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Nikki: Ah, you’re looking a little lost. Can I help you find something?

Nick: Yeah. If you were the blueprints for the abu dhabi project, where would you be?

Nikki: Abu dhabi? Um, let me see… abu dhabi is right… here.

Nick: Oh, there we go. Thanks, champ.

Nikki: Hey, you’re not leaving, are you?

Nick: No, I’m just covering for victoria in the meeting with the international team.

Nikki: Good because there’s a new rule around here. Only one of you is allowed to leave town at the same time.

Nick: You’re stuck with me.

Nikki: So, um, I heard the news. I guess I should be congratulating adam and sally. They’re expecting a baby girl.

[ Sally sighing ]

[ Knock on door ]

Sally: Well, hello. Are you my escort?

Adam: Um, do you need one?

Sally: I’m not sure. I was hoping you would tell me on the way.

Adam: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Sally: So your being here has nothing to do with why victor just asked to see me?

Phyllis: I’m sorry, baby. I’m sorry, I put this in– in your hands. I’m sorry I put you in this position. It’s not fair.

Summer: No, it’s not fair. I’m just scared. I’m scared that if you don’t come with me right now and clear all of this up, I’m just scared that I’m never gonna see you again.

Phyllis: No, no. I don’t intend for that to happen. That will never happen, okay? Summer, all I need is time.

Kyle: Hey.

[ Summer exhaling ]

Elena: Hey.

Audra: Hey. I– I thought maybe you weren’t coming.

Elena: Oh, I considered it. You never seem to have good news for me, audra. I might be better off avoiding you.

Audra: Right. Well, brace yourself because I finally have good news.

Elena: Oh, yeah.

Audra: You asked and I delivered. I tracked down jt hellstrom.

Nate: Hungry?

Victoria: I’m starving.

Nate: Did you look at the menu?

Victoria: Yep, I already know what I want. Avocado toast.

Nate: Avocado toast.

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Nate: You know, avocados were once considered an aphrodisiac.

Victoria: No, no, no. That was just a marketing story. Yeah. You see, avocado growers wanted people to eat more of them, so the advertising companies came up with reverse psychology.

Nate: You’re kidding?

Victoria: No, I’m not. Yeah, a little bit of, “you don’t want this delicious juiciness. It will blow your mind,” and then, avocado sales went right through the roof.

Nate: You really do have a one-track mind… about business. Of course.

Victoria: Right now, I have other ideas.

Nate: Mm.

[ Phone ringing ] Don’t you think you should get that? It could be important.

Victoria: I think I get to decide what’s top priority and that’s us. So, now we know what I want. What is it that you want?

Nate: Hm. I want what I shouldn’t want because if I have it, it will only lead to trouble.

Victoria: I don’t think we’re talking about carbs anymore, are we?

Nate: I’m afraid not. Carbs, now that I can stay away from.

[ Victoria laughing ] Staying away from you, that’s when it starts to get a lot more complicated. If you’ve had sensitivity, those zingers can really cause

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Adam: Uh, I’m not my father’s errand boy.

Sally: Okay, I apologize. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just curious.

Adam: Well, the great victor newman consults with no one. He acts first, then he complains about your poor performance later. So how did this date with my dad come about?

Sally: Uh, he just text me and asked to see me.

Adam: Was he asking you or was he telling you?

Sally: Telling.

Adam: Yeah, that was definitely him. When and where?

Sally: Why? Are you planning on crashing?

Adam: I’m providing backup. Trust me, you’re gonna need it.

Sally: Okay, I’m not afraid of victor newman.

Adam: But I did hear a hint of something fear adjacent when you asked me if I knew why he wanted to talk to you.

Sally: You’re related to him. Are you telling me that you don’t dread being summoned, even just a teensy bit?

Adam: Look, one thing I can predict is it’s not gonna be nice and the scars could last a lifetime.

Sally: Okay, you’re not helping. So, if you’re not here because of victor, then please… explain yourself?

Nick: Dad told you the news. Did he also tell you about the stunt he tried to pull the other day?

Nikki: Uh, no, he usually keeps those to himself. What did he do?

Nick: He tried to poach me.

Nikki: For what?

Nick: Dad thinks that if adam and I ran mccall unlimited together, it would bring us closer. Maybe even so close that I would magnanimously decide to back away from sally, allowing adam to be with the mother of his child. Which is so insulting to sally, like she can’t make decisions on her own or that she’s just some trophy that adam and I are competing for.

Nikki: So you turned him down?

Nick: Well, what do you think?

