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[Dramatic music]

My plan’s going ahead. I just have to speed up the timetable.

There’s no way to be certain the antidote is viable without testing it on a human subject.

Yes, that is the plan.

I refuse to use trina or spencer as my test subjects. I would not risk cutting short a young, innocent life.

Would you have the same qualms about using a more adult subject, one who’s decidedly not innocent?

Ah, perfect timing, son.

[Door clangs shut]

You found me. I’m impressed. I thought I’d be untraceable.

You should know by now, victor, I’m more than a match for you.

[Laughs darkly] Oh, your self-confidence is so misplaced.

Don’t you wanna know why I’m here?

Well, I can think of two possible explanations: Either you launched an ill-advised rescue attempt, or it’s just purely out of revenge. So tell me. Which is it?

Can’t it be both?

Well, amelia is asleep like the baby she is. And wiley, well, he’s asleep, but apparently he had a wrestling match with his covers.

And wiley won. You found his covers on the floor.

[Laughs] Yeah, and I tucked him back in, though, and, uh, yeah, he didn’t budge. He’s down for the count.

Ring bearing is hard work.

He did great, though, didn’t he?

The whole wedding was great. Perfect, in fact.

Yeah. Actually no. There was one major tradition that, uh, we left out.

What’s that?

[Soft sweet music]

Would you hold this? And I’ll show you.


[Uneasy music]

It’s not just the way spencer spoke to dex. It’s that spencer seemed to go out of his way to pick a fight.

[Sighs] Look, he’s just being an entitled jerk.

Yeah, but he wanted to do better. And I–I really do believe that. Spencer was lashing out, and dex was the nearest target. Something’s going on with him.

Like what?

I’m not sure, but I’m gonna find out today.

[Sighs] Trina, please come home.

[Knock at door]

[Soft dark music]

You kept this to yourself. This huge secret affects all of our lives!

I’m sorry that I kept this from you. But honey, I need you to know that your father and I, we love you, and every choice I’ve made from the second I found out I was pregnant with you has been about you. It’s been about doing what’S…

don’t, don’T.

Best for you.

Don’T. Just don’T.


How can you stand there and say you love me when you kept this from me my entire life?

[Knock at door]

Come in.

I thought you could use a friend.

Cut it out!

I’m so sick of being dragged around by you no-necks.

And I’m sick of your voice.

Stop messin’ around. Get the prisoner to his room. Let’s go.

[Gasps] No.


You heard the man.




You’re gonna pay for that.

[Dramatic music]


Welcome home, mrs. Corinthos.

Oh, it’s good to be home, mr. Corinthos.


All right, I will go put this on water.

You forgot something.

You okay?

Oh, it was a long, long day. Some of it was awesome, and some of it was not.

You look beautiful.

Thank you. I’m trying to find the energy to take all this down.

Allow me.


Like I said, beautiful.

[Soft music]

Well, whatever the reasons, I’m afraid you’ve come all this way for nothing. I mean, look at you. You’re in my custody, and my men’ll soon locate your accomplices.

They’ll be wasting their time. I came alone.

I’d have expected you to be a much better liar.

I fooled you into believing I was dead.

Yes, well, I won’t let you play me again. Come on. Make it easy on yourself. Just tell me, who are your accomplices, and how did you find me?

Why would I answer your– you’ll just accuse me of lying.

Oh, lies come easily. The truth often has to be coerced.

Diane, look, um, I’m sorry we got interrupted earlier, but, uh, well, I got a bit of time now if you want to, uh, talk, um…


Call me back. Damn you, scott. Wake up. How long does chloroform last anyway?

[Knock at door]


It’s elizabeth baldwin.

Are you decent?

I’m coming in.


I am sorry about your foot.

Not as sorry as you’re gonna be.

If you can forgive and forget, then I promise to ask for leniency at your trial because you will get caught. It is only a matter of time.

You believe this guy? Let’s show him how we “forgive and forget.”

Wait! My–my uncle, he wants to use me and my girlfriend for a psycho medical experiment, and I am just trying to protect her. I–hasn’t there ever been anyone that you would do anything to protect?


I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

[Ominous music]

Man: Mom, really?

Well, fortunately, I don’t require your cooperation. Your mere presence is enough.

Do you have news about willow? How is she?

As far ask I know, willow is still alive.

