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Good morning taste testers. I hope you’re hungry. B cups, we have pine, coconut and vanilla bean honey this morning. They all look delicious. Wow. But uh, honey, we still have the pastry you made yesterday. Yeah, the day before. I know I need to find a hobby right now that I’m unemployed. It’s kind of crazy making all this stuff for just the three of us.

Oh, faith is. Oh, Chanel honey, this situation isn’t going to go on forever. I know police department is, and they might be taking their sweet time, getting enough evidence to arrest that witch Sloan Peterson, but Abraham’s pulling every string that he can to get the Health Department off your back so you can open sweet bits back up as soon as possible.

You know, I know this processes isn’t going quite as fast as we would like, but we have to go through the proper channels. Mm-hmm. I’d like to channel those police and they’re doing their job. Oh, this, it’s, it’s unfair of them to deprive you of your livelihood when you are a victim too. After all, it’s not as though anyone at Sweet Pits tampered with those biscuits.

Of course not. Speaking of which, I can’t believe Jada suspected her own sister of being involved. Open up. It’s Detective Jada Hunter. Again, I need to talk to you. Rafe. What are you doing here? Same thing you are.

I could stay here all day. Company is exquisite. In this bed smiles better than the one over at that God awful motel. Yeah, I guess what’s a man now you’re not missing castle cockroach. What? No, it’s just, I know. No one slash I can’t Late last night. Since it was after midnight. Right, exactly. So what are you worried about now, Helen?

It’s just you’re staying in the middle of town. If my sister found you at that motel, I mean,

so I told you this was the only option, Talia. I thought I made that clear to you. Not just because your sister came asking questions, but because mine did too.

Colin, it’s me. I need to make sure you’ve left town. I know you had other plans, but this is for the best. Trust me. Call me when you get this. I love you.

Hey, that was a quick shower. Yeah. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it Overhear your conversation. What was all that about? I mean, who were you talking to?

Good morning, Anna. Hi. Hi. Oh, well, how are you feeling today? Any morning sickness yet? Sorry. It’s okay. No, uh, no. No nausea. Just, uh, a little panic stricken. Oh, it’s understandable. Um, Look, Nicole, I, I know that, um, you have entrusted your secret with me, and I’m very honored that, um, I’ve earned your confidence.

But, but, oh, I have a confession to make. I was an accident. I didn’t mean to do it. So please don’t be upset with me. Oh my God, Anna. You told EJ was pregnant,

like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

No, I didn’t tell EJ or anybody else that you are pregnant. Of course not. Thank God. Well then what? Oh, well you remember that adorable little necklace that you lent me because it went so well with my Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. Oh, well the chain broke and I’m sorry I, but I will have it fixed as soon as possible.

Annana. I. I, I don’t care about the necklace. Don’t, don’t worry about it. Okay. Okay. Well, thank you. I, I’ll give it back to you as soon as I get it fixed. And I’m, you know, I’m, thank you for being understanding cuz I remember how upset I was when Susan broke my crystal heart. God rest her soul. Honey, are you planning on keeping this secret forever?

I mean, not forever because you can’t, you’re gonna be showing Sue.

I don’t know. I mean, if I, if I can’t carry the baby determined, then does it matter if I tell anyone? Probably not. But if I can hang on to this baby, then that’s different. But that’s why I’m panicking. And I, I made an appointment with Kayla, you know, for the paternity test, but I know that’s not gonna happen for a couple of weeks.

Okay. I know that I asked you. Who you hoped the father is, Eric or ej. And you said you didn’t care as long as the baby was healthy, but I’m just guessing

what that you hope it’s Eric’s

look, I, I can explain it. Listen, I don’t mean to. Pry. It’s just I heard you say I love you. Yeah. I was leaving a message for my brother. Your your brother. You haven’t mentioned him in a long time. Is everything okay?

Wait, your sister knows you’re in town. Yeah. She ever heard your sister talking to her boss about some British guy who was staying in the white dove? She figured it was me. How she figured everything out. What do you mean by everything? Surely you can figure it out. And she was pretty upset, understandably, about the prime suspect in all of the crimes committed against Chanel and her mother, not to mention her boyfriend.

Took one of the biscuits and he slept with another woman whilst he was under the influence. Wow. So that’s why she’s upset. Yeah. And she was so upset that she told me if I didn’t get out of town and call the whole thing off, she was gonna go to the police and tell ’em about my involvement, babe. So that’s why you had the suitcase out when I came back last night.

