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At the police station, Jada is looking over Talia’s witness statement when Rafe arrives. Rafe tells Jada that he’s really sorry about this as he hands over his tablet, showing her Leo’s latest gossip column about them titled “Kissing Cops, Will They Be Cancelled?”, which leaves Jada outraged.

Leo sits down to eat room service in his room at the Salem Inn. Gwen stops him and can’t believe he spent $65 on breakfast. Gwen orders him to send it back but Leo says he can’t because he already took a bite. Leo adds that he ordered her some too. Gwen says she’s sorry but complains about how much they’ve spent on the place. Gwen brings up how management is about not paying rent promptly and says they can’t keep living like this. Gwen tells Leo no more massages, spas, or room service and that they need to find a new place to live. Alex then shows up at the door and asks Gwen if they can talk.

Xander and Chloe check out an apartment to possibly move in to. Chloe notes how she never expected to be doing this with him. Xander calls the unexpected fun. Xander praises the apartment and notes that most importantly it gets her out of the Salem Inn and him out of the dump he’s in.

Paulina joins Chanel in the town square and announces that she has ordered 200 bear claws to show the City Hall employees her appreciation. Chanel responds that she’s sorry but she can’t fill that order. Paulina says there’s no rush on the order and suggests cinnamon donuts instead. Paulina then asks why Chanel is looking so sad. Chanel responds that she can’t fill any order and reveals that the Bakery has been shut down by the health department due to a public health violation. Chanel announces that Sweet Bits is now out of business. Paulina sits with her and questions how they can do this without even warning her. Chanel says they left a message but she didn’t get it until just now. Paulina argues that this is wrong and unfair. Paulina wants to give them a piece of her mind but Chanel says not to. Paulina argues that this was Chanel’s dream and she’s not going to let someone just trample on it. Chanel admits it was her dream but declares that it’s now over. Paulina questions if this is just temporary until the investigation is resolved and they prove Sloan drugged the biscuits. Paulina believes everyone will come flocking back to the Bakery then. Chanel appreciates her optimism. Paulina refuses to allow Chanel to give up on her dream and declares that she will not stand for it.

Rafe understands why Jada is mad at Leo and says he is too as he’s a mean little creep but points out that this was obviously Sloan who leaked the story since she is the one who saw them together. Jada argues that Sloan also knows he was drugged but that’s not mentioned. Rafe says it’s good he disclosed everything to Abe before this story came out so he knows it was out of their control and won’t take action against them. Rafe states that he cannot wait to throw the book at that bitch. Rafe adds that since this was leak was intended to throw off their investigation, maybe he’ll throw obstruction of justice onto Sloan’s long list of charges. Jada says that’s assuming Sloan is the one who committed the crimes. Rafe questions if Jada is still thinking it could’ve been her sister.

Talia gets out of the shower while Colin is distracted by reading Leo’s column. Colin shows the article to Talia and points out that it’s about her sister.

Leo assumes he has to leave so Gwen and Alex can talk. Leo says he will take his champagne to go and will start hunting for an apartment for them as he then exits. Gwen tells Alex that this is a nice surprise. Alex admits he actually did want to talk. Alex knows it may seem sudden but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea that they see each other anymore.

Xander continues talking up the apartment while Chloe notes that she hasn’t agreed to anything yet. Xander worries that a place like this might go quick. Chloe doesn’t like being rushed in important decisions as she feels she needs to see more. Chloe sends Xander to go check the water pressure in the shower while she checks around for mold. Brady then walks in and sees Chloe. They ask each other what they are doing there. Brady explains that he’s looking at the apartment for himself and Rachel. Chloe reveals that she’s looking for an apartment too, noting that the Salem Inn keeps raising their rates and she’s not working. Brady points out that it’s a two bedroom apartment and questions why Chloe would move there if she’s cutting back. Xander then comes back in and tells Chloe that he thinks they should take it. Brady is shocked to see Xander and questions what the hell is this.

