Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Megan gave Kristen a letter from Rachel. Kristen read the letter and found out Brady and Chloe were over. She also found out Shawn shot Bo. Megan was upset when she found out Shawn shot Bo. Kate and Roman reunited with each other. He told her about Bo and how Hope was moving him to a long-term care facility. She took out her wedding ring and asked him to put it on her. He wanted to put it on. Harris thought Dimitri was lying about another hostage. Harris told him they didn’t find anyone else. Dimitri implied that the hostage wasn’t on the ship. Dimitri refused to say who the person was until he got his immunity for him and someone else. He said if he didn’t get what he wanted, the hostage will die. Brady told John and Marlena that he and Rachel were moving out. He said Xander and Chloe got the apartment he wanted to get. Brady continued to insult Xander. John said Xander shot Brady and Marlena. Brady said he shouldn’t get a pass because they survived. He said everyone wasn’t lucky. Marlena reminded him that Ava was the one who killed Susan. Brady said Xander played a part in it. He said Xander kidnapped Rachel and never took responsibility. He was afraid Xander was going to bring Chloe down with him. Harris wanted Dimitri to tell him who else he wanted the immunity for. Dimitri said it was Megan.

Kristen comforted Megan over Bo. Megan said he was the reason why she wanted to escape. Kristen told her the plan was for both of them. She wanted to know where they stood. Megan said they were going to still going through with the plan. She said they needed to get things organized. Kristen wanted to know who she was talking about. Megan said she was talking about Dimitri. Roman told Kate about her urn at the pub. He said he talked to it. He said she talked back to him. She said that felt familiar. She said she might have reached out to him while she was in the freeze. He said all that matters was she was there now. Kristen said she remembered Dimitri when was pretending to be Kyle so he could steal the Peacock. She asked Megan what her connection was to him. She said he was her son. Harris told Dimitri the ISA would never go along with his plan. Dimitri said Shane would make sure he and Megan went free because his hostage was Andrew.

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