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[Tense music]

Go get her.

Hey, not so fast.






Spencer. Spencer, spencer, spencer. You have to wake up. You have to wake up. It’s time– it’s time for us to go. Come on, please.



That all you got?

I need an ambulance to the– to the gatehouse of 66 harbor view road. My name is michael corinthos, and my wife, willow corinthos, she passed out; she’s unconscious. She has, uh, stage iv leukemia. Yes, yes. She’s breathing. Just please get here as soon as you can.

Come on, willow. Stay with me. Stay with me.

Dr. Ashford, why aren’t you at michael and willow’s wedding? I thought you and molly would be dancing the night away.

Yeah, that was the plan, but the reception never happened. Then I got paged to cover for another resident who called in sick.

The reception never happened? Is willow ok?

Willow’s fine, thank god. The mother-in-law… not so much.

Can I get you something else?

Oh, uh, just the check.

Something wrong with the pie?

No, I– I just thought being here would bring me more comfort or some comfort. You know, my great-aunt ruby used to own this place, and she was a strong woman, a survivor. She really knew how to beat the odds. And you guys still use her pie recipe.

Wow. I can wrap that up for you.

That’s ok. Turns out, I’m not in the mood for pie, so I will just take the check.

Ok. Thanks.


[Upbeat music playing]

[Sighs] Something wrong?

[Device beeps]

I’m sorry. Your card has been declined.

Robert, it’s felicia. Andre brought me up to speed about victor possibly having a biological weapon. Apparently, the bureau has suspected that he and his brother have developed one. You would be wise to be concerned about what the bureau will do next. I know I am. Call me back, please.

[Tense music]

Where have you taken baldwin?

He’s being debriefed. The bureau appreciates his willingness to be so forthcoming about the activities of victor cassadine.

[Scoffs] Baldwin doesn’t have all the facts. Neither will the bureau, unless I talk to them. You got to let me out of here.

[Chuckles] Where was all this info before baldwin started talking? Now… sit down and do what you’ve been doing best: Keeping your mouth shut.


[Heart monitor beeping]


His heart rate is falling rapidly.

Yes, this pathogen is vicious, isn’t it? Valentin, you may want to reconsider your silence. Your suffering is in vain. We will find your companions. It’s a small island. I can’t guarantee what condition they’ll be in when they’re brought to me. My guards don’t take trespassing lightly.

I told you I came alone!

Is this misplaced loyalty really worth it? The pathogen has begun its work. You can already feel it ravaging your body. The virus doesn’t care about you, doesn’t care you’re a father. You’re merely its host. And it’s just getting started.



[Dramatic music]

Maybe the chip’s being weird. Ok. Try this one.

[Upbeat music playing]

[Device beeps]


What? What the hell? Are you–are you sure your card reader’s working?

It hasn’t happened all night. Maybe you should call your bank.

That’s ridiculous. All I had was a piece of pie and a cup of coffee. Uh, maybe I have some cash. Let me check.

I’ve got it.

[Tense music]

They came to the quartermaines’ to get carly?

Fortunately, the wedding was over. Michael and willow are officially husband and wife.

Still, I don’t understand the urgency. Didn’t anyone explain to those sec agents what was going on?

Molly tried pulling one of them away to help explain the situation, but they didn’t care. Then I was paged to come in and cover, so we had to leave.

Hmm. How much can one family endure?

I know. The last thing michael and willow need is… another crisis. Still, they handled it well.

Well, I’m sure it helped that they are actually legally married.

[Both chuckle]

You know, you can see how much it meant to both of them. They were so happy. You know, despite the treatments and the disease, I swear, willow looked radiant.

I believe that. Though I don’t know where she finds the strength, after everything she’s been through and just giving birth and having two small kids. But then again, I guess that’s reason enough to keep fighting, isn’t it? Kids have a funny way of… making you pull it all together, keep you in the present, especially when you’re with them.

[Dramatic music]

Willow’s been so brave. And her strength comes from her family.

Yeah, this time with them has–it’s– it’s meant everything to her.

Maybe it takes having kids realize that. I never would have imagined that I would take quality time with a toddler over a spa retreat any day of the week.

[Chuckles] I can actually see that with willow. When she’s with wiley and amelia, it’s like… nothing else matters. She’s their mom, not–

a woman with stage iv cancer.


[Tense music]

Michael, I’m here. Oh, my god, willow.

Look, look, the kids are upstairs sleeping, ok? I–

I saw the ambulance from the house. What happened?

I don’t–I don’t know. We were talking about–about sonny. I was worked up about something, and she fainted.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god. It was too much. Wait, is this my fault?