Gwen questions Alex breaking up with her. Alex says he’s just suggesting that they stop sleeping together. Gwen asks if there’s any particular reason. Alex tells her that he had another session with Marlena, who made him understand that this whole thing between them is actually part of his unhealthy pattern. Alex acknowledges that Gwen is hot, funny, and beautiful and he’s attracted to her so it’s going to be harder for him than walking away from any other vice. Alex says he decided to lean in to the whole no strings sex thing after screwing up with Stephanie, but Marlena made him realize that it’s not the best way to handle things and that he’s avoiding his feelings while using Gwen to do that which is not cool. Gwen tells Alex that she doesn’t mind being used. Alex insists that this isn’t healthy for either of them and he wants better for her. Alex thinks she should want better for herself too.

Talia complains that Leo’s article is unfair since Rafe only kissed Jada because he was high from the drugged biscuits. Talia feels terrible since Jada works so hard at her job and worries about her finding out if her own sister was behind it. Colin argues that she’s not to blame. Talia asks how he can say that when she is the one who tainted the biscuits. Colin says that’s only because Chanel tore apart his family and needs to pay for being a homewrecker and a murderer. Colin argues that it’s called justice and Talia was just righting a wrong out of love. Colin tells Talia that he loves her for it and kisses her. Colin thinks Leo has done them a favor and suggests now that the cops are distracted, maybe it’s time to turn up the heat on Chanel.

Chanel knows Paulina is just trying to lift her spirits. Paulina brings up Abe being Chanel’s stepfather but Chanel doesn’t want Abe dragged in to her mess. Paulina says it’s too late and calls it their mess. Paulina tells Chanel to sit there and not go anywhere as she walks away. Chanel then pulls out her phone.

Talia questions what Colin means by turning up the heat on Chanel. Talia then gets a phone call from Chanel. Talia answers and apologizes for being late. Chanel tells her not to worry because they’ve been shut down by the health department, so she was calling to tell her not to come in. Talia asks if she’s sure there is nothing she can do. Chanel responds that until they get to the bottom of this, there’s nothing anyone can do.

Jada tells Rafe that it’s still bothering her that Talia had the means and opportunity to tamper with the biscuits. Rafe points out that there’s still no motive. Jada complains about how Talia’s story kept coming out in pieces and she was forgetting things. Jada points out that Talia had a lack of an alibi and was one of the few people to have keys to the Bakery. Rafe notes that she didn’t have keys to Paulina’s office and that vandalism was likely from the same person. Jada says that’s unless they had an accomplice. Jada complains of shoulder pain. Rafe offers to help but then decides he better not.

Paulina returns to Chanel and tells her that Abe is in a meeting with the district attorney at the police station. Paulina wants to go track him down herself because there’s no way to stop her from doing what’s right for Chanel. Paulina talks about having obstacles in becoming a successful business woman. Paulina encourages that Chanel will push through this road block. Chanel then decides she’s coming with her. Paulina wants to take the head off the health inspector at city hall, but Chanel says there is something else she wants to do.

Rafe brings Jada some pills and water since they have to keep their distance. Rafe adds that he overheard that the Bakery has been shut down by the health department. Jada says that’s sad for Chanel but maybe this will force Talia to get the crazy idea out of her head to become the next cake boss and maybe she’ll use her medical training to actually save lives. Jada comments that once Talia gets an idea in her head, there’s no getting it out. Rafe compares that to Jada, pointing out how long she’s been staring at the case file. Jada says she’s just looking at the timeline to see if they missed anything. Rafe tells Jada that he will be in his office if she finds anything.

Gwen questions Alex thinking he’s not good enough for her when he’s rich and handsome. Alex clarifies that he just thinks they need to do some soul searching. Alex says he’s gotten to know Gwen pretty well and while others think she’s heartless, he knows she’s just heartbroken and that she only jumped in to bed with him to make Xander jealous. Gwen admits that maybe in the beginning, that was her motivation but now she couldn’t care less about Xander anymore. Alex feels that’s only because she’s afraid of dealing with her feelings and he’s doing the same thing. Alex acknowledges that the sex releases chemicals from their brain. Gwen jokes about Alex getting a medical degree from these sessions with Marlena. Alex says she just opened his eyes to things and he’s read some articles. Alex asks if they weren’t using sex as a distraction. Gwen says she’d rather not think about that. Alex says he’s trying to have an honest conversation with her which is the one thing they haven’t done since they started sleeping together. Gwen then reluctantly admits that she is heartbroken and that as much as she’s tried to get over Xander, it isn’t easy.

