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I have to say goodbye.

[Tense music]

Goodbye? Why would you say–

I am so sorry, joss.

Hey, why are you making it sound like you’re leaving?

I am.


Oh, sasha, is this is your first time wearing a baby carrier?

Well, you put it on like an old pro.

Miss gilmore?

Please, call me sasha.

I’m julie.

Nice to meet you, julie.

We actually met before. I–I was here when–

oh. Fun times, huh? I’m sorry for not remembering your name.

Don’t be silly. There was a lot going on.

[Chuckles] Here. Come on.

That is one way of putting it.

How are you doing?

I’m okay, really.

That’s good to hear. Well, welcome back to home & heart. And here’s a production schedule.

Thank you. I was hoping to see the display for the deceptor, make sure everything is in order. Is it cool if I go on set?

No, it is not cool. If you think I’m gonna work with someone as unstable as you, you really are crazy.

[Dramatic music]

N’neka, let me have another martini.

[Dance music playing]

And another round for you too?

Oh, I’m done with seltzer. I’ve been dying for a real drink all night.

Okay. What can I get you?

Scotch, straight up.


Had to stay sharp up until now, for all the good it did me.



[Clapping] That was an epic crash and burn in there.

Go away.

You’re on the hook for a lot of cash, gladys. What–what’s the game plan? Got another garage you’re gonna secretly sell, or…

you cheated.

I didn’t need to cheat. Let’s face it, gladys. You are a lousy poker player whose luck ran out a long time ago.


[Keys jingling]

[Object clattering]

[Dramatic music]

Did something happen with willow?

She’s, uh, she’s hanging in there, handling the chemo as well as can be expected.

Well, that’s good. What brings you by?

Look, I need things to change before it’s too late.


[Dramatic music]

[Suspenseful music]

Don’t shoot.

Why not? You’re an intruder.

[Tense music]

One that cooks.





I’m glad I ran into you.

You are?

Yeah. You–you rescued aunt liesl, and because of that, willow now has a fighting chance. I’m really grateful. Thank you.

Well, you’re welcome. I’m–I’m so thrilled that this is happening for willow, and all that’s left to do now is pray.

Yeah. I’m on it.


Is everything okay, or–

you mean since the sec dragged me out of here?

Yeah, that.

Thank you.

[Indistinct chatter]

Do you want to say hello?

I better not. Ever since I arrested cody at the nurses’ ball, things have been tense between us.

Imagine that.

Excuse me.

Mr. Baldwin.

Oh, goody, it’s you.

[Chuckles] It’s good to see you too, scotty.

Just keep your grubby, sticky fingers away from my wallet.

All right, I did not steal that damn bracelet, okay? I was set up.

By who?

Well, you agree to represent me, I’ll tell you.

I am so worried about maxie. She sounded just awful on the phone.

Well, at least she took your advice and got someone to fill in for her. Who was it, anyway?

Hmm, maxie didn’t say.

This was not our agreement. Where is maxie jones?

Maxie is sick. She asked me to fill in. I explained all of this to your producer, russell.

Well, no one informed me.

Trust me, haven. Your audience is going to love the deceptor, and I’m more than capable of co-hosting the segment.

Oh, hello, miss de havilland, you are looking at the face of deception.

So? Will someone get me russell, now?


Thanks for the assist.

Oh, anytime.

Wait. What are you doing here? You don’t work for deception anymore.

Maxie didn’t tell you? I’m back.

What are you talking about? Where are you going?

I don’t know. I’m so sorry, joss, but I can’t stay in port charles. I can’T.

Of course you can.

No, not anymore.

The video of sonny during the pikeman deal, that’s footage of him breaking the law. You gave that to michael, right?

Yes, but–

okay. Then it’s only a matter of time. Because willow’s gonna get the transplant, and she’ll be fine. Then michael’s gonna give the video to the feds. And then sonny is gonna be arrested.

But that’s just it. Michael’s not turning sonny in.

[Scoffs] What?

Sonny’s not going to prison.

Since when?

Since michael backed out of our deal.

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for throwing the sec off of drew’s trail. It bought him time to find liesl and bring her back home. So willow and I are forever grateful for that.

Well, I’m just glad it all worked out and willow’s gonna get the bone marrow transplant.

Yeah, that’s why I’m– that’s why I’m here. Willow. She–she asked me to call off the war between us.

It was never my war.

And to honor your place in the lives of people I love.

Well, you think you can do that, michael?