What’s wrong? No dial tone?

You had it disconnected?

Why don’t you have a seat, da scorpio? It might be a while until my superiors get here.

We’re wasting time, hursley.

I can’t trust a word you say, not after everything you’ve been keeping from the bureau, your former colleagues.

Look, this is so stupid. I’m worried about the end of mankind, and you’re worried about whether you’re in or out of the loop. Just let me out of here.

I said have a seat, scorpio.

You think I’m gonna let you keep me in here?

Let you?


I say something funny?

[Heart monitor beeping]

Valentin’s vital signs are too low. I’m going to administer the antidote.


Your haste has necessitated me skipping important steps and protocols. I’ve gone directly to testing the antidote on humans, and I can’t do that if the human is dead.

Not yet.

Do you want to know if the antidote is viable? That is why you kidnapped me, is it not? If you’re going to ignore my expertise, let me go back to port charles, where I’m really needed, where I can actually save a life.

What is the point of testing the antidote mere moments into the infection? It’s hardly practical, is it? As a scientist, don’t you want to know how effective the antidote remains in the later stages?

Holding off administering the antidote is putting your son’s life in jeopardy. You claim this is for science, but something tells me it’s not the efficacy of the protocol you’re testing. More like valentin’s endurance for pain.

Maybe it’s both. Valentin is made of strong stuff. He knows he can end this at any moment.  All he has to do is talk!


[Both grunting]

Is he breathing?

[Dramatic music]


[Bottle shatters]

[Both grunting]


Let me go.

What’s going on?

Let me go.

I found her trying to get in the back entrance. The boss wants to put her with the other prisoners.

Are you sure?


The nephew and his girlfriend are on the ship with the baby. The swiss doctor’s the only one here, and she’s with the boss. I’ll clarify what he wants to do with her.

No, I can do that.

That’s against protocol.

Hey, I’m just following orders.

Whose order?

Ow, ow, ah!

if you’re coming with us, we need to go now.

I am. I am. Um, look, there–there’s bottles in the refrigerator. There’s a bottle warmer on the counter.

We can handle it.

I know the routine.


[Dramatic music]

She’s gonna make it, right?

Course she is.

I got it. I got it, ok?

[Upbeat music playing]

Here’s a $20.

I’ll wrap that slice up for you. You can take it to go.


Those card readers, they glitch all the time.

How was the wedding?

It was beautiful. And I know everybody says that about every wedding, but michael and willow’s wedding, truly beautiful.


I mean, they had the ceremony in the quartermaine living room, where they got married before.

You know, that first wedding put michael in a better position so he could fight nelle for custody. And it’s kind of ironic, in retrospect, that of all people, nelle gets credit for michael and willow coming together. That’s two blessings that nelle’s responsible for… the other being wiley.

Of course, in the negative column, nelle did try to murder michael. And then she used willow’s dead infant to make michael believe that wiley was dead.

[Dramatic music]

Are you enjoying this?

No, I’m just realizing that nelle didn’t even know that she used her dead nephew as a prop. And I point this out because you have a tendency to sentimentalize nelle. And I just think it’s fair to remind you that nelle was really a horrible person. Oh, but back to the wedding. It was beautiful. It was wonderful. I mean, michael and willow stood there, and they promised to love and honor each other as long as they both shall live. So now we pray, right? We pray that drew finds dr. Obrecht before the sec finds drew.

Plenty more where that came from.

[Laughs] Attacking a wsb agent wasn’t wise. You just blew any shot of getting anyone to listen to you.

If the bureau believes just a portion of baldwin’s story about a biological agent, they’re gonna bomb that island into the stone age. Standard operating procedure. But what they don’t know is that I’ve already got a team in place, waiting to take victor out. I just– I need a bit more time.

That’s not my problem, not my call.

Call the director. Tell him it’s me.

[Knock at door]

Oh, uh, I was looking for my friend anna devane. Isn’t this her room?



Felicia, call frisco!


Hey, hey, what’s going on?

[Exhales heavily]

That was quick thinking.

Thanks. Get this off me, please.



There we go.




All right. Ok, what’s next?

Well, we don’t have much time before victor’s people, uh, figure out what’s going on. I got to stash this guy…


Before somebody stumbles on him, ok?

All right.


What the hell? What is this place?

Victor’s playground.


We must stop this. Let me administer the antidote now.

