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Stefan and Gabi return to their room, commenting on their day at work and joking about EJ’s anger management classes and sensitivity training. Gabi opens an envelope from the mail and says she can’t believe this.

Nicole enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and pours a glass of water to take her pre-natal vitamins with. Nicole thinks back to running in to Sloan at the hospital and remarks that she better keep her mouth shut. EJ then walks in and greets her, then asks what the vitamins are for.

Sloan questions Rafe and Jada wanting to talk about her brother. Rafe identifies him as Colin Bedford while Jada asks when Sloan last spoke to him. Sloan responds that she left him a message this morning but he hasn’t gotten back to her. Jada asks if there was any particular reason she was reaching out. Sloan questions if being her brother is not reason enough. Eric asks what’s going on here and why they are so interested in Sloan’s brother. Rafe explains that they have reason to believe that he is the one who has been terrorizing Paulina and Chanel.

Chanel asks what Talia wants to confess. Talia responds that she hasn’t been completely honest with her about her feelings. Chanel guesses Talia is having second thoughts about being with a woman. Talia says it’s nothing like that but she doesn’t know how to tell her. Chanel says they will work through whatever it is. Talia then reveals that the only reason she kissed her and asked her out is because someone put her up to it. Chanel questions what she means and who it was. Talia admits it was her boyfriend.

Paulina shouts at Colin to stay away from Abe. Colin argues that he didn’t want to hurt Abe but he got in the way. Paulina questions who he is and what he wants. Colin says he will explain everything but she has to come with him. Paulina calls him crazy and says she’s not going anywhere with him. Colin then pulls a gun and warns that she might want to rethink that.

Eric understands why they might suspect Sloan’s brother but says they are way off base because Colin isn’t anywhere near Salem. Sloan agrees that he’s not as far as she knows. Jada responds that they are either lying to them or misinformed, because up until yesterday, he was right here in town and staying at the White Dove Motel. Rafe adds that Colin has been renting a room there for several weeks and questions Sloan expecting them to believe that he hasn’t made contact with her.

Chanel questions Talia about her boyfriend. Talia says it’s the one from New York that she told him about, Colin. Chanel thought she said that was her ex. Talia knows what she said but reveals they are still together. Chanel questions if they are still together then why he would want her to hook up with her. Chanel asks if he’s looking for a threesome but Talia says it’s nothing like that. Talia reveals that he wanted her to break Chanel’s heart. Chanel doesn’t understand why he’d want to do something so cruel when she doesn’t even know him. Talia responds that she doesn’t, but he knows her. Talia then reveals that he is Sloan’s brother which shocks Chanel.

Paulina agrees to go with Colin but asks to call an ambulance for Abe first. Colin demands she hand over her phone, so she does. Paulina asks about Abe and worries that he could die. Colin remarks that she didn’t give a damn about his family and asks why he should give a damn about her family. Paulina questions how she would know his family and what he’s talking about. Colin repeats that he will explain everything. Paulina cries that she’s sorry she has to leave Abe as Colin forces her out of the bakery.

Stefan asks Gabi if everything is okay. Gabi says she’s just surprised as it’s her divorce papers from Li and it looks like he already signed them. Stefan notes that was fast. Gabi wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t fight it. Stefan asks how it looks. Gabi says her lawyer still has to look it over but once she signs it and has it filed, she’s a free woman. Stefan says not for long. Gabi asks what he’s up to. Stefan says he was going to wait until they were in a more romantic setting, but after seeing her happy like this, he couldn’t think of a more perfect time. Stefan tells Gabi that he loves her more than anything on the planet and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Stefan gets down on one knee and asks Gabi to again do him the honor of becoming his wife.

Nicole claims to EJ that she was just taking some medication that Kayla prescribed to her. EJ remembers her condition while Nicole remarks that he makes it sound like she’s dying. EJ calls it no big deal. Nicole agrees and argues that it’s sexist for men to think women are over the hill when they are in menopause which Nicole says she is not, so EJ questions why she said she was.

