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Auntie Mag. Sorry I’m late. That’s it. Sorry you’re late. Not even a decent excuse. Well, or even a fabricated one. I actually, I was with Gwen and I was letting her stop. Stop. Alex, really, seriously, you have the nerve. To tell me that you couldn’t make it to work on time because you were having a booty call with that woman.

No, I’m telling you that I’m late because I was letting that woman know that our booty calls are over.

Oh, wow. I hate seeing my gwenny looking. So glm just stop staring then and go back to your. Phone or whatever, but I wanna be here for you. And you know, it’s so late if Alex, Kiki had been my friend with benefits and he suddenly cut off those benefits, my pennies is being a twist too. You know damn well that that is not what I’m upset about.

Well, it’s one of the things, right? And the reason I didn’t bring up the other thing is because I’m your best friend, and I know that the other thing is the painful thing, whereas the thing with Alex is more of an insulting, irritating thing. So I thought. It’d be something of a distraction to bring up that thing rather than the really, really hurtful thing, you know?

No, I don’t, I haven’t. The funs idea of what you are rambling on about. Well, that’s because you’re obsessing over Xander. Poor Gwenny. Oh. Could you just stop being so patronizing? You know, I hate that damo. Are you sure that Sandra and Chloe are, are really moving in together now? I wish it weren’t so. What I saw with my own two eyes, your cock doodle do.

And that songbird definitely looking to nest. And they actually bought the apartment. Yep. And the crazy thing is right before they decided it was right for them, Brady showed up to look at the same apartment for him and his bratty kid. As soon as he sees Chloe, he gets this miserable look on his face just like that one.

And he was hell bent on talking her out of it.

Chloe, look, I, I know that things have been challenging for us lately, but, but moving none with Xander. I mean, you say your friends, but what kind of friendship can you have with this guy? I mean, he’s, he’s distrustful. He. He’s made enemies left and right, including you at one point in time. I mean, I don’t understand why you wanna make a home with him.

Because to be honest, I am lonely and he’s good company. Chloe, if he wants to move in with you and he’s, he’s offered to foot the bill, that’s because he’s expecting something is going to happen. Please don’t do this. Don’t make this kind of a mistake that you and I both know that you’ll regret. Oh, hey, I thought that was Baker Girl’s room.

Bakery. Yo, who the hell is that? The girl that works with Chanel that sweet bit, believe her names Talia.

Um, why did you do that? Listen to me. Hi. And listen. Good before that bitch killed my mother. She broke her heart when she went for my father. So now it’s time to see how she likes having her heart broken. She’s already had her heart broken her ex cheated on her, and then moved to a different continent, which is why it’s the perfect time for you to swoop in and sweep her off her feet, and then break a little heart all over again.

Why did you kiss me, Talia?

Okay, thanks. Yep. Hey, just spoke with Paulina Price and reviewed her statement with her. You got something maybe, uh, turns out there was an opportunity for Sloan to have gotten a hold of Paulina’s office keys. I knew it, but Sloan wasn’t the only one. Turns out my sister had the same opportunity.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You really think your sister had something to do with this? I’m just going by what was taught to us at the Academy Boss gathering all the facts. Don’t rush to judgment what we think doesn’t matter. It’s what we know. True. So what do we know? We know that Tallier Rens, Paulina Price at the square and so did Sloan Peterson, who has made it no secret that she is gonna continue to pursue her vendetta against Paulina and Chanel.

Sloan also had motive to trash Paulina’s office, whereas your sister did not. In fact, from what I have witnessed, your sister has no reason whatsoever to want hurt Paulina. In fact, she works for Paulina’s daughter. You said that she and Chanel get along great, didn’t you?

Sorry. I guess I was just caught in a moment. Now I, I wasn’t looking for an apology, Talia. Yeah, I know, but I owe you one. You’ve been upset, you know, with everything going on and. The last thing I want is to take advantage of that. It’s okay. It’s just, I, it kind of surprised me. I, I didn’t even know you were into girls.

