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[ Summer sighs ]

Billy: Unfortunately, you can’t will those things to ring. How you doing?

Summer: Trying to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Billy: I’m just checking in.

Summer: You know what, billy, I really don’t need you to check in on me or offer your condolences or tell me what a great gal you thought my mom was, because we both know how you felt about her after your relationship ended. So, it’s a little late to be warm and fuzzy.

Chelsea: Daniel.

Daniel: Hey, chelsea.

Chelsea: You look like you could use a friend. Or a good cup of coffee. What’s going on?

Daniel: Oh, you know, just waiting for some bombs to explode.

Jack: Victor, always a joy.

Victor: Indeed. Indeed. Yeah.

Jack: I’m sure you have an important business meeting. Don’t let me keep you.

Victor: Well, now, I have a feeling you’re waiting for someone as well. It’s making you kind of nervous, isn’t it?

Jack: It’s nothing for you to worry about.

Victor: Certainly it couldn’t be about adam. He is back in the newman fold, running mccall. That’s your loss and my gain, you know.

Jack: I couldn’t be happier for you.

Victor: Yeah. Good. Jack… something is bothering you. What’s going on?

Jack: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Victor: Try me.

Diane: You look so serious. Is everything all right?

Kyle: Um… you might wanna sit down.

Diane: No, I’ll– I’ll stand. Is this about my case? Please, kyle, just… just tell me, how bad is it?

Kyle: It’s potentially good, mom. Very good. Diabetes can serve up a lot of questions,

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Billy: It’s understandable that you would feel that way. I didn’t exactly handle the breakup with your mom very well, after all.

Summer: Yeah, no kidding.

Billy: Look, summer, whatever issues that we have between us, I think it’s important that you know that I really respected phyllis. She was one of a kind, pure energy. That power wasn’t always used for good, but with that heart of hers, she loved the hell outta you and your brother.

Summer: I know that my mom loves me– loved me. But that love could be… overwhelming. I mean, she– she gave so much, but she demanded a lot in return.

Billy: Yeah. She was all or nothing. She lived life out loud and she expected everyone else to do the same, which didn’t exactly make it easy for the ones that cared for her. Look, summer, I hope I’m not overstepping by saying this. I know how much you loved her. But you two had your fair share of ups and downs.

Summer: She was so impulsive and reckless. She would act without thinking, you know? She would get something in her head and there was no talking her out of it. And she’d end up hurting people she loved and hurting herself even more in the process. All because she had decided that it was her against the world, even when it wasn’T.

Billy: That pretty much sums her up.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] That’s the thing. It didn’t have to be like that. She was never alone, not really. I was always on her side. Always. I just– I don’t know why she couldn’t see that.

Diane: I’m– I’m all for good news, but you don’t look like it’s good.

Kyle: Um, mom, there– there is a real possibility that the murder charges against you can go away.

Diane: What? How? Have– have the police found evidence or proof that I’m innocent?

Kyle: No. No. Not– not exactly.

Diane: Well, then how has anything changed? Kyle? Kyle, you’re not going to do anything illegal to protect me, are you? Because I will not have you putting yourself at risk for me.

Kyle: Look, the only person who has done anything illegal is phyllis.

Jack: Victor, I– I know we’re on better terms these days, but trust only goes so far.

Victor: Uh-huh. Now, jack, you and I have known each other for a long time. Okay? Something is going on. What’s bothering you?

Jack: Let it go, please?

Victor: Maybe you’re waiting for your fiancée to join you. However, she is wearing a beautiful ankle bracelet, courtesy of the authority.

Jack: Not for long.

Victor: Oh, yeah? What are they doing now? Issuing get-out-of-jail-free cards to murderers?

Jack: Diane did not kill phyllis.

Victor: If she didn’t, she belongs behind bars. She’s a bad woman and you know it.

Jack: If anyone belongs behind bars it–

Victor: What are you gonna say? Who belongs behind bars? Who?

Jack: Christine.

Christine: Gentlemen. Is there a problem?

Victor: Oh, my goodness. Christine, how do you do?

Christine: Hi.

Victor: All right. Well, you two have a nice dinner. Thank you.

Jack: Thank you so much for coming.