For willow and for my family, yes.

Wait a minute, brook lynn. I’m confused. Last week, you said you needed to be freed up to follow your passion.

Well, I realized that was a mistake. I love this company. And there’s no reason why I can’t have it all, right? Music and deception– I’ll make the time.

Wow. That’s awesome. Welcome back.

Thank you.

Hey. Hi. Wow, it’s so sweet of you to come support sasha here today.

Oh, that’s what teammates do.

Teammates? What, did you join some sort of sports team or something together?

Oh, no, the deception team.

I’m not following.

Brook lynn is back at deception. She already spoke to maxie.

That’s right.

Really? No, because I just spoke to maxie not two minutes ago. She did not mention anything about it.

Oh, you know what? She just must have not realized it in her feverish state. Anyway, today is not about me. It is about you and your big comeback.

Okay, you.

[Sighs] Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure you’re ready for all of this?

The last time sasha gilmore was on this show, it was a disaster. And she thought a doll was her dead baby.

That was almost a year ago. Maxie’s assured me sasha’s stronger now. And besides, if she did freak out on camera, would that really be so bad?

Is that an actual question?

Our ratings were at an all-time high after sasha’s breakdown last july. It reminded our viewers that anything can happen on live tv.

You know, our ratings have been a little sluggish lately.


Maybe we could make this work to our advantage.

Scott, listen–

don’T. You want me to represent you.

Yeah. It should be an easy gig, considering I’m innocent.

Says you. But unfortunately, you can’t afford me.

I got 10k in my pocket that says otherwise.

Well, that’s pocket money. Uh, so no.

Okay, fine. 20k.

I’m not interested.

I knew it.


That you had an ulterior motive, not only when you said that you would come tonight, but you picked the savoy as well.

[Sighs] I love holly. And of course I want to celebrate her safe return. What better place to do it at?

Mm-hmm. Chief scorpio, why are we really here?

Oh, two of my favorite people.

Since when?

Mind if I join you?

What can we do for you, scott?

Well, for starters, why is holly sutton running around chloroforming people when she should be in a burn unit in europe?

I’m sorry this is happening to you.

Yeah. Look, I’m told this is an ongoing investigation. And beyond that, I’m– I’m just not comfortable discussing it with you.

Yeah, understood.

Okay. So you, um, you here to see willow?

Oh, don’t worry. I’m not gonna go into her room, you know? The last thing I want to do is to upset willow or michael. I just feel better being close by, you know?

[Somber music] Hey, drew, have you ever wanted to go back in time for a redo?

Once or twice, yeah.

There’s a lot of things that I would change. I love my daughter.

I believe that.

And all I want is for this transplant to be a success so she can go back to her family.

A family that you would love to be a part of.


Willow made me see that by rejecting you, I was forcing my siblings to choose.

Donna and avery, you mean?

And krissy too, to an extent. And dante’s the only one who can truly navigate this. It’s not fair to the rest of my siblings. Sure, I can tell them to have a separate relationship with you and not factor me in, but those are just words.

What about wiley and baby amelia? You feel the same way when it comes to them?

My kids should be able to know and spend time with their grandfather and their aunts and uncles who love you. And that’s–that’s more important than my anger. So for the good of my family, yeah. I want peace.

Michael backed out?

[Sighs] Out of all the ways this could have gone down, michael pulling the plug is probably the last one I expected.

Me too.

How could he do this to you? How could he do this, period?

He did it for you.

What does that mean?

For all of you. Michael doesn’t want sonny going away to cause a permanent rift in the family because you know it would have.

Of course, it would have. And that sucks. But I thought we all agreed that it was worth it. What is happening? This is so wrong.

It doesn’t matter.

How can you say that?

Because right, wrong, whatever, michael isn’t gonna change his mind.

I can’t believe this.

This is the situation, and these are my options. I have to go.

Then I’m going with you.

No, you’re not.

Hunting cabin was staged.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Why did holly steal the ice princess necklace in the first place?

Because victor ordered her to.

He needed it to find mikkos’ bunker in greenland.

Those cassadines, they like to keep things interesting, don’t they?

I’ll say.

Well, wait a minute. Wait a minute. If holly survived this fake explosion, did the necklace as well?

Yeah. We wanted victor to think that it was destroyed while holly tried to figure out where he was holding ethan.

So where’s the necklace now?

We don’t know, scott. It was lost when the wsb sank the haunted star.

