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Tucker: You got dressed?

Ashley: As one does. What did you think? I was gonna be lounging around all morning. I– this is a work day.

Tucker: I was gonna make you breakfast in bed.

Ashley: I only see coffee.

Tucker: Yeah, I’m still navigating my way around that kitchen.

Ashley: It’s very sweet. I’ll give you a tip though. If you want to catch me before I go in to work, you’re gonna have to start a little earlier.

Tucker: Yeah, but it’s impossible to know when you get up ’cause my room’s all the way down the hall. We’re gonna have to fix that, I think.

Ashley: Not right now. I have to get to work, but you know, we’ll talk about it later. You know.

Tucker: Oh, you’re gonna…

Ashley: That’s very sweet. I’m good. Okay, goodbye.

Tucker: Morning. Coffee?

[ Nate sighing ]

Elena: Oh, it is a beautiful day. Clear skies, the sun is out. You can tell summer is on its way.

Audra: You’re in a good mood.

Elena: I am relieved. Things are finally getting better between nate and me. I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

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Elena: So at first, I was thinking maybe an island. Something charming, not too far away, but then I thought it might be touristy, so then I was thinking maybe something more intimate, romantic. Or I could go big, you know, exotic, palm trees, mojitos. Just make a week of it. But then it might be hard to book something like that because you know, this is also last minute. Nate just told me about it last night.

Audra: Did he?

Elena: Yeah, that man is full of surprises lately.

Audra: Yeah, he certainly is.

Elena: And he couldn’t have been more sweet about it. He told me to pick a place, wherever I wanted to go would be perfect because as long as he was with me, he would be happy. And then he left a note on my pillow reminding me to pick my dream vacation.

Audra: What a guy.

Elena: Maybe I shouldn’t have doubted nate when he told me that I was his priority and not work, and not victoria. I mean, he’s really trying. He’s really been putting in the work to prove that I am important. And I think now it’s up to me to trust him and I feel like I’m finally in a place to do that.

Audra: Yeah, and now he’s in L.A., On a business trip.

Elena: Right. And it is a good thing that he has you to look after things at newman media. I’m pretty sure he is going to be focused on making deals and proving himself to the powers that be. Probably won’t even come up for air until he’s back home. That man really throws himself into his work.

Audra: Yeah, he– he certainly does.

Elena: Okay. What’s wrong with you?

Audra: Did nate tell you he was going to L.A. Alone?

Elena: Yes.

Audra: Well, he didn’T. He went with victoria.

Nate: Hey.

Victoria: Hi.

Nate: You look ready for action.

Victoria: Thank you, I’m extremely excited. I just love this moment. We know why we’re here. We know what we’re gonna do and I have no doubt that we’re gonna be successful beyond anything that we’ve imagined.

Nate: Well, with that confidence, how can we not go home winners?

Victoria: Exactly. All right. Well, practically back-to-back meetings starting later today. Um, you know, I just wanted to go over the agenda, the bullet points, the goals, the research, and just make sure that we’re on the same page.

Nate: Okay.

Victoria: So, as you can see, we have dinner later this evening in santa monica where we will make our pitch and…

Nate: And dazzle them with our offer.

[ Victoria laughing ]

Victoria: Yes, I like the way that you think. But in the meantime, I do want to go over the research and make sure that it’s solid because I really want to nail this deal.

Nate: So do I.

Jack: Why are you here?

Tucker: Oh, you mean like what’s the meaning of life and all that?

Jack: My family is in crisis right now, diane is in jail. Summer is mourning the loss of her mother. We are struggling through every hour of every day and ashley drops you on us. It’s offensive.

Tucker: It’s offensive that your sister is moving forward with her life?

Jack: With you? Yes.

Tucker: Jack, I know you don’t like me.

Jack: You apparently don’t realize how much I don’t like you.

Tucker: But believe it or not, I am as dedicated to family as you are.

Jack: You don’t know the meaning of the word.

Tucker: Which word?

Jack: Family.

Tucker: Uh, that’s true. I’m not as great at it as you are, but I’d like to be and I’m trying to be. And that’s one of the reasons I’m here. Uh, I’d like to repair my relationship with devon and ashley understands that. So, she’s offered to let me move in here.

