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Steffy: Hope, I know what I saw. You, caressing thomas’ hands, staring into his eyes, saying all the things that you were saying. You have feelings for him. Hope, tell me the truth. Now.

Thomas: There’s no way.

Ridge: No way what, thomas?

Waitress: Your brother said to give this to you.

[ Scoffs ]

Liam: Of course he did. Thank you.

Taylor: I called your office, and they said you would be here. May I join you?

Liam: I… hi. Yes. Yes. Uh, please, please sit. Hi. What’s up, taylor?

Taylor: I just wanted to speak to you. About… your wife and my son.

[ Liam chuckles ]

Liam: Uh, I feel like you might want to talk to me about hope and thomas working together.

Taylor: Oh, you are correct.

Liam: Ah.

Taylor: You’ve had a lot of strong objections.

Liam: I… I have. Yeah. But you already know what they are. I mean, I’m just– I’m concerned that thomas is gonna do what he’s already done–

Taylor: He won’T.

Liam: Okay. Listen–

Taylor: Thomas is not gonna cross any lines. And… I’m not just saying that because he’s my son. I’m saying that because I know he won’T. He’s not gonna throw away all the work he’s done and risk his career and family… for something that can never be.

Ridge: Something wrong?

Thomas: No, it’s just, um…

Ridge: Just talking to yourself.

Thomas: I was thinking out loud.

Ridge: Thinking out loud about what?

Thomas: This, uh, the sketch is just, like… there’s something off about it.

Ridge: Mm. That’s what it’s about?

Thomas: Yeah, I appreciate your concern. But, um…

Ridge: But what?

Thomas: You know what? Um… maybe it would be good to talk about it. And I don’t want to fall back into old patterns.

[ Clearing throat ] It’s– it’s about hope.

Steffy: My brother is doing everything he possibly can to redeem himself. Not only here at work, but with douglas. And the rest of the family.

Hope: No, I know. I– I know.

Steffy: Do you know that? Because what I just saw, was you flirting with thomas. And I know that sounds so crazy because thomas is the one we’re supposed to be worried about. Not you. Not sweet hope. Hope who never misbehaves. But you are now. Because I saw you flirting with my brother. When it comes to your hair, ingredients matter.

Liam: You’ve always had a lot of faith in thomas, haven’t you?

Taylor: Are you– are you saying I shouldn’t have?

Liam: No, I’m not saying that. I’M… what am I saying? I guess I just– I think he’s lucky to have a parent who believes in him as much as you do.

Taylor: I’m lucky to have thomas as a son. And yes, I do believe in him. But if he was playing as I–

Liam: Which, he’s done before.

Taylor: Yeah, he has. Boy, he was good at it, wasn’t he? And as good as he was at it, I am now better at spotting his tells. And he is– he is still making progress with them.

Liam: I mean, yeah, that’s good. That– that is good. That’s a good thing. But can we– elephant in the room? Taylor, you’re a psychiatrist. But in this context you’re not just a psychiatrist. You’re also thomas’ mother. So, how–

Taylor: How could i be unbiased?

Liam: Yes.

Taylor: That is– that is a fair question. You know, um, I wouldn’t be fighting so hard for thomas if I wasn’t absolutely certain he’d changed. You know, I– I have a lot more invested in thomas getting better than you do. He’s my son.

[ Stammering ] I just want the best for him. So– so being biased in this situation, it would be the worst possible thing for him. And for hope.

Ridge: So this is about hope. What about her?

Thomas: It’s about hope. It’s about, uh, hope for the future. And… have you seen the preorder numbers?

Ridge: I have not.

Thomas: Okay. Well. They came in.

Ridge: Okay.

Thomas: And… let me see. Here you go. They exceeded our expectations.

Ridge: Well, this is amazing. You should be really happy.

Thomas: Well, hope is ecstatic.

Ridge: And she should be happy too, because her line’s been struggling a little bit.

Thomas: Uh, well, you know, a lot has changed since then.

Ridge: Really? The only thing that’s changed is she has a new lead designer.

