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[Knocking on door] – You said it was urgent. I cleared my calendar. – Thank you. – So what sort of charges might be pending against you? – Uh, it’s not me. It’s carly. – Ah. – Yeah. I want to know what the sec has against carly. – Yeah. Well, that is privileged information. And as such, I cannot disclose it to a third party. – Diane, since when am I a third party? – Since your divorce. You are no longer entitled to or protected by spousal privilege.

[Dramatic music] – Hey. – Hey. You wanted to see me? – Yeah. I know I’m putting you on the spot. But do you have any information or any details about the sec’s case against me? – Carly, I don’t– – oh, wait. I already know everything about your dad, so there’s no reason to waste your time. – What about my dad? – Look, the feds were prepared to hold me for 24 hours. The only reason I was allowed to go home was because of sonny.

– Sam. – Nina. – Hi. – Did you come to check in with michael? – Yeah, I wanted to see if he or willow needed anything. – That’s very kind of you. – Hey, sam, i was just wondering if I could talk to you for just one second. I– – yeah, sure. What’s up? – I was hoping you could tell me about… my daughter’s wedding.

[Gentle music]

[Machine beeping] – [Sighs] – What are you so happy about? – Well, being married to you has a lot to do with it. – Good answer. – And the fact that drew and liesl are on their way back, and you’re gonna get your bone marrow transplant. You’re gonna live, willow. – Say it again. – You’re gonna live.

[Knocking on door]

[Somber music]

– What’s wrong? – They can’t find spencer.

[Wind blowing] – The wsb doesn’t mess around, huh? It feels like they got this place set up in seconds.

[Sighs] Don’t worry, ace. They’re gonna find your big brother. They have to. Any word on spencer?

[Dramatic music]

This is where you get to say “I told you so.” – What, me? No, no, never. – What you never did was give up hope or stop believing we’d get a miracle. And it worked. Our miracle’s on its way. – Now you’re the miracle, willow. And you fought so hard to hold on. And now we get to spend the rest of our lives together. Actually, a fact that we get to properly celebrate in paris. – Paris? – Yeah. Remember? Before the whole nightmare began, we were planning a trip to paris. – I couldn’t find my passport. That’s what started the search for my birth certificate in the first place. Wow. It feels like a lifetime ago. – So when you’ve recovered from your transplant and you’re up for travel, our first stop will be paris. – How is that french coming along? As I recall, you were working pretty hard on it. – Oui, oui, mademoiselle. – [Laughs] So you’re in the exact same spot? – Pretty much. Yeah. – [Laughs]

[Sighs] You and me in the city of lights. I can just picture it. – Well, even better, we’re gonna live it.

– So I guess we’re done. – You know what, diane? You have been my and carly’s lawyer through two divorces and one remarriage. – And? – Don’t you think it’s a little too late to be a stickler for rules? – Sonny, I was born a stickler. It’s the knowledge of those rules and the adherence to them that gives me the power to maneuver within the legal system. – You can maneuver all you want. I just want to know what carly is up against, and how do we get her out of it. – Can I ask you a question? – Shoot. – Why do you care? – Why do you think my dad is the one who got you released? – Because the sec wants drew’s location. And he’s magically located on a flight manifest from san diego to hawaii? – Yeah. Yeah. He was actually in greenland on that rescue mission. – Yeah. Well, someone sent the feds on a wild goose chase to buy drew more time. We both know it was sonny. – You were the officiant at the wedding. – I was. – So any details you feel comfortable sharing, I would love to hear them. – Well, sonny didn’t tell you about the ceremony? – Oh, yeah. He did. But you know how guys are. I asked him about the flowers and the dress, and he said they were nice.

[Chuckles] – Nice? Well, that’s–

[Laughs] That’s an understatement. – It’s what I was imagining. – You know, willow, she was a vision. – She was? – Yeah. Come here. Her dress was understated, but very elegant. – Yeah, just like her. – Just like her. And the bouquet of flowers was just beautiful. – What about the kids? – Oh, the kids.

