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[ Mariah sighing ]

Sharon: Just what I needed. A visit from the world’s most perfect baby.

Mariah: I’m here too, by the way.

Sharon: Huh? What?

[ Mariah laughing ]

Mariah: You’re so hilarious. So funny.

Sharon: I’m just kidding. You are wonderful also.

Mariah: Ah, no. Well, aria is a lot more popular than I am these days. As she should be.

Sharon: Look at her sweet little face. She’s just an angel. Can I pick her up?

Mariah: I love you, but no. This angel wailed the whole car ride until she fell asleep. So, just give her a few minutes?

Sharon: No problem. I can wait. I think.

[ Chuckles ] Meantime, why don’t you fill me in? What’s been going on?

Mariah: I really, really wanna dish, but first I need coffee. Anything before caffeine is just gonna sound like gibberish.

Sharon: Okay. Wow. I hope you’re not pushing yourself too hard. Going back to work. You’re taking care of aria. That’s a lot to take on at once.

Mariah: Tessa has my back. And I’m only in the office like two days a week. I mean, I spend the entire time wishing I was with aria. But then she woke up three times last night, so.

Sharon: Sounds like a recipe for insomnia.

Mariah: Oh, sleep? Who needs sleep?

Sharon: Wait, am I sensing there might be something else going on?

[ Knocking ]

Daniel: Hey, am I interrupting?

Lily: No, not at all. What is this?

Daniel: Well, I thought you could use a little afternoon pick me up.

Lily: Thank you. It’s very sweet.

Daniel: Not totally selfless. I was actually hoping to talk to you about something. Do you have a minute?

Lily: Yeah, of course. What’s up?

[ Daniel sighing ]

Daniel: God, I don’t mean to keep leaning on you, but you’re kind of my go-to person when it comes to this.

Lily: Is it your mom? Did you have another nightmare or?

Daniel: Yeah, something like that. Only this one is happening in real life.

[ Summer sighing ]

Phyllis: Listen to me. You’re the only one who can know that I’m alive. I mean it. You’re the only one who can know what happened and what I need to do because of it from this moment forward.

[ Summer sighing ]

[ Footsteps ]

Jack: Diane.

Diane: Why do you keep doing this? I told you not to come here. Why don’t you listen to me?

Jack: Because I love you. Because the last time I was here, I left you with a question that you never answered.

Diane: It was a crazy question.

Jack: That is still not an answer. I’ll ask again. Will you marry me?

Diane: Before I go on trial for murder? Is there nothing I can do to drive you away?

Jack: No. No. Now is when you need me most. I’m not going anywhere.

Diane: So that’s why you’re here? To marry me right now? That’s not romance, jack. It’s denial. And it breaks my heart. My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

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Mariah: I was thrown by something that happened today. And I didn’t know how to handle it. And then I got embarrassed that I didn’t know how to handle it better and that’s kind of just how things go in my world sometimes. It’s really– it’s not a big deal.

Sharon: Well, it’s still on your mind. So, why don’t you just tell me? Was it something at work?

Mariah: No. No. Someone today asked me if aria was my first child and I didn’t really know how to respond.

Sharon: Because of dom.

Mariah: It really flustered me and I was just struggling with all of these different thoughts. And I didn’t wanna say, “yes, I’ve been pregnant before, but not with this baby and the one that I was pregnant with before has a different mom.” But I also didn’t wanna deny dom because that was such an important time in my life and I will always adore dom. But I mean, aria is my first child and I wanna tell the world how amazing she is.

Sharon: It’s complicated, for sure. And I think that I can relate to it because when people ask me how many children I have, I have to stop and think. And I’m sure that must look strange because people think, “lady, you don’t know how many kids you have?” But you know, it’s complicated for me too.

Mariah: Because your mind instantly goes to cassie.

Daniel: I’m not really sure where to start.

Lily: It’s okay. Just take your time.

Daniel: Yeah. Well, I feel like I need to be careful here ’cause I don’t really wanna betray summer’s trust.

Lily: So, it’s about summer.

Daniel: I had this strange conversation with her. I mean, I’m sure she’s probably already regretting most of what she said.

Lily: Okay. Well, look, I promise you that whatever is said here, it will not leave this room.

Daniel: Yeah. I mean, I know that.

[ Daniel laughing ] I trust you. It’s just difficult for me to talk about.

Lily: What happened?

