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Auntie, if you just give me a chance to explain. Okay. I guess I don’t get a chance to explain. She hung up. Are you sharp? Means she’s embraced. Maybe the call got dropped. She told me there’s nothing else to talk about, and she hung up. So she called to tell you there’s nothing to talk about. No, she called to fire me.

I can’t believe that Seth Burns had the nerve to fire you. He found it unprofessional of me to not show up for work and not call in what you were being held captive. Apparently I needed a note from my kidnapper. I have to say, I did feel kind of sorry for him though. He clearly was disappointed that I wasn’t dead.

Oh, what a little worm. You know, he is a little worm. That’s why he caved so quickly when Stephanie gave him a preview of the disaster PR campaign that he’d be facing. Ugh. There’s still no word from Steve, huh? Nope. What time is it in Greece? You know, it doesn’t matter. Years of experience has taught me that I am not gonna hear from Steve until he and Chad fight Kate.

I patch clearing. Are you amazing? As a parrot cream beer, you’re hilarious. Oh, and you’re in over your head. The penalty for boarding the ship will stop permission. That’s death, ready to wipe the plank.

Ball bastard. He fought hard and still ended up dead on that wall just like you’re going. Don’t.

So you don’t want immunity for your crimes? Oh, no, no. I do. Along with something else. And I need everything. And it’s precise place in order for me to achieve my goal. Please don’t tell me you’re going after that damn peacock again. No. What I’m after is of a much more personal nature. You see what I’m hoping, Chad?

Thank God you’re okay. I knew it. Yeah, you Thanks Are tad premature. You see Kate and I are on a date and you’re not invited.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Sorry, pal, but you’re not going anywhere. Sorry pal, but I don’t think you thought this one through. Now how are you gonna kill me without hitting Kate here as well? And I doubt you’re a very good shot, Mr. Damara. Oh, so you remember me? Of course I do. You’re yet another one of Stefano Dara’s bastard children.

Oh, I prefer love child. Mm. Well you certainly have his arrogance, but none of his cunning. You see, he wildly overplayed your cards by bursting in that door right there, brandish your little cap pistol. You if guaranteed that neither one of you are. Getting off of this boat a lie.

I don’t suppose we can talk about this. You can talk to the boss now. Drop the gun, start walking. Keep your hands up.

You’re kind of dumb, aren’t you? And you’re going to be kind of dead. Hey, listen, if I were you, I wouldn’t be making pirate jokes. I’d be asking myself, where’d this dude come from? Hmm? You think I just made a wrong turn in the middle of the agenda? Now listen man, this boat that you’re defending, it’s part of a global search, and the fact that I’m on board means that global search was a success.

The Isa Interpol. Fbi, they all know where I am. Q E D. They know where you are, which means you don’t have a rat’s ass chance of getting away, and you don’t have a rat ass chance of staying alive. Hey, hey, I’m an ISSA agent. You know what happens if you kill an ISSA agent? Huh? The entire agency is devoted.

To making new pay. And when they get you, which they will, they’ll put you in the deepest, darkest hole you’ve ever seen. It’ll make Guantanamo Bay look like a vacation paradise. If you kill me, they will hurt you so bad, you’ll be begging them to kill you.

I love Maggie, but she should have given you a chance to explain why she was right. I blew the deal. Alex, you did not blow the deal. That guy, Yuri, he got cold feet, which may only be temporary. He said he was gonna sleep on it. Remember Alex? You didn’t hear her voice stuff. She wasn’t angry. She was just sad.

You don’t know what she has put up with from me. And I moved in with her and Uncle Vic and I moved into her home and I treated it like a frat house. I was arrogant and I was rude. And Auntie Maggie was Auntie Maggie. You know, she’s just always seeing the good in everybody. When I made it damn near impossible, what she thinks of me.

It’s one of the main reasons why I’m trying to change. It just kills me to let her down. I don’t think you did. Look, I was in that meeting. You were doing everything you could to save the deal. Steph, you said it yourself. I’m not authorized to change the terms of the agreement. I beg this woman to put me in charge.

I swore I would tell the lion and then as soon as she does, I disobey her direct orders. Okay. Because, because. You are blindsided by Yuri’s misgivings and, and you were just trying to be open-minded.

Look, I got Seth Burns to unfi my mom. I’m gonna call Maggie right now and work the same magic with her.

You would think after all these years, I would be used to not hearing from Steve. Right. Well, could you call Michaels, Roman said he was helping with the search. I think he would be about as impossible to get ahold of. How is Roman doing?