Thomas: Yeah. And I– I’m really lucky to be here.

Ridge: Luck has nothing to do with it. You did the work. You worked on yourself. You worked on your craft, and… here we are. Son, I am so proud of you.

Thomas: You should be proud of hope too.

Ridge: Okay. I’m so proud of her too. She did what she did to save her line. She did everything she had to.

Thomas: It’s– it’s not just that, though. It’s not just her doing what she had to. Like, she, she… after everything I did, she… was able to forgive me and that’S…

Ridge: That’s what she does. She gives second chances. It’s nice.

Thomas: It’s not just what someone does. This is… after everything I did, that’s a new level of forgiveness. And I, I don’t know. Look, I… me being back, it can affect her marriage with liam.

Ridge: I think they’re fine.

Thomas: Maybe they are, but liam doesn’t trust me. He doesn’t have any reason–

Ridge: What are you doing right now? What is this? You should be over the moon. You just showed me these numbers. You should be doing backflips. Instead, you’re standing here doing… this. What’s going on?

[ Thomas grunts ]

Hope: Misbehaving? Steffy, this– this is an overreaction. You are reading too much into what you saw.

Steffy: Am I? I want to believe that’s the case.

Hope: It is.

Steffy: I hope to god it is. I hope you’re being honest with me and yourself. Thomas has been acting like a gentleman. He has been behaving himself. He has not crossed any lines with you. He is making strides in his life.

Hope: I know that. I have seen the work that he has done. I believe that he is a changed man.

Steffy: Yeah, he’s been fighting those demons and he’s winning. Why can’t you be sensitive to that?

Hope: I am. I am proud of him, steffy.

Steffy: Really? Because what I just walked in on, what I just saw, was you laying it on thick. You flirting with my brother. Saying all the things that you were saying, looking into his eyes, and caressing his hands. You were flirting with him. Wow, I can’t even believe I am saying this. Are you actually turning into your mother? My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Thomas: Has anyone ever told you you worry too much?

Ridge: All the time. I’m not worried about you. Not anymore.

Thomas: Really? You mean that?

Ridge: Oh, I mean that. It’s who you are. You, you did it. You fixed whatever the problem was. And you’re back. You’re a great father to your son. Your skills are improving all the time. And I don’t know that I’ve said it, and I’m gonna say it again. I’m gonna keep repeating it. I am so proud of you.

Thomas: You know I’m actually kind of proud of me too.

Ridge: Good! You should be! Because you earned this.

[ Sighs ] All right. If you ever need anybody, I hope you know this. If you ever need to talk to someone about anything, I’m here. I’ll listen. And I will give advice. If you ask for it.

Thomas: I, I appreciate that. I, um, I’ll keep that in mind.

Ridge: So where is hope? I want to congratulate her too.

Thomas: She’s over in the design office.

Ridge: She has to be so impressed with you.

Thomas: Yeah. You know, dad, um… I– I’m glad that hope has brought herself to forgiving me and, and the rest of the family is moving in that direction, but… it means the world to me that you are willing to give me another chance, and– and forgive me. And… I promise, I know that I’ve– I’ve done some dark things in the past, but, um… I am never gonna become that person again. You have my word.

Liam: I do actually appreciate your concern for hope. I do.

Taylor: Well, I appreciate hope’s capacity for forgiveness. She didn’t have to allow thomas to come back to be her lead designer, but she did.

Liam: Yeah. But she also didn’t forget about all the things that he’s done in the past, like none of us have.

Taylor: No, but… she was willing to trust that thomas wouldn’t revert to his old ways. And he hasn’T.

Liam: Yet. That we know of. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t or couldn’T. And if that does happen–

Taylor: If that happens, hope is gonna put a stop to it, and thomas will be gone. And thomas knows that. He could lose everything, and– and everyone that he loves. His career, everything. He’s not gonna allow that.

Liam: What if it’s not up to him, taylor? What if– what if the impulse is just too strong? What if he literally cannot help himself?