I’m not. At least I wasn’t. And so now, I mean, I’ve only dated guys before. And I don’t have to tell you, you know how baking is all about chemistry? Yeah. So it’s physical attraction, right? And there’s no denying that there’s real chemistry between me and you. Look, it’s not like this was a premeditated thing.

I mean, you were in my arms and it felt right and you know, kissing. You just felt like it was supposed to happen. Yeah, it felt right to me too. But you just broke up with your girlfriend, so maybe it’s too soon to do something with me. Actually, maybe it isn’t.

I don’t know any. Tanya, I said, Talia, whatever. I don’t know any Talia either. I think you have the wrong room. Um, she definitely saw her here. I know. Cause I, I live right down the hall here. My friend, uh, Chloe and I, we bumped into her recently coming out of that room.

Listen, I appreciate your concern for me, Brady, but if my moving in with Xander’s a mistake, then. It’s my mistake to make, but Chloe, God, it affects me too. See, don’t you, don’t you understand that? I see. I care about you, Chloe and I, I love you.

I love you too, but I think it’s time for United Admit that in our case, love is not enough.

What are you, what are you saying? I am saying that you and I are over. You don’t mean that. You don’t mean that. Come on, Brady. You and I both know that we’ve been done for a while now. We’ve just been in denial about it ever since Rachel started hating me and you had to put her feelings first. She’s my daughter.

I know that. I know that. And I don’t blame you for that. I’m a mom too. I understand. What is. It’s like to prioritize your child. Look, listen, listen to me. Rachel’s a kid. She’s a little girl. She’s, she’s not always gonna feel the way she feels right now. She’s gonna come to realize that, that, that, that you make her father happy.

It’s not gonna matter to her cuz she also sees me as the person who makes her mother miserable. And you and I both know all too well that Kristen fueled that fire she made Rachel believe that the only thing standing in the way of the three of you being this happy little family is me. So what’s, what are we, we’re just gonna let Kristen win.

Is that it? No. No. No one wins in this. Kristen got Rachel to hate me, but she didn’t get you to fall back in love with her. And Rachel got her way by keeping us apart, but her parents still aren’t together. And you ready? You are the man that I fell in love with. You are so full of hope and so joyful. And little by little, I have witnessed that that joyfulness and that hopefulness just steadily being eaten away.

And I know why. It’s because you are her wonderful father and you can’t stand seeing your girl suffer. But the way that Kristen regards me and the way that she’s influenced Rachel to regard me, I am indirectly responsible for that pain and I can’t in good conscience continue with that.

I can’t believe this, and, and Chloe moving in together, I mean, She is such a boar, completely humorous. There’s not an ounce of a spark to the woman. And not to mention the fact that I, I thought that she hated Sandra because he left her with some Mexican drug, Lord. So why a sudden 180? I mean, it just doesn’t, it doesn’t make sense.

And I know that he and I weren’t perfect together, but I mean, Really, really, really good times. You know, a lot of romance and laughter. Laughter. My God, I can’t even imagine him laughing with Chloe Lane cause she’s such a,

is everything just. Oh, everything’s just such a struggle. Why? Matt? Why? Why? That’s it, girl. That’s it. Let it all out.

Hey, hey. If it’s any consolation, it is a two bedroom apartment. What two bedrooms sink. Two bedrooms, that that means that they have their own room, although the second bedroom would make for a great office or a workout room for that. Scotty Hotty. Oh, Gwenny. Come on. I’m just trying to lighten the mood. Put the pillow down.

Come on. You know what you need to get you through this. What? A giant dartboard with zanders bubbly mug on it. That, but I was thinking a nice bottle of tequila. Two pints of ice cream. No. Make it three. You could use one too. Strawberry, right? I’m going to dial a broom. Service. No, don’t you dare. Look, I don’t know what you think you saw.

But this is my room. And if there was some random girl coming and going, believe me, I would notice. I’m sure this is the room. I saw that tell you, girl, come out. What are you the house, dick? Excuse me mate. No offense mate. It’s just slang. For hotel detective, they used to say it all the time in those old black and white noir films, you know, the ones where people have questioned more moral character, give each other trouble of some sort.