Christine: Jack, I really shouldn’t be here. I mean, meeting you before diane’s trial is completely inappropriate. I’m only doing it as a courtesy to a friend.

Jack: If– if you will just keep an open mind and listen to me for a few minutes, there will be no need for a trial.

Christine: Is that why you called me here? To lobby me to drop the case? Wait, this is–

Jack: No, no, no. Christine, don’t go. You need to hear this. This is something you wanna know.

Christine: What could possibly be so earthshattering that it would change the course of the case against diane?

Jack: Phyllis is alive.

[ Scoffs disbelievingly ]

Diane: Phyllis did something illegal? I don’t understand. She’s dead. How could whatever she did, legal or otherwise, affect my case or the charges against me? Is this connected to jeremy? Did they find proof that he killed her?

Kyle: No one killed phyllis, mom. It was all stageD. She’s alive. She set up the entire thing to frame you.

[ Gasps ] So I didn’t think I needed swiffer.

Daniel: What do you do when you wanna help someone, but trying to protect them just might make matters even worse?

Chelsea: Oh, I can relate. You just wanna help ’em, but you’re not sure what the right course is.

Daniel: What’s going on with you?

Chelsea: Connor. He’s been handed a curve ball lately and getting through to him has been difficult. You know, I just try to get him to open up, but he just shuts me down.

Daniel: Well, I’ve been there.

Chelsea: Any advice?

Daniel: You know, I don’t think that I’m the right person to ask.

Chelsea: I swear, the only thing harder than being a parent is being a kid. All the stuff the world throws at them. Um, which is why, actually recently, I came up with an idea.

Daniel: Really?

Chelsea: This is something I’ve been working on. An omega sphere world for kids. I mean, they’re the ultimate gamers anyway, right? Why not create a space that they already feel comfortable in? Help them feel safe feeling their feelings, whether they’re sad or happy or confused. You know, a parent-free zone. No judgments. No timeouts.

Daniel: Well… I think I could’ve used something like this when I was a kid. You know, since we’re here, since we’re caffeinated, clearly, um, why don’t we dive into where we’re at with the current game, and I’ll give you some updates?

Chelsea: Are you sure? I– I mean, I– are you in the right mindset? You’ve been going through a lot lately. If you wanna do it a different day, we can.

Daniel: No. This is exactly what I need right now. Distractions are the only things that are keeping me sane these days.

Billy: Look, I’m no expert on grief, but I know that when you lose someone that you love, “why,” that can send you into the weeds. “Why,” I don’t think it’s the best question. I think maybe “what.” As in, what would your mom want you to do? I know you and daniel, you were everything to her. Her heart and soul. She lived for you. She would die for you. And she would want you to find happiness again.

Summer: I don’t really think that that’s possible.

Billy: Oh, see, right there? No, that’s– that’s not a phyllis attitude. She was a fighter. She didn’t back down. When the going got rough, she doubled down.

Summer: Yeah. It could be exhausting.

Billy: [ Laughs ] Yeah. Unless she was in your corner. Then you knew you had someone to believe in you. Because she would go to the wall to protect you. I see a lot of phyllis in you. The good parts. Summer, you are smart and you are strong. You know what you want and you go after it and you don’t give a crap about what anyone else thinks. And for the people that are lucky enough to be loved by you, well, they know that you’re gonna do everything in your power to protect them. Over time, this will get a little bit easier. And look, you’re gonna miss her. But that part of her, that– that good part, it’ll stay alive for you, I promise. And here I am yammering on, and all you wanted was a little peace and quiet.

[ Summer laughs softly ] You take care. Okay?

Summer: Billy?

Billy: Yeah.

Summer: I’m sorry.

Billy: Sorry for what?

Summer: For being rude earlier about you and my mom.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Can I ask you one more question?

Summer: Could I stop you?

Billy: I think I know the answer to this. But why are you sitting here alone when you got a whole house full of people that love you and all they wanna do is help you? Now, look, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna say because you believe that you can handle this on your own. I hate to say this, but you can’T.

Summer: You don’t–

Billy: No, you can push me away. That’s fine. Okay? But don’t push all those people that love you and care about you. Don’t– don’t push them away. Like your friends and your family. Especially not kyle. He is crazy in love with you.