[Exhales] Gott sei dank.

Can the same be said for your hostages?

No, my great-nephews are fine, thank you, as is the stowaway, trina robinson. But none of you will survive what is to come unless you get on with the testing.

[Grave music]

What testing?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked. You see, liesl is testing the final step in my plan to save the world. And you’re here to help.



Oh, I was just in here, um, visiting anna.

Okay, I just need to take her vitals.

Well, she’s sleeping at the moment.

Well, I still need to examine her. I’ll do my best not to wake her up.

Uh, I–I–I– I can’t let you do that.

I was worried about trina. I figured you were too. Might help us both if we can be worried together.

Thank you so much. Ever since trina called me, I’ve been sick–

whoa, whoa. Wait a minute now. Trina called you?

Oh, I–didn’t curtis fill you in on everything?

No. No, that’s great. That’s great, really. No, I haven’t spoken to curtis. I’ve been leavin’ messages. I figured he was off houndin’ the pcpd, trying to find trina and was too preoccupied to talk to his old man. But that’s good. That’s all right.

[Sighs] You don’t– you don’t know.

Know what?

Curtis and drew cain, they uncovered a lead, and they left to bring trina home… if they can get past victor cassadine.


Boss doesn’t take kindly to those that harm his family.

This one tried to escape. He needs to be taught a lesson.

I just wanted to check on trina. Her room is down the hallway. It’s next to the engine room, and it gets it a lot of fumes, so please, I just wanted to make sure that she is okay.

You don’t make requests.

Look, why don’t you take a break? I’ll take care of this guy.

You’re not assigned to this detail. Stick to your orders if you know what’s good for you.

[Tense music] Matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before either. There’s a lot of guards here.


[Laughs] Wow, my uncle must’ve been scrapin’ the bottom of the barrel for you goons. He must have been very, very, very desperate to hire the entire brainless brigade.

You got a death wish, kid?

All I care about is trina.

Look, don’t harm the boss’ family if you know what’s good for you.




How you feelin’?

Blissfully happy to be able to call you my husband and mean it this time. It’s a dream come true.

Mm. Well, I wanna spend my life makin’ your dreams come true.

All I want is you.

By the way, I’m sorry there was no dancing at the reception. Actually, I’m sorry there was no reception, thanks to ned.

At least the sec didn’t show up until after the ceremony.

Yeah, and that they didn’t keep my mom overnight. And since they don’t know where drew is, all we have to do is just…

[Inhales] Wait for him to come back with obrecht.

Sonny gets some credit for that. If he hadn’t led the sec to believe that drew was in maui, things might be very different.

[Sighs] Ever since I was diagnosed with leukemia, the world keeps falling out from under me. My one constant had been you, our children, and your family.

[Somber music] They’ve never stopped supporting me and loving me, and if the worst happens…

it won’T.

If the worst happens, I hate the thought of the family being divided between you and your father.



You asleep?


Good dreams, I hope.

Very good.

You said it was a long day. Tell me about the wonderful parts.

That would be the wedding. Everyone was so happy for michael and willow. Everyone made an effort, even tracy.

Who’s tracy?

[Laughs] Tracy quartermaine, michael’s, uh, great-aunt, so his grandpa’s sister, and she makes the wicked witch of the west seem low-key and agreeable.

[Both laugh]

That feels harsh.

Well, you can meet her, and then you can tell me if I’m wrong. But even she got in the spirit of things. I saw kristina. We don’t really talk anymore. She’s loyal to her dad. She doesn’t wanna admit that he’s done anything wrong. But after that little bit of tension, I mean, it was like a big extended family. It was the spencers, the corinthos, the quartermaines, various falconeris, mccalls, davises.

[Laughs] And we were able to just put the grudges aside and enjoy the night.

Well, what about the bride and groom? Were they able to relax and just enjoy their wedding?

Oh, michael and willow were blissful. And people overuse that word on ice cream and manicures, but tonight I saw true bliss. Michael and willow, they were in a room full of everybody who loves them, and they were looking at each other like they were the only two people on the planet. They were so grateful, so in love, so happy to have that moment. That was bliss.

[Sentimental music]

victor. He’s delusional, right? Tell me this is a fantasy with no chance of being realized.

Without question victor is delusional. However, the pathogen is all too real and effective.