Daniel: I ran into summer last night. She was a mess. You know, she was hanging out at the park all alone. I– I don’t know, you know, I’m having a tough time dealing with this, but summer is falling apart. She’s looking for answers that just aren’t there and because she can’t find them in real life, she’s making them up in her head. And it– I don’t know, scares me.

Chance: I didn’t mean to startle you. No, I don’t wanna intrude.

Summer: No, you’re not. I mean, it’s a public park, right? It’s open to anyone and plus, it’s named after your family, so you have more of a right to be here than anyone.

Chance: I don’t think that’s how it works.

Summer: I don’t mind the company. Can I ask you though, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be out looking for stark’s killer?

Chance: It’s not supposed to be public knowledge yet. Yeah, I guess word must be getting out that his death wasn’t an accident.

Summer: Hard to keep that kind of thing quiet.

Chance: Yeah. Well, I am just consulting on this case. His body was found in pheasant lake. It’s outside my jurisdiction.

Summer: You’ll know more about stark than anyone in that area. You know what a disgusting thug he was.

Chance: The guys over there, they’re good and his record speaks for itself.

Summer: So, you’re not here looking for clues or anything?

Chance: You know, that’s not really what detectives do. I don’t just pop up random places, whip out a magnifying glass like sherlock holmes.

Summer: From what I’ve seen, your method is usually to watch. The brooding look in your eye. It’s why I asked you to go to my mom’s memorial service because you watch. You analyze.

Chance: Yeah. Most of the time. Today, I just came up here to think through. Same as you, I imagine? Yeah. Yeah, I bet we have a lot of the same things weighing on our minds.

Jack: This is not denial. This is devotion. This is commitment. This is confidence. I would never spring an impromptu wedding on you.

[ Diane chuckling ] I mean, say the word. I’ll make it happen. I will marry you anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Diane: You know, I– I believe you.

Jack: Good. You should.

Diane: You’re impossible.

Jack: I am going to get you through this, diane.

Diane: How can you be so certain? How does that even make sense? I am stuck in here for god knows how long. And jack, you have a life to live.

Jack: You are my life. And here’s how we do it. You let me visit every day as long as they’ll let me. I am not going to let you go through this alone. If you need to shut down in order to survive, well, you’ll shut down right alongside of me.

Diane: Oh, damn you!

[ Diane groaning ]

Jack: Damn me? You won’t be pushing me away?

Diane: Jack, I’m sorry. I can’T. Because as good as this moment feels right now, nothing has changed. And I am– I am not going to drag you down alongside me or the rest of the family. You need to go.

Jack: Don’t do this, diane.

Diane: Guard, I’m ready to leave now.

Jack: There’s something else you need to hear.

Diane: Michael can tell me what it is.

Jack: Jeremy stark is dead. No two bodies are the same.

Daniel: I just hate seeing summer like that. And I tried talking her through her feelings, helping her to see reality. She just covered, told me that she got it, but I mean, I could tell she was still hanging onto that fantasy she’d created in her head.

Lily: Look, what matters is that you were there for her and maybe she needs more time.

Daniel: She’s just so angry. You know, I mean, I’m mad about what happened to mom too, but summer, she’s got some serious rage and it’s not helping her cope with the loss.

Lily: Well, I mean, there’s no right way to grieve or to help someone through it.

Daniel: Yeah. More than anything, I just want for my sister to be okay. But I don’t really know how that’s possible when I’m barely keeping my own head above water.

Lily: Well, look, I mean, you’re both in a lot of pain. You know, you need each other right now. You’re going through the same thing.

Daniel: We both want mom back so bad. We’re both seeing her in our dreams. And now summer is seeing her while she’s awake.

Lily: Look, the mind is a powerful thing. It makes sense that you would wanna try to undo her death somehow.

Daniel: Unfortunately, that’s not happening.

Lily: No, but it doesn’t stop the heart from wishing that it was.

Daniel: Can’t argue with that.

Lily: Look, I know from experience that losing someone is soul crushing. And it’s not gonna go away for a long time. So, you know, you and summer, as you’re working through this grief, you guys are gonna do and say more things that you regret.

Daniel: Well, I don’t regret anything that I’ve done so far. Most of all, reconnecting with you. I mean, I don’t know what I did to deserve you coming back into my life, but I– I hope you’re not having any regrets either.

Diane: Jeremy’s dead? How? When did this happen?

Jack: It happened a few days ago. I tried to tell you the last time.

Diane: How did he die?

Jack: It appears to be murder.

[ Diane exhaling ]

Diane: Do they know who killed him?