Well, that necklace is worth about 35 million clams, wouldn’t you say?

It’s worth nothing now, seeing how it’s gone.

This is way too far

[Indistinct chatter]

She’s on her way.


[Tense music] Is it done?

Everyone on our production staff is on social media, talking up sasha’s appearance tonight and speculating what could possibly go wrong.

Oh, that’ll get them watching.

[Laughs] And when they watch, they buy.



I know that the last time I was here, I almost tanked the company.

[Sighs] Look, I am worried about you, not the company right now, okay? I think it’s so brave of you to step up and take maxie’s place. But if you’re not ready, you do not have to do this. I mean, come on. I could do this segment in my sleep.

Thank you, lucy, truly. Your support means everything to me. But I am the face of deception, and I am a partner in the business, and I really want to pull my weight.

Well, how does it feel to be back here?

It was a little overwhelming at first. But I’m okay now. I keep telling myself that this is an entirely different situation. I was self-medicating back then. I was deep in my grief for liam. And then to be asked to model a baby carrier–

out of nowhere, by the way.

I wasn’t prepared.

Oh, come on. No one–no one– would have been prepared. You weren’t expected to be prepared for that. What they did was absolutely awful. But look at you now. Look how far you’ve come. It’s so good. And I’m so proud of you.

And if anyone tries to interrupt your segment tonight, I will tackle them before they even reach the set.

[Laughs] I would love to see that.

[Tense music]


Sasha? What on earth are you doing here?

The cards weren’t in your favor tonight.

I–well–I thought I had a strong enough hand. But then that damn cody bell with his flush.

Mr. Bell had luck on his side.

[Scoffs] Either that or he’s a big, fat cheater.

No one cheats selina wu.

Right. [Chuckles] Of course. Mm, I guess I should be getting home.

Not until we discuss how you plan to cover the money you borrowed.

Change of plans, my friend. I will represent you.

I thought you said $20,000 wasn’t enough.

Ah, that’s chump change compared to what we’re gonna get. N’neka, another martini.

Oh, my goodness. What is going on in my kitchen? That smells amazing.

I am making you my amatriciana sauce. It’s simmering. I’ve also just recently uncorked a very posh bottle of chianti.


And I’d like to let it breathe.

Oh, would you?

But something tells me you could use a glass.

Yes. Just fill it to the brim, please.

How was the briefing?

[Groans] It went on forever. I mean, seriously, I just–ugh. I feel like somewhere in the metaverse, I’m still answering questions. They wanted to know everything about greenland and your father and the pathogen. And I’m very tired. I just want to drink wine, eat pasta, and fall asleep in your arms.

That’s all you want to do, is it?

Depends how good your pasta is.


[Doorbell rings] Oh, just ignore them, and they’ll go away. Oh, my lord. Do you know–

[Doorbell rings] There are only two people that ring my doorbell like that. One is obrecht. And the other is– hello, robert.

Word of advice. Next time you want to pretend you’re not home, don’t leave the lights on.

[Dramatic music]

Obviously, the idea of running away with you sounds amazing. But I have no one, joss.

You have me.

No. You know what I mean. I don’t have any friends or family to fall back on. I don’t even have the military anymore. It’s just me and my skill set. But you, you have this incredible family that not only loves you but needs you. I got to meet two more of them today. And wiley and amelia are the sweetest. Wiley hero-worships you.

[Somber music]

I think he was more impressed by you.

No, I’m just some guy that used to be a soldier. But you, you’re his aunt joss, who’s gonna be a doctor, by the way. You love being pre-med.

I do, but–

no buts. I cannot possibly be to you what you are to me.

And it would be incredibly selfish of me to say yes, run away with me so that you end up needing me as much as I need you.

I do need you, though.

You like me, and you want me.

But you have so much else going on in your life. And that’s a good thing. If you came with me, it would be exciting at first– new identities, new lives.

Hey, we can make it work.

For a while, till one day, you wake up next to me, and you realize that you don’t want to be a waitress named trixie.

Well, I would never pick the name trixie.

You’d realize that you miss your friends, you miss your family, that you miss your life. And that would be my fault.

you lost what you came in with, then dipped into my bank for $85,000.

I–I–I– I’m good for it.

I should hope so.

Can we discuss a payment plan?

You know the rules. When players borrow from the house, payment is due at the end of the night.

I–I understand, but I don’t have that kind of money at my fingertips.

Sasha gilmore does. And don’t you control your daughter-in-law’s finances?