Summer: I don’t think that kyle or anyone knows what’s going through my head right now.

Kyle: Phyllis and stark staged her poisoning.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] But the ambulance crash, the– the explosion?

Jack: All orchestrated by phyllis and stark to fake her death.

Christine: But why?

Kyle: Phyllis wanted revenge on you so badly she was willing to go to any extreme to get what she wanted.

[ Gasps ]

Jack: But phyllis has come to regret her decision. She has secretly reached out to daniel.

Kyle: She’s scared and on the run.

Diane: But she’s alive.

Kyle: I know it’s hard to believe.

Jack: But it’s all true.

Christine: [ Sighs ] Well, that’s quite a story, jack, but that’s all it is. Fiction.

Jack: It is the truth, christine.

Christine: It’s desperation.

Jack: Tell me something. Why would daniel, of all people, invent something to help diane’s case?

Diane: Phyllis faked her death to frame me.

[ Scoffs ] I always knew that she was psychotic and vindictive, but this… this is pure evil. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Daniel: We are almost ready to test the prototype.

Chelsea: That’s so exciting. What does that mean? Sorry, I’m a newbie, remember?

Daniel: It’s essentially our first major milestone. We’ll run a test version, then we’ll take a look at functionality, user experience, gameplay, um, the art style. We figure out what works, what doesn’t work, and then we build from there.

Chelsea: Cool. But we can still tinker around with it?

Daniel: Absolutely.

Chelsea: Great. ‘Cause the deeper I dive into all this stuff, the more research I do, the more possibilities I see. Did you know some of these games can qualify to be fda-approved as therapy?

Daniel: I do know that. Isn’t that something?

Chelsea: Yeah, it really is. I– I just want this to be the best game, best tool. Resource. So, I’ve been meeting with experts to try to fine-tune everything we’ve been working on.

Daniel: Hmm. Well, you keep fine-tuning, because that prototype’s gonna be out before you know it.

Chelsea: Well, I can’t wait. And listen, thank you for taking the time to noodle around with all this.

Daniel: You have no idea how much I needed this.

Chelsea: I know you’ve been through something agonizing, and it’s really hard to find your way back from that. But from where I’m standing, you’ve got a lot to be proud of.

Daniel: Thank you. Not sure everyone else would see it the same way, though.

Summer: Daniel, I need to know what you’re thinking. What we’re gonna do next. Has mom called you again? Oh, I hope that she has. Even if she doesn’t say anything, I think it means that she’s thinking about coming home. We have to help her, daniel. We have to find her, no matter what it takes. ‘Cause I’m not gonna let her disappear on us. I have some ideas about how to bring her home safely. So, please just– just call me

[ Sighs ]

Diane: Phyllis has nearly destroyed my life and– and the lives of the people who love her. How can she be so hateful? So selfish? You know what? I have half a mind to hunt her down and drag her back here by her hair.

Kyle: Which is why michael didn’t want us to tell you.

Diane: Oh. Oh, you mean my lawyer is trying to protect his best friend somehow?

Kyle: No, he’s trying to protect you. He was– this is what he was afraid of. That you would get so upset, you’d try to break house arrest.

Diane: And that’s what I should do. I should hunt that bitch down and bring her back here.

Kyle: Mom, I know you’re angry. I understand. But you need to calm down.

Diane: Calm down? What? And– and– and– and do nothing? Oh, my god. Where– where are the police in all this? Why haven’t they found her? And if phyllis is so remorseful and misses her kids so much, then why is she still in hiding?

Kyle: She’s probably facing legal consequences.

Diane: You mean like life in prison for murder, which was my future, thanks to her.

[ Huffs ] But not any longer. So, what’s the plan? What’s the plan? How soon are the charges against me dropped? When will I be free again?

Kyle: There is a process.

Diane: What process? Phyllis is alive.

Kyle: Yeah. Well, we don’t have proof. Just daniel’s word. But I swear to you, dad and i will do everything we can to get the evidence we need. He’s with christine right now trying to convince her to put the gcpd on it.

Diane: I can’t believe your father wanted to keep this from me. When I asked him what was going on, he outright lied to me.

Kyle: No, he only wanted to protect you. He didn’t want you to get your hopes up.