Try it, and it’ll be the last thing you do. Valentin. Valentin. We’re going to find your companions sooner or later. You must realize this time you’re buying for them comes at a terrible cost. Are you really willing to pay with your life, to leave charlotte fatherless? Yes, I’ll–I’l l try to stand infor you as best as I can. But I think she would prefer her papa.

No. They are–

yes, yes, they are–

they are–they are where?


Spencer, spencer, please, please wake up. Wake up so we can go. Come on, please.

Trina, the guards are tied up, ok? We need to get out of here. Chances are, they heard the noise and they’ll be here any minute.

Ok. Ok. Help me. Help me carry him.

There’s no time for that. We got to go.

I won’t leave him. I won’T.

Trina, trina, I will come back and get spencer. I promise.

No! Spencer, please. Come on, baby. Please wake up.

where are they? Who was with you?

It’s burning. It’s burning.

Focus! Where are they? Who are they?

He’s delirious and incoherent. What use is he to you like this? This has gone too far, victor. Let me give him the antidote.


What are you trying to save? You can’t stop it. It’s burning. It’s burning.

Damn him!

That is your dilemma, isn’t it? You want to damn him, but he’s still your son. I saw how affected you were when you thought he was dead.

That was before his betrayal, before his disloyalty.

Let me save him before it’s too late.

My son’s intransigence will cost him his life.

Then he is his father’s son. He’ll die because his own father was too vindictive and stubborn to save his life.


We’re done here. Come on.


Spencer, spencer. Just please open your eyes.

Ok, damn. Slide over. Let me help, ok? Come on.


Wait, wait. Spencer. You ok?

Yeah. Hi.


Hey. You’re ok. What happened?

Look, we’ll do the play-by-play later. We got to find your little brother and get you guys out of here now. Can you stand up?

Yeah, I think so.

Ok, come on.


All right. You good?

Yeah. Yeah, I have to be, for ace.

Ok, ace–ace is one of the staterooms, but he’s with some creepy nurse right now.

That’s all right. We’ll get him.

Thank you.

Let’s go.

What are you doing?

Michael, I know you want to go in, to be there to encourage her, to hold her hand, but you can’T. We’ve got this.

Tj, just let me by.

You want me to waste precious time standing here arguing with you? Let me do my job. We’ll bring you in when we can.

Don’t you let her–

look at me. Look at me. We’ve got this. I promise.

Well, wiley and amelia are fast asleep.

Small favors.

Some wedding night, huh? Oh, poor willow and michael.

[Sighs] In my experience, wedding nights are way overrated. Did I ever tell you about mine with your grandfather?

Let’s just pretend you did.

So there I was, the blushing bride with the impressive lord ashton, or so I thought at the time. And I come out of the bathroom, and I’m expecting puccini on the record player and rose petals on the bed. And instead, I have my husband out cold, drunk as a skunk.

Well, no foreshadowing there, huh?

Hopefully, your wedding night with chase will be much more successful.

What? Where did that come from? Chase and I aren’t even dating.

Oh, give it time. After what you did for him– actually, what I did for him– the least he can do is make an honest woman out of you.

I’m super grateful for you stepping in with the ccrb, ok? But chase already has his badge back, so why do you still think you can hold this over my head?

What about the sec?

Sonny didn’t tell you that sec agents hauled me out of michael and willow’s wedding?

Yeah, he mentioned it.

Yeah. Well, it turns out that they were more interested in drew than they are in me. And when I couldn’t tell them where drew was, they threatened to hold me overnight. But fortunately, drew’s name turned up on a flight manifest from san diego to hawaii.

How did you manage that?

[Soft music playing]

If sonny didn’t tell you, I don’t really want to get into it, ok? The problem is, when the sec realizes that drew’s not in hawaii, they’re gonna resume their search. And if they find drew before he finds liesl? Hopefully, drew has a big enough lead, but that’s all we can do right now is hope. But anyway, back to the wedding.

No, it’s ok. I’ve heard enough about the wedding.

Willow’s happy, very happy.

Hey. So sorry I’m late. Hi, carly.


How was the wedding?

Why, that seems to be everybody’s favorite topic of conversation. It was beautiful. Avery did a great job.

[Phone ringing] And it was, um, a lovely evening… for everyone who was invited. Tell the waitress to keep the change and the pie.

[Dramatic music]

What did you do to carly now?

Hey, michael. What’s going on?

Willow collapsed. We’re here at gh.

I’ll be right there.

Laura, we should– we should keep moving.

The guard said that liesl was here with victor. He probably wants her for her medical knowledge, right? I mean, why else would she be here?

We got to try and figure it out later. We got to find valentin, ok? We still need to find him.

What is this?

