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Pikeman guys are late. That’s not a good start.

Yeah. Another reason not to like ’em.

[Tense music]

Right there.

Get the others.

Not yet.

Problem? Last time I, uh, did something for pikeman… I was ambushed at my own warehouse. Let’s talk about that.

[Dramatic music]

[Waves crashing]

[Wind whooshing]

[Door clangs]

Liesl, give me some good news.

The antigen is sound.

So why don’t you sound more upbeat about that?

The antidote is less certain, and, without it, those you have marked for survival may perish. A significant roadblock, no?

That’s the thing about roadblocks-

you just have to find your way around them. And I have complete faith that you can do just that.

I can find the workarounds,but these things take time.

Hmm. That’s the one thing none of us have. Especially not your great-niece, willow.

[Dramatic music]

We should head back.

Sounds good to me. I’m freezing.

[Phone ringing]

Did you hear that?

[Ringing continues]

[Mouths words]

You there.

Don’t move!


Martin, thank you so much for coming to see me straight from the airport.

Oh, I’m always happy to accommodate a client.

So tell me, how is your mom?

Oh, well, mom is high-spirited and happy. Thank you for asking. I just wish I could say the same thing about my sister.

Yeah. Laura must be going through it. I also have someone that I love trapped on the “haunted star” because of victor. It’s nothing but nonstop fear.

She hasn’t answered any of my calls today. I’m gonna head over to her place after we finish our business. So, that being said, tell me-

what was so important you wanted to see me the moment I landed?

Martin, I asked you to inform the sec about carly and drew’s insider trading.

Yes, you did. What of it?

I need you to call it off.

[Tense music]


Mom, hey. Are you okay?

Where is willow? Oh, michael, I feel awful for ruining her big night. Awful.

W-willow and I are married. So tonight-

it’s far from ruined. Besides, what happened is not your fault. It’s ned’s fault.

Did ned actually admit to turning me and drew in to the sec?

Of course not. He denied having anything to do with it. But if it wasn’t ned, then who would have went to the sec?

[Dramatic music]

Nina, we’re talking about the sec, not wyndham’S. They don’t have a return policy for tips on criminal behavior.

That’s what I figured. I just thought I would ask.

Now that you have, it’s my turn. What’s with the second thoughts?

There are just some things that I hadn’t fully considered with regard to potential fallout.

Well, that might be, but I’m sorry. It’s–this is done deal.

You know, this could be a lot of hand-wringing for nothing. There’s no guarantee that the sec is gonna act on your anonymous tip that you left anytime soon, or act on it at all.

Actually, I think you’ll find the government has exceeded our expectations.

What do you mean?

Got a call from a friend of mine about carly spencer. She was there tonight at the police department being interviewed by the sec.

[Tense music]

Pikeman was alarmed and dismayed to hear about the attempt on your life, and we want to assure you we would never be party.

I know pikeman wasn’t behind the shooter. I confirmed your lack of involvement.

Shooter was untraceable-

no id, no fingerprints in any database.

So a professional.

Of a specific kind. He’s had military training, probably special ops.

Yeah, and that’s-

and that’s not the kind of personnel that I deal with, which leads me to believe that I was just a means to an end. So whoever tried to kill me… did it to screw with you guys.

[Dramatic music]

So jordan is gonna run interference for us long enough to keep the wsb at bay.

And robert should be here any minute to help us game this out, because the wsb absolutely cannot find out that victor may be about to deploy a biological weapon on the world.

[Monitor beeping]

Well, that’s not your decision to make.

[Dramatic music]

Who else is here with you?

I’m here alone.

Who are you?

I’m valentin cassadine. I’m here to see my father.

Scotty, I don’t know what you think you just heard.

Well, hi, holly. You seem to have made a miraculous recovery from someone that was burned up in a fire. I mean, there’s no scars or anything on you. If you two think that you are gonna sacrifice my girlfriend, you have got another guess coming.

Hey. Keep it down. I can hear you all the way down the hall.

All right.

Well, wait a minute, now. Are you in cahoots with these two as well?


Robert, scott is operating under the misapprehension that we don’t want liesl rescued.

As usual, you’ve got it all backwards.

Oh, yeah. Do I, now? I mean, I did hear jordan a little while ago talking about how you’re withholding some information that-

okay, wait. How long have you been listening in?

Because jordan left ten minutes ago.

You haven’t done anything, have you? Scott.

Scott, you haven’t made contact with the wsb? Please, tell me that.

[Dramatic music]

How dare you threaten willow. She’s my family, my great-niece. She needs my help.

Oh, I’m not threatening anyone. I’m just stating facts. The longer it takes you to prove the efficacy of the antidote, the less time your niece has to undergo a life-saving procedure.

Do I have your word you’ll release me if I complete the project?

There’s only one way to find out: Do your job.

Mr. Cassadine. Ambrose says somebody claiming to be your son is here on the island.

What? Let me speak to him.

Mr. Cassadine wants to talk to the intruder.

Hello, dad.

Bring him here, now!

I got a little news flash for you there, scorpio. After ashford left, what I did or didn’t do-

that’s really none of your business.

Okay. Whether you believe it or not, scott, we are all working towards the exact same outcome. So you need to tell us if you relayed any information that you overheard here to the wsb.

You know what? I don’t think we’re all working for the same outcome-

we are.

Ah, right. Just to be on the level with you, I haven’t said anything to anybody. Yet!

You do understand people’s lives are at stake?

Oh, for–why would you say that to me? Liesl’s being held by a madman who’s trying to burn down the world.

Hey, look, we’re all working hard to-

working at what?

You have information you could pass on to wsb that might be able to take out victor, and now you got the commissioner working with you and everything else. None of this is really making any sense to me. And okay, liesl’s done some pretty horrible things in her day, but I will not let her be collateral damage for you two!

Can you just listen to us?

Just save it, will you? Because, you know what? If you don’t tell the wsb, I sure as hell will.

[Dramatic music]

You’re saying that carly was officially questioned? I mean, I’m kind of shocked here, martin. I had no idea that the sec act so quickly.

Actually, so am I. Turns out the government’s flat-footed and backlogged in everything but insider trading. That and alimony payments. Yeah, just try to miss a couple of those suckers. See what’s happen. Some are gonna end up in your business. Then again, it probably has more to do with my small herd of ex-wives than it does with the government.

But with carly, drew, and the sec, martin, what is next?

Well, doubtless, carly will face some kind of investigation, as will drew.

[Tense music]

I’m sorry, nina. At this point, it’s in the attorneys’ hands. You know? Now, if there’s nothing else, I really would like to go see my sister.

Thank you, martin–I think.

Yeah. Listen. I understand that you’re worried, but there’s no point in second-guessing anything. You didn’t incite or entice drew or carly to do anything. If there was insider trading, they made that decision themselves. All you did was report it. Good night.



Oh, my gosh.

We were so worried about you.

Oh, are you kidding? I am so sorry that the whole situation with the sec overshadowed your wedding.

Oh, no. Please. The wedding was over. I’m just glad the police didn’t hold you longer and that drew is safe.

Yeah. Sonny showed up, and he–he told the sec that drew was on a plane to maui. So that did buy us some valuable time. Look, I’m no fