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Well, that was a fun day at the office. Yeah. My favorite part was getting to see EJ taking hiss anger management classes. I thought his vein was gonna pop the entire time. My favorite part was sensitivity training. I think I actually saw ejs soul leave his body. Oh really? I didn’t think he had a soul. Ah, touche.

Oh my God, I can’t believe this.

Gimme those prenatal vitamins. What are you doing with these? That stupid cow. Better keep her mouth shut.

Hello, darling.

Why are you asking about my brother? Brother? Is Colin Bedford correct? Yes. When was the last time you spoke to him? I left him a message this morning. He hasn’t gotten back to me. Any particular reason why you’re reaching out? He’s my brother. Isn’t that reason enough? What’s going on here? I mean, why are you so interested in son’s brother?

Well, we have reason to believe that he’s the one who’s been terrorizing Paulina and Chanel.

What, what is it? Talia, what did you wanna confess? Look, I haven’t been completely honest with you about my feelings. You’re having second thoughts about being with a woman, right? No, no, no. It, it’s nothing like that. Okay.

I don’t, I don’t know how to tell you. Just, just say it, whatever it is, we’ll work through it.

The only reason that I kissed you as sweet bits, and the only reason that I asked you out is because someone put me up to it. What? What? What do you mean someone put you up to it? Ooh,

my boyfriend.

You stay away from Abraham. You hear me? Get back. I didn’t wanna hurt your husband. But he was in the way. Oh, are you? What do you want? I’ll explain everything, but you have to come with me. Oh, hell no. Are you crazy? I’m not going anywhere with You. Wanna rethink that?

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Look, I understand why he might suspect Sloan’s brother, but you were way off base. And why is that? Because for one thing, Colin isn’t even near Salem. That’s right. He’s not. As far as I know, well, you’re either lying to us or you’re misinformed because up until yesterday, he was right here in town staying at the White Dove Motel.

What? Yeah, he’s been renting a room there now for several weeks. You really expect us to believe that he hasn’t made contact with you

boyfriend. Yeah, the, the one that I told you about, the one from New York, Colin. Wait, I thought you said he was your ex. Yeah, I know what I said. Okay. But we’re still together. Okay. But if, if you’re still seeing him, then why would he want you to hook up with me? Oh wait. Is he looking for a threesome? Cuz been there, done that?

No, no. It, it’s noth, it’s nothing like that. Okay.

He wanted me to break your heart. What. Well, I don’t understand. Why would he wanna do something so cruel? I, I don’t even know him. I know you don’t, but he knows you.

He’s Sloan Peterson’s brother.

Bye. I will go with you, but first just let me call an ambulance for Abraham. Please, please. I promise I won’t say anything. I over the phone. No, but please. I said hand it over.

Good. Now let’s move. But, but about Abe, that that rolling pen could have seriously damaged his brain. Now he could die. He didn’t give a damn about my family. Why should I give a damn about yours? What your family, how would I know about your family? For heaven sake? What are you talking about? I just said I’ll explain everything.

Now. Let’s go Rob Abraham. I love him. Sorry, I have to leave you, but. Please hang you. That’s go please you taking that baby. Okay. I love you.

Can everything okay? Yeah. It’s just a surprise, a good one. I hope. It’s my divorce papers from Lee. Look like. Yeah, it looks like he already signed them. That was fast. I mean, he said he wouldn’t fight it. I wasn’t so sure. But, um, how does it look? Everything on the up and up? Yeah. Everything looks good so far.

I mean, my lawyer still has to look it over, but I mean, once I sign it and have them filed, I’m a free woman. Not for long. What’s that face? What. What are you up to? Well, I was going to wait until, uh, we were in a more romantic setting, but, um, I’m seeing you like this. Happy with a little smile on your face.

I, uh, couldn’t think of a more first perfect time. Stephen, are you.

Gabriela Hernandez, I love you more than anything on the planet, and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. So will you please once again do me the honor of becoming my wife.

This is, uh, nothing. Just, uh, some medication that Kayla prescribed to me. Oh, right. Yes. For your condition, condition, you make it sound like I’m dying. Sorry. I I I know it’s not a big deal. No, it’s not a big deal. Every woman goes through menopause and I think it’s sexist as hell that men think a, a woman is for the hill.

When she’s in it and fyi, I am not. You’re not. Then why did you say that you were?