Rafe asks Sloan again if she’s made any contact with her brother. Sloan says even if he was in town, it doesn’t mean he is the one going after Paulina and Chanel. Rafe points out that he certainly has motive. Sloan angrily questions if they have any actual evidence to implicate him. Rafe calls it an ongoing investigation. Sloan calls it a witch hunt. Sloan tells Eric that they’ve wasted enough of their time. Jada knows she wants to protect her brother, but warns that she’s not doing him any favors by covering up for him. Rafe suggests maybe Sloan is also covering herself and she’s been working with Colin all along. Sloan denies that but Jada says she clearly knows more than she’s letting on. Eric advises Sloan to tell the truth if Colin is responsible, before anything worse happens. Sloan then breaks down crying and admits it was Colin who committed the crimes against Paulina and Chanel.

Colin brings Paulina to his hotel room. Paulina tells him to let her go but Colin refuses. Paulina says she’s sure someone saw him force her to walk over here so they are going to call the police. Colin insists that it was deserted and they came in the back entrance. Paulina pleads with him to send Abe some help to give him a fighting chance. Colin says they don’t have time for that as he has a lot to accomplish tonight. Paulina questions what that means. Colin says he wants to show her something.

Chanel questions Talia’s boyfriend being Sloan’s brother which means he is Nathan and Martha’s son. Talia confirms that is true and explains that Colin is still traumatized by what happened and blames Chanel for his parents’ death. Talia adds that while Sloan was pursuing legal action to get back at her, Colin had this whole plan. Chanel realizes that Talia knew who she was when she signed up for the bakery. Talia admits that one of Colin’s plans was for her to get close to her, so she could lead her on and break her heart. Talia adds that it wasn’t Colin’s only goal. Chanel realizes that Colin is the one who has been harassing her and Paulina, and that Talia was helping him.

Gabi tells Stefan that she was not expecting this. Stefan says they can pump the brakes if it’s too soon. Gabi says she just didn’t think it was on their radar. Stefan says it has been ever since he got out from Dr. Rolf’s spell but she was under Li’s contract. Stefan realizes that no DiMera Shares or anything are worth not being able to hug, kiss, and make love to her again. Stefan declares that now they are so close to where they were when they got torn apart. Stefan jokes that he’s still waiting for an answer. Gabi agrees to marry him and accepts his proposal as they kiss.

Nicole claims to EJ that she meant that she’s only in the early stages of menopause. EJ asks if they aren’t the same thing. Nicole insists that they are different and questions EJ making a big deal out of it. EJ apologizes as he didn’t know it was such a touchy subject for her. Nicole complains that it’s because of men’s attitudes about it. EJ kisses her and suggests they head to the bedroom. EJ adds that he still finds her incredibly desirable and says she’s never looked sexier as they kiss.

Rafe asks Sloan how long she has known it was her brother. Sloan swears that she just found out yesterday when she overheard them talking at the station about a shifty guy named Colin with a British accent, so it sort of fell in to place for her. Sloan admits she went to the motel to confront him. Rafe asks if Colin admitting everything. Sloan confirms that Colin was determined to get justice for their parents after the legal system failed them, but he didn’t want her to know because he knew she would try to talk him out of it, which she did, and that’s when she told him to leave town immediately or else she would turn him in. Jada asks if he said he was working alone. Sloan says she assumed he was because he didn’t mention anyone else. Rafe asks where Colin is now. Sloan doesn’t know since he checked out of the motel. Jada asks if he went back to New York or London. Sloan admits he didn’t say. Rafe decides they will put out an APB and hope he didn’t get in far. Rafe adds that in the meantime, they will settle for Sloan.

Abe starts to regain consciousness on the floor of the Bakery.

Colin shows Paulina a family photo. Paulina realizes he is Nathan and Martha’s son and Sloan’s baby brother. Paulina asks if he’s been working with Sloan this whole time. Colin says Sloan has nothing to do with this and this was all his plan. Paulina understands he must have been traumatized by what happened to his parents and calls it a terrible tragedy but swears it’s not what he thinks. Colin tells her to shut up . Paulina wants to explain. Colin argues that he’s heard her side of the story, now it’s time that she hears his.