Jada, where is this coming from? Has Taja done something like this before? Something to make you suspect her of these pretty egregious offenses? No. No. God no. No, no, and and it’s hard for me to even come up with a reason why Talia would wanna hurt Chanel or her family. But I also know that I need to put my personal biases aside and look at all of the possibilities as hard as it may be, and both my sister and Sloan Peterson had the opportunity to steal Paulina’s keys from her purse when she left it unattended.

Okay. I can’t argue with your logic, but Yep. I think I may have found a hole in your theory.

I was talking to Commissioner Hernandez in his office and he had this picture of Allie and her son Henry on his desk, and she had just sent it to him. Allie’s your ex. Right. And she and the commissioner are there real close and he told me that she started seeing someone in New Zealand. Well, he didn’t actually tell me that.

I just, um, I asked and he didn’t say anything, which was obviously his way of telling me that yes, she is seeing someone. Sorry. Yeah. Well, I’m not all that surprised anyway. Now you know why the health department shutting us down is only part of the reason why today has been such a rough day for me. So you and your ex, you guys were pretty serious.

We were. And then we hit this rough patch and then I, I thought that we were gonna be able to figure things out and work it out. But then I caught her with this guy, Alex, and, well, that was pretty much the end of us. So you and Gwen Oh, sit, sit. Are done seeing each other.

Auntie I, um, I started some therapy with Dr. Evans and she helped me realize that all this sleeping around that I’m doing, it’s actually my way of avoiding any commitment and not just to a particular woman, but in everything else in my life. Hmm. Well, I’m, I’m glad to, um, hear that you see that, Alex. Well, good, because as of right now, I’m putting all of my energy into my commitment at Titan.

I’m gonna show you firsthand that I am dead serious about doing my part in contributing to the growth and the success of our family business. Excuse me. Hello? Hello, Victor, will you sound upset dear. Could you slow down? What?

Are you sure what a says? Oh, oh my God. Oh my God. Whoa. Whoa. What’s going on? Mun Victor’s son, your cousin Bob Brady is alive.

You’ve made it clear we are a teen sea bit overextended when it comes to our tab at this fine establishment, but a girl’s gotta eat a teen sea bit overextended. Phyllis is this close to seizing the spectator and auctioning it off to pay off this massive hotel bill. No tequila fine. It’s not the expensive stuff.

What if we settled on a cheap bottle of wine and two fruit cups? Wow, my mouth is watering.

All joking aside, I know that losing Xander was a huge loss for you. You need to mourn that loss. So if you need to yell, scream, throw pillows, just not at me. You do whatever you need to do to get a handle on your feelings. I’m here for you. Thank you, Matt. And you’re right, I do. Oh, do you really need to just vent and just get it out and just cry and scream and just throw things?

I need to just really mourn the loss as you put it. I need to stop pretending to be so tough and invulnerable.

You know, I was talking about that earlier with Alex Keis before he dumped you too. I am so sorry. That just slipped out.

Bo has been dead for years. Yeah. Or so we thought. And he’s just, he’s alive. I mean that’s, that’s wild. That’s great news. Yeah, but there’s some bad news as well. Bo’s in a coma in a hospital in Greece, and they’re not sure he is ever gonna wake up. Oh my God. I’ve only heard a million times from Uncle Vic about his son and how proud he is of him and how much he loves him, and that’s why he’s fueling up the Titan jet as we speak.

He’s planning to fly to Greece and do everything he can to make sure that that Beau is getting the best possible care. I mean, honestly, I, I have never heard Victor this emotional, but then why wouldn’t he be, I mean, everything, any of him just aches to be with Bo the son. The son, he thought he lost Auntie.

I can only imagine what he’s going through right now. You know what? Why don’t you go to Greece, go with Uncle Vic. I will handle all the business here if you give me that chance.