[Chuckles] Wiley was the cutest ring bearer you would ever see. – So proud! – So proud. And–and avery and donna, they were the most amazing flower girls. And they had these flower crowns on their head. – Oh, donna loves a good crown. – Yeah. And the vows, they were… heartfelt. – Was it sad? – Sad? No, no. If anything, I would say that it was real. I think it was– it was hopeful. I mean, you’ve never seen two people more in love. And I would– I would think that michael and willow would both say that the wedding was perfect. Until, of course, the sec showed up and ruined it. – So spencer? – [Sighs] Trina called me from a wsb satellite phone. – From greenland? – Mm-hmm. – How was that connection? – About as good as you would imagine. We only talked for a minute, but she said everyone’s safe. But the haunted star exploded and they can’t find spencer. – Was he on board at the time of the explosion? – It’s unclear. They’re still searching for him. I could just hear it in her voice. I mean, she’s so terrified that he’s dead. – When a buddy’s missing, we don’t say out loud if we think they’re gone. It’s like a–a superstition. – Why? Because then it’ll make it true? But what if it is?

[Tense music] – I’m sorry, trina. There’s no sign of spencer. – I’ll be back. – Sit down. Let me tell you everything I know.

– How are you feeling? – I’m feeling better. Thank you. Say what you will about liesl, but she was able to outmaneuver my father and get me the cure. She saved my life. – Thank goodness. That’s–that’s amazing. Um, is there any update on the haunted star? – Wsb is searching the wreckage and all the nearby shoreline. Anna devane is in london meeting with the director, and senior officials, and a number of disgruntled diplomats who want to know of victor cassadine’s affiliation with the bureau. Curtis is being debriefed. And as soon as that’s finished, there’s a plane waiting to take us all home. – What? No! No, I’m not leaving without spencer! He’s still out there. I can feel it! – We’ve recovered a body from the wreckage.

Uh, look. Things have been strained between you and my father since even before your divorce, right? – Things have been strained since sonny came back from nixon falls. – Right. Ok. Let’s not re-litigate who did what to who and why. But bottom line is, you expected him, what, to step back and let you handle your own problems? – Something like that. Look, sonny doing what he did last night, you know, that just kind of showed me that sonny may be different in many respects. But at his core, he’s still the man he’s always been. – I–I heard carly had some trouble after the wedding. – Well, whoever decided to tip off the sec has the most heartless timing. – No, martin. I haven’t changed my mind. Just the opposite. I want you to go all out and expose drew and carly for engaging in insider trading.

Just make sure to keep my name out of it – at least the ceremony was over, and michael and willow were officially husband and wife by the time the feds showed up. – Was willow really upset? – Um, I mean, how could she not be? – Your most recent divorce, while legally straightforward, was… [Chuckles] Acrimonious, to put it mildly. – I’ll give you that. – When carly severed ties, she meant it. She waived her right to millions of dollars in shared assets. All she wanted, all she would accept, was her home and joint custody of donna. – You just answered your own question. – How so? – Carly and I share donna. She is donna’s mother. You think I’m gonna allow donna’s mother to go to prison? – So all this is being done for donna? – Yeah. – Well, then, I got to hand it to you. I’m very impressed, you know, considering the temptation. Because don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. Come on, sonny. If carly goes to prison, you now have sole custody of donna. Not only that, but you can share her with nina.

[Dramatic music]

[Monitor beeping] – Is there an eta on drew and liesl? – Um, they are still en route, but they will be here at some point today. Actually, in the meantime, though, how about we look at some potential accommodations in paris? So what do you think, how about a five-star hotel, where all of our needs are taken care of? Or we can do the whole authentic parisian route and rent an apartment. Let’s see. – Michael? – Yeah? – Do you still have the footage on there that incriminates your father? – I do. – But have you turned it over to the fbi? – No, not yet. – Good. I want you to delete it.

[Tense music] – [Sighs heavily] Oh, it’s not him. It’s not him. It’s not him. It’s not him.


It’s not him. It’s not spencer! He could still be alive!