Chanel argues that Jada suspected this and she was right that Talia was working with Colin this whole time. Talia cries that it’s true. Chanel asks if Sloan was in on it but Talia says it was just her and Colin. Chanel questions letting Sloan take the blame. Talia explains that she’s a lawyer, so they figured she would exonerate herself. Chanel argues that they were all ready to torch Sloan at the stake while they flew under the radar. Chanel realizes Talia broke in to Paulina’s office and shouts that she is the reason that Paulina started having panic attacks. Talia cries that it wasn’t supposed to happen and swears nobody was supposed to get seriously hurt. Chanel argues that someone could’ve died. Talia cries that it was only supposed to hurt her business. Chanel talks about what the Bakery meant to her and how much she worked for it. Chanel thought Talia was a friend and more than that as she questions how Talia could do this to her.

Stefan and Gabi walk in to the living room, interrupting EJ and Nicole kissing. Gabi remarks that everyone deserves love in their life, including them. Nicole guesses she’s up to something and complains about their performance reviews. Stefan says no one will care when they see what they cooked up. Gabi announces that they are engaged. Stefan declares that once they are married, they are going to run the company together as Mr. & Mrs. DiMera.

Sloan complains to Rafe and Jada that she just told them that she had nothing to do with Colin’s crimes. Rafe points out that she knew about it and told him to flee, which makes her an accessory after the fact. Sloan argues that she just handed them their entire case so she thought they would cut her a break. Eric agrees that they should since Sloan cooperated and told them everything that she knew. Jada says that’s to be determined and she has a lot more questions that Sloan can answer at the police station. Rafe adds that maybe if Colin hears that Sloan has been arrested, he’ll come forward and take responsibility. Eric calls this unnecessary since Sloan said she would turn Colin in if he did anything else. Jada reads Sloan her rights and officially arrests her.

Colin shows Paulina more photos from his family photo album and tells a story of a family vacation together. Colin says his parents were deeply in love which is how he knows that Paulina and Chanel are lying. Paulina argues that relationships and people change. Colin says not his parents because their love was real and they had a real family until Paulina came along and erased it. Colin shouts that Paulina rewrote their story when she covered up Chanel’s crimes as he suddenly went from having two loving parents to a suicidal mother and a predatory dad. Paulina argues that his father was a predator who took advantage of a young girl. Colin accuses her of distorting the truth again. Colin argues that Chanel seduced his father and lured him in to an affair which he deeply regretted but Chanel was ruthless and a cold blooded murder. Colin declares that now it’s time that Chanel gets exactly what she deserves. Paulina questions what he means and what he did to her daughter. Colin tells her not to worry as Chanel is not in any immediate danger, unlike her.

Chanel realizes Talia has been playing her this whole time and pretending to be her friend and interested in her. Talia tells her that she has to understand that Colin convinced her that she was an awful monster who killed his mother and seduced his father. Chanel says that’s not what happened. Talia cries that she knows that now and when she heard Chanel’s side of the story, she started having doubts as she couldn’t imagine someone so kind doing something so evil. Chanel points out that it didn’t stop her and she kept going on with Colin’s twisted schemes. Talia cries that Colin convinced her that he couldn’t live without getting justice for his parents and she loves him. Chanel questions how she could love someone who would set out to destroy people’s lives. Talia thought he was justified somehow. Chanel argues that there is no way to justify what he did. Chanel calls Colin a psycho and says Talia is one too. Chanel screams at Talia to get out and says she never wants to see her again. Talia then exits in tears as Chanel breaks down crying.

Gabi tells Stefan that they should go big for their second wedding and invite everyone from DiMera. Stefan agrees and says they will prove to be a true power couple. EJ argues that it will only prove that Stefan is a fool for falling for a gold digger. Stefan says that EJ just can’t stand to see them happy. Stefan offers champagne to celebrate which Nicole turns down. Gabi comments on never seeing Nicole turn down a drink. Nicole responds that she doesn’t want to celebrate their unholy union. EJ says that makes two of them. Stefan decides that’s more champagne for them. Stefan then takes the bottle with them as he and Gabi exit the room.