Nikki: If I had known what he was planning, I would have nipped it in the bud.

Nick: He’s just so focused on breaking us up.

Nikki: Now honey, I just have to say that children have a way of bringing their parents together. And the chemistry between sally and adam was undeniable.

Nick: Whose side are you on?

Nikki: I’m on your side, but I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like I am.

Nick: Let me ask you this. If adam and sally are just so perfect for each other, why aren’t they together right now?

Nikki: That’s a good question. Why aren’t they?

Kyle: Remember when you used to hug me like this all the time?

Summer: No.

Kyle: Your arms, you used to wrap them around me so tightly like you were trying to keep me from falling off a cliff. And I loved every minute of it.

Summer: I’ll have to hug you more.

Kyle: Mm. I’ll hold you to that. Hey, how was that errand you had to run? You know, you had to do this one thing and maybe it would get you some closure.

Summer: Um, that I… it was– it was nothing. It was– it was fine.

Kyle: Can you tell me now what that was all about?

Summer: Kyle, I– I thought that you were starting to give me some space.

Kyle: No, whatever– whatever you want. I just thought that if you… what I mean is, I’m glad you did whatever you did because this is the first time you’ve said actual sentences to me in a long time.

Summer: I’m gonna try to do better.

Kyle: You need time and I promise I’ll back off. Just please don’t move into the guest room. Don’t go anywhere, ever. We’ll just sit like this. We’ll get old and forgetful and grow roots like couch potatoes, but at least we’ll have each other.

Summer: That sounds nice.

Kyle: Tell me something. This is serious. Do you blame me for what happened to phyllis?

Summer: Kyle…

Kyle: No, I understand if you would because you think my mother is guilty, so I’m also guilty by association.

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: It doesn’t work like that. And I don’t– I don’t feel that way.

Kyle: As much as I know my mother is innocent, I respect the fact that you don’T. And probably never will, unless we’re lucky enough to get a miracle. People call it the biggest smalltown festival in minnesota.

Adam: I wanna build a trust.

Sally: Trust.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Between us?

Adam: A trust fund for the baby.

Sally: Now?

Adam: Well, it’s– it’s never too soon. Matter of fact, we probably should start arranging getting her into walnut grove.

Sally: Oh, she doesn’t even have a name.

Adam: She has the newman name, which carries a lot of weight. So you’re right, she probably doesn’t have to worry about getting into preschool. But I just want you to know, and you, that you will never want for anything. You’re right, she doesn’t even have a name and I’m just ready to give her the world.

Sally: That’s a conversation we don’t need to have because I know how much you love connor.

Adam: There were, um, certain advantages that come from being a newman that I did not have access to when I was a child. But I want you to know that this little firebrand is gonna have full and equal access to everything the other kids are entitled to. So you don’t have to worry.

Sally: I’m not. As long as you know that I would never use our child to grab for a slice of the newman pie.

Adam: Never.

Sally: Okay because money’s great, but true worth comes from within.

Adam: Absolutely, yeah. She’s got you and I’m already wrapped around her finger. So, she’s gonna be just fine.

Sally: Yeah. Lucky for us, we have several more months to figure out the details of her life. But, for now, victor is waiting.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

[ Sally sighing ]

Nikki: Your father wants what’s best for everyone in the family. And if we all agree about the connection between sally and adam–

Nick: Oh, the connection. Mom, seriously?

Nikki: I– I’m just saying. Maybe it should give you pause. I mean, remember how he held on to sharon for all those years? How long is sally gonna be able to keep him out of her life?

Nick: Sally and I have talked about this many times. We are setting boundaries.

Nikki: Oh, well, put up as many fences as you want. Flowers will bloom where they choose.

Nick: Just imagine how much progress we’d be making on the dubai project if we spent half as much time focusing on that as you are on my love life. Mom, sally, and I are good. Seriously. And the baby’s gonna thrive. Adam’s gonna have to figure out how he fits into our lives. End of story.

Nate: Being with you, like we just were, was not on my itinerary for this trip.

Victoria: Well, you know, some of the best things in life, they just happen unexpectedly. You’re not even paying attention and they just fall into place. Are you trying to convince me that you don’t feel that too?

Nate: I betrayed elena. I don’t want to be that kind of guy who lies to his girlfriend.

Victoria: I know that your conscience is bothering you. I know that. We didn’t have to do this. The question is why– why did we?

[ Nate sighing ]

Nate: I need to do the right thing.

Jt: Hello.