I love nina. – That much is apparent. – And you know I’m thrilled that the– nina and my girls have a relationship. But for me to be thinking about that we’re gonna raise donna, that’s a nonstarter. – Because carly is not going to prison? – Well, that’s why you’re here, so we can strategize and figure out how we can ensure that. Are you done poking around in my personal life? – [Laughs] Ok. I can talk about carly’s case in the hypothetical. How’s that? – I’ll take it. – Ok. Hypothetically speaking, the sec is putting together a strong case against carly. – How strong? – It is my belief that the sec can prove insider trading. And all of that is to say that if the case goes to trial, carly will lose. – Well, the case can’t go to trial. Can it? – I really hate that my family’s divided. But I won’t pretend to be ok with sonny’s choices. I mean… – I–I–I get that. – Yeah. I mean, specifically the way he sided with nina, going after michael and willow– I know, I know. You don’t want to get into it, right? We don’t want to talk about that. – Look, everything went downhill pretty much from the visitation hearing, right? – Right, and then I didn’t tell willow that nina was her mother. And sonny got all upset about that. – Well, that’s understandable. Regardless of how you feel about nina, sonny cares about her. And if she’s hurting, then he’s gonna be hurting, too. – She’s hurting. Yeah, ok. Well, sonny and i are pretty far apart. But when I realized he was the one that helped me last night… I wasn’t really surprised. – Willow was worried sick about carly, but not only for michael’s sake. But willow and carly forged a relationship. Carly’s become a friend, a mentor. – Carly’s become the mother that willow has never had. – Willow, I went through a lot of trouble. And somebody in particular took a lot of risk to get this footage. – I understand. – I mean, this isn’t doctored. This isn’t a setup. It’s–it’s–you know, it’s proof that my father was involved in an illegal arms deal, a violation of federal laws. Why shouldn’t he be brought to justice? – Because it will hurt a lot of people you love, specifically your little sisters. – Yeah, I– I thought about that. – Have you, really? What will avery and donna do if their father is in prison, especially if carly’s there, too? Avery will have ava, but donna will have no one. – That’s not gonna happen. – You don’t know that. – But I– I will move heaven and earth to ensure that my mom does not go down to insider trading charges. Donna will not be alone, ok? Not for anything. If sonny’s in prison, my sisters are gonna be a lot safer. – You truly think they’re in danger? – Everybody in sonny’s orbit is.

[Sighs] And, yes, I know that my father, he does everything in his power to protect his family. And more often than not, he’s successful. But even if donna and avery are physically safe, eventually, they’re gonna find out that their father– – who they love. – Is breaking the law, and he’s doing things that they have to pretend they don’t– they don’t see or hear. – They’ll become complicit in sonny’s way of life. – Just like it was with morgan and I. And I don’t want that for my sisters. – Ok. Those are all valid points. – Ok. I’m sensing a but here. – But if you turn sonny in, donna and avery don’t only lose their father. They lose you, too.

[Tense music]

– I’ve known spencer for such a long time. And for most of that time, we were fighting.

[Chuckles] – About what? – Everything. He was… an entitled, spoiled kid who liked things his way. – No wonder you clashed. You were two of a kind. Kidding. – Excuse me? – Kidding. I’m kidding. – I will admit, I was indulged as a kid and I liked things my way. And I still do. But at my worst, I was maybe a seven. – Ok. And spencer? – Off the charts. – [Chuckles] But you liked him. – Yeah, I couldn’t help it. When spencer wasn’t spencer, he was… fun. He kept things entertaining. – I could see that. – I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that that funny, infuriating kid I grew up with could be gone.

[Somber music]

– I knew it. I knew it. Ok. I knew spencer was still alive. Can I tell you something about your big brother? He can be a real pain in the a–

[Laughs] Butt. But he’s definitely worth it.

My only wish for this christmas is to wake up and have these last few days just be a bad dream. – The past few years for me. I would change everything, except coming back to port charles, because then I wouldn’t have met you. I’d ask if you’re stalking me, except I’m happy to see you. – Here for me? – Always. And the only thing that I know for sure is that I want you in my life. – I mean, I don’t know who I am anymore! – I know who you are. You’re the sweetest, smartest, and bravest person who I know. Will you promise me that you’ll be careful? – Of course I will. – I can’t stand to lose you, too. – You can’t get rid of me if you try. Definitely.

[Tense music] – [Exhales sharply] I’m standing here, wondering what I’m supposed to say to you. A word of regret? Some wish that things could have been different between us? Nah, I don’t think so. You always told me that you watched over me from afar while I was young. I’m grateful– grateful you stayed away. I was a full-grown man by the time I learned I was your son, and I’m grateful– grateful I wasn’t raised by you. Victor, I’m grateful for the family name, which, as of today, is no longer yours. It’s mine. And I’ll make sure that it’s one that future generations of cassadines can be proud of. But mostly, I’m grateful I never have to think of you again, and that this is the last time I say… goodbye, father.