Jack: I think the police are looking into his criminal activities and I’m guessing that one or several of his colleagues had a grudge serious enough they wanted him dead.

Diane: Oh, I’m sure of it. I’ve met some of those people. They’re no one you would wanna mess with. But, you know, jeremy’s ego always made him feel like he was untouchable.

Jack: Well, he’s not going to be mourned. Certainly not in genoa city. How do you feel about that?

[ Diane exhaling ]

Diane: Well, I’m– I’m– I’m relieved that he’s no longer a threat to our family, but at the same time, this– this doesn’t exactly work in my favor.

Jack: Because like me, you think stark killed phyllis?

Diane: I know he did. Which makes his death a really bad thing for me. Now that jeremy’s gone, there’s no way to get a confession from him. The only person who could clear my name is now dead.

Summer: Do you have any ideas about who killed stark?

Chance: Summer, we don’t have to talk about that. I know it’s just gonna bring up memories of your mom and all these unanswered questions. I don’t wanna do that to you.

Summer: The memories I can handle. It’S… it’s the guilt that I can’t stand. I still feel like I owe my mom answers and apparently, there aren’t any.

Chance: Hey. The sheriff’s department that’s handling this investigation, they know what they’re doing, okay? And I will keep you updated as well. I’ll stay on top of this case.

Summer: Chance, is there anything that you can say about stark’s death? I mean, did he drown in that lake? Were there– were there wi– witnesses? Is there any other physical evidence?

Chance: Summer, is there anything else going on?

Summer: Other than my mom was murdered? Followed by her new husband being murdered? And the fact that the– those two things, they– they must be related.

Chance: I just got a feeling that there might be something else.

Summer: What else is there other than the fact that my mom is gone!

Chance: Summer. Hey, look at me. If you know something or if you’ve learned something new, you can tell me.

Summer: You’re the police. How could I know something that you don’t? We live our lives on our home’s fabrics.

Lily: Are you asking if I regret our night together?

Daniel: I thought I was being subtle.

[ Lily laughing ]

Lily: You weren’T. Did you hear regret in my voice that night?

Daniel: No. Maybe since.

Lily: Well, we haven’t talked about it since.

Daniel: I know. That’s what started me thinking–

Lily: Okay. Listen, let me be very clear. I don’t regret it. Clearly, it was something that we both wanted and needed. And I think, you know, we just thought that happened and we didn’t talk about it again.

Daniel: Okay. Yeah, no, great. I’m sorry that I forced the issue.

Lily: No, no, no. I’m actually glad you did. ‘Cause I do think that we moved on from it too quickly, especially after everything that we’ve been through.

[ Daniel chuckling ]

Daniel: Sure. I mean, you’re dealing with a loss too.

Lily: Well, I mean, look, I’m not comparing my breakup to your grief, you know. But yeah, I mean, it’s been– it’s been a lot.

Daniel: Yeah. You and billy are on the mend. I don’t think either one of us are really in a place of starting anything new right now. I don’t know. I think that we just shouldn’t put any unnecessary pressure on each other. There’s no need to label anything. And I think that the most important thing here is our friendship.

Lily: I agree. And I don’t wanna do anything to damage that.

Daniel: No. What we did the other night didn’t damage anything.

Lily: [ Laughing ] No, it was lovely.

Daniel: It was more than lovely.

Lily: [ Laughing ] I agree. So, are we good?

Daniel: Yeah, why wouldn’t we be good? Hm? Why are we even talking about this? Did I– I brought this–

Lily: Yeah, you brought it up.

Daniel: Yeah, I brought this up. Now I’m the idiot. You know, I’m gonna go. I’m gonna let you get back to work.

Lily: Okay. Well, thank you for the coffee. And I’ll check in with you later.

Daniel: Okay.

Lily: [ Laughing ] Bye.

Daniel: Bye.

Devon: Hey. Hey.

Daniel: Hey. I was just heading out.

Devon: All right, see ya.

Daniel: Yep.

Lily: Hi.

Devon: Hi. How is everything going in the omega sphere? Or do I even have to ask?

[ Lily sighing ]

Mariah: You always talk about cassie with so much love.

Sharon: She was such a shining light. Just like you. And I never wanna stop talking about her because it’s a way of keeping her spirit alive. But when a stranger or a new acquaintance asks about her, I have to weigh how much I wanna say. And there’s no way I can respond to that casually, but if I do say what happened to her, it can get awkward. Hearing about the loss of a child makes people uncomfortable.