Right. I was going to cut my losses and do what she asked. Then you came back and you told me how hard Chanel had fallen for you, and I realized. I can’t leave now. Wait. Come. Why not? I mean, Chanel’s Bakery is shut down. You scared the hell out of Paulina with those threats. Hey, this is the perfect time to get out.

Before we get caught,

I am so relieved that Talia’s been cleared, even though it never made much sense for the police to suspect her in the first place. They, they don’t anymore. Right? Well, Talia gave reasonable explanations to all the questions that Jada asked her. Mm-hmm. That child was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now she’ll be fine. You don’t need to worry about her. Good, because I got plenty of other things to worry about.

Wonder who that could be. Oh, um, who’s there? It’s Melinda Trask. Yes. I better let her in, huh? Unfortunately. Oh. I’m here to see the mayor since when does the DA make house calls? I have some rather delicate matters I wanna discuss with you outside of City Hall. Oh, well, you know, if you expect me to just leave my home because you wanna have a little private chat with my husband, I don’t I, you see this actually concerns you and your daughter as well.

Oh. How so? Yeah, what’s going on? No need to worry, missed price. Um, you see, I think we’re gonna be on the same page for once. I need you to fire Ray Hernandez.

So you came to Warren calling off my sister. Yeah. Naone to get the hell outta Salem. Oh, I figured A stern talking to from the commissioner or police might encourage the son of a bitch to do the right thing, but he was gone when I got here. Checked out late last night, right after I started asking questions.

Yep. Oh, another thing he checked in using the same alias that he used with you. Call him Firth. Oh, plus he paid all cash. This guy is scum for the way he treated my sister. But this, this sounds like there has to be something more to this. Yeah. Like maybe something criminal.

Why the hell would I fire Ray Hernandez other than flaming incompetence? This sweet bit debacle is far from his first abject failure as a poisoning victim. I believe I speak for the people of Salem when I say, enough is enough, Mr. Ask, have you forgotten that Rafe was also a poisoning victim, that he has every incentive to solve this case, and he’s worked very, very hard to do so.

And so Peterson, she, she may be our lead suspect, but there is not a shred of evidence. You’ll, you’ll never be able to prosecute this case. Now, with the appropriate support from the Salem pd, specifically the commissioner, Of course I could. I need someone in this job who can get things done. Who’s not afraid to judiciously bend a few rules.

You mean break them what it’s called for. So I suppose you have someone in mind for this. I do. Your wife

Colin. We can go back to New York. I can start working as a doctor again. We can get our lives back spec. Once this is all over, we will do that. But baby, we can’t pull the plug now. Sloane doesn’t know anything about what you’re up to with Chanel, so we don’t have to abandon that part of the plan, especially when you are so close to breaking the girl’s heart.


Look, I really hate to disappoint you. I, and I mean, the last thing I wanna do is to let you down and everything. But for what? Just spit it out. Would you come? I can’t take this anymore. Okay. I don’t wanna do this.

Yeah, no, everything’s. It’s fine with my little brother. I just, I like to check in on him every so often, you know? He’s had it kind of rough. Yeah. You mentioned something about that before, but you didn’t go into details. Well, I really don’t know that much about his childhood actually, because of the age difference, you know?

I mean, he was just a taller when I was starting high school. Then a few years later, he moved away to London with my parents when my dad became a professor over there. So he grew up across the pond. Right.

And after both our parents died, Not that it wasn’t traumatic for me was obviously, but I think it was even worse for him. In what way?


it’s. It really changed him, you know,

not that I wasn’t totally derailed by it. I was, but I don’t know. It’s just his grief. It’s just anger. I mean, it completely took him over so much to the extent that, um, I mean, he could barely even function.

What are you thinking?

What? Nevermind. I hate even say it. No. Say what? Mommy, is it possible to your brother could be the one who’s been going after Pauline and Chanel?

Anna, how could you say that? Don’t you get it? I am trying not to go there. Not to go where? To, to fixate on whose baby I’m carrying or whose baby I prefer to be or not to be. That’s why I’m panicking because I don’t know what the hell to do. I, I don’t know what to think. Was he even to expect, I. And this stupid drugged one night stand with Eric.

This just really mess up my life. Don’t you see that? Oh, I do. Of course I do. And what’s really making me panic more is that I’m, I’m likely to miscarry now, why would you say that? Because the odds of me carrying a baby to term is practically zero. You have Holly.