Jack: Oh, let’s be clear. Ashley asked you to move in here to make my life hell.

Tucker: Jack, I hope you will receive this in the spirit that it’s offered, but not everything’s about you. And I came back to genoa city expressly to, uh, to show ashley that I’m worthy of her love. And so we can make a real future together.

Jack: A future? With you?

Tucker: Yeah.

Jack: After the unending pain you caused her. How did you con her into believing that?

Tucker: So, you think that she’s just so easily manipulated that she’s fallen prey to my evil agenda?

Jack: Yeah, that about sizes it up.

Tucker: That’s funny because that’s exactly what she thinks about you and diane.

Billy: Hey.

Ashley: Hey. So good to see somebody working hard around here.

Billy: Yeah, it’s been crazy the last few days.

Ashley: Thank you, jack. He’s lost his mind because of diane.

Billy: I– I didn’t know he’d seen her. What– what happened?

Ashley: I don’t know. He doesn’t keep me in the loop. Frankly, I don’t want to be included in that insanity.

Billy: Well, you know, jack’s in a tough spot right now. I think we can take it easy on him a little.

Ashley: Oh, good idea, billy. I’ll take it easy. Meanwhile, jack is defending a murderer to anybody that will listen.

Billy: I think we should watch our word choice. You know, walking into the C.E.O.’S office, claiming his fiancee’s a murderer.

Ashley: Murderess. I’m sorry.

Billy: Not the part I was worried about.

Ashley: As co-C.E.O., You should be worried because jack’s priorities are a threat to this company.

Billy: I don’t follow.

Ashley: Well, um, you are aware of the barrage of media inquiries we’ve been getting. They’re not asking anything about jabot. They want to know about the co-C.E.O.’S fiance who murdered his ex-wife. And P.S., The trial hasn’t even started yet. That’s gonna be a feeding frenzy. So, I was just thinking that maybe we should try to do something before the jack and diane show tanks this company completely.

[Tap tap]

Jack: Oh, wait, wait. If you’re gonna compare yourself to diane, stop right there. Diane has genuinely changed. She’s done the work. She’s made amends. You, you’re the same tucker that screwed over everybody in this town.

Tucker: Yeah, but who also almost died in a car crash and–

Jack: Oh, yes, yes. And lived in an ashram and found your soul. The flaw there is you don’t have one.

Tucker: Okay. Not a morning person, noted. This coffee’s good, man. You sure you don’t want some?

Jack: I’ll get coffee on my way to work.

Tucker: Hey, uh, by the way, I just want you to know that I’m truly sorry for what diane is going through right now. For what it’s worth, I don’t– I don’t think she’s entirely responsible for phyllis’s death.

Jack: For what it’s worth. I don’t give a damn what you think. Wait, you know what? As long as we’re having this conversation, if you intend to continue this little dalliance with ashley, whatever the hell it is, be warned. There will be hell to pay if you ever again hurt her or use her.

Billy: I don’t buy into the whole doomsday scenario you’re painting for jabot. I think it’s overblown.

Ashley: Really? Well, because of the public’s fascination with this case, our department heads have become well-versed in the art of no comment. They’re not really running their divisions, billy. It’s not good for morale. It’s not good for our bottom line and it’s not good for jabot’s reputation.

Billy: You know, jabot has faced worse and come back even stronger.

Ashley: But this is just the beginning. Jack is distracted, he’s throwing his money and his time behind whatever defense that michael comes up with. He’s doing nothing to get in front of the explosion that’s gonna happen day one of diane’s trial.

Billy: That’s a good point. I’ll talk to P.R. And make sure we have a plan in place.

Ashley: Great idea, but it’s not gonna work because the problem is diane jenkins. Oh, just tell me this. How does one spin an employee who’s engaged to a co-C.E.O. Who murders a former colleague?

Billy: Alleged murder, ashley, okay? And again, I think you’re overreacting.

Ashley: I am not. I’m being realistic. Jack’s behavior has been irrational since he got back with diane and I’m warning you, we need to make moves to do whatever we can to protect our company before it’s too late.

Elena: Victoria went to L.A.?