This is the police report that Sean filed before he went to Greece and he took following a statement after her office was vandalized. What’s it say? Well, I’m looking at the times here, and we know that when Pauline had got to her office with Stephanie, she opened her office with her own keys, which was very soon after she had left the square where she ran into Sloan and Talia.

So if either my sister or Sloan lifted Paulina’s keys while they were in the square, they would’ve had very little time to go make a copy of the key. And then come back and return the original key somehow to Paulina’s Purse so she could open her office door. Exactly. I have to admit, even though Allie is halfway around the world, I, I still thought that maybe we would somehow find her way back to each other.

But now she’s moved on. That’s right. So maybe I should just move on too.

What’s the problem? She’s into women. You’re a woman. Yeah, but I’m not gay. I’m not even, bye babe. Come. All. I really want just you. Okay. Elise. That’s what I thought you wanted too, but it seems like you’re trying to pit me out. No, no, not at all. I only want you to, this won’t be real, at least not for us.

Chanel on the other hand, She’s gonna fall a head over heel for you cuz how could anyone know

what? You’ll commit a crime for me. But you won’t kiss a girl, babe. It’s more than she’s kissing. You’re asking me to lead her on and then break her heart. Chanel maybe if we shouldn’t do this. Yeah, I’ve seen those old movies, but. Not your type of films. There you are. More of a romcom type bloke. Kanye, where are you from anyway?

What’s that? London eye detect. How about this? I won’t ask you any questions about who’s coming in and out of your room, and you don’t ask me any questions about who’s coming and outta my head. Whatever. I’m here to pack up my stuff anyway. I’m finally moving out. This’s. Roy’s my turn. Good. Sounds like we won’t have a problem then.

Will we? Wish I could say it’s been a pleasure.

The Vern’s getting bigger and creepier. Good thing I’m getting outta here. You say it’s not about my feelings for you. How could it be? It’s ever since Kristen got to Rachel, I felt responsible for the suffering of a child. And once I realized that I couldn’t change that I, I couldn’t get Rachel to like me and see me for who I am, it just became more and more intolerable for me that I was the cause of her suffering.

And that girl has had a hard enough life without having someone who she perceives as being the only thing that stands in the way of her having her family together. Chloe? Chloe. Chloe. I understand.

Thank you for that.

I understand that this is hard for you too, and I’m sorry, I, I’m sorry, but like I said before, you are, you’re an amazing father and I respect that so much. And nothing, nothing is more important than that.

God. So, um, This is it. I mean,

oh, I thought I wasn’t, I wasn’t gonna share this with you, but, oh. This morning I was feeling, I was feeling really sad about us and I was alone, and I decided I wanted to sing to try to cheer myself up. And the first song that came to my mind was, and I Will Always Love You.

It didn’t cheer me out. No. That, that, that selection would not do the trick, but it wouldn’t. And the lyrics, the lyrics did ring true because Brady, I will, I will always love you.

I’ll always love you.

Why do you think this isn’t a good idea? Doya? It’s like you just said, there’s real chemistry between us. Wait, is, is this because you’re not sure about being with a woman? No. That’s not it. Okay. Then what is it? I mean, you made a pretty bold move when you decided you wanted to kiss me and you just went for it and now you’re pulling back why I can’t think I can do this.

You know how important this is to you.

When this is finally over, I’ll be okay. No more mood swings. And more crazy depression because I’ll feel like I’ve got justice for my mom and we will be so happy together.

I love you so, so much. You love me sweet, don’t you? Because you’re my boss. I mean, how would that look? A boss and her employee hooking up, at least for my sister Jada’s job, they have policies against it and that’s what’s standing in the way of her getting with her boss. You know, commissioner Heidi. So maybe it wasn’t Sloane Peterson or Talia who trashed Pauline In’s office.

Maybe it was someone else entirely. Sloan Peterson swears she had nothing to do with it. And I certainly hope my sister didn’t either.