Mariah: Well, if you ever want to talk to me about cassie, I would love to listen. You know, I think about her a lot too. I do. I wonder if we would’ve had our own language like twins sometimes do, or if we would’ve dressed alike or been the complete opposites.

Sharon: Probably the latter.

[ Both laughing ] Look, I’m not saying our situations are exactly the same. Yours is complex, but it has a happy ending.

Mariah: Yeah, that’s true. I mean, everybody’s happy and healthy. And I know when people are– are striking up conversations, they’re just trying to find a way to connect. Like, hey, we’re both moms. But I don’t know, it still catches me off guard.

Sharon: You know what, someday, someone is probably gonna say, “aria looks just like you or tessa.”

Mariah: Oh, my gosh! That has already happened. I mean, she has no hair and her eyes were closed. But hey, sure. Yeah, we look alike.

[ Both laughing ]

Diane: My last chance for freedom died with jeremy.

Jack: Wait, that is not necessarily true.

Diane: Forget. Forget getting a confession. They can’t even question him now. Now that jeremy’s gone, the only person they’re gonna come after is me.

Jack: Slow down. Look, chances of getting a confession out of jeremy stark was always slim to none. Now that they know it’s a murder investigation, they have to investigate. Here’s what we hope for. In the process of searching for his killer, they find proof that he was behind phyllis’s death.

Diane: Oh, my god. That’s an even longer shot than a confession. And I doubt that jeremy left behind any proof.

Jack: Oh, I’m not so sure about that. A guy as cocky as that is going to probably want a few mementos of his accomplishments.

Diane: Jack, I love how you always hold on to hope, but I need to be a realist. And right now, most of genoa city wants me to go away for this crime. I don’t have a strong defense. And the case against me is growing stronger every day.

Jack: Think of all you have already overcome. You came back to this town, you thought you would never see your son again. You thought your life was over. You can overcome this too. I will help you do that.

Chance: Okay. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply anything. I was just saying. If you come across anyone suspicious or threatening, you can come to me.

Summer: I haven’T… yet.

Chance: Okay. And I hope, you know, I’m not trying to put ideas in your head like kyle mentioned. I just wanna help.

Summer: Thank you. Look, I’m sorry for snapping at you. Kinda barely holding it together, in case you haven’t noticed. My brother thinks that I’m losing my mind. And you know what? Maybe– maybe he’s right.

Chance: No, you’re not. You’re in pain. You know, given how stressful all this is, maybe wandering around town alone isn’t the best idea right now.

Summer: Maybe for both of us.

Daniel: Hey. Summer, what are you doing here again? I used to pre-rinse dishes cause my old detergent

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Summer: I am fine. I just– I needed to get out of the house. I needed to get some air.

Daniel: Yeah. Two of you come here together?

Summer: It was a coincidence.

Chance: Yeah. This is our mutual thinking spot. I guess we all have that in common, huh? How you been, man? It’s been a minute.

Daniel: I’m– I’m doing okay.

Chance: I understand this is a rough time for both of you.

Summer: Yeah, we’re– we’re getting through it.

Chance: So what happened here before?

Summer: Nothing. It was just, it was a– a family thing. Chance, could I have a– some alone time with my brother?

Chance: Yeah. By all means. And don’t worry, we will find whoever’s responsible for stark’s death.

[ Daniel clearing his throat ]

Daniel: So, turns out that stark really was murdered. Just like you were talking about last night.

Summer: I didn’t say anything to chance about any of that or about how mom is alive. And you shouldn’t say a word either. Look, I’m doing a lot better now. I promise you. And you just forget I said any of that.

Diane: As much as I’d like to, it’s– it’s hard to find comfort in what you’re saying because the reality tells a different story.

Jack: So what’s the option? Giving up? That is not even a possibility. Oh. Looks like you have another visitor.

Diane: Well, it better not be a minister or justice of the peace.

Jack: Actually, he has been ordained and I think married a couple of people, but that’s not why he’s here.

[ Diane chuckling ]

Lily: Oh, who are you now? Leanna love?

Devon: No. I just picked up on a little something between you two. That’s all. Little– little vibe in the air.

Lily: A vibe in the air?

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: [ Laughing ] Okay. Well, anyway, omega sphere’s doing great, even though daniel’s still grieving, obviously. He and his team are on track. So, I think we’ll have a soft rollout platform by late may, early june.

Devon: That’s fantastic.

Lily: Yeah.

Devon: I have some work ideas I wanna talk to you about too.

Lily: Okay, good. I love that you could just pop in my office like this again.