Diane: But this is happening, right? I mean, I’m going to be free again?

Kyle: It’s only a matter of time.

[ Sighs in relief ]

Diane: I’m going to be free. Thank you for telling me. No, thank you. [ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh. I can take harrison to the park again. I– I’m going to be able to go out to dinner. I can hold my head high. I mean, whatever process is ahead, I can get through it knowing that my freedom is on the other side. Does summer know?

Kyle: I wanted to tell her as much as I wanted to tell you, but daniel begged me not to.

Diane: Why? Can’t he see how much she’s suffering?

Kyle: He was afraid it would crush her knowing that phyllis put her through all of this. And that phyllis reached out to daniel, not summer, when she was ready to reveal herself.

Diane: You know, how heartless can phyllis be? I mean, she put getting revenge above the well-being of her children.

[ Sighs ] Not– not that I have anything that I can judge after what I put you through.

Kyle: We’re long past that, mom.

Diane: Tell summer. She needs to know that her mother’s alive.

Kyle: Even if it breaks her heart?

Diane: Sh– she has you. And the sooner she knows, the sooner she can heal and the sooner your relationship can heal. And kyle, it’s– it’s your choice. But the toll a secret this big can take… I don’t know if a marriage can survive that.

Christine: If phyllis is so remorseful and determined to be with her children, why is she god knows where and not home?

Jack: She is afraid of prosecution, fraud, falsifying evidence, obstruction of justice. Whatever you can throw at somebody who’s trying to fake their own death. And she’s got a da who’s not a fan of hers, who will make the charges stick.

Christine: I don’t suppose daniel has any evidence, a photograph, a recording?

Jack: No, but he’s willing to sign an affidavit.

Christine: Oh, which means nothing, jack. Come on, there’s more questions than answers. There’s no evidence. We’re taking the word of a grieving son.

Jack: Okay. There is one other charge phyllis could be afraid of.

Christine: And what might that be?

Jack: Murder.

Christine: Excuse me?

Jack: Phyllis killed jeremy stark.

Christine: Oh, you know, this is ridiculous.

Jack: You have another suspect? You have any leads that might lead you to who killed him? I’m giving you one. Phyllis. Is that enough to get your attention? Is that enough to get you to get the gcpd involved in this?

Christine: You know what? You’ve given me a crazy story that’s very light on facts. Okay? So, we’re done here.

Jack: I’ll give you one more fact. Phyllis killed jeremy stark with a pair of scissors. Head & shoulders is launching something huge.

“The young and the restless” will continue.

Chelsea: Mm. Have you noticed how much of our relationship involves pastries? Cinnamon buns in particular?

Billy: Is that a bad thing?

Chelsea: Nope.

Billy: You know, when I walked in here, I saw you and daniel wrapped up in the world of omega sphere. If you wanna keep working, I can take this cinnamon bun somewhere else.

Chelsea: No way. You and this bun stay here.

Billy: All right.

Chelsea: Especially because we’re celebrating.

Billy: Is that right? What are we celebrating?

Chelsea: The prototype is almost ready.

Billy: That’s amazing.

Chelsea: Yeah. So, this game, it’s not just a hope or a– or a dream or a wish. It’s really happening.

Billy: That’s fantastic. Congratulations.

Chelsea: Thank you. And I’m actually bringing a new aspect to it that involves kids. So, it’s gonna be new lessons, new challenges that help them deal with real life.

Billy: Are we still talking about omega sphere or does this have more to do with connor now?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Billy, I am so worried about him. He’s become so withdrawn.

Billy: Yeah. He’s got a lot going on and he’s just trying to figure out all those feelings.

Chelsea: Yeah. Maybe it’s my fault.

Billy: Why would you say that?

Chelsea: My life. My… episode. Maybe he feels like he can’t lean on me, or else I’m gonna fall apart. Or maybe, I don’t know, maybe he’s stuffed down all of these feelings over the past few months that are finally coming to the surface. Or… maybe he’s angry at me for almost leaving him.

Billy: I think you’re being too hard on yourself. You’re being a concerned, attentive parent. You’re doing all the right things.

Chelsea: Am I? [ Laughs ] Adam and I are not shining examples of healthy behavior, let’s be honest. And it worries me what that could mean for our son.