Holly was conceived through I V F. Chloe Lane was my surrogate. Oh, I’m sorry. I have no idea really, because I thought everyone in Salem knew. Look, Daniel and I, we, we froze my embryos. Because I had already had two miscarriages and the first baby I, I wanted so desperately. Oh, I do remember that. I don’t know if you remember this or, or you even heard, but the second one, I, anyone have anything to do with ej?

I didn’t want him to know that the baby was his, and both times he was livid with me. Oh God,

I thought I had put all this pain behind me, but now that I’m pregnant, it’s just all the fears and the, the possibility of feeling that loss over again is just, oh, honey, maybe you don’t have to, I mean, Yeah, medicine has come a long way in the last few years and you know, robots performing surgeries and pig hearts being transplanted into people.

I mean, speaking of hearts, look at what Rolf just did. Oh God. Please do not bring that man into this conversation. Okay, fine, fine. My point is, honey, What was impossible back then might not be impossible now, and maybe you can have a successful, healthy pregnancy after all.

Oh, Anna, I know, well, I’ve read, I’ve read articles about advanced medicine and I do know that even with high risk pregnancy, that there is a likelihood that there would be a positive outcome, you know, more than, than a few years ago. But I don’t wanna get my hopes up. Not to mention Eric’s, because if he is the father, then well, why would you be worried about getting his hopes up?


he’s always wanted to be a dad. At first he lost Mackenzie, and then Jada was pregnant and he was over the moon. And then he found out that she got an abortion. And the only reason that we’re not together is because he blames me for, oh honey, that’s so unfair. That was her choice. I know, I know.

But if he is the father and I do miss Carrie, I will feel like I am taking yet another child away from him.

Why would you even ask me that, Eric? You know nothing about my brother. You just told me that he was more traumatized than you were by what happened. His anger took over him completely on the aftermath of their deaths. Okay, fine. Maybe he has motive. But my brother has nothing to do with those crimes. I mean, think about it.

How could he? Hmm. He’s nowhere near Salem. So we’re back to this. Here are we, and I wanna do this Carlie, and I can’t take this anymore. Can you stop making fun of me please? Could you blame me? It is getting tiring. Talia, you are constantly threatening to jettison our plans, which by the way, you were on board with when we came to Salem.

Yeah. Well, it’s different now. Okay. It, it’s a thing when Chanel Paulina, where these nameless, faceless people, you’re gonna say one more time how they’re nice to you because they are and they have been. Okay. You’re not the one who has to look in Chanel’s eyes and kiss her and shower her with compliments.

It’s me. Okay. And it feels, it just feels wrong. It feels wrong. Yes. Really. How do you think I felt when I found out that my mother jumped to her death from a roof. How do you think I felt when I found out that she didn’t jump, that she was pushed by the same person who seduced my dad. How do you think I felt when I found out that the murderer’s mother.

Flew to London and paid to have everything covered up. Just so that her homicide with daughter wouldn’t have to face the consequences. Now, now the mayor, the mayor’s on her side trying to open up the bakery again, which means that she is gonna get away with it all over again. If you don’t help me. I thought young understood how important this was to me.

Why I have to do this to honor my parents’ memory and get justice for them, and if I don’t, I won’t be able to live in myself. No, I thought you were on my side. Talia, obviously I was wrong.

Excuse me. You want me to be the police commissioner? Well, given what Sloan Peterson has put you through, I assume that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to put her behind bars. Ms. STRask, Paul cannot. And will not go after that position. Besides the blatant nepotism, I believe in my wife’s capabilities, but I appointed rave police commissioner because I believe in him.

And that hasn’t changed. Well, that’s a shame mayor, but I predict that your soft on crime reputation is gonna get you creamed in the next election. I’ll show myself out

so much for my shiny new badge.

Maybe Colin’s gone for good, maybe he’s not, but I don’t wanna take any chances that he’ll find his way back into Talia’s life. You know? Especially since, since the whole thing with the drugged up biscuits. I know Talia gave all the right answers. When we questioned her, even though there were some red flags in her story, what I and, you know, unite, we kept questioning, you know, what her motive would be to sabotage Chanel’s Bakery.

I. Right. Yeah. So you think that maybe he’s involved in this? I dunno. As sure as hell. Hope not. Huh? You know what? The guy might have a record, so how about we try and lift some prints? I’ve got my kit in my car. Yeah, it looks like the room’s been cleaned. Cleaned, huh? Yeah. Clean being a relative turine, like they haven’t even emptied the trash.

