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Tucker: Look at that one. Banging away at them bongos. He’s got perfect time.

Ashley: He’s so adorable. I’m so impressed that you were able to stay that whole time. Especially considering it was maracas day.

Tucker: Well, it gave it a Latin flair.

Ashley: Did it give you a headache? Did you tell everybody, all the grown-ups that you were a big fancy music producer?

Tucker: No, I didn’t have to, the teacher recognized me.
Ashley: Really?

Tucker: Yeah. Even played one of my old tunes for the kids to rattle along to. Next time, I’m gonna bring a playlist. Tucker mccall’s greatest hits.

Ashley: Next time?

Tucker: Hmm. I loved it. I’m thinking of becoming a regular.

Ashley: Okay, seriously. Who are you? Because the Tucker McCall that I used to know would never have the patience to sit through a toddler’s music class with maracas. So, what’s come over you?

Tucker: You, wonderful you.


Tucker: Not quite that simple. I’m a very complex person, as you know.

Ashley: Oh, yes, I definitely know that. So then why are you in such a good mood?

Tucker: I don’t know. Seeing Dom’s musical gifts really uplifted me. And then there’s your invitation to me.

Ashley: Huh? What invitation was that?

Tucker: I seem to recall you inviting me to move from the guest room to your bedroom.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. That invitation.

Tucker: Yes, yes, yes, that invitation. I, um…

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