I’ll ask you again, Sloan. Have you made any contact with your brother? Look, even if he were in town, it doesn’t mean he is the one going after Paulina and Chanel. Well, he certainly has motive. What do you have? Do you have any actual evidence to implicate him? Mm. You know it’s an ongoing investigation. In other words, a witch hunt.

Erica, let’s go. They’ve wasted enough of our time. Sloane, I know you want to protect your brother. Trust me. I get it. But you’re not doing him any favors by covering up for him. Well, maybe she’s also covering for herself. She’s been working with Colin all along. No. What? You clearly know more than you letting on son what Kip is responsible for any of these crimes.

You didn’t do yourself a favor and tell the truth if anything worse happens.

Truth. Truth is person who’s been committing these crimes. Against Pauline and Chanel. It is my brother. He’s calling.

You need to let me go. Nah, I don’t think so. I’m sure somebody saw you force me to walk over here. They’re going to call the police. That alleyway was deserted and we came up the back entrance. Now, sit down. Look, listen Colin, I don’t care what you do to me, but please send Abraham some help. Dear God. Let’s give him a fighting chance.

I bang of you. We don’t have time for that. Have a lot to accomplish tonight. Accomplish, what does that mean?

I wanna show you something.

Your boyfriend, Sloan Peterson’s brother. Yeah. So, so, so that means that he’s Nathan and Martha’s son. Yeah. Look, he’s so traumatized about what happened. Okay? He blames you for his parents’ death, just like his sister does. But while SONG was pursuing legal avenues to get back to you, Colin had his own plan and it involved us moving here to Salem.

So when you applied for the job at the bakery, you knew who I was.

Kyle had already told me all about DJ and one of his friends words For me to get PU you so you can lead me on and break my heart. Yes. But that wasn’t his only goal. Oh my God. He’s the one who’s been harassing mama and me. And you, you were helping him.

Oh my God. I was not expecting this. I mean, I thought at some point we would get married again, but Well, if you think it’s too soon, we can pump the brakes. No, no, no, no, no, no. Of course not. I just, I didn’t think this was even on your radar. Are you kidding me? Ever since I got outta Rose Spell, it’s all I’ve been dreaming about.

And I found out you had that contract with Lee to stay married. I mean, you were the one that told me to stick with it for those stupid Demer shares. I know. And that was my mistake. I admit that. And now I realize that no shares nothing is worth not being able to hug you. To kiss you, to make love to you again.

And now we are so close to where we were before we got torn apart, except we’re not husband and wife. So are you gonna leave me down here on bending me all day? You gonna gimme an answer? Yes. Yes. A times, yes, of course. Yes. I’ll marry you. Oh my gosh.

Oh my God. What I meant was I met in perimenopause, not menopause. Okay. It’s the early stages isn’t, not practically the same thing. No. It’s your friends and why are you making such a big deal out of it? Wow. I’m, I’m, I’m sorry. I didn’t know this was such a touchy subject for you. Well, yeah, because of people’s attitudes about it, especially men, like I said, it’s pretty misogynistic.

Don’t you think? Let’s make it sound like women can’t have babies anymore, so we should put ’em out to pasture.

The only place I would put you is in my bed for a good old fashioned. Ravishing, might you be interested? Mm, I suppose

I just saw you numb. I find you incredibly desirable. In fact, I don’t think you’ve ever looked sexy yet.

How long have you known it was your brother? I only found out yesterday. I swear it, I, I overheard you and Dana speaking at the stations. Something about a shifty guy named Colin speaking in a British accent kind of just fell into place for me, which is when I went to the motel to confront him. You admitted to everything.

Yeah. He’s determined to avenge our parents, especially after the legal system failed us. But he didn’t want me to know, you know, he knew I would. Disapprove and try to talk him out of it, which I did. And that’s when I told him to leave town immediately and otherwise I was gonna turn him in. Did he say if he was working alone?

I mean, I assumed he was. He didn’t mention anybody else. Where’s Colin now? I don’t know. Didn’t you say something about, I don’t know, he checked out of his motel. Where did he go? Did he go back to New York or London? He didn’t say Uhhuh won’t put out an A p B. Hopefully he hasn’t gotten too far. In the meantime, we’ll settle for you.


you recognize the family. I don’t need to. You are Nathan and Bedford son. Sloan’s baby brother. How’d you figure it out? Once I had the chance to think clearly, it wasn’t so hard to put it together, especially considering you got so prickly about the sweet bits when we had that talk about the incident in London.