[ Elena sighing ] I asked nate point blank and he told me he was going alone. Maybe victoria joined the trip, spur of the moment.

Audra: The plan was always for the two of them to go together. Yeah, I think she asked him to make the trip.

Elena: How do you know?

Audra: Well, nate told me about it yesterday. Now, I wanted to tag along, learn from my boss, but he said he needed me to run the office since he and victoria were making the trip. That he was hoping she’d teach him a few things. I can only imagine the things she’ll be teaching him.

Elena: Oh my god.

Audra: You know, I can’t believe the man would lie to your face. After all the talk about making you a priority. He– he sneaks off to L.A. With victoria. What an ass. You know, and then he gets you all excited about this romantic getaway.

Elena: Stop it.

Audra: You know, the jerk only made the play to cover his guilt. Nate has a brilliant, beautiful woman in his life and he’d rather go chase after victoria newman.

Elena: Audra, stop. And we’re done.

Ashley: You know, billy, honestly, diane always has her own agenda. You know that. And guess what she wants now. Everything. She wants, jack, she wants his name, she wants his money, she wants his power. She’s a danger to him and to us and the fact that jack doesn’t see that proves he’s in no position to be protecting our company or to be running jabot.

Billy: So, what do you plan? Hm. What do you think we should do about that?

[ Ashley sighing ]

Ashley: Don’t you think it’s kind of obvious?

Billy: You can’t be serious.

Ashley: I am serious. We need to convene the board and contain jack. I don’t want to see it come to that, but maybe we need to do something. I don’t know, shut him down completely.

Billy: You need to slow down a little bit, okay? And you need to listen to yourself because it sounds like you’re planning a coup.

Ashley: I’m protecting the company.

Billy: Okay, well, that’s not gonna happen. We are not gonna force jack from his position as C.E.O of this company. There’s no reason to believe he doesn’t have the company’s best interest and our family’s best interests at heart.

Ashley: There’s every reason to believe that because his obsession with diane has gone on too far and it simply has to stop, period.

Billy: This is about a hell of a lot more than business isn’t it?

Ashley: Oh, wow.

Tucker: What ashley and I have, there’s no doubt, it’s, you know, it’s one of the great, epic love stories. You’ll see, we’re meant to be together.

Jack: Oh, you want me to see that?

Tucker: Yeah. I mean, listen, I understand your resistance because I was not a great guy, back in the day, I admit it. Um, and that’s why while I’m here, I’m as dedicated to proving myself to you and the rest of the abbots as I am to ashley.

Jack: This little stunt.

Tucker: It’s a kick in the pants, huh?

Jack: As furious as I am at ashley for foisting you on this family at a time like this, she is still my sister. I love her. I will always protect her.

Tucker: Now, see, that’s something we have in common then because I love her and I will always protect her. See? We should do this more often. I feel like we’ve bonded.

[ Door slamming ]

[ Tucker sighing ]

Audra: I’m sorry, but I– I shouldn’t have gone off like that. Look, it’s just for months, okay? Nate’s sworn to you that there was nothing going on between him and victoria. Look, I knew he was ambitious, okay? I just didn’t peg him for a cheating liar.

Elena: And I was dumb enough to trust him. I guess I just wanted to believe that we were gonna be okay. So, um, you think they’ve been sleeping together this whole time? Or was that the point of this trip?

Audra: Look, there’s a real chance we’re reading too much into this, okay? That there’s nothing going on between them. Look, maybe we should take a step back.

Elena: No… because regardless of whether or not nate and victoria have actually slept together, nate is a liar. He played me. He dangled a dream vacation in front of my face and he got me right where he wanted me. And there I was, trusting, patient, stupid girlfriend believing in a lie while he’s off trying to really impress his boss.

Victoria: The company has taken some hits, but they’re definitely undervalued.

Nate: Agreed. The dynamics for podcasting platforms are in flux. A lot of companies are downsizing, reorganizing, which is great timing for us. Newman can swoop in, rebuild, make the company leaner, more muscular.

Victoria: Stronger, more powerful. Yes, I do like the sound of that. We can reorganize creators and copyright owners and build an economic model that will benefit everyone.

Nate: How can they say no?

Victoria: You’re very hard to say no to.