Elena: Hi. Um, I am dr. Elena dawson. You must be jt hellstrom.

Jt: Yeah, I got the message to expect your call. Something about a, uh, a podcast.

Elena: Yeah. Uh, I’m sure you’ve already heard, but I host a podcast that spotlights stories of people who have medical conditions that have changed their lives.

Jt: Sounds interesting.

Elena: I have actually only heard a thumbnail of your story. I know you survived…

Jt: Brain tumor, undiagnosed. Yeah. Changed my life and everybody around me.

Elena: Wow. Sounds traumatic.

Jt: It was. Be honest with you, I’m not– not crazy about the idea of revisiting that time.

Elena: Oh, um, audra told me that you were willing to talk.

Jt: So, you work for newman enterprises, right?

Elena: I do.

Jt: Yeah, well, if this request came from victoria, then, uh, I owe it to her to hear you out. We all need fiber for our digestive health,

Kyle: If I could just find solid proof that my mother wasn’t involved.

Summer: Just let michael do his job.

Kyle: Everything is 10 times more complicated now that stark is dead. The cops and the D.A., They have tunnel vision on this. They’ve already arrested my mother, so if I can just find the proof, then maybe… I promise I won’t involve you in any of that.

Summer: I’m already involved.

Kyle: What do you mean, how?

Summer: Your mom is standing trial for killing my mom. I– I– I’m deeply involved. And I– I just think– I just think talking about it is just stirring up all these feelings, and I don’t want to sleep in the guest room. So can we please just not?

Kyle: I guess this part’s gonna take some work.

Summer: And forgiveness. A lot of forgiveness.

Kyle: As long as we have each other, nothing else matters, right? We’ve done hard work before.

[ Kyle sighing ]

Elena: Um, the thing about victoria is while she is the C.E.O. Of all things newman and she is very hands-on with the media division, her involvement–

Jt: She wants to stay in the wings, I get it. Look, when I had that brain tumor, I did things that I never would have. Things that I’ll regret forever. But that was not me.

Elena: Of course. And you know, this is an opportunity for you to let the world know that those incidents only happened because of your condition. You are living proof that with a proper diagnosis and treatment, patients can go on to have a very regular life.

Jt: And all I gotta do is talk?

Elena: I think a lot of people would be inspired by your story. You may even change a life.

Jt: Yeah, I guess I could do that.

Elena: I’m really happy to have you on board. The first thing that we’ll do is book your flights and your hotel.

Jt: To genoa city? No, forget it. No, there’s no way I can ever go back there again.

Victoria: All right, I guess we’re having a discussion. So, let’s do it. Let’s discuss this guilty conscience of yours. Where was he exactly during our little escapade? Was he– was he out in the hallway? Was he locked in another room? Was he hiding under the bed?

Nate: Uh, my conscience was asleep at the wheel, again. The problem is you are irresistible.

Victoria: Oh, okay, I see.

Nate: And that little voice in the back of my head is as charmed by you as I am.

Victoria: Well, I have to say it sounds like he isn’t very good at his job.

Nate: Well, most of the time he is excellent, but occasionally, he’s terrible.

Victoria: Oh, no. So, you do like me?

Nate: Come on, you know I do. I like everything about you and that’s part of the problem because this, what I feel for you is, is far more than just the physical attraction.

Victoria: I guess the question is, what do we do now? Hi.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Kyle: I like this.

Summer: Which part?

Kyle: All of it. The talking, the not talking, holding, having you all to myself. No arguing.

Summer: That’s nice. I wish that we could stay like this forever.

Kyle: I know what you mean.

Summer: But you know, the second we move, the real world rushes in and it’s not as much fun as it used to be.

Kyle: Then we won’t move. Are you hungry?

Summer: I probably should be.

Kyle: Okay, I can take care of that. Say no more. Tracy! Anyone!

Summer: Kyle, no. Absolutely not. You cannot call your aunt to make you some food. If– if you want something you’ve got to get up and get it for yourself.

Kyle: Okay, I’ll be fast. Don’t move. I love you.

Summer: I love you more.

Phyllis: It all boils down to this, okay? You either save your mother-in-law or you save me.

[ Summer exhaling ]

Nikki: Well, I hope you’re right about sally. That things are as wonderful as you’re saying.

Nick: They are. You have nothing to worry about.

Nikki: Because if she breaks your heart, she’s gonna have a whole world of worry to deal with. And she’s gonna need you because once that baby comes, she will need help and there is no man better equipped to deal with a baby than you.

Nick: I mean, babies do love me.