Devon: I know, right? I miss being able to do that.

Lily: Are you easing in or do you feel a little overwhelmed by things?

Devon: I’m not overwhelmed. I’m playing a little bit of catch-up, but it’s not too bad. Things already feel better than they did before.

Lily: We’re gonna keep it that way.

Devon: I’m glad to hear you say that ’cause I have a plan that is already in motion.

Lily: Okay. Well, if you’re this excited, I can’t wait to hear.

Devon: I want us to christen the neil winters jazz lounge properly by throwing dad a party there tonight.

Lily: I love that.

Devon: Yeah?

Lily: Yeah, that’s a great idea. That’s exactly what we should do.

Devon: Good.

Chance: Did you get a chance to check out the jeremy stark report?

Christine: I did

Chance: And?

Christine: It’s still not our case, chance.

Chance: Look, I hear you. But he did not drown in that lake, christine. He was stabbed to death. He was wrapped in a damn shower curtain and moved after he was killed. So that means the murder could have taken place right here in genoa city.

Christine: It is possible. Or it could have happened anywhere else.

Chance: I hear you, but I have a gut feeling it was closer to home. I mean, come on. This is not a coincidence. Phyllis is poisoned, and then days later, her brand new husband washes ashore stabbed to death? No, I have to look into this. I have no choice.

Christine: I mean, even if jeremy stark had something to do with phyllis’s death, we can’t negate the evidence we already have. There was a plan to kill her with poison purchased by diane. So, even if stark was an accomplice, the case against diane is still airtight and I intend to try it. Diabetes can serve up a lot of questions,

Sharon: You don’t have to follow this advice, but I would just take each comment as it comes, you know, on a case-by-case basis, depending on who you’re talking to and your mood and how much you feel like sharing. There’s no reason why you have to make a decision about who you can or cannot talk to about your child’s life. People are gonna have the reactions, but that’s not your responsibility.

Mariah: Thank you.

Sharon: For what? For being the best.

Sharon: Oh! I don’t know. You know, I am sorry that I missed the early years of your life and that’s one of my biggest regrets.

Mariah: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We’re not doing that. The past is in the past. Look at us now. I mean, we may have not got to spend our early years together, but… that’s what we’re doing right now. Living life together, the two of us and our growing family. As a new mom myself, can I just say I have never been more grateful that you are my mother.

[ Aria gurgling ] Oh. Oh and I feel like someone else agrees with me. Hello.

Devon: Yeah. So, I figured we could just put up some pictures of neil and then play his favorite music all night.

Lily: Yeah, that’s perfect.

Devon: All right.

Lily: How can I help?

Devon: You don’t need to do anything. Just wear something nice and say a few words later if you want.

Lily: Okay, I can do that.

Devon: Yeah. Abby already has the lounge reserved and she’s just waiting to turn everything out until she gets the word that it’s a go.

Lily: Well, it’s a go. And thank abby for me.

Devon: I will. Of course.

Lily: And thank you, too. I mean, this is the perfect way to commemorate dad’s passing.

Devon: Yeah, I thought so. It’s like, it’s crazy to think about how fast four years has gone by.

Lily: I know. It makes me realize how much I miss him and how much of our lives he hasn’t been a part of.

Devon: Yeah. I actually think that he hasn’t missed anything in our lives. Think he has a front-row seat to it all.

Lily: Well, hopefully not everything.

[ Lily laughing ]

Devon: Yeah, I’m sure he covers his eyes every now and then.

Lily: No, but I agree. I think dad is rooting for us, every step of the way.

Diane: Kyle, like I told you and your dad, I didn’t want you visiting again.

Kyle: You can tell me to go, but I won’T.

Diane: I don’t want to ruin your life again.

Kyle: You’re not ruining my life. I’m capable of doing that on my own.

[ Diane laughing ] Believe it or not, I’m stubborn just like you.

Diane: I think you get that from your father.

Kyle: I think you would beg to differ.

Diane: Mm. That’s right because he’s as obstinate as a rock.

Kyle: [ Laughing ] Mom, seeing you in here like this doesn’t cause me pain. What would hurt me is not seeing you. I know you are innocent, so we’re gonna figure out a way to prove it.

Diane: That means the world to me, and I appreciate you saying that, but I know the toll this is taking on you and your marriage.

Kyle: I admit that things aren’t great with summer right now, but this will pass. We’re strong enough as a couple to work through it. She’ll deal with her grief and we’ll get you out of here and then life will go back to normal for all of us.