Nate: Um, something I was thinking about last night. A way to recoup a portion of our investment could be to include premium subscription offerings. Generate intellectual property deals with hollywood.

Victoria: Does your brain ever stop working?

Nate: I wish I did. I– I must confess, I listen to those podcasts featuring stories that help put you to sleep at night.

Victoria: Mm. That sounds very boring.

Nate: Boring? This company actually has a division dedicated to those types of stories.

Victoria: Well, can that please be one of the first divisions that we downsize?

Nate: You are very hard to say no to.

Victoria: You know, I have a very hard time picturing you listening to sleepy story time podcasts.

Nate: I find it soothing. Um, you know, someone’s voice in my ear as I drift off to sleep on nights, I’m feeling a little lonely.

Victoria: A man like you can’t possibly feel lonely.

Nate: Once in a while. More often now, I guess. Ever since I entered this new stage of my life.

Victoria: How so?

[ Nate exhaling ]

Nate: It seems the people who matter the most to me aren’t moving forward with me. Where I see positives, they see negatives. They don’t understand what drives me.

Victoria: Well, you know, bigger, better, more. It’s not for everyone. But for some of us, it’s the best reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Nate: You really do get it.

Victoria: I do, I get it. I can’t tell you how good it feels working with someone that I’m so in sync with. So anyway, the numbers are a little soft on this, but I think we can play that to our advantage as we, um, refine our position.

Nate: To do that, we have to make the most of the moment.

Jack: What a day.

Michael: Hello to you too.

Jack: Where are we with diane’s defense?

Michael: Oh, well, we are currently sitting in the shadow of a mountain of evidence that all points to diane. Jeremy stark remains dead, but somehow we are still waiting to learn of his cause of death.

Jack: Waiting is getting us nowhere. We have to be proactive, michael.

Michael: What do you recommend? Holding a seance and raising jeremy stark from the dead? That would be proactive.

Jack: He was our best chance at exonerating diane. Now what? Dead ends? The police aren’t helping. Diane needs something to hold onto, so do I. Something that will give her some hope. Stark is dead. We have to pivot. How do we do that?

Michael: Maybe not pivot so much.

Jack: Meaning what?

Michael: We’re behind the game where jeremy stark is concerned. We now do what we should have done when he was still breathing. Investigate the hell out of him. Hey, man. You could save hundreds

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Ashley: Do you know how many times jack has tried to kick me out of my own home? Not once, not twice, but three times. Simply because I don’t want to play along with this fatal attraction thing he’s got going with diane.

Billy: Okay, great. So he kicks you out of the house and your payback is to kick him out of the company. That’s your plan?

Ashley: I told you I want to convene the board so I can protect the company.

Billy: So you’re not looking for revenge on jack?

Ashley: No, I’m not. Although because of recent events, I can see why it might be perceived that way, yes.

Billy: Ashley, what are you doing?

Ashley: I invited tucker to move in with me. I mean, he has his own room, but yeah.

Billy: The man that shredded your heart into pieces. The man that wanted to steal this company. The man who lies to you and everyone in town simply by opening his mouth. Do you think that’s a good idea to plant him under the roof of our family home?

Ashley: I had a lot of reasons for what I did and not one of them is your business.

Billy: Ashley, you’re looking for war, okay? Tucker is a live grenade. He is just as malicious as you believe diane to be. What makes you think that he’s not using you to try and take over this company?

Ashley: Okay, we’re not talking about tucker mccall. We’re talking about diane and jack.

Billy: Hold on, I thought we were talking about protecting this company?

Ashley: Diane is lethal. She could destroy jack and our family. Now instead of standing there and accusing me of blowing everything out of proportion. Why don’t you start being as afraid as I am? This woman has incredible influence over our brother and she could very well beat those murder charges. She will be right back here. She will be insinuating herself even more deeply into our family and that she will establish herself as queen of the abbott household and this company. Is that what you want?

Michael: Did you contact the financial expert I connected you with?