[Dramatic music]

– Tony and I have always come through for each other. – Even when you can’t stand each other. – It’s comforting to know that that hasn’t changed, that I can count on sonny if I need him. – It still boggles my mind. – Wait a minute. Wait, wait. Which part? – The whole thing! I mean, willow’s devotion to carly, even though carly withheld information that could have spared willow this entire ordeal– I mean, think about it. If carly would have told willow and I the truth, that we were mother and daughter, we could have started testing for donors when she was diagnosed with leukemia. And then my aunt liesl would have been identified as a match months ago. And, willow, she wouldn’t be on death’s door. – Ok. Listen, I understand that– that you see it that way, but willow doesn’T. I mean, in–in willow’s eyes, carly has been nothing but kind, and loving, and supportive. She accepts her just as she is. – And I haven’t? – From willow’s perspective, no. – I made mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes.

But I am still willow’s mother. – Sometimes knowing that, it makes things worse. – If you turn sonny in and he gets arrested, are you planning to hide your involvement? – No, no. I’m not a hypocrite. I’m gonna tell sonny and my family that I was responsible. Yeah. – That’s what I thought, and that’s exactly why you can’t do it. Because when sonny gets sent to prison, your siblings are going to blame you and hate you for it. All right, maybe not dante. He understands the complexity of the situation. But christina? – Yeah. Christina adores our dad. He can do no wrong, as far as she’s concerned. – And then avery and donna, all they’ll understand is that daddy’s gone and it’s your fault. At best, they’ll be conflicted and confused. And at worst, they’ll turn away from you. Michael, that can’t happen. Those little girls need you too much. Your whole family does. – At this point, no charges have been filed. No arrests have been made. Right? – Because the feds want to wait to move forward until they have had a chance to talk to drew. – Right, so there’s still an opportunity to make this go away. I’ll–I’ll–you know, I’ll put out some feelers and I’ll contact some and people and I’ll do whatever I’ve got to do. – You have contacts with the ability to suppress a federal case? – Well, it’s not a case yet. We’re still in the preliminary investigation stage. Right? – Ok. So you think that, you know, with just the right amount of pressure the feds will just say, forget it. We’ll make this go away. – It’s possible. – It’s not possible– – why? – Sonny, because it’s way too late for that! The feds were acting on a tip from a legitimate source. And now they have uncovered evidence to corroborate the allegations. You can’t walk that back. – You do if you discredit the source. – Well, of course, but we don’t know who the source is. – So let’s find out.

Look, whatever strings that sonny had to pull on my behalf, I don’t expect that from you. But if you have any information you can share, that would be great. – Well, I don’t have the sec’s notes or know what evidence they have, so I can’t say anything with certainty. – But if you had to guess? – Well, if I had to guess, they’re moving pretty fast. I’d say maybe they got a case. – Oh, man. All right, well, I guess I need to talk to diane and hope that she can beat this thing. – Well, you know, for the record, I– I hope she can, too. And if there’s anything I can do legally, I’d be happy to help. – Thanks. – When I found out that alexis was my mother, let’s just say it wasn’t welcomed news. – Oh, you and alexis, you didn’t get along? – No. No, not–not at all. In fact, I resented the implication that just because we were related, that I had to instantly love her. – Well, you love each other now. How did you get there? – Mm. Time. Shared experience. A lot of trial and error for alexis and me to form that mother-daughter bond. – Time might not be something that willow and i will ever have. – I bet you carly could help you with that. – We talked about this when I suggested you invite sonny to the wedding. – Yes, I remember. – And do you remember what you said? – Yeah, that donna and avery are more important than anything going on between me and my father. – Has that changed? – No. No, it hasn’t, just the opposite. I mean, can’t you see? I–I’m doing this for them, my sisters, to protect them. – And I can understand the argument that they’re better off without sonny, but you will never convince me that they’re better off without you. They count on you, michael. – Yeah. I–I’m not going anywhere. – Physically, maybe. But in order to lean on you, your sisters need to trust you. They need to know that you would never do anything to hurt them. – I wouldn’T. – And no matter how you look at it, sending their father away will hurt them. Not only that, it will draw a line in the sand that can never be erased by making donna and avery feel that by loving sonny, they’re betraying you. Don’t do that to them. Don’t make them choose between you and their father. – Sonny, you cannot compel the sec to reveal the source of their tip. – So this person screws over carly and drew and just gets off scott-free? – Ok. The bigger problem is the timeline and the corroborating evidence. Carly made a substantial purchase of aurora stock right before the proposed merger with elq. She drove the stock price up. And had the merger gone through, she would have made a fortune. – But it didn’t go through. – Doesn’t matter. Carly was in possession of privileged information, thanks to her personal relationship with drew. And that can be corroborated. And that is the textbook definition of insider trading. – I don’t see how it benefits the sec to take carly down. She lost a lot of money with the deal, and she’s not like a hedge fund manager or a corporate ceo. But drew is. – Thank you for listening. I know you don’t exactly have fond memories of spencer. – [Chuckles] We couldn’t stand each other. But I understand there’s a side of him that I didn’t get to see. – God, are we really talking about him in past tense? – Tell me about when he came back. – To port charles? – Yeah. – Oh, he was a real peach.