Do you realize man is responsible for 80% of the crises in our world? And my pathogen just happens to have a mortality rate of, yes, 80%. Kind of perfect, don’t you think? Once man and nature are back in balance, then our beautiful planet can flourish once again. And I had hoped to have you by my side. But after your betrayal, I’ve had to reevaluate my priorities.

And who exactly is on your worth-being-saved list?

Well, once liesl has proved the effectiveness of the antidote, then nikolas’ infant son–ay, I really must get around to renaming him one of these days–and myself. Oh, and I promised liesl she could take some of the antidote home to her family, and my trusted employees, of course. I’m afraid everyone else’s fate will come down to a roll of the dice.

And what if the cure isn’t effective? What then? What’s the plan then? It’s not too late, victor. You can end this madness, and you can have something so much better than all this death. You can have your son back.

You won’t let me monitor a patient?

Well, well, she’s, uh, exhausted and tired, uh– you know, I figured that was probably more important than having her vitals checked again.

Actually it’s–it’s not. If anna is groggy or slow to rouse, then we need to make sure there’s not a medical reason for it.

Um, would it be, uh, possible to maybe come back later?

Yeah, it doesn’t work like that. And if you were genuinely concerned about her, you’d be pushing the call button instead of trying to stonewall me.

[Tense music] Why don’t you want me in that room?


My man, change of plans. Watkins wants you on patrol.

Why isn’t watkins tellin’ me? And who are you?

[Muffled grunting]

[Doorknob rattles]


Trina, oh, my god.


Thank god.



So the wedding was perfect.


What about the reception? Anyone get hammered and do something they’ll regret? Maybe pick a fight with the wicked witch of the west?

Oh, no. I wish. Actually there was no reception. Two agents from the sec came in, and they took my mom for questioning.

What? Why?

Because they were accusing my mom and drew of insider trading.

How is that even possible?

Well, my mom bought shares from aurora, drew’s company, right before they were supposed to merge with elq. But thanks to ned quartermaine, the merger never happened, and my mom lost a ton of money, and she had to sell her half of the hotel. Nina bought it. Anyway, um… I guess my mom was getting inside information from drew.

Did the sec question drew?

No. Drew is off trying to save willow, but when he comes back– if he comes back– he’s gonna be in serious trouble.

How did drew manage to evade the sec?


I loved that we had a family wedding, even if the family was all yours.

Well, haven’t you been paying attention? It’s your family now too, mrs. Corinthos.

[Sighs] Of everyone who was there tonight… how many love you?

I mean, besides ned and tracy?

[Laughs] Okay. Uh, everyone, including ned and tracy.

How many love sonny?

Most of them.

How much overlap? How many love you and sonny, both?

Aside from, again, ned and tracy… everyone.

The rift between you and sonny affects them all because even if you’re right, and you are right, and sonny’s wrong, and I’m pretty sure they all know that, including kristina, they still love you both. They don’t wanna choose. So for their sakes, can’t you find a way to coexist with your father?

[Melancholic music]

[Sighs] There’s, um, something you don’t know, something I can’t keep from you anymore.

What is it?

Well, it’s better if I show you.

[Music darkens]

What did I just see?

[Sighs] My father accepting a delivery from a private military contractor.

I don’t understand.

Look, sonny made a deal with these people to illegally traffic weapons through port charles. Those are federal crimes, violations of the national security act. But this footage will send my father… to prison for the rest of his life.

Sonny made it look like drew left for maui.

That’s good news, right?

Yes and no. I mean, drew is free to help willow without the sec getting in his way, but getting help from sonny, it complicates things.

Because I’m working with your brother to take sonny down.

I prefer to call it “bringing him to justice.” I mean, he chose to break the law. And he’s ruined lives doing that. He has to suffer the consequences.

[Sighs] But then he sticks up for us like he used to do, and it reminds me that he’s just full of contradictions.

[Somber music]

Sonny does have impeccable timing.

What does that mean?

I got it tonight, the evidence that sonny’s moving shipments for pikeman.

Okay, well, what happens now?

That’s up to michael. I gave it to him, so I guess he’ll turn it over to the authorities?

And this will all be over?

That’s the hope.

Anna is my patient, and I have to take care of her.

Well, I’m trying to take–

[Whispering] I’m trying to take care of her too.