Jack: The forensic accountant? Yeah, unfortunately, she couldn’t trace stark’s money. She promised me she would leave no stone unturned, but I haven’t heard from her yet. I am waiting and I–

Michael: Listen, listen, give her some time. Nothing tells a better story than a good money trail. Now I’m gonna work on the subpoena process regarding the phone records. Phyllis’s should be easy enough since she is the victim of the crime–

Jack: What about stark’s records?

Michael: Yeah, well, that’s a– a trickier one. At present, we have nothing that ties him in any way to phyllis’s murder. Ergo, we need a very convincing argument in order to legally subpoena his records.

Jack: Sounds unlikely. Wait, legally subpoena?

Michael: I might know some people. These people know how to access all sorts of data, including calls. They could do it in a quiet, proactive kind of way.

Jack great. Do it.

Michael: I can use the same magic to get, uh, security footage to trace stark’s movements while he was in genoa city. You know, thanks to this high-tech, big brother’s watching world we live in, it could, uh, it could glean us a thing or two.

Jack: Great. Do it now. This is a plan.

Michael: Yeah.

Jack: Wait, what aren’t you saying?

[ Michael sighing ]

Michael: As much as it makes sense to us that that scum killed phyllis, the “stark did it defense” is a very tricky path to navigate. It’s– it’s really too easy to pin a crime on a dead man who can’t defend himself and it really doesn’t play well to any judge or jury. And if we don’t have bona fide, indisputable evidence, christine is gonna rip us to shreds.

Jack: So we can’t win a case blaming this on stark?

Michael: It’s not a slam dunk, but it can be done. We just need to focus on proving that the evidence against diane was fabricated. It was planted by a manipulative mastermind hell bent on revenge. Although, the best defense relies on the answers we find. But if we don’t find any–

Jack: Not an option, we will find the answers.

Audra: Don’t beat yourself up. When it comes to getting what she wants, victoria is shameless.

Elena: Yeah. God forbid she’d let a little thing like morals or what’s right and wrong get in her way.

[ Elena sighing ] I’m an idiot.

Audra: You’re not an idiot. You’re in love. Look, you’re trying to protect your relationship, the life you’ve built–

Elena: Not much of a life anymore is it?

Audra: Elena, again, not your fault. You’re the one who’s the victim and–

Elena: Don’t say it. I’m not a victim.

Audra: What I meant to say is that look, you’re one of the smartest women I know. Now, you know the truth about nate. All of his charm, you know, his promises, they were all bull. He’s not working on strengthening your relationship. He’s been actively sabotaging it.

Nate: Scripted fiction could be a place to expand. Downloads are on a rise, while other forms are taking a hit. Especially with our target demographic.

Victoria: Well, thank god, you’re on top of things. Well, I mean, I– I do try to stay up to date with popular culture, but I tend to not see it from a consumer’s angle.

Nate: Wow. How can the head of a huge international corporation not be up to date on what people want?

Victoria: I don’t need to, I’ve got you. Lucky newman media.

[ Nate chuckling ]

[ Victoria chuckling ]

Nate: Once we acquire the company, it’d be key to make the employees feel like they’re part of something exciting. To be recognized for their contributions. They’re not just punching a clock, they’re making a difference.

Victoria: You know, you just confirmed it, yet again. Naming you C.E.O. Of newman media is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Nate: I learn from you every day.

Victoria: I learn from you too. You bring such fresh ideas, you bring insight, energy, it’s inspiring. It’s actually kind of intoxicating. You know, I read something that you might be interested in. It’s how to balance leadership in business. It’s push or pull, lighting a fire under someone or stoking the fire within. Rules versus trust, that sort of thing.

Nate: Mm. I’d be interested. Is there an article you can send me?

Victoria: Uh, no, it’s a book. Publishers sometimes send me advance copies, in hopes that I might write a blurb for the cover. I just might for this one. It had some really good ideas in it.

Nate: Sounds like it. Um, I’d love to take a look sometime.

Victoria: Um, well, I have it upstairs in my room. Shall I grab it for you?

Nate: Why don’t we go together?

Victoria: Sure. Thank you.

Jack: Michael, I have absolute faith in you. Wow. This day only gets better.

Michael: Ignore him, jack. Your focus is on diane, no one else. Not even that moron.

Jack: That moron is living under my roof.

Michael: Say what?

Jack: My sister, ashley, is trying to prove a point.