Brady questions Xander and Chloe moving in together. Xander says that’s right. Chloe insists they are just going to be roommates because she’s having financial issues. Brady argues that she could have come to him and brings up that Xander left her in the clutches of a Mexican drug lord. Xander states that he and Chloe have moved on from that while Brady says he hasn’t. Brady doesn’t understand why Chloe would even think about moving in with Xander. Chloe argues that they are friends. Brady says Xander is not her friend. Chloe states that Xander has been there for her. Brady asks if he hasn’t been. Chloe points out that they didn’t know each other were moving because they haven’t spoken in days. Brady didn’t think she wanted to hear from him. Chloe cries that she didn’t want to hear that he’s better off without her. Brady asks why he would say that and talks about how much he misses her. Xander says that’s enough because he’s upsetting her. Brady warns Xander to stay the hell out of this. Leo then arrives and questions what they have here, adding that he smells a story.

Alex questions Gwen admitting that she’s not over Xander and that he broke her heart. Gwen confirms it just like Stephanie broke Alex’s heart and she doesn’t think he is over her either. Alex asks why she’s bringing Stephanie in to this when they are history. Gwen points out that now they know Kayla is alive which means Alex didn’t deprive her the chance of saying goodbye to her mother. Alex insists this has nothing to do with that. Gwen asks if there’s not a small part of him that feels he and Stephanie could reignite that spark again. Alex claims absolutely not as that ship has sailed since Stephanie is with Chad now and he highly doubts she will ever look in his direction again. Alex repeats this has nothing to do with any other woman and is just about realizing that his life is a mess so he has to get back on track and move forward, not back. Alex thinks Gwen might feel the same way. Gwen wishes she could say she could.

Chloe questions what Leo is doing here. Leo says he’s also looking for an apartment for he and Gwen. Brady goes to check out the place while Leo questions if they are all moving in together. Xander clarifies that he and Chloe are looking for a place together. Leo asks about Brady showing up. Brady says it’s none of his business but he’s looking for a place for he and his daughter. Leo calls Brady’s daughter the demon seed from Hell. Brady calls him a son of a bitch as Xander steps in. Xander reminds Leo that he works for him, then breaks his pencil and tells him that his work is done.

Paulina goes to the police station and asks Jada about Abe, but Jada says she just missed him. Paulina guesses she’ll have to track down the health inspector herself at city hall. Jada mentions hearing about the bakery and calls it a shame. Paulina assures that it’s a temporary situation so she won’t have to worry about her sister’s employment. Jada says she was actually about to call Paulina because she was reviewing her statement about when her office was broken in to, so she hoped Paulina could answer a few more questions. Paulina asks if she has a new lead. Jada responds that she’s not sure yet.

Chanel goes to see Rafe in his office and says she hasn’t really had a chance to talk to him since the incident at the bakery outside of her and Talia going over their stories, but she wanted to tell Rafe that she’s really sorry that her baked goods put him in the hospital. Rafe appreciates it but says she has nothing to apologize for. Rafe talks about the biscuits being so good and that being why he had so many that he had a reaction to the drug. Chanel thanks him but just wishes she knew how it happened. Rafe assures they are working hard to figure that out and when they arrest someone, she’ll be the first to know. Chanel then notices a photo on Rafe’s desk.

Colin is excited about the bakery being shut down and tells Talia that he’s grateful for all she has done for him. Colin adds that he wouldn’t impose this on her if there was any way he could do it himself but the cops would be on him in a heartbeat. Talia says she knows but feels destroying Chanel’s business is revenge enough. Colin argues that she’s been there when he’s woken up from horrible nightmares all because of what Chanel took from him and Sloan, so he won’t rest until she feels the same kind of misery that she put them through. Talia questions if he’s talking about killing someone. Colin clarifies that he’s not a murderer, unlike Chanel. Colins declares that before Chanel killed his mother, she broke her heart by going after his father, so now it’s time for Chanel to feel what it’s like to have her heart broken. Talia argues that she already has since her ex cheated on her and then moved to a different continent. Colin calls it the perfect time for Talia to swoop in and sweep Chanel off her feet and then break her little heart all over again.