Uh, well in that case, we’ll not only pick up Collins’s prints, but we’ll pick up Talia’s as well and any other transient that’s been in and out of this place. Mm, better man. Look at this. Oh, yeah.

But we’ll get his prints off of that.

Colin, I am on your side. You know this and I hate, look at me, and I hate. How you had to suffer your mother’s murder in the awful way of your dad dying. Okay? And I understand why you wanna get justice for them. I do. I really do. But whatever you do, just please, please don’t be mad at me. Okay.

And how difficult this has been for you. Having to seduce someone that you despise. So I’m not even attracted to women, and not to mention you only have eyes for me. That is true. And it’s true for me too, babe. You are the best thing in my life. You’re the only thing that makes me feel whole.

You understand how much I need you, right? How much I need you to do this for me. Yeah, I do. I told you that. I know how much I’ve asked from you. You’ve just been so supportive and understanding

almost at the finish line. All right,

we’re almost at the end.

Well, you know, if it’s any consolation. Your current job pays a hell of a lot more than police commissioner Point taken and ape. I do admire your loyalty to Ray. Well, I’m loyal to Ray because he’s damn good at what he does. I mean out, dare that woman come in here and ah, I tell you. Okay. Okay. We’re not gonna talk anymore about.

Melinda and her shenanigans. I am going to put her out of my mind and go to the office. Oh, and I should do the same. I wish I could do the same. Oh, baby. Oh, I know how hard it is. And let you, how much you wish that you could just get ready, head off to the bakery and wick a tail off. Yeah. Instead of hanging around in this apartment making bear calls that everyone’s sick of.

Oh, sweetheart. Chanel. No one is sick of anything that you make. Your mom and I well, we just want you to get back to running your wonderful business and you will soon my precious girl. Ah, but for now, why don’t you, uh, you know, go take a shower, get dressed, and uh, you know, get ready to, to beat your dad.

Why? Well, because we always feel better when we are dressed for success, you know? Oh, so go ahead, go on, get out of those PJs and go on there and put on something pretty. And I promise you, the world will seem a lot brighter.

I am. I’ll go get ready to greet the day as you say. Oh, baby, I know. I know how leak it seems, but. You never know what the day might bring. Hey,

I’m sorry if I upset you. I mean suggesting that your brother could have something to do with the crimes against Pauline and Chanel. No, it’s just, like I said, it doesn’t make sense. Right. Since, um, he’s not in Salem and we’re close. Right, so you’re gonna get dressed today or what? Oh yeah. I guess that would be a good idea.

Oh, not the answer I was looking for. No. Mm-hmm. Before when you heard me say, I love you, I need to know who I was talking to. Were you by any chance a little jealous? Jealous me. I don’t get jealous. Oh, really? Not even just a little bit. Okay. Maybe I was, um, a bit jealous.

Anna, I just feel so alone, which is ironic, isn’t it? Given that I am with child, as they say, which makes me not alone really at all. No. No, you’re not. And you have me, you know? Yes. And I’m very thankful.

But what’s supposed to make me happy, what is supposed to be a blessing and a and a miracle, is just making me sad and confused

and really sleepy. Well, of course you are. You know, that’s very normal in the first trimester. I know that. Oh God, there’s my coffee. Coffee. No, no, no, no, no. What Nicole, you have to start taking care of yourself and the baby. That means no caffeine, no, no alcohol. And you have to start taking some prenatal vitamins as soon as possible.

I mean, so many crucial organ systems are forming in these first few weeks, right? I, I know that. So you’re gonna call Kayla and you’ll get a prescription for those vitamins. Will you do that today, please? I will. Yes, I definitely will. And Nicole, I know this is so difficult for you, but try looking on the bright side.

EJ is crazy about you and. If this baby is his, he will take care of you and this baby. 100%. And Eric, well you just told me that he’s always wanted to be a dad, so no matter what the complications are, are he’s sure to be thrilled. He’ll be thrilled, and he will also be there for you and the baby every step of the way.

So really, no matter what, this baby is going to bring a whole lot of joy to whomever. Wow, you were sugarcoating the hell out of that, but I, I am, I’m very grateful. You definitely lifted my spirits as only you can. Well, things are gonna look up, honey. Yeah, I promise.

How long is it gonna take? Maybe the prints on the razor weren’t good enough. No, it would appear as though they are. See what we got.

Nothing. Damn. As I can tell you, X doesn’t have a record after all.