Nikki: They do.

Adam: Would you mind if I interrupted for a moment to talk to nicholas?

Nikki: I don’t mind if he doesn’T.

Nick: It’s fine.

Nikki: Well, I hear you’re expecting a girl. Congratulations.

Adam: Thank you.

Nikki: I’m sure she’ll be a joy. Little girls are such blessings.

Adam: That’s very kind of you. I appreciate it.

Nick: If this is about mccall, don’t bother. I don’t want to be involved.

Adam: Well, it’s too late because you already are. This isn’t about business. It’s about victor.

Sally: I hope I haven’t kept you waiting long.

Victor: Sally, not at all. Please have a seat. So, I understand congratulations are in order.

Sally: Thank you.

Victor: That little girl is on the way. How sweet is that?

Sally: Yeah. Yeah, we are all very excited.

Victor: You mean all that includes the father and nicholas?

Sally: Yeah. Yeah, it’s a little complicated, I guess.

[ Victor chuckling ]

Victor: Little complicated. Not really, you know. My sons, you may as well know, have a penchant to fall in love with the same woman.

Sally: You know, I’m really curious as to why you asked me here if that’s gonna be the topic of conversation.

Victor: I just want you to know that they have more in common than they would like to admit.

Sally: Well, my relationship with adam is ancient history, and nick and I are very happy and I do not see that changing for any reason, whatsoever.

Victor: I admire your confidence, but I did not ask you here to commiserate about your love life. I asked you here to talk about my grandchild, your child. There are certain things you need to know before the baby is born. That’s me before dawn powerwash.

Nate: I was supposed to be a different man when I took this job. I wanted to build a career, earn my family’s trust back. Be the man I used to be.

Victoria: Well, and now you’re in a hotel room with the wrong woman.

Nate: Right woman, wrong time.

Victoria: Gosh, could somebody please put me in touch with the division that’s in charge of time machines? Because whatever universe you and I could be together would be amazing. What? What? What are you smiling about now?

Nate: Why is being with you so easy?

Victoria: Because you don’t have to pretend to be somebody that you’re not. There’s no expectations.

Nate: I’m just trying to be the kind of man that–

Victoria: That elena expects you to be.

Nate: Something like that.

Victoria: You know, she’s the last vestige of the life that you used to live before you walked away from medicine. You started a new path. And when that happened, you gave up on old dreams and old goals so that you could move on. Start something new.

Nate: Being myself with you means I have to lie to everyone else in my life.

Victoria: Well, then maybe it’s time for you to decide who you are. Do you want to be somebody else’s version of who you should be or do you want to be happy?

Elena: Jt, you only did those things because of your medical condition. I can’t imagine anyone would hold that against you.

Jt: Oh, you must be new to genoa city, ’cause, uh… that town’s got a long memory.

Elena: I think you’d be surprised.

Jt: It’s the last thing I need. You can record me remotely. It’s the only way this thing’s gonna work. Look, your heart’s in the right place, doctor, but I am, uh, I’m staying put.

Elena: Okay, um, how about this? I would really love to have you here, so why don’t you just take some time, think about it, and you can call me back and let me know?

Jt: All right, I’ll do that.

Elena: Okay. Please, keep in touch and if you have any questions, you have my number.

Jt: Yeah.

Elena: Best of luck to you, jt.

[ Elena sighing ]

Sally: It’s true, I don’t know much about parenting, but from what I understand, it’s one of those learn-as-you-go situations.

Victor: No friends to lean on, no family?

Sally: I wouldn’t say that. I can video chat with my sister and my grams whenever I want.

Victor: How about friends?

Sally: I’ve chloe mitchell. Yeah, we’re really close, but I– I mean, honestly I’ve always been really independent and things haven’t turned out too badly, so.

Victor: Yeah, I understand you had a difficult childhood. I mean, you were raised by your grandmother and abandoned by your mother.

Sally: What’s your point?

Victor: My point is that I understand how you’re feeling. I grew up under somewhat similar circumstances. Tough childhood.

Sally: Well, they say it builds character.

Victor: Well, what it builds is a lot of toughness and bitterness, you know. I’d much rather a child grew up in familiar surroundings with loving family, uncles, aunts, cousins, you know. Horseback riding lessons, art lessons. My god, a lot of reading, travel.

Sally: But you didn’t have any of those things and look at you now.

Victor: No, but I want you to know that your child, my grandchild, whatever she wants, she’ll be afforded.

Sally: Well, thank you. That means the world to know that my baby is already being welcomed into your family.