Jada goes over the timeline of events with Paulina. Paulina brings up Sloan threatening to come after her and then about an hour later, her office was vandalized. Jada agrees the timing is suspicious but points out that there were no signs of forced entry, so whoever broke in had a key. Paulina insists only she had a key. Jada asks if her keys were ever left unattended for someone else to gain access to. Paulina recalls her bag being left on a table at the café when Sloan confronted her and notes that it was when Chanel introduced her to Talia. Jada questions Talia being there.

Talia questions Colin wanting her to seduce Chanel. Colin asks what the problem is since Chanel is in to women and Talia is a woman. Talia argues that she’s not gay or even bisexual. Talia says she only wants Colin and thought he wanted her too, but it seems like he’s trying to pimp her out. Colin says not at all and it won’t be real for them but Chanel will fall head over heels for her. Colin questions that Talia will commit a crime for him but she won’t kiss a girl. Talia complains that it’s more than just kissing as he’s asking her to lead her on and then break her heart. Colin jokes that he doesn’t want her to ride off in to the sunset with her, since she is already spoken for. Talia doesn’t think she can do this. Colin insists on how important it is to him and says that when it’s finally over, he’ll be ok with no more mood swings or crazy depression because he will feel like he got justice for his mom and they will be so happy together. Colin tells Talia that he loves her so much. Talia says she loves him too so Colin says he knows she will pull through for him as they kiss on to the bed.

Chanel comments on a photo of Allie and her son Henry that she had sent Rafe, noting that Henry’s gotten so big that she hardly recognizes him and that Allie looks great. Chanel asks if Allie said how she’s liking New Zealand. Rafe says that she said she felt awkward at first but a little more comfortable now. Chanel asks what she’s been up to. Rafe says she’s just been working and meeting people. Chanel questions if that means she’s seeing someone then decides that Rafe doesn’t have to say anything and rushes out of the office.

Xander tells Leo that they are here to look for an apartment, not chronicle their love lives. Leo says no one is interested and he was just giving them a hard time. Leo decides that Gwen will definitely have to come check out the apartment. Xander says she’ll be wasting her time since he and Chloe were there first, so they are taking it which Chloe questions. Brady asks if Xander isn’t going to ask Chloe what she thinks. Xander points out that Chloe said she liked it, so he figured since he’s footing the bill, he would make a decision. Brady remarks that it sounds like Chloe is a kept woman now which upsets Chloe, who says she will happily pay her half of the rent when she gets a job because she loves the place. Chloe then announces that she and Xander are taking the apartment and they high five.

Leo goes home and tells Gwen that he saw Alex walking out, so he assumed it was safe to come up. Gwen tells him there’s nothing to see so he’s fine and that Alex just came over to dump her. Leo asks if he’s crazy. Gwen says she doesn’t want to talk about it and asks about the apartment because she could really use a pick me up. Leo says it was amazing but unfortunately, someone got to it before they did. Leo knows it’s a terrible time to bring this up but she’s going to find out anyway. Leo then reveals that Xander is shacking up with Chloe.

Chloe comes back to the apartment and finds Brady there. Chloe thought he left with Xander and Leo. Brady says he came back to talk to her alone. Chloe asks if they have anything left to talk about. Brady tells her that he loves her and in spite of everything that has conspired to keep them apart, he thinks she might still love him too. Brady calls it fate that they both ended up here. Brady thinks it would be a really big mistake for her to get involved with Xander, so he doesn’t want to see that happen.

Jada asks Paulina about Talia being there when Sloan confronted her. Paulina talks about liking Talia since day one and how she’s been great at the bakery and even helped her through her panic attacks. Paulina remarks that Chanel is lucky to have Talia in her corner and asks what else she wants to know.

Xander walks down the hall at his motel and sees Colin going back to his room. Xander stops and comments that he thought that was Talia’s room.

Talia joins Chanel at the Bakery. Chanel reminds her that she didn’t have to come in today. Talia says she was just seeing how she was doing since she sounded stressed on the phone. Chanel calls that really sweet of her but admits she’s not doing well and that the day just keeps getting worse. Talia hugs her and says she’s really sorry. Talia then says maybe she can make her feel better as she then kisses Chanel.

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