Hey look gorgeous babe, as always. Why? Thank you, baby. So what are you gonna be doing while I’m with you? Now? I am gonna stay right here. Keep the bed warm. Ready to celebrate to your success. That’s it. What do you mean? That’s it? I mean, you’re the one who said Breaking Chanel’s heart wasn’t gonna be enough.

That that would just be the beginning of you getting justice for your mother’s death. Right. But our respective sisters kind of blew that plans a hell, didn’t they? Besides, I said to my sister that I was gonna drop it. I was done. And since I am a man of my word,

Yeah. I love you. I love you too.

My poor baby. I don’t know how much more that she can take. Mm. Excuse me,

mayor Carver. Oh, oh, great. Uhhuh Uhhuh. Well, uh, yes, of course. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll be right there. Thanks. Thanks. Well, it looks like pressure from the mayor’s office has finally paid results. The health inspector. He has agreed to meet me at the bakery right now for a new inspection, and if everything goes as expected, he will consider.

Reopening on a conditional basis. Oh, and that’s wonderful. You’re wonderful. Oh, Chanel will be thrilled. Oh, well, he wants you to come down as the owner of the building. Oh, well, yeah. Well, Chanel should be there too, as the owner of the bakery. Oh, wait a minute on second. I don’t wanna get our hopes up. You know what, let’s wait.

Tell her until we’re short. That is good news. Yeah. Yeah. That makes sense. Ugh. Okay. You ready to go there? Yes. Yes, sir. Oh, yes.

You have an appointment? No, it’s just my alarm to take my control pill.

Oh, I gotta get these refilled.

I don’t suppose you, nevermind. Nevermind. You just say it.

I can’t help but wonder if you and Nicole use protection. The night you guys were together, you don’t have to worry. There’s no way that Nicole is pregnant.

Look, I’m only gonna tell you this for your peace of mind and it stays between us. Of course.

I just found out she’s going through early menopause.


that poor thing.

Okay, I’m off to Mak. Uh, Unless maybe I should stay with you. Oh, no, Anna, I’m, I’m fine. You’ve cheered me up, like I said. Oh, good. I hope so, because I have a, a real knack for putting my foot in it sometimes, which I did quite a few times here. Pressuring you to try to tell me who you hope the father of the baby is, and that is nothing you need to be worried about right now.

I know you were just trying to help, you know, to get me to figure things out. Yeah, more like I was nosy, which isn’t a great attribute. Gets me in a whole lot of trouble. Oh you. You weren’t being nosy. You’re just interested in people and do it in the most kindhearted way. Well, thank you for being understanding and you are kindhearted too.

Are you sure it’s okay for me to leave you now? Go play. Will do one more thing. Okay. Nicole, I am praying for you and this baby, and because I’ve, I’ve seen what a wonderful mother you are at Holly. I know in my heart. That this baby, this child is going to be very lucky no matter what.

Thank you.

Hi. Sorry. Is this a bad time? I probably should have called first. Oh, not at all. I got nothing but time and my mom and Abe just left for the office, so I am all by my lonesome. Not anymore. All. Not anymore. Come in,

you know, my mama told me that I should. Wear something pretty because you never know what the day might bring. And I’m so glad I listened to her because it brought you,

I don’t know whether to be relieved that the guy is clean. We’re disappointed that we’ve hit a dead end. I was so sure this guy was gonna have a list of priors. So was I. Iran, his print to the New York and Salem databases. Those were his last known residences. I mean, he could have been arrested somewhere else in another jurisdiction, but he’d be here all year running them through every system and we don’t even know if there’s even been a crime here.

Wait a minute, the guy’s a Brit, right? Scotland Yard

Looks like we got a match.

This place was always so cheerful, so sad to see it. Something was empty. Well, let’s hope it won’t be that way anymore. Mm. Mayor Carver

and you must be polling a price. None other nice to meet you both. I’m from the health department.

Eric, hi. Oh, it’s so nice to see you again. Um, I was just at the liquor store buying some Majong from my chardonnay. I, I mean, some chardonnay from my Majong, right? Yeah. Well, actually I had to sample the chardonnay, several different Chardonnays now that I think about it. And I suppose it’s a little early in the day to be imbibing, but.

You can’t really buy wine unless you sample it. Can you, you agree with me, don’t you? You seem a bit nervous. Santa nervous. No, actually I feel very calm. It’s um, probably the chardonnay Oh, the, that Chardonnay And now I’m off to you meet my delightful Majong friends and I’m hoping to win every game. So, uh, You have a wonderful day, Eric.

Yeah, and take care. It’s good to see you too.

Here’s your prenatal vitamins.

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