So tell me, have you been, you’ve been working with Sloan this whole time? No, my sister has nothing to do with this. This is all my plan. Look, oh, Colin. Now you know, I think I know you. You must have been traumatized. You know about your parents. Yo, your mother’s death. It was a terrible tragedy, but it’s not what you think.

I swear. Stop. Just shut up. Right? Just let me explain. I’ve heard your side of this story. Now it’s time. You,

your sister suspected this. She thought you were the one behind all the terrible things that have happened, and she was right. You have been working with Colin this whole time. Admit it. Yes, it’s true. Okay. And and Sloan was in on it? No, no, no. It, it was just me and Colin. Oh. But he just let his sister take the blame.

She’s a good lawyer. He figured that she’d exonerate herself. Right, right, right, right. So, well, we were all ready to torch Sloan at the stake. You guys were able to just fly under the radar. You broke into mama’s office and you sent those threatening messages. She started having panic attacks because of you.

Listen minute, it was supposed to happen. Okay? Nobody was supposed to get seriously, or I swear, Chanel. They were just supposed to be harmless breaks, was spiking those biscuits, harmless. Talia, you’re a damn doctor. You know that Those were just some pranks. Someone could have died, but they didn’t. Look, we only had sit there for your business to get shot only.

Only you knew how much that place meant to me, how hard I’ve worked for it. I thought you were my friend. I, I thought that you were more than a friend.

How could you do this to me?

Ugh. Ew. Gross. Oh, very mature. Gabriela. Very mature. You know what? I apologize. Everybody deserves love in their lives, even You too. Yeah. She’s up to something. Mm-hmm. I swear if you sent way Shin, another glowing review of stepping from my computer. No, no, no. Don’t worry. Your reviews are about to become moot.

See? No one’s gonna care about either of your opinions anymore, especially once they see what we’ve cooked up. Oh, what are you rambling on about now? I think we should tell ’em. Tell us what? Stephanie and I are engaged. We are, and once we’re married, we’re gonna run the family company together as Mr. And Mrs.


Okay. What are you talking about? I just told you I have nothing to do with my brother’s crimes except you admitted that you knew about them and advised him to flee, which makes you. An accessory after the fact, right? Well, I just handed you your entire case, so I thought you would cut me a break and you damn well should Sloane cooperated.

She told you everything. She knew that she had to be determined and I still have a lot more questions to ask her, which she can answer down at the station. Besides. Once Colin hears that she’s been arrested, maybe he’ll come forward. Take responsibility. Wait, this isn’t necessary. She said she would turn Colin in if he did anything else.

Sloane Peterson, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used in a court of law against you. You have a right to have a lawyer with you during questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you.

That photo was taken in Barcelona. Yeah, we were on a family holiday and Sloan had just come back from law school. She was on a break. I was a tad cheesed off. I had to be away from my mates. I, oh, we’re still pretty mighty when we came across this, uh, this huge fountain.

They were musicians playing nearby. My dad just, we grabbed my mom and he started dancing. By the end of the song, they were in the middle of the founding laughing, splashing around. You know, I was, I was embarrassed. But that is how they were my parents deeply enough, which is how I know that you and your daughter are lying.

That’s a, a beautiful memory, but take it from someone who’s lived a lot longer than you. Relationships they change. People change now, not my parents. The love they had was real. We had a real family until you come along, you were raised it. You rewrote our story when you coming up your daughter’s crimes. I suddenly went from having two loving parents.

A suicidal mother and a predatory dad. Your father was a predator. He took advantage of a young girl. Here you go. Just distorting the truth again. That young girl, she sted him. She lured him into having an affair. Rich by the way. He deeply regretted, but she was relentless. She was ruthless. Oh, and, and by the way, a cold bloody murderer.

Now, now it’s time as Chanel. Guess exactly what she deserves. What do you, what do you mean? What did you do to my daughter? I’m worry. She’s not in any immediate danger. How about you?

Oh. My God, you’ve been playing me this whole time pretending to be my friend, pretending to be interested in me. No, Chanel please. You have to understand, okay, Colin convinced me that you were this awful monster that tried to seduce his father and killed his mother. That’s not what happened. I know that now.

Okay. When I heard your side of the story, trust me, I started to have my doubts, especially when I got to know you. I couldn’t imagine how someone so kind could do something so evil, but that didn’t stop. You did it. No. You just kept going along with Colin’s twisted schemes. Because, okay. He convinced me that he couldn’t live without getting justice for his parents.