What’s what?

Look, it’s written in german.

I wonder what it says.

If you require assistance with that, I’m sure dr. Obrecht will be more than happy to translate.

I beg your pardon? What do you mean, hold over your head?

You already know. When do you plan to cash in, huh?

You’re just like your father, always thinking in terms of money and exchange, like we’re all little stocks that go up and down.

Oh, so you were just happy to help chase. You just did it out of the goodness of your heart.

Well, maybe it occurred to me that it might be handy to have a police officer in my debt.

Chase owes you nothing. Do you hear me? It was all me. I’m the only one who owes you.

I just want my family to be happy and healthy. I didn’t do it for chase. I did it for you and for what I want out of our relationship.

[Dramatic music]

Brook lynn, where’s my mommy?


[Heart monitor beeping]

Start a second line and run it wide open. Let’s got a cbc, cmp, and dic panel.

I can’t believe I just saw her walk down the aisle. She looked so happy.

She wanted that wedding more than anything. Might’ve been more than she can take.

It’s like my whole frame of reference shifted. What I’d refused to see before was suddenly standing right in front of me.

All of that time, I’d been falling in love with you.

And since then…

[Chuckles] That love has only grown. I’m fulfilled in ways I never thought possible because of you and our kids.

Problem is, kelly’s doesn’t serve martinis, and I could really use a martini right about now.

Why don’t you try a hot chocolate?

What? Good grief. Coffee, black, please.

Uh, you know, I’m just gonna have a decaf latte. Thank you so much.

[Soft music playing] Thank you for meeting me.

Yeah, of course. You sounded… concerned and–and worried. What’s going on with you and carly? You didn’t crash that wedding, did you?

No, I didn’t crash the wedding, but someone did. It seems like when the government’s money is on the line, the sec bureaucrats act with lightning speed.

The sec showed up at the wedding? Oh, no.

Oh, yes.

Well, that’s terrible for willow, but it’S… more or less what you wanted, right?

No, it’s not what I want– I didn’t want to ruin willow’s wedding. And I didn’t know they were gonna freeze all of carly’s assets.

Oh, ouch. Oh, you better hope she doesn’t find out it was you who snitched.

Well, I–

[Sighs] I spoke to martin, and he assured me that the sec won’t trace the tip back to me.

Great. So then you’re in the clear. Forget the coffee. Let’s go get some champagne.

No, you don’t understand. Carly isn’t the one– the only one facing consequences. Drew could be facing charges too.

Well, nina, I mean, you knew that would happen when you turned them in, right?

I didn’t know that drew would be out there somewhere trying to save my daughter’s life.

Mr. Cain, as I live and breathe. I had a hunch laura might be part of my son’s entourage, but your presence is a real bonus. This is kind of a– a full-circle moment, isn’t it, seeing as I had hoped you would provide me with this location, but you failed.

Mm. No, actually, you failed. You failed to access my memory.

“Po-tay-to,” “po-tah-to.” It’s still a pity, all those years you wasted. Pointless. I mean, for you, that is, because, well, here I am. No. Oh!

[Laughs] Oh, dear, still trying to take on the world single-handedly, are we, mr. Cain? When will you ever learn? Hmm. Oh, and I have missed this, laura, your barging in where you’re not wanted, as always. This is a bit of a full-circle moment, too, you here with me… at the very end.

What do you mean, the very end?

[Tense music]

You want me to gag you too?

Felicia, call frisco! It’s life and death! The bureau knows about the virus. Call off the emergency protocol. And–and the others, they’re on the island–

quiet! You want me to punch you again?


[Heart monitor beeping]

[Breathing shallowly]

[Door clicks open]

Anna? Is that you?

No, my son. Someone so much more important to you.

[Dramatic music]

Ok, you guys. Remember the plan, right? We play it way cool. Get in there, we get the baby, and we get out. Trina, you watch the door. Are we ready? All right. Let’s do it.

What are you doing here? I wasn’t informed of a visit.

Step away from the baby. Do it now.

Hey, buddy. I thought you were sleeping.

Where’s mommy?

Oh, she wasn’t feeling well, so your daddy took her to the doctor.

Who’s that lady?

Oh, that’s aunt tracy. You remember her. She was at the wedding. She’s really nice.

Wiley, my little boy is your uncle ned. Actually, he’s not really so little. And when he was your age, he really loved trains. I hear you like trains too.

And horses.

And horses. Oh, my goodness, I love horses too. But you know what I like more? I like stories.

Oh, what do you know? Wiley loves stories too.

