Huh? You know, visiting hours over. So why don’t you go take your girlfriend home?

Wouldn’t want her to run into Pauline again.

You had to know this would happen. Would you have really gone to the police? The difference does it make now, I dunno, Sloan, All I have left are you fool me or against me.

You’re my brother. Nothing changes that. I don’t need a sister right now. I need a lawyer. What? You have to get me outta this son. Get you out of this after all you, Colin, that was the mayor you assaulted. That was the mayor’s wife and stepdaughter you put at gunpoint

when you came to visit me. Before I said that you were a wicked smart barrister. How many can I count on you?

Like I said, you are my brother no matter what you did. Of course. I’m gonna help you

Ra. I didn’t wanna ask you this in front of Mama, but what’s happening with Talia? She’s in the process of being arrested. Good. That’s what I was hoping

here. Think I fell asleep. So. Did you see Colin? What happened to him? He’s not going to die. Thank God I arrested him

and now I have to do the same. With you,

you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have a lawyer with you during questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you.

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