Then step aside and let me in.

I can’T.

[Sighs] Am I really gonna have to call security on robert scorpio?

Please. Look, elizabeth, there’s something going on. And I can’t give you any details ’cause it’s highly confidential. You gotta trust me on this.

[Groans] Brother. Ugh, too many martinis.


[Unsettling music]

What the? Operator! Op–operator!


And there’s been no word from curtis or drew ever since they went to go find the “haunted star.”

Damn it, curtis.

[Groans] I’m sorry, portia. It’s–it’s hard enough worrying about trina, but now to have my brave but reckless son off on some foolhearted mission to take down some dangerous lunatic? What the hell was he thinkin’?

I’m grateful to curtis for going to find trina and for trying to bring her home. He saved trina’s life more than once, and–and I trust that he will be able to do that again. But I am terrified too.

Hmm, me too, ’cause curtis, man, curtis love his family above all else, and ain’t nothing gonna stop him. Nothing, especially to rescue a girl who might be his daughter.

[Grunts] All right. He oughta be out for a while.

I can’t believe you’re really here.

Trina, there’s no way I wasn’t gonna come for you.

Does my mom know you’re here?

Yeah, I left her a note. And no surprise, she’s worried about you.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all of this. I–I wish I could tell her myself. I–I–I just–

you will. You will, okay? Because I’m gonna get you outta here. Come on.

How? Victor has guards all over this place.

Yeah, well, remember, I have help. And we’re gonna get you, spencer, and the baby outta here safely and back home.

I haven’t seen spencer’s brother in, like, forever. A nanny’s with him, and spencer is having a lot of friction with the guards, one in particular really hates him.

Yeah, well, I just saw spencer.

You did?


Is he okay?

Actually he was more worried about you than his own safety.

Is he in trouble?

[Sighs] Right now I wanna get you off this boat, and I will come back for spencer, okay?

I’ll help you get him.

I cannot put you at risk like that, trina.

Spencer has helped me this entire time. I’m not leaving him.

Boy, you too. All right. You do exactly as I say. If I say run, you run like hell, okay?


All right. Let’s go get spencer.

[Suspenseful music]

What’s the incentive of “getting my son back” when I’ve already got you?

I’m your captive. Call it off, victor. Let liesl, spencer, trina, the baby go home. You and I, we can work together to set the world to rights. We can pour money into scientific research, hire the most brilliant minds. Just think of everything we can achieve together with no lives lost, you and me, father and son.

The only way to save this planet is through drastic measures. As for my son, well, I was foolish enough to trust him once. I won’t make that mistake again.

All right, well, let spencer, trina, and the baby go. I will stay as your subject. Think of everything we can do with no innocent lives lost.

No one is innocent! We’re all responsible for the mess this planet’s in. But you can save yourself. Just give me the answers.

Okay, what answers?

I know you didn’t come here alone, valentin. There are others. Who are they and how many?

I came alone.

Does it trouble you to be so predictable?

Does it trouble you to be predictable?

All right, this is what’s going to happen. Liesl is going to infect you with the pathogen. Now we’re pressed for time, so she’s going to deliver it through an injection. The onset of symptoms should be, well, almost instantaneous, and then–then it just comes down to a waiting game. Now if you give me the answers I need, then we’ll give you the antidote, which we’re reasonably certain will be effective. But if, however, you die, then we’ll know we have more work to do, and fortunately, we have trina and spencer as backups. If you don’t give us the answers or you take too much time, then we’ll just test the antidote on them.

[Dramatic music]

All right, doctor. Let’s go make history.

This wasn’t staged. This wasn’t entrapment. Sonny is helping them smuggle arms and ordnance out of the country.

But why would he do that?

Money? I mean, they’re paying him a fortune.

But sonny’s wealthy already. How much money does he need?

I’m guessing it’s more than just money. Look, port charles is sonny’s territory. He decides what moves through it, and a deal with a major defense contractor like pikeman, it gives him power, it gives him leverage. They wanna move their merchandise out of the country. Sonny makes that happen. They don’t just owe him money. They–they owe him favors. Maybe they have a leverage of politicians, people who could be useful to sonny. Look, willow, this is my father’s business. This is what we don’t talk about. It’s what makes us targets. It’s what gets people killed.