I was just about to tell brook lynn a story. Want to help me?


One of my favorites is “the miller’s tale.”


[Clears throat]

And there’s also the one about the little pigs.


Ok. Ok. So once upon a time, there were four little pigs–

there were only three little pigs.

Oh, well, I guess I’m a little rusty.

When is mommy coming home?

After she’s had a chance to rest awhile.

That’s right. She’s gonna come home to you and your baby sister.

And while we wait, I’m gonna tell you about that fourth pig you obviously have forgotten about.


[Elevator bell dings]

Hey, how’s willow?

I don’t know.

[Sighs] I just know I can’t lose her, mom.

You’re not gonna lose her, all right? Ok, that’s not gonna happen.

I’ve been trying to prepare myself, but I’m not– I’m not ready. I can’t–I can’t do this.

Listen to me. You’re not gonna lose willow. You guys are gonna get to the other side of this. I know it. You are.

Drew went after victor? How did they find him?

Well, I don’t know all the details. I just know that they somehow tracked the “haunted star” to greenland. That’s where aunt liesl and the others are.

Does portia know? What about laura?

Well, laura and curtis went with drew. And sonny told me that drew went specifically to bring aunt liesl back home.

I hope he brings them all home, right? Trina and spencer and the baby.

Yeah, I hope they all come home. But when drew comes back–

oh, there might be a couple sec agents waiting for him, huh?

After putting everything on the line to save willow, drew’s gonna come home with the sec sifting through his business and possible jail time. I mean, he could lose his company, everything that he built, his whole life that he built since he managed to escape from victor. And it’s all because of me.

[Light music playing]


You want to know what I think?

Yes, I do.

People contain multitudes.


People are full of contradictions, nina. Drew may be a hero, and he may also deserve to go to prison. That ain’t your problem.

Pathogen will be released, and the world’s suffering can finally come to an end. It’s actually quite merciful, really.

That’s why you murdered luke, so that you could unleash your poison?

Oh, much as I’d like to take credit, my brother mikkos developed the pathogen several decades ago. It was only after I acquired the ice princess necklace that I could finally locate his facility.

Decades ago?

Oh, my brother was way ahead of his time.

Your brother was a maniac. But to drew’s point, what makes you think that a pathogen that was created decades ago is still going to work?

Ah, now, that is an excellent question. And I guess you’ll just have to see for yourselves.

[Dramatic music]


Exhibit A. My son was administered the pathogen earlier this evening. Not so long ago, isn’t that right, liesl?

Do you doubt the pathogen now?


Yes, my son. Oh, soon we’ll be together.

Please help me.

Do you think I am the angel of mercy, that I’m here to save you from a painful, agonizing death?

Maybe you believe that I have arrived to transport you to those fluffy clouds of heaven?

Oh, my poor, dear little twisted boy. I’m here to drag you down, down where you belong… with me for eternity.

don’t you think you’re being a little harsh?

The fact is, no matter what drew is doing to find your aunt and save your daughter, he and carly did break the law.

Yeah. That’s right. They broke the law. They broke the law. It’s not like we’re perfect citizens either, though.

Mm, don’t I know it. But what’s done is done. And you can either let the guilt paralyze you, or, since carly probably won’t be able to be, you can be there for your daughter. Choice is yours.

[Light music playing]

[Heart monitor beeping]

[Door clicks open]

Dr. Ashford, I have the blood work from the lab.

Thank you, uh, and please call the lab and thank them for rushing these for me.

[Dramatic music]


Thank you.

Mm. Sleep, little one.



Hey, do you have any news?


No. You go straight back to hell. I’m not going anywhere with you!

Not yet. But soon. Your father has all but sealed your fate.


[Knock at door]

Open up. I have your supervisor on the phone. Robert, are you all right?

Ah, I knew you’d come through.

No, no, no, you don’t understand. Frisco was replaced as director.


Yeah. I got through to him. I told him that laura and the others were on the island, and frisco refused to give the order to destroy the island, so the governing board replaced him on the spot. And the new director gave an order to destroy the island.

Along with everyone on it.


Ok. The seaplane is docked on the other side of the island. Do you think the two of you can make it there with the baby?

What about you?

I didn’t come alone. And I will not leave without the rescue team.

There’s a team?

I have no time to explain right now. You guys take the baby and get out of here right now.


Trina, I will be right behind you as soon as I can. I promise.

Not until you tell me who else is on this island.

Drew cain, valentin, and laura.

You’re insane.

On the contrary. I’m welcoming in the dawn of a new world…

where only the strong can survive.

Are you sure about that?

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