Jada brings Sloan to the interrogation room at the police station. Eric argues that she knows Sloan doesn’t deserve to be arrested. Jada responds that it will be up to the district attorney if she wants to press charges. Jada says she has to do her job so she asks Eric to step out. Eric argues that she can’t question Sloan without a lawyer. Jada says she knows how it works. Sloan tells Eric that it’s okay and she’s got this. Eric tells her that he will be right outside the door if she needs anything. Jada is glad Sloan decided to cooperate. Sloan points out that it hasn’t done her much good so far. Jada says it will help her case if they find Colin. Jada asks Sloan to start from the beginning. Sloan asks for the handcuffs to be removed first.

Rafe stands outside the Pub and calls for an APB out on Colin Bedford and if anyone sees or hears anything, to call him immediately. Rafe then gets a call from Abe, who says he needs help. Rafe asks what’s happening and where he is. Abe reveals that he was attacked at the bakery. Rafe says he’s on his way and rushes off.

Talia goes to Colin’s hotel room and says they need to talk but finds the room is empty. Talia finds his family photo album on the bed and wonders where he is.

Colin brings Paulina to a rooftop and says this won’t take long. Paulina asks why he brought her here. Paulina guesses he realized he couldn’t fire his gun in the room because everyone would hear and asks if he brought her up here to shoot her.

Chanel realizes that she has to warn Paulina and tries calling her. Chanel says that she has something important to tell her and that she finally figured out who was harassing them. Colin is revealed to have answered Paulina’s phone and he tells Chanel that it’s nice to meet her. Chanel questions what the hell he did with Paulina. Colin responds that she’s fine, but if she wants her to stay that way, she will have to follow his instructions very carefully.

Gabi tells Stefan that she enjoyed rubbing their news in EJ and Nicole’s faces, but she’s glad it’s just the two of them now as she just wants to be surrounded by happy vibes. Stefan toasts to their second marriage being filled with as much laughter, love, and less death than the first as they kiss in bed.

EJ complains to Nicole that it’s no surprise that Gabi managed to worm her way back in to the family. Nicole knows they are going to use their wedding to bolster their image at the company. EJ then suggests maybe they will steal their thunder and upstage them. Nicole asks how, so EJ gets down on one knee and proposes to Nicole.

Rafe bursts in to the Bakery and finds Abe recovering on the floor. Rafe asks what happened and if he’s alright. Abe tells Rafe to help Paulina.

Chanel comes to the rooftop where Colin is holding his gun on Paulina. Colin says she is just in time.

Sloan tells Jada that the last time she saw Colin was yesterday afternoon at the motel after he promised her that he was going to leave town. Jada asks if he gave any indication of where he was going next. Sloan complains that they’ve already been over that she doesn’t know where he is. Jada warns her to drop the attitude and says if she would’ve just turned her brother in then she wouldn’t be in this mess but now her psychotic brother is on the loose and who knows what he’ll do next. Sloan argues that he’s not dangerous and that Jada doesn’t know him. Jada responds that she knows him well enough to know that he somehow convinced her sister to do his dirty work and that makes him dangerous enough to her. Sloan questions what she is talking about.

Talia cries that she’s ruined everything and hopes Colin doesn’t hate her for this. Talia pulls out her phone but then notices Paulina’s scarf on the floor. Talia recognizes it as Paulina’s and wonders what it is doing here.

Chanel screams at Colin to stay away from her mom while Colin warns her to stay back. Paulina tells Chanel to do what he says. Colin says he’s delighted that Chanel showed up as this has all worked out perfectly. Chanel asks what he’s going to do. Colin complains that they went to great lengths to make the world believe that his mom threw herself off of a building so now the story is about to come full circle. Colin tells Chanel to say goodbye to her mom, because she’s about to jump to her death as he holds her at gunpoint.

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