Victor: And nothing should interfere with your career, you know, nothing at all. You are very gifted, very talented, and uh, I’m sorry that I interfered in your bid for jill’s design business.

Sally: Well, you may have delayed things, but I have still been making my dreams come true.

Victor: You’re very ambitious, very gifted. I have a proposal for you.

Adam: I stopped by sally’s earlier.

Nick: Why did you do that? Was there some appointment I didn’t know she had?

Adam: Uh, I thought it would be prudent to get the ball rolling about setting up a trust for the baby. I wanted to make sure she was okay with that before I did anything. Don’t want to step on any toes.

Nick: Well, that’s good. You said this was about dad.

Adam: As I was dropping in, she was stepping out, summoned to society by victor.

Nick: All right, thanks for telling me.

Adam: No, nick, you can’T.

Nick: Who’s gonna stop me?

Adam: Me. – I’m fernando,

Nate: Okay, so what do we do?

Victoria: I think we’ll figure it out. But we will start by always being fully clothed in each other’s presence and never, ever being alone in the same room together.

Nate: Never looking at each other from across the room.

Victoria: Yes, that’s right. And you know, those one-on-one meetings, will now and forever, ever include a chaperone.

Nate: That sounds reasonable. Uh, but what do we do when you just randomly start blushing when you remember the things we’ve done?

Victoria: I’m just gonna have to learn how to forget, I guess.

Nate: Well, you’re gonna have to teach me that one. Uh, remotely from very, very, very–

Victoria: Very remote.

Nate: Far away.

Victoria: Very, very far.

Nate: Yes.

Victoria: Yes. I’m gonna take a shower, by myself. Don’t look.

Nate: Oh, okay. Um, not looking.

Audra: Hey.

Elena: You’re back.

Audra: Yeah, I– I rushed over as soon as I could get away. Um, so what happened? Did you talk to jt?

Elena: I did and he was receptive to the idea.

Audra: Awesome.

Elena: No, he refuses to come here. He only wants to record remotely.

Audra: Uh, no, you– you have to convince him to come to genoa city.

Elena: I already tried.

Audra: Look, it would be the perfect thing to get him to snap victoria back into reality and keep her hands off nate.

Elena: You didn’t see him. He is just a sweet guy trying to do the right thing. And what does that make me? Trying to drag him into my relationship drama?

Audra: You’re not the bad guy, okay? You’re just investigating potentialities. You remove victoria from your equation, refocus her energies onto her former husband, you bust up her monopoly over nate and just like that, everything is the way it’s supposed to be.

Elena: Sure, it sounds harmless, but that would take too long and there are too many ways that it could go wrong. I’m gonna make this short and sweet.

Audra: How? What– what’s your plan?

Elena: I’m leaving for L.A. I’m gonna find out once and for all what’s going on.

Nick: What is this, adam? Why don’t you want me to go see her?

Adam look, she was pretty adamant on meeting with him on her own.

Nick: This is dad we’re talking about.

Adam: Right, and if you ride into her rescue, she’s gonna think that you don’t trust her to be tough enough to handle him on her own.

Nick: Well, we both know what he’s capable of.

Adam: Yeah. And then she’s gonna need somebody, you, to put back a few pieces after he’s done trying to tear her down.

Nick: Damage control.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I wanted to be there, trust me. I contemplated hiding out or paying a waiter to eavesdrop.

Nick: Well, she knows we won’t let anything ever happen to her or the baby.

Adam: Yeah. Well, I hope dad knows that too.

Nick: Well, thank you, adam, for letting me know this was happening.

Adam: Hm. There’s nothing that I won’t do for those two.

Victor: I want you to know that I will back you wherever you wanna go. I will fully finance whatever business endeavor you embark upon, okay? No strings attached.

Sally: Wow. That’s very generous. I– I get it. You will back me, but not here. I can’t stay in genoa city.

Victor: That’s right. You can build your business wherever you want to. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

Sally: Sorry, I’m just trying to wrap my head around things ’cause you said that you want your granddaughter to be a part of the newman fold.

Victor: I do. I want her to grow up on my ranch, surrounded by uncles, aunts, cousins. Anything she wants will be hers.

Sally: But not me. My baby stays and I go.

Victor: You’re very ambitious, you’re very gifted. You can build a company of your own wherever you want to. I’ll fully finance it. Now, I leave you with that thought, okay? And I have a feeling you will make the right decision, not only for yourself but for your baby. Thank you for coming.

[ Sally sighing ]

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