The way Roman always is, his facade does not crack. I mean, he has been through so much. He was scattering Kate’s ashes in Ireland, and then soon after that he finds out that she’s alive. Alive but in danger. And then he finds out that bow’s alive, but he is not the bow. We remember he is a bow who kidnaps people and now he’s in a coma.

And now he’s in a coma. Kayla, I am really worried about Sean. He did what he had to do. He thought Bo was gonna shoot his mother. Oh God, come on. He’s Irish. Guilt trump’s reality. If Bo doesn’t make it, Sean is gonna spend the rest of his life blaming himself. For killing his own dad.

You okay? Stupid question, but for real. What’s going on? Look, I just, I done seeing my dad. Any change? No. He’s still in a coma and nothing that indicates that he’s ever gonna come out of it. Well, you know what I mean? Come on. We just gotta keep faith. Hook a positive outlook at it at a decade of rosary.

He’s not gonna change anything. Listen, I shot my father and now my mother is. Your mother needs you. Your mother needs you, Sean. Alright, so you know what? Let’s go take a walk around the block, get some air. A walk is not gonna help either. Nothing’s gonna change the fact that Victor was right, right above what that this is my fault.

Well, agent Graham, it appears we’re at a standoff. The name is my Moisher. Dimitri of UN there. Well mine here, it really doesn’t matter what your name is, we’re still at a standoff. So in an order to ratchet down tension, I’m gonna take this gun and I’m gonna set it on this table here.

So how do we resolve this? But you just did, you put your gun down and now I shoot you. I know that’s, it’s true. You, you could, but you wouldn’t profit much from that, would you? Do you have any idea how much those other Dera bastards would pay for my safe return? Oh, that is certainly something to consider.

And, uh, upon further reflection, no, I think I’d just still like to kill you both.

Second time, I’ll take my chances with the isa.

Uh oh. That sounded like a gunshot to me. You don’t think I was stupid enough to come here alone? Do you, so you have a host of Eyes Agents, a Black Patch investigator, and the Navy Seal, the Messers Johnson and Michaels, right? Yes. We have been expecting you. And that’s why everyone on this ship is armed to the teeth and has standing orders to shoot, to kill.

I got another one out in the corridor. I had the situation under control. Yeah, sure. I, I could tell. Did you have to fire your weapon and let everyone on board know that we’re here? Don’t feel like you gotta thank me for just saving your ass.

Thank you. Let’s go find.

Talk Don Maggie. I did and I told her that I was in the room for the meeting and, and, and said that if I was in the room and I didn’t keep you in line, that Titan might be in the market for a new PR firm. You called to talk her outta firing me and she threatened to fire you. It’ll all be fine, at least for me.

But Alex, I’m so sorry. I don’t think she’s gonna give you your job back at least anytime soon. She seemed pretty upset.

There must be something else that we can do There is we can get drunk,

and that’s the problem. Nobody blames Sean. I mean, how could they give in all the things that Bo had done? Sean thought that Bo shot Kate, so when he saw him holding the gun, he thought his mom was next. Of course, that’s justified, but Sean just doesn’t see it that way and there’s no reasoning with him. So unfortunately, reasoning with a Brady doesn’t catch you very far.

He just sounds so bleak.

Take it from me, somebody who has been there so many times at home waiting for noose. You have to just hold on to the fact that hope is there for him and so is Roman. And they are gonna see him through this. I know, but they’re so concerned about Bo. No. You know what? Hope may be worrying about Bo, but she’s never gonna lose track of Sean.

She’s not. So we just have to try to hang in there. I mean, what choice do we have?

Whoa. Fuck. Let me get this straight. Victor blamed you. The man who’s broken every damn law and commandment that ever existed is blaming you for trying to save your mother’s life. Who in the hell is he to pass judgment? Uncle Roman. Eddie. You know mom or here? She’s Jeremy new one, but she’s not. I am. So I guess the privilege is all mine.

No, no, no. Go Roman. No, don’t. Please. It’s bad enough in there. My mom and Sierra, they can barely keep it together as it is. What pompous as he can’t just get away with it. He’s, he’s not getting away with anything. He’s telling the truth. I’m the one that fired the shot. You thought your dead was gonna kill your mom.

Yeah, but I was wrong. Okay. He wasn’t, it’s not like I just shot him in the, the leg and I like, I just disarm him or something and he.

He’s just lying in there. He’s lying in that bed and he may never, he may never come out of it. He’s gone, come on, come here.