Billy: I mean, I understand that. I look at johnny and katie sometimes and think their dad has got a very addictive personality. I don’t know if that’s locked in their genes or if that’s something that can be stopped.

Chelsea: [ Exhales ] Well, certainly not something we can solve tonight. But you know what we can do?

Billy: What’s that?

Chelsea: Pat ourselves on the back for making it through another day without screwing up royally.

Billy: I like the sound of that.

Chelsea: Do you?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: I’ll get it embroidered on a pillow. I’ll get one for you. I’ll get one for me.

Billy: [ Laughs ] Oh.

Jack: Now that I have your attention, perhaps you and I can discuss the best way to flush phyllis out of hiding and get her back to genoa city.

Christine: Jack, I won’t be goaded into action. Okay? There’s no evidence that phyllis is alive or that she killed stark. This whole story is just way too convenient. You’re too involved.

Jack: Everything– everything I have told you can be proven, if we find phyllis. One phone call from you and the police can make that happen.

Christine: Oh, so, you want an overburdened police department to spend resources trying to track down a woman who’s legally been declared dead?

Jack: Except she isn’T. And now diane is shackled with a bogus murder charge because the woman who framed her is alive and well. Christine, if you have any sense of justice in you, you– you have no choice but to get the police involved.

Christine: Do not question my sense of justice.

Jack: I don’t understand your hesitation in acting on this. You know phyllis.

Christine: Yeah.

Jack: You have your own history with her. Does it make you think that anything I’m saying is improbable?

Christine: Yes. Yes, it does. Because you know what? As hateful as she has been to me and as capable as she is of doing real harm, the one thing she would never do is abandon her kids. Not like this.

Jack: Well, she did.

Christine: Okay. You know this conversation’s over, right? You want me to believe you? You bring me some proof. Concrete proof.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

Kyle: Hey, glad you’re home. It was getting late.

Summer: I didn’t realize I had a curfew. Uh, did the nanny call you? She met me at the park and took harrison to a sleepover.

Kyle: She did. I’m sure he’s having a great time.

Summer: Yeah.

Kyle: How are you?

Summer: Why are you looking at me like that? What’s wrong?

Kyle: Nothing. It’s good news.

Summer: Really? We haven’t had a lot of that lately. I don’t suppose that tucker’s moving out?

Kyle: Uh, no. No, not exactly.

Summer: Okay. Well, whatever it is, go ahead and tell me, I’m really tired. I wanna go to bed.

Kyle: I– I– I don’t know how to say this, or where to begin, so I’m just gonna say it. It’s your mom.

Summer: My mom? What about her?

Kyle: She’s alive. Mr. Clean magic eraser powers

Billy: I just tried to remind summer that she’s got a lot of family and friends that really care about her, that wanna help her through this grief.

Chelsea: She and daniel are really struggling. Good for you for trying to make her feel better.

[ Billy laughs softly ] You’re a really good man. You know that? I just got shivers.

Billy: The good kind?

Chelsea: The good kind.

Billy: That’s interesting. Me, too.

Chelsea: You sure it wasn’t a sugar rush?

[ Both laugh ]

Billy: No. It was all you. You know, when I walked in here and saw you and daniel working away, I could see your excitement, your energy.

[ Chelsea laughs ] You light up the room. And you bring that same heart to everything you do. Being a mother, a friend, movie night.

[ Chelsea laughs ] I just appreciate this slow dance that we’re doing. Taking this one step at a time to make sure that we do it right, it’s important. You bring me happiness. You give me hope and excitement for the future. We accept each other. And we support each other and that’s a really good thing. How could I not love being with you?

[ Chelsea chuckles ] That smile makes me think anything is possible.

[ Chelsea inhales sharply ] Hey. You okay?

Chelsea: Yeah. It’s no– it’s nothing.

Billy: Chelsea, you can talk to me.

Christine: [ Exhales ] Hey, thanks for meeting me.

Chance: What’s going on?

Christine: [ Sighs ] I have some crazy news for you.

Summer: So, daniel said that, uh, she contacted him? When? How?

Kyle: She called him a few days ago and they– they met at the lookout at the park. He said he couldn’t believe it when he saw phyllis standing in front of him.