I’m so sorry. I had no idea I’d be seeing you here tonight.

Well, the feeling is very, very, very mutual.

Is one of your products being featured?

A new line of baby bath salts called change your moody. The little ones just love it, and so do their momm–

it’s okay. It’s okay. You can talk about motherhood and babies in front of me. I am so sorry for my behavior last time.

No, no. Don’t you dare apologize. I feel terrible about what happened to you and about the role I played, however unwittingly, in it all, which begs the question, why, of all people, would I be asked to participate tonight?

Because someone is trying to push sasha over the edge.

[Tense music]

Okay. So leopold’s necklace was not destroyed in that explosion?

No. Due to the wsb’s itchy trigger finger, the jewels went to the bottom of the ocean.

So I’m back to where I started.

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Because the necklace is part of dominique’s estate, meaning that you and serena are owed a portion of that money.

Well, yeah, I agree with you 100%. But regardless of how the necklace was lost, it’s still gone.

Well, the wsb is the reason why your big payoff and serena’s went the way of the titanic.

Wait, so you’re saying–

yeah. We sue the wsb.

Nina, I know you think that carly is the reason that you don’t have a relationship with willow.

Well, I actually just spoke to carly about this.

Right–three-plus years of treating willow like dirt because you dislike her– obviously, that’s the reason. And I know that everything changed once you found out you’re mother and daughter. But everything didn’t change for willow.

No, I get it, and I’ve given willow more than good reason to be untrusting of me. But drew, for the first time, my daughter asked something of me.

Really? What’s that?

She wants me to stop fighting with carly, and I want to give it to her. But I don’t know how to do it. If we–if we could just start fresh–

nina, you’ve got to accept that’s– that’s just not an option.

Peace is what I’ve always wanted, but I appreciate you meeting me halfway.

Yeah, well, give willow credit.

No. It takes strength from you too. I mean, you know, I shouldn’t be surprised that you stepped up for the greater good. I mean, that’s why you gave her avery back at the end, because you didn’t want to tear the family apart.

So we have an understanding?

When it comes to you, your sisters, and your kids, yeah. What about when it comes to nina?

[Somber music]

Please talk to me.

I don’t know what to say.

Anything. Whatever you’re feeling.

Well, I feel conflicted.


I mean, am I ready to– to give up all of my life to be with you? Am I ready to say that?

I’d be worried if you were.

But I like you…a lot.

I like you too.

I like what we have. And I want to figure out where it could go. I don’t want this to be over, and I don’t want you to leave. But I really don’t want you to die. And I really don’t want you to spend the rest of your life in prison.

Both of which are now possibilities if I stay in port charles.

So yeah, I understand, conceptually.

You’re ready to go, and you probably should. But, um, the thought of losing you… hurts my heart, and it makes me very scared and anxious.

I don’t want to lose you either.


[Dance music playing]

Looks like scott’s gonna be cody’s lawyer.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

For all his faults, scott’s a decent defense attorney.

Does that mean you want cody to beat the charges?

[Phone ringing]

It’s the department.

I’ll give holly your regrets.

Chief scorpio.

I won’t steal from sasha.

Didn’t you already cross that line when you sold me your son’s garage?

Exactly–sold. I didn’t give it away.

You and I both know I hardly paid market price.

I can’t do that to her again.

Then it would appear you and I have a problem.

The only thing we can prove is that the necklace belonged to taub. There’s no evidence that he gave it to dominique outright.

Yeah, but either way, the money is yours and your sister, serena, that you’re gonna share with her, right?

Yeah. No, absolutely. Where do we start?

Okay. Come by my office tomorrow, and I’ll have an affidavit for you to sign, testifying that you are taub and dominique’s son.

[Tense music]



“Face of deception returns to h&h–meltdown part two? Stay tuned, #home&heart.” Home & heart is implying that sasha’s gonna have a meltdown tonight on the air to get people to watch.

That is despicable. I refuse to be part of a disgusting sales grab.

[Laughs] Oh, haven and her producers better buckle up, ’cause I’m about to lift off.

Lucy. Lucy, don’T. Let it go.

Sasha, you can’t be okay with this.


The more people watching, the better for the deceptor debut. It’s free publicity.

But it’s exploiting your mental health. Okay, you know what? Haven is obviously trying to rattle you. Why else would I be here, you know? I say we just call the whole thing off.

No. Haven is betting against me. Time to show her she’s making a huge mistake.