What is it you? You know there’s a small, a mom and pop hardware store just off the square. It would only take a person a few minutes who is very motivated to run over there and get a copy made. Everyone thinks Uncle Vic is so strong. But we all know that you are the one who keeps him strong. Auntie, you are his rock.

That’s why you need to go be with him in Greece. What do you think? I’m just having misgivings about leaving right now. Alex, I mean, the last time that I trusted you, uh, with autonomy, you, you. It’s undermined my authority as the head of this company and then you, you compromise the values that I had laid out.

I can’t deny that. I also can’t deny that you’ve been generous enough to give me far more chances than I deserved, which is hardly the argument for me to give you another one. And I admit that I have had some poor judgment in the past. I’ve made some errors. But I think I have made it very clear that there is nothing that matters more to me than my family.

That’s why I’m asking you. I’m pleading with you. Go be with Uncle Victor in Greece. He’s about to go through something very difficult, very emotional. Also miraculous. That’s why he needs you.

Okay. Okay then. Um, but this is your last chance. To prove that you are committed to this company and to this family,

and this is, it’s a very important deal to tighten. It’s hugely important. In fact, the details are all laid out. The plans are in place. I have done all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to do anything other than just close the deal.

I am not going to let you down, auntie, promise you,

you know, I was only using Alex to, to make Xander jealous and to get over him.

You see, I truly believe that Zander would stick around. There was something about the way that he looked at me and the way that he’d make me laugh, the way I made him laugh. How we

accepted each other’s weaknesses are many. Weaknesses for we, we still see the good in each other.

I’ve never felt such a deep connection to anyone ever like that before.

I’ve never had that ever. Never ever.

I really hope you do get it one day. I really do, because honestly, yes. Who’s the best feeling of all to know that somebody sees you for you with all of your faults and still loves you?

And so therefore you, you see yourself through their eyes and it look makes you love yourself more. You know?

I feel that with you, Gwenny. You make me feel that way.

I doing with you too. Damn. Only we wanted to jump each other’s bones. You finally,

I’m really sorry it didn’t work out for you and Xander, and I’m sorry that I had to be the one to tell you that he’s moving in with Chloe. Yeah, well that’s all right, cuz as you said, I would’ve found out eventually, wouldn’t I?

You know what I.

I think I need to get some,

I have to go out and and figure out how I’m gonna say goodbye to the only man that I truly love.

So let’s go check out that hardware store then. Right. And we’ll show them Sloan and Talia’s picture and see if either one of them had to keep me that day. Yeah.

Talia, I know they have rules like that for the Salem PD and other places too, obviously about the so-called inappropriate relationships between bosses and subordinates or whatever. But it’s like you said, I’m the boss here at Sweet Bits, and there isn’t any policy to stop me from being with someone. I like if it’s consensual, obviously.

And. To be honest, I don’t even know if you working here for me is even going to be an issue anymore with the shutdown. I don’t know if a sweet bits can survive this. Look, I know you okay, well, at least I’m getting to know you, so that’s why I’m confident you’re gonna figure out a way to keep this place going.

And if I do, It will be because I have someone like you in my corner, someone who has my back, someone I can trust.

And I, I, I feel like I can trust you, Toya, and especially with everything I’ve been going through lately, it just means so much to me. Oh, sorry. I better check this. Sure.

Everything okay? Yeah. Um,

okay. Well, um, I’m gonna stay here and clean up a little bit more. I can help you. No, it’s, it’s okay. I can handle it. But how about I meet you later? Like for a date? What do you think? You can maybe talk some more and. See where it goes. Hi. Sure. Okay, well, um, dinner at Bistro.

Hey, so, uh, what I walked in on earlier was you and Brady. Does that mean you guys are. I’m back together because if you decided you don’t want to move in with me, I totally understand. I mean, I’ll figure something out. I don’t really need two bedrooms, but who knows? Maybe I’ll find another roommate, Andrew.

No, it’s okay. You don’t have to find another roommate. No, no. When you walked in on me and Brady, that was goodbye.

So I hear that Zander and Chloe are shacking up, get drown sorrows together.