Summer: Yeah. Can’t imagine. What I don’t understand is why– why– why would he tell you and not me?

Kyle: He didn’t want you to be upset that she chose to reveal herself to him and not you. He didn’t want you to be hurt.

Summer: Isn’t lying to me hurting me?

Kyle: Look, daniel only wanted to wait until we had real proof or that we could track phyllis down. Babe, I’m– I’m sorry she didn’t reach out to you.

Summer: Yeah, I’m sure that she had her reasons.

Kyle: Well, with– with any luck, you’ll be able to see her soon.

Summer: So, you believe daniel?

Kyle: Why– why– why would he lie about something like this? I– he saw phyllis, he spoke to her. He knew that stark was killed with a pair of scissors. How else would he know that if he hadn’t talked to phyllis?

Summer: Who else knows about this?

Kyle: My dad and michael.

Summer: [ Gasps ] They’re gonna go to the police! My mom’s gonna be arrested.

Kyle: No, daniel was adamant that we had to protect phyllis. That she was a victim in all of this. But my dad did take the information to christine.

Summer: What? Kyle, she hates my mom, she’s–

Kyle: No, no, we will do everything we can to protect phyllis. But there is one more thing. I told my mom. I thought she had a right to know. No. Hey, hey, hey, don’t shut down on me, summer. Don’t shut me out. Please. Tell me how you’re feeling.

Diane: There you are.

Jack: Has something happened?

Diane: Yes, it has. Kyle told me.

[ Jack sighs ] It should’ve been you, jack. Partial response:

Chelsea: I try to maintain this constant vigilance every day. I check in on myself. I do. I ask myself how I’m feeling. Am I okay? Am i not okay? And lately, I’ve– i’ve– I’ve been okay. But then it feels like every time i’m enjoying myself or if I’m actually happy, like when you look at me the way you’re looking at me right now, I ask myself if I deserve it.

[ Voice breaking ] I ask myself if it’s real. Um, or if I’m gonna screw it up.

[ Chuckles dryly ] And then I’m hit with this other thought. I almost wasn’t here for this. I almost wasn’t here for anything. For my son. And then I just get this rush of– of fear, billy, and I’m back on that roof and– and– and I’m alone and I’m scared. And I can feel the wind. And I can– I can feel how cold it was. And how easy it would be.

Billy: Chels. Hey, look at me. You are here.

Chelsea: I am.

Billy: You are here.

Chelsea: I am. I’m here because of you. And I’m– and I’m happy. I’m happy being here with you.

[ Exhaling deeply, sniffling ]

Billy: You okay? It’s a beautiful night. How about we go for a walk? Lit by the moon. Huh?

Chelsea: I’d like that.

Kyle: What are you thinking?

Summer: I don’t know what to think. I guess I’m scared to hope that my mom is really out there.

Kyle: Hey, you don’t have to be afraid, summer. Your mom is alive. Why would daniel tell me something that isn’t true?

Summer: Yeah. Why would he tell you? ‘Cause I’m not gonna let her disappear on us. I have some ideas about how to bring her home safely, so please just– just call me as soon as you get this.

[ Indistinct whispering ]

Chance: That’s one hell of a story.

Christine: Yeah. With zero actual evidence that phyllis is out there.

Chance: What do you make of it?

Christine: Wishful thinking. Deflection, a part of michael’s defense strategy. I don’t know.

Chance: [ Exhales ] Well, there is one real fact in all this: Stark was killed with scissors.

Christine: Obviously, there’s a leak in the department and michael took advantage of it.

Chance: Yeah.

Christine: Okay. Well, I’m just letting you know in case jack approaches you, which I have no doubt he will.

Chance: Well, I appreciate the heads-up. Desperate people do desperate things, huh?

Jack: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t wanna give you hope without having the evidence we want to show the world that you are innocent.

Diane: I know you did it to protect me. Your intentions were in the right place.

Jack: Then I’m forgiven?

Diane: How can I be angry at a man I love so much?

Jack: I promise you, we are so close to ending this nightmare. Soon, soon you will be free and we will get married as we planned.

Diane: That’s all I want.

Jack: I am not going to give up until that happens. Phyllis put you in this mess. Come hell or high water, by god, she’s gonna get you out of it.

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