That’s my father in there, and I missed him so much. He’s a good man and he kidnapped Kayla and we thought he killed Kate. Yep, but he didn’t. That right there, that just proves it, proves that I made the wrong call.

This your handy work. It’s been a busy night.

I am sure you both have spaces reserved in the der crypt, but you’re just gonna have to settle for burial. Let’s see,

the calvary has finally arrived. Make yourselves at home. Too bad I still have a gun point in the head of the woman

you wanted to dance with me dear. Good dance move.

Thank God you’re okay. Oh, thanks to you. Okay. I already radioed this, uh, coast Guard. Come pick up this clown. And you are? Uh, this is Commander Michaels. Wow. Nice to meet you, commander. You have a perfect sense of timing. Hello Steve. How are things? Getting a whole lot better. Kate, how about with you? Same.

Thanks. Well, I’ll stay here and babysit this guy while you two get Kate back to the mainland. I’m sure you’re looking forward to getting off this boat as soon as possible. Well, I am not going to argue with that and as soon as we are on dry land, drinks are on me.

I don’t think I like becoming a better person. Ready, ready to backslide already. Maybe.

I just feel bad about everything bad that Uncle Vic and Auntie Mag don’t trust me bad. That now I’m letting her down as she’s taking care of Uncle Vic. Bad that she has to worry about tightening and Uncle Victor and I, worst of all, worst of all, I feel bad that now you’re in trouble with Maggie too. I just feel bad for messing up everything.

For everybody. I hate feeling bad. Not many people like it. You know, things were so much more simple when I was just shallow and self-absorbed. Really, and you were so good at it. Yeah. Until I met you. You really screwed me up Johnson. Right outta nowhere. You blew me right off course I did. You did.

You know, one of the things I’m working on right now with Dr. Evans is, uh,

It’s giving up meaningless sex. Okay? The thing is, before I met you, I didn’t know I was having meaningless sex. Uh, I thought it was great, not meaningless. Then I saw the way that you looked at me. I started looking at myself the same way. I’m sorry. I guess don’t be really, it’s not your faulty ride on my league.

The thing is, for a moment there, I really thought I had a shot with you, but then I blew it. It’s like I blow everything.

Wait, wait. I can’t leave until I get my ring. Wait, what? Wait, wait, wait. Where did you, where did you leave it? No, I didn’t. I didn’t leave it anywhere. Where? Dimitri’s goon. He took it from me and he kept it. Okay. He’s a, he’s a big guy with a shaved head. The goatee. What are you talking about? We have to get outta here.

No, I’m not leaving without that rape. Roman gave it to me. I saw that guy. I know Justin, where to find him. Okay, let’s go.

I don’t know. EJ offered me the Dira jet to take to Greece and I said no, because I’m working this court case, but maybe I could get a postponement, but, but, Even if I was there, even if I was right by Sean’s side, he would keep you a million miles away from his feelings. I know I have two brothers and a husband who are very similar.

Oh, I know you do. Cut Kayla. I just. I feel so helpless. I can relate all too well. Listen to me, sweetie. Sean just needs some time to heal and when he is gotten some perspective on all this, he’s gonna open up to you and then you’re not gonna feel helpless anymore because he’s gonna need you so much. And I know you, you’ll give him a hundred percent.

Any news on, uh, okay. Uh, Steven, Chad, or, uh, trying to chuck it out along with Harris Michaels. You still don’t trust him? Well, I’m just not sure, but, uh, Andrew thinks he can help. Well, I mean, he did save Chad and Stephanie from Thomas Banks, and I wish there was something that, that I could do, but I’m probably wouldn’t be any help.

Yes, you would, Sean. Yes, you would. But your place is here with your mom and your dad. When your dad wakes up, he’s gonna tell you the same damn thing I’m gonna tell you right now. Okay? You made an impossible choice to protect someone you love. That is exactly what your dad would’ve done.

Now you think he can go back in and see?

I hope they find Kate soon.

He was right here looking for me.

It’s okay. Harris took his gun. It’s not okay. I have a spare.

So Commander Michaels, do you think you finally redeemed yourself? How much does this cost anyway? Do you assume? That your heroic acts this evening have in some way atoned for all of the sins you’ve committed, both before and after being under the influence of Meghan Hathaway.

I knew we should have gagged you. Do you really think that this one tiny good deed has in some way outweighed all of the bad? Wait, is that why you want to stay behind and be the one to personally hand me over to the isa?

Maybe I just wanted to see the look on your face when they drag you out kicking and screaming to one of those black sites.

Do you really think that’s gonna happen?