Nina’s part of my life, and she’s not going anywhere.

I understand that. I even respect that. But I need you to respect the fact that it’s up to willow to decide what kind of relationship, if any, she wants to have with nina.

That’s fair.

Can you–can you get her to back off, help her to understand that willow, you know, she’s fighting for her life?

Nobody knows that better than nina.

I know. I’m just–I’m asking you to stop her from pressuring willow.

I can’t tell nina how to deal with her own daughter any more than I want anybody to tell me how to deal with mine. I got to give her that courtesy.

Okay. Well, then, can you promise me not to advocate for nina, not to pressure willow or me?

You feel pressured?

Not openly. You’re too smart for that. We both know you’re very good at getting what you want.

I agree to let nina and willow figure out their relationship on their own. Can you do the same?

I can live with that.

Okay. I should get back to gh.

Hey, listen. If… willow needs anything, and I mean anything, I’m here.

Okay. Thank you.

I’ll see you at the hospital tomorrow. And I just want you to know that we’re gonna keep our distance. But we don’t want to be kept from our family.

Are you saying that carly will never forgive me?

No, I’m saying that you can’t erase the past or wish it away. A quick fix just doesn’t exist in this case. And to assume it does sabotages the future that you say that you want.

Drew, listen, I do want it.

Okay. All right. Great. So are you willing to work for it?

Whatever it takes.

So you gotta be honest, nina. You gotta be honest with yourself– I mean really honest. And with everybody else, you have to acknowledge your mistakes. And then maybe, maybe willow will find a place for you in her life.


[Somber music]


Stay, and we’ll figure something out.

Even if it means I continue working for sonny?

Yeah, for now. Together, we’ll come up with a solution, okay? Just don’t give up on us.



I cannot imagine never seeing you again. I’ll stay.

We’ll think of something, I promise.

All right. Is an affidavit really necessary?

Yes, it’s just very important that we establish that you’re leopold taub’s son. Do you understand?

No, no, no. This is horrible.

Felicia, what’s wrong?

Sasha is on home & heart tonight, and they’re promoting it by suggesting she’s going to have another breakdown.

Okay, I have to go.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute, you. You’re still on board, right?

Yeah, sure. Yeah, I’ll call you tomorrow.

[Sighs] How am I supposed to get that much money together so quickly? It’s impossible.

There might be another way for you to repay your debt.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Tense music]

Hey, you– you sure about this? We can bail at any time.

I am sure.

All right. They’re coming.

Everything set?

We’re a go.

Great. Flora, darling, what a lovely surprise.

Is it, though?

Whatever do you mean?

You know exactly what I mean, you little how–

live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Action.

[Soft music]

Welcome back to home & heart, everyone. I’m your host, haven de havilland. And tonight, I have two very special guests, flora gardens and sasha gilmore.

Thank you for having me, haven. Your viewers are in for a treat.

Oh, I hope so.

Robert, I just got off a long flight. I am very tired. It would be great if you weren’t here.


Or you could just help yourself to a glass of wine, I suppose.

[Wine pouring]

Oh, valentin, I see you made it out in one piece.

Yeah, thanks to the lovely anna.

Yeah, I heard– heard all about the heroics. Ah. Dashing into the chamber of death to save your sorry carcass again.

Yeah, we–we take turns. Sometimes she saves me. Sometimes I save her. Sometimes we get trapped together. We like to mix it up.

Next time, try doing it by yourself, and leave her out of it.

I chose to go on the rescue mission, robert. I chose to do that.

Much fun as this is, I’m gonna go put the pasta on.

I like mine al dente.

I have no idea why I would need to know that.

You need to stop. Because I know what you’re going to say.

Good. Then let’s say it together. Anna devane, what were you thinking?

Michael, I’m gonna light a candle for willow.

Okay. Willow will appreciate that. And I do too. See you tomorrow.

Yeah, tomorrow.

[Somber music]

So, sasha, this is your first television appearance since last year.

It is.

How are you holding up?

I am fantastic. And I am thrilled to introduce deception’s newest product, the deceptor.

Ooh. I’m still using my deception products, and I just love them.

I am so happy to hear that.

But it must have been a very trying year for you.

And now meet the deceptor wand.

Ooh! What does it do?

I am so happy you asked. The deceptor will help any woman of any age look her absolute best.

Oh. Well, we could all use that, am I right, ladies?



[Tense music]

[Baby crying]

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