Taylor: What if he can? Therapy is giving him incredible coping skills. He is– he is healing through the very things that cause the triggers. And now he’s able to spot them as soon as they come up. Come on, liam. That is huge. Can you not see that?

Liam: Here’s what I see. I see, and I mean this, that the people who love him, are invested in his growth. And that’s a good thing. It means you and ridge and steffy all have confidence in him. And that’s your job. But my job is to stay on guard.

Taylor: Okay. But remember, hope is smart. Give her some credit. And try to– just try to believe that I– I would never want hope and thomas working so closely together if I wasn’t absolutely certain that thomas… wasn’t that old thomas.

[ Liam chuckles ]

Liam: You sound like steffy, actually. She said the same thing to me. She’s been trying to drill into my head that… that I have nothing to worry about when it comes to her brother and hope.

[ Sardonic chuckle ]

Steffy: You’re really turning into your mom.

Hope: What? No. No, steffy. And I think you’re making way too much of this.

Steffy: I know what I saw.

Hope: We were excited about the numbers. We were celebrating. And we did get caught up in the moment, steffy. But I love liam. My family and my marriage mean everything to me. Please do not interfere with that.

Steffy: I’m not. But if you’re developing feelings for my brother, I’m gonna have an issue with this.

Hope: Steffy, can you please just try to listen to me and see it from my point of view? Thomas and i have been working really hard on this line together. We have been spending a lot of hours together. We also share a son together. But that is it. That is where it stops. Liam is my husband. And I love him and I am committed to him. (Buzz) morning!

Liam: Well, steffy is right. But then again, steffy is always right. And don’t you forget it.

[ Liam chuckles ] Come on, if you could just..

Liam: Have the kind of faith in your son that you do?

Taylor: Well, I– I would never expect you to do that. No.

[ Chuckles ] I’m just asking for… just a modicum of faith. You know? Thomas can’t– can’t change what he did. But he can change the way that he does things from now on, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. The efforts he’s making are real. And hope sees that every day, we all do. Present company excluded. So what do you say? Think you can give him just a little benefit of the doubt?

[ Liam groaning ]

Liam: I want to believe you, taylor, for all our sakes. Especially hope’S. She’S… she’s a good person, you know? She’s– she’s kind, and compassionate and sincere.

Taylor: And smart.

Liam: And smart. Yes.

Taylor: Yes. And she forgave thomas. But she also put very firm boundaries in place. You have nothing to worry about, liam.

Hope: Working with you this time around, it’s been amazing. I mean, it’s like we are in sync on everything. It’s been magical. And now, I mean, there’s no limit to where we can take hope for the future.

Steffy: I want to believe you, hope. I never questioned your love for liam.

Hope: Then don’t start now.

Steffy: I have spoken to him. You asked me to do that, remember? He loves you so much.

Hope: Steffy, I know that.

Steffy: He’s been concerned about you and thomas. He trusts you. He just doesn’t trust thomas. But I think you’re the one he needs to be concerned about.

Hope: No, steffy. I am completely devoted to liam.

Steffy: And he is completely devoted to you. Do you realize how lucky you are? Liam is completely supportive and understanding. But if he were to walk in on what I just did, he would have freaked out.

Hope: Steffy, please… please don’t say a word to liam.

[ Steffy scoffs ] He’s already sensitive enough about thomas and me working together, and I swear to you, there is nothing going on between the two of us.

Steffy: Do you miss it?

Hope: Miss what?

Steffy: His affection for you.

Hope: How could you even ask such a thing? No. No, steffy. I love my husband. I love my family. They mean everything to me. So, please… don’t overreact to a situation that you are misunderstanding. Please do not tell anyone about this. I swear to you. There is– there’s nothing going on.

Steffy: Okay. So you’re telling me the truth. You have no feelings for thomas. None at all.

Hope: No.

Steffy: Good. Because you can’t be leading him on. Reigniting his obsession with you. I’m serious, hope. Do not lead thomas on. Or undermine the progrs my brother has made. I’ll be watching you.

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