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Jack: That’s right. I’m going to have to liquidate some capital. I need a cashier’s check today. I know it’s a lot of money, Frank. Good. Let me know when it’s ready. Thanks.

Ashley: Hey, what’s that about?

Jack: I am in no mood to discuss that with you. Frankly, I am not interested in sharing any of the details of my personal conversations with you.

Ashley: If you want privacy, Jack, go someplace else. This is a common room. You never know who’s gonna hear what around here.

Jack: Boy, and who do we have to thank for that? This latest stunt of yours is reprehensible. That you would choose this time for your dirty little trick. Throwing Tucker in all of our faces. This is a new low, even for you.


Victoria: Okay. I’m listening.

Nate: I want to confirm that we’re putting aside the personal, for now, and focusing strictly on the business side. At least until I can figure out where my head is at.

Victoria: Yes. Yeah, I think that’s a good plan.

Nate: Really?

Victoria: I’M… I’m on board. We’ll focus strictly on work for now. I can only imagine how conflicted you must be. And I just want you to take time before you figure out what comes next.

Elena: So, this is what traveling on a business trip alone looks like.

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