Oh, it’s getting late and it’s even later in Greece. You know what? Why don’t you give him a call? I mean, he may not answer, but he’ll know you’re thinking of him. Yeah, I will. Thank you for listening. I will pray for Steve and Chad to bring Kit Home. Safe and sound. Yeah.

Look Alex. I know, I know You’re with Chad now and hasn’t evolved. Newly woke man. I respect it. What a not shallow thing to say. Mm. And just to be clear, I said I respect it, but I still hate it. One step at a time. Mm. You know, sometimes, just like right now, it’s really hard to see the point in changing. Well, you don’t get what you want anyway.

And uh, yeah, I was a great stud. I’m a D minus Nice guy. Wow. You get an A for effort. Oh yeah. Right. Thank you. No, seriously what you’re doing. Therapy. Trying to change that takes a lot of courage. I’m talking to Dr. Evans about my childhood isn’t exactly charging into a burning building. I actually think charging into a burning building would be easier for you.

Hmm. Look, this has been a bad day, but it’s just one day. The stuff with Maggie, it’s just a temporary setback. I mean, how many CEOs has Victor gone through? Hmm. Sunny Grady, Phillip, uh, it’s not exactly a tenanted position. No, but at the end of the day, it’s just a job therapy. That is a very big deal. So don’t give up after just one bad day.

I mean, look, you’ve only just started and. Already this version of you. Wow. I think it’s way better than the last one. Alex Kiya is 2.0. Mm-hmm. Yeah. How about another drink? Sure. First, I need to run to the ladies’ room. All right. Go to some appetizers. All this self-awareness talk. It’s making me hungry.

Hey, what’s up Chad? It’s Alex.

Why are you answering Stephanie’s phone?

What are you doing here? I’m looking for you, dude. You’re hurt. Kate, did you find her? What happened?

They found me.

Hey Sean, it’s me. Um, I just wanted to tell you, us thinking about you and give me a call whenever. I mean it whenever. I love you,

Stephanie’s in the ladies’ room. I knew she wouldn’t wanna miss your call, so I picked up. Thank you. We had a client meeting at the bistro. We’re just finishing up right now, but she’s really worried about you, man. Everything okay over there? Oh, you know what? She’s coming back right now. Hang on a second.

It’s Chad. I picked up only because I didn’t want you to miss it. Chad, are you all right? Y Yeah, I’m fine. Hang on. Call me tomorrow. I will. And thank you for being in my corner today. Run the world to me. Hey, I’m back drinks with Alex uh, Titan Business. Tell me what’s going on. Do you have any news? Uh, yeah.

Um, You, uh, your dad and I and, and, um, and Michael’s. We, uh, we found Kate. She’s, uh, she’s okay. Everything’s fine. Oh my God, that’s wonderful. And the best thing is, is she’s still Kate feisty as hell. Resilient. I’ll, uh, I’ll tell you the whole story when I get back, but, um, Steph, Look. First of all, he’s fine. My dad, I’m telling you, he’s fine.

And he, and he’s gonna call you as soon as he talks to your mom. But what happened? Well, he got shot in the arm. Um, oh. It just grazed him. The hospital already released him. Uh, I promise you he’s, he’s fine.

I believe you. Does this mean that you’re all coming home now? Well, I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m on the first flight back to Salem. You got shot? Yeah, baby. But I promise you it’s just a scratch and lemme tell you something, it was worth it. You should have seen the look on Roman’s face when he saw Kate.

So she’s okay. Well she’s with Roman now. I think she’s a lot better than Okay. So you’ll tell everyone that I’ll call them in the morning, right? It no, Austin, I’m, I’m fine. I really am. I’m just exhausted. Yes, yes, I will. I love you.

So he is going to tell everyone for me. He also said to tell you that he’s very happy for you.

I miss your shoulder. Oh, you’re sure you’re fine. Yes, I’m fine. The doctor said All I need is rest.

You know, the whole time, the whole time that I was there, I wasn’t afraid of vegan and I wasn’t afraid of Dimitri. Well, you really should have been. But I was absolutely terrified of losing you. Well. You’ll never have to worry about that again because I am never gonna let you out of my sight again, ever.

So here’s what’s gonna happen. When the ISA gets here. They’re gonna take you for a little ride and dump your ass in a black hole somewhere where nobody has to look at your stupid face or listen to your crappy American accent ever again. When Stephen Chad took Kate outta here, you lost your leverage. A hostage situation only works when there actually is a hostage.

No, that’s true.

The thing is, Kate Brady wasn’t my only hostage.

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