[Chuckles] No. He was… cynical and bitter, almost willfully shallow. He had put up this wall around him. Trina was able to break through it. – Brave girl. – Right? Trina saw another version of spencer. She gave him chance after chance. She believed in him, so much so that she followed him onto the haunted star. And now we’re here. She’s gonna be so devastated if he’s really gone. And I just can’t help thinking, why do I get to be the lucky one? – It’s time to go. – Where? – Mr. Ashford has been debriefed and is waiting on the plane. – We’ve been cleared to leave for port charles. – We can’t just take off without spencer! – [Sighs] Ms. Robinson, the odds that your friend– – we searched the wreckage. – Then search it again. – There are no survivors. There are just bodies waiting– – no. – To be identified. – No, you’re wrong. You’re wrong! Spencer’s alive. They have to keep looking for him! – Of course, the bureau will keep looking. – Good. Then we’ll wait. – Trina, you need to take ace back to his mother. Your loved ones are waiting for you as well. – I can’t leave. I can’t leave him. He made it. I would feel it if he didn’T. Spencer’s alive. – There’s nothing more to do here. It’s time to go home.

[Somber music]

Carly would never help me. – But have you ever asked? I mean, instead of constantly being on the defensive and going tit for tat over who’s more wrong, have you ever thought about just, like, stepping back and saying, “I’m sorry. I need your help”? I don’t know. It’s just my opinion, but good luck.

[Somber music]

– Are those sec guys still there? No, huh? Any idea where they went? All right. Thanks. Yeah. – Hello. – Hello. Mm. – Who were you talking to? – The other woman. – Oh. What? Aka, the station? – Yeah, I’m helping carly out with something. – That’s nice of you. – Yeah, it is nice. Well, I’m a nice guy. You know, I mean, her and my dad may be at odds. But family’s family, you know? – I love that. – I love you.

[Gentle music]

– You also need to consider your own children. Don’t you want wiley and amelia to grow up with donna and avery? – Of course I do. – Then don’t create a rift between them. I’m not asking you to forgive sonny or even make peace, but I grew up without a family, which makes me recognize how precious ours is. And I realize that might make me sound hypocritical, given my stance on nina– – no, the situations are completely different. – Nina and I have never had a relationship. Not a good one, anyway. Us being estranged doesn’t affect anyone. There’s no collateral damage. But with you and sonny, it affects everyone you love. And I truly believe that keeping our family whole is more important than bringing sonny to justice.

[Knocking on door] – I have good news. Drew cain and dr. Obrecht just landed and are on their way to gh. – Really? – Time to get you prepped for the first step of the transplant. – It’s time to save your life. – The feds are after drew. Carly’s the leverage. – Well, that would explain why they were so willing to release her last night, once they got a location on drew, who, let us not forget, is the ceo and major shareholder of aurora. You know, he’s the one who broke confidentiality. He’s the one who violated the sec rules when he told carly about the merger in the first place. – You think–you think they’re going to offer carly a– a deal to give up drew? – If they do, do you think she’ll take it? – One step at a time. First things first. Let’s wait to see if that deal is on the table. – Once again, sonny, I am representing carly, not you. – [Scoffs] Anything I do is in carly’s best interest. – I have to wonder. If the situation were reversed and you were the one facing federal charges, do you think carly would be doing all this for you? – No doubt. – Trina and I both took chances this year. Big ones. Trina fell for spencer. – And? – Oh, you’re gonna make me say it? – Oh, yes, ma’am. – Then I fell for you. – I think that makes me the lucky one. – I think that makes us both lucky. And once michael turns in the evidence that you got him against sonny, then he’ll be arrested. – We both know that’s not gonna happen overnight. And I doubt michael is thinking about anything except willow undergoing her transplant. – Well, I will wait as long as it takes. Because at the end of it, you’ll be free. And then we can finally figure out what we mean to each other out in the real world. – Oh, out in the wild? – Yeah. – [Laughs] – A chance that trina and spencer never will.

[Somber music]

– Huh? Spencer? Spencer! Spencer! – Oh! Oh.

[Uplifting music] – [Panting]

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