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Mariah: I am, a very nice time. Uh, but I was hoping that you could enlighten me.

Sharon: Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Mariah: So, I obviously know about harmony from Devon. Um, but this is the first time we’ve met. What I don’t understand is Ashley. She seems to be staring daggers at harmony every time she thinks somebody isn’t looking.

Sharon: Uh, good observation skills.

Mariah: It’s a gift.

Sharon: Back when tucker and Ashley were married, he and harmony had a moment.

Mariah: Got it, got it. So, harmony is not Ashley’s favorite person. Well, that certainly makes things interesting.


Devon: Yeah, I was just thinking about how almost everything in my life I have today because Neil was gracious enough all those years ago to welcome me into your family. And you and I are running a company right now that only exists because he was willing to create it with me. And I’ve never imagined being able to do enough in life to thank him or honor him properly. And I don’t know why it took me this long to think of doing this because it makes so much sense to me, but… I wanna take Neil’s last name and legally go by Devon Winters.

[Lily exhaling] Would you be okay with me doing something like that?

Harmony: That’s exactly how it should be.

Devon: Yeah? Malcolm, what do you think?

Malcolm: Hey. You know what he would say, right?

Devon: I think he’d say, “my man.”

Malcolm: My man. Devon, he would love this. Now, you know him. He’d try to keep it all cool on the outside when on the inside, he’d be a mess. You’re doing the right thing. Look at you. My boy is finally part of the family. You’re a Winters now and you’re my brother.

Devon: Thank you. Thank you, man.

Malcolm: Yeah.

Devon: Lily, do you approve of me doing this too?

[Lily chuckling]

Lily: Of course, I approve. I– I love this. I mean, what a beautiful way to honor dad. And you’re already my brother, in every way. Devon Winters. Devon and Lily Winters.

Devon: Sounds– sounds good.

Lily: Yeah

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