Okay. Chanel, I love him. How? How could you love someone like that? Someone who would set out to destroy people’s lives? I don’t know. I thought he was justified. Somehow, no. No. There is no way to justify what he did. He is a freaking psycho. And for you, so now I’m sorry. I already hear it. Just get out. I said get out now.

I never wanna see you again.

You know, as much as I loved our first wedding, Stephen, small, intimate, I think, I think we should go big for this one. Invite everybody we know, including all major players at Damer. Of course, I agree. Prove to everybody we’re a true power couple. Actually, it will prove to them that you’re a fool, Stephan, that you fell prey to this gold diggers lies yet.

Oh, it’s again, wow. Ignore my brother. He just can’t stand to see us. Happy. No. Thank you. Mm. That’s new. I’ve never seen you. Pass up a drink. Oh, well that’s because it don’t feel like celebrating your un holly Union. That makes two of us. Well, Gabby, more champagne for us. Let’s ditch these. Debbie Downers, shall we?



take a seat. Come on, Judy. You know, she doesn’t deserve anymore. Jail over this. That’ll be up to the DA to decide if she wants to press charges. But in the meantime, I need to do my job. So if you can please step outside. You can’t question her without a lawyer. I know how this works here. It’s okay, Eric, but thank you.

I, I’ve got this. Okay. I’ll be right outside this door if you need anything.

I am glad you decided to cooperate. Not that it’s done May much good so far. Wolf, you help us find your brother, then I’m sure it’ll help your case. So let’s start from the beginning.

Maybe you can do something about this. First,

I’m ordering all units to be on the lookout for Colin Bedford. If anyone sees or hears anything, hit me immediately.

Hey Abe, what’s up? I, you need help. Hey, what’s happening? Where are you? Oh, I was attacked. Sweet, sweet pets. I’m on my way. Caller, we need to talk.

Where are you?

It’s cold up here. I forgot my scarf. Yeah, he won’t be needing it. It’s ain’t gonna take long. Why did you bring us up here? You were blowing so much hot air back in a room. We can both breathe fair air, can’t we? Oh, you realized that you couldn’t fire your gun in the room cause everybody could hear you.

You, you brought us up here to shoot me. Am I right?

Oh my God. I have to warn Mama.

Mama, I, I have something important to tell you. Uh, I finally figured out who’s been harassing us. It’s Talia and, and she’s working with Stone’s brother. His name is Colin. Nice to meet you. Chanel. What the hell did you do with mama? She’s fine,

but if you want her to stay that way, you’re gonna have to follow my instructions very carefully.

As much as I enjoyed rubbing our good news in EJ and Nicole’s faces, I’m glad it’s just the two of us again, you know, that’s I, I just wanna be surrounded by happy vibes right now. Me too. To our second marriage, may it be filled with as much laughter. And love unless death than the first. I will drink to that, right?

Ooh. Oh, oops. Oh no. Can’t let that champagne go to, oh no. You know what, actually I think. Think you missed the spot. Oh, that looks like I did

conniving. Bitch. Did it again.

Are you gonna drink yours? No. If you have it.

Not that it’s a surprise that she managed to warm her way back in the family. Yeah, and, and now she and Stephan are gonna use their wedding to bolster their image at the company.

Or maybe, or maybe will steal their thunder, upstage them. How?

Nicole Walker, will you marrying me?

Hey, what happened? Are you all right? Yeah. Ena help. Help her. Help. Help a yeah.

Mama Chanel for just in time.

So the last time you saw Colin was yesterday afternoon at the motel? Yes. After he promised me he was gonna leave town. Did he give any indication of where he would be going next? We’ve already been over this. Okay. I dunno where he is.

Drop the attitude. Sloan, if you would’ve turned your brother in right away, you wouldn’t even be in this mess. But instead, your psychotic brother is out on the loose and who knows what he’ll do next. He’s not dangerous. Okay. You don’t know him. I know him well enough to know that he somehow convinced my sister to do his little dirty work.

That makes him dangerous enough for me. Your sister, what are you talking about?

Call number one, everything. This hope. Don’t hate this.

What’s up? This is Paul Scarf. What is he doing here?

Stay away from my mom. Stay back. Do what he says, baby girl. Everything. It’ll be all right. You know, Chanel. I’m glad you called. I haven’t initially thought of inviting you to this party, but Well, I’m delighted that you showed up. Yeah, yeah. This has all worked out perfectly. What are you gonna do? You two bitches went to great lengths to make the world believe that my mom threw herself off the side of a building and now, The story’s gonna come full circle.

No, say goodbye to your mom. Chanel. She’s about to jump to her death.

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