Our first meal in our new place. Yeah. We’re lucky to have that great Italian restaurant down the block. Many others. Whoa. Do you always order pizza with that much sausage, pepperoni, and bacon? I’m an unapologetic carnival. Chloe, get used to it. Oh, uh, I don’t Suppose you want a slice of my half for the pizza.

Oh, the side that’s covered in. Disgustingly healthy spinach and slimy mushrooms. Now that’s all you always, I’ve enjoyed. Oh, but I would like to make a toast.

Thank you.

You better off with that, him, Chloe. Yeah. Right. And you are better off without her. Although I’m not sure which her I’m actually referring to. Does it matter? Alright. I’ve had to better toast a jolly or one one that’s a bit more future oriented. I can get behind that to my charming roommate, to my carnivorous, remain.

Who can also be quite charming when he sets his mind to it.

And what are you drinking? It’s club soda. Mm. Well, I’m gonna need something just a tad stronger. Scotch rocks. Perhaps perhaps two or three if the waitress ever bloody comes round. It’s funny, I, I heard that you recently gave up scotch. Yeah, I had actually, then I picked up the scotch again. I do admire you though for remaining abstinence, even under very trying circumstances.

I’m sorry about you and Chloe. Thank you. I wish I could say the same about you and my cousin, but he’s a swine and an idiot, so I think it would be an understatement to say that you’re better off without him. Maybe your best without Chloe. Now, why the hell would you say something like that to me? So it’s fine for you to tell me that I’m better off without Xander and that he’s swine an idiot.

But I’m meant to sing Chloe’s praises. I’m gonna stop you right there. Listen, whatever you had. Well, Xander is nothing compared to what I had with Chloe. Okay? Ah, angry, drunk. Who doesn’t drink? If you think that we’re just gonna. Crown each other’s shoulders or something. Gwen, look at me. Do I look like I’m crying?

Bloody hell, I need that drink. White dress. Come on.

Well, I made all the arrangements. I’m gonna wave Victor to Greece to see Bob. Ah, and I’m getting myself up to speed with this amazing deal that you set up for Titan Auntie. Trust me, you are not gonna be sorry for letting me handle this, okay? Well just stick to what I laid out in this folder and, um, when I come back, tighten you and I, we ah, will all be in a better place.

Bye-bye Alex. Good Uncle Vic, my love

Chanel Dupree as I live. Andre. Hi Leah. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. At least tell me how the wedding planning is coming along. I’m guessing it’s gonna be quite the affair since you’re marrying a rich and powerful demira again. Okay, I’m gonna tell you again, like I told you before, lady Whistle blow hard.

Johnny and I are just friends and the engagement that never was is off. In fact, I have a date tonight. Well, someone else. Whoa, lucky you. So male, female, cisgender, transgender, non-binary, gender queer, a gender pan, gender two-spirit, third, gender, any combination thereof. Wouldn’t you like to know?

Hello? How’d it go? Well, I have dinner tonight with Chanel at the bistro. Ooh, that’s fancy. Hold on, and I can tell just how excited you are about it. Why would I be, I’m leading someone on deceiving her planning to get her into my bed just so I can dump her and break her heart. Why would I be happy about that, Colin?

I do have a conscience. You know? I know you do. And I respect you for that of course. But this woman killed my mother in the most horrible way possible. You seem to forget that. No, I haven’t forgotten that. It’s just, come on. I can’t help but feel for her. Even so, right. I need you to fight that feeling.

Okay. And I need you to do this for me. I know you will because we love each other and you know, How important this is to me. You do, don’t you?

Yeah, I do.

We had a break in a few years back. Hope Brady helped us find a concrete. She still in charge? No, I’m the commissioner now. Oh. So to confirm, You’re the only one who makes keys in your store. Yep. Just let it all me. Alright. Should uh, this woman come in and make a copy of the key a few weeks ago?

No. I remember such a pretty lady.

How about this Pretty lady? Oh yeah. I remember her real well, not only because she was an icap, but she was in a hell of a rush.

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