Michael: What? That she has horrific taste in men?

Jack: She is furious that I moved diane, who is my fiance, the mother of our son, into our home. She’s decided to counterpunch by moving him into a room of his own. As if there’s any comparison.

Michael: Ashley always did go big.

Jack: Her timing is horrendous. Not that she cares. God, the house is upside down with grief and worry. This latest play of hers is only gonna bring more chaos and misery.

Michael: All right, jack, remember your priorities.

Jack: Oh, believe me. That is what gets me through every day, bringing diane home. I love my sister. I hate what is happening between her and tucker, but I cannot make it my business to save her from herself. No, I have to use all of my energy to save diane.

Elena: I really tried to understand nate. I supported him, even when I knew the decisions he was making were wrong. And when he couldn’t perform surgery, I saw him struggle to redefine himself and to find his place in the world again. He was a god in the O.R. And then suddenly, he was just a normal guy. And don’t get me wrong, he had a great life, success, love, but it wasn’t enough. What he wanted was power and he didn’t care about breaking the rules to get it. In fact, he wanted to make his own rules because it was all about winning for him. And yet, I still stood by him. I tried to reason with him. I tried to remind him of the man that he used to be. Someone who is compassionate, someone who was loyal, someone who knew the difference between right and wrong, but I guess lying became easier than telling the truth. And power was more important than love or family. And the consequences, the collateral damage, it meant nothing.

[ Victoria panting ] I guess I just really wanted to believe that the nate that I fell in love with still existed. But I should have known better, right? He was ready to betray his family to get what he wanted. And it was only a matter of time before he betrayed me too. I’m adding downy unstopables to my wash now.

Ashley: God, I can’t believe he’s here. My pig-headed brother is gonna give me indigestion.

Ashley: Then ignore him. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Ashley: Well, you’re very full of yourself, aren’t you?

Tucker: Uh, jack and I had a very deep, meaningful, heart-to-heart after you left.

Ashley: Really?

Tucker: No. But I made a couple of inroads with him.

Ashley: I don’t think so. I don’t think anybody can get through his thick skull. Honestly, I believe that common sense and brains skipped the men in my family.

Tucker: You’re in a mood. You should’ve stuck around for breakfast in bed.

Ashley: I wish. But how could I? My brother’s destroying my family, our company, our legacy. I’m the only one that sees it and there doesn’t seem to be too much I can do about it.

Tucker: Mm. I can think of something, at least in the short term, you could do just to distract yourself for a moment. I mean, you, uh, you invited me to live with you, and not just because you adore me, right? But to tick off, what’s his name over there?

Ashley: I don’t want to tick him off. I want to wake him up. I want him to see that he’s an idiot.

Tucker: Well, let’s wake him up and make him see that he’s an idiot.

Ashley: You still have your suite?

Tucker: I do, ready and waiting.

Ashley: Excellent.

Tucker: Shall we?

Ashley: Yeah.

[ Tucker clearing his throat ]

Tucker: He can see us, right?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Michael: You could have sold tickets to that? Sorry.

Jack: You know what? It’s not my problem. I cannot waste my time playing games when the woman I love desperately needs my help. Michael, we can find the evidence we need. Look, every question we’ve had, every– every obstacle we found has revealed one thing. We have not begun to scratch the surface of what happened to phyllis that night. If we can just find some truths, we can pull back some layers.

Michael: All right. I will reach out to my contacts today about the security footage and the phone records, right?

Jack: Thank you. And look, I– I know you’re concerned–

Michael: No, well, look, every brilliant attorney has his moments of doubt. But I’m gonna give this my all.

Jack: You will. So will I. We have to help diane. I’m going to do everything I can to prove that she’s innocent. I don’t want this ever to go to trial.

Audra: What are you gonna do?

Elena: Go to L.A., Catch them in the act, make a scene, throw his clothes in the middle of the street, call him, yell at him.

Audra: All valid options.

Elena: What I’m not gonna do is nothing. Not this time. You offered me an option once.

Audra: Yeah, but you turned it down. Said you didn’t like to play games.

Elena: Yeah, well, obviously the circumstances have changed. I think it’s time we find J.T. Hellstrom.

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