How do you even have that video?

Somebody sent it to me.

That doesn’t make any sense. If someone obtained evidence of sonny breaking the law, why wouldn’t they take it to the police themselves?

Because that someone works for me.

[Ominous music]

You’ll be out from under sonny’s thumb. You won’t have to keep looking over your shoulder all the time, and we won’t have to worry that sonny’s gonna find out you’re working against him.

We can move forward with our lives.

Yeah. And sonny will spend the rest of his life behind bars? I mean, what if you go down with him? You were involved in the pikeman deal.

Michael might not even have to use my name.

Yeah, and if he does?

I should be able to cut a deal since I’m the one to turn the evidence over.

Okay. Is there any way that sonny gets out of this?

I don’t see how. He’ll be facing the full weight of the federal government. Baby, do you want him to get away with it?

[Tense music]

Robert, I do trust you, but I also have to do my job. If my supervisor sees that I haven’t filled in anna’s vitals, she’s gonna start asking questions.

Um, well, could you, uh, maybe tell your supervisor it’s a family emergency and, um, that your goldfish died?

[Sighs] Look. Can you just buy me a bit of time? Please. I’m beggin’ ya.

Operator, can you connect me to the wsb? It’s a matter of life and death.


What do you think? You think he’s had enough?


Mm, guess not.

Hey! Leave him alone.

[Dramatic music]

What are you gonna do about it, sweetheart?

Is this absolutely necessary?

[Growls] Touché.

[Tense music]

Are you sure you want to do this? You could be signing your son’s death warrant.

Valentin made his choice. Just go.

He’s your son, victor.

Not anymore.

I’m sorry.

I know.

[Foreboding music]

This is insanity.

If you want to save your great-niece, you’ll see this experiment through.

How are you feeling, my boy?

How long until I’m dead, victor? You put a lot of work into this. It’d be a shame if it amounted to nothing.

Oh, I… I think you need a tissue.

[Eerie music]


All right, I’ll delay taking anna’s vitals.

[Exhales] Thank you.

You’ve got 30 minutes.

I’ll take it. I wanna get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Excuse me. Agent hursley. I’m with the wsb. I need to get into the room right away.

On what business?

That’s confidential. Excuse me.

Oh, hey, hey. You can’t just go in there.

Oh, hey, agent. I gotta talk to you.


Where’s anna?

Elizabeth, scorpio drugged me because he doesn’t want me to talk to the wsb agent about victor’s biological weapon.

What? Is that true?

You idiot.


Don’t you realize what you’ve just done? You’ve killed the woman you purported to love along with three hostages.

My father’s lieutenant, dex heller, he doesn’t work for my father. He works for me. I saw an opportunity to get somebody inside my father’s organization to gather evidence I could pass on to law enforcement. Dex found it. As soon as I give this footage to the justice department, look, sonny’s gonna be out of our lives for good.

What about the rest of your family? Your–your–your brother and your sisters?

They–they will be safe.


I didn’t wanna tell you any of this until it was done. I didn’t want you to worry.


Willow? Oh! Willow! Willow! Hey! Willow! Talk to me. Willow!

Avery and donna are gonna be devastated when sonny goes to prison. And so will kristina.

I’m so sorry. The last thing I want is to hurt your family.

You didn’T. Sonny did. He just never thought he was gonna get caught, and now he has.

[Dark music]

Up until the nurses’ ball… all I could think about was how I messed things up with curtis and trina. And I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to repair either relationship. But that seems like a lifetime ago.

Come on, girl. You’ve been through a lot.

It feels like it’s like one disaster has been put on hold for another one. But curtis… he was really there for me when I found out that trina was missing. And when trina called from the “haunted star,” she told me that she loved me.

[Sniffles] I thought I was never gonna hear those words from her again.

Of course. Of course she loves you. Trina gonna forgive you, just like curtis forgave me.

I don’t even care if she says one word to me ever again. I just want her home.

[Somber music] I just want her home safe. And curtis too. I would give anything– I would give anything for that to happen, but I’m stuck. I’m stuck here, and I can’t do anything to help my daughter.

I’m, uh–I’m gonna be right here for you however–however long it take. Come on. Come here. It’s gonna be all right.

Go get her!

Hey, not so fast.


[Tense music]

[Groans] Ow!



[Both grunting]

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