Summer: Can you please just leave this alone?

[ Daniel chuckling ]

Daniel: How do you suggest I do that? We’re talking about our mother, her and stark are connected. The fact that the two of them were killed can’t just be a coincidence. I mean, that’s exactly what you were saying to me last night. And now you’re just doing a 180. Why? Why? What’s going on?

Summer: I wasn’t thinking clearly last night, okay? I– I was– I was doing what you said that I was doing. I was looking for answers that aren’t there.

Daniel: So you just guessed that stark was murdered and then it turned out that he actually was.

Summer: He deserved to die. For who he is and– and what he did and I– I just, I wanted it to be true, okay? Doesn’t mean that I’m psychic or that I know things. It just means that– that I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know. I don’t know how to be in a world without mom and it– and I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry.

Daniel: I– I don’t need an apology, summer. What I need is to know that you’re gonna be okay and I’m not sure that you are. I mean, I talked to kyle. He told me that you ran off on him without a word. I tried calling you over and over and over again. I came here as just a– a last resort and sure enough, here you are with chance in the exact spot where you said you saw mom.

Summer: I don’t know what was going on with me last night, but I’m not imagining mom, okay? Not really. I’m not seeing her or I’m not thinking that she’s alive. And I’m definitely not talking to a police detective about any of that, okay?

Daniel: Okay. Fine.

Summer: I just– actually, I just wanted to get some information about stark from chance, but he would not give up anything about the stabbing or the scissors.

Daniel: What did you say? Summer, if chance didn’t say anything about a stabbing or scissors, how the hell do you know about it? (Music throughout)

Kyle: Harrison has moved on to building entire cities. And when we told him his dee-dee used to be an architect and her job was to build things, he lit up like a christmas tree.

Diane: Oh, I love that. And it kind of hurts at the same time.

Kyle: Oh, I was just trying to say he loves you. That’s all.

Diane: And I love him more than I can say. I’m just… I’m just terrified that his little heart will be broken if I don’t make it home.

Kyle: Hey, I didn’t mean to make you feel that way.

Diane: No, no. It’s not you. It’s– it’s the truth.

Kyle: Dad, michael and I are working on a plan to get you out of here. So, just try to hang tight until we figure it out.

Diane: Yeah. Hey, thank you for coming even though I told you not to. And for the pep talk, but I think we all need to face facts. There’s a very strong possibility that I am going to be wrongly convicted and spend the rest of my life behind bars.

Jack: Afternoon latte? They don’t have coffee at the station where you should be working on phyllis’s case?

Chance: I am working, jack.

Jack: Oh, then you’re looking for evidence that jeremy stark killed phyllis here in the coffee house.

Chance: You know what? I just had a meeting with the da. That’s none of your business, so why don’t you stay out of it?

Jack: Jeremy stark is dead. Whatever his plan was has gone awry. There’s gotta be more to this than what we all see on the surface. It’s up to you to dig up all of his deepest, darkest secrets and tell us what happened. I am going to hold you to account. Look, if you do your job, it is the only way diane is exonerated.

Summer: I must have read about the way that he died and the– and the murder weapon in the news.

Daniel: I’ve read every story there is to read about stark. The story about his murder just came out today, and it specifically said that no details were released.

Summer: Well, there must have been more articles than the ones that you read.

Daniel: Okay, well, which one did you see then?

Summer: I don’t know. I don’t remember. Why are you being like this?

Daniel: Because I need you to be honest with me. That’s why. It doesn’t make any sense how you would have information that isn’t public knowledge, summer. I mean, unless you had something to do with it. I– I can’t even believe I’m asking you this right now, but did you kill stark?

Summer: Oh, my god. You can’t be s– don’t be ridiculous, daniel.

Daniel: Well, then tell me something that makes sense.

Summer: None of this makes any sense. Don’t you see that?

Daniel: Okay. Maybe I should go ask chance.

Summer: No, don’t bring him into this.

Daniel: Why not?

Summer: Fine. Fine.

Daniel: So there is something.

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: If I tell you, you have to swear to me that you’re not gonna tell anyone else, daniel. It is life or death.

Daniel: Summer, I’m your brother. I wanna be here for you. I want to protect you. I mean, it’s obviously something that you feel like you can’t tell the police.

Summer: Everything I said last night was true. I thought that I could handle this on my own, but I can’T. I’m not crazy. I know what happened to stark because I heard it from the only other person who was there. The person who stabbed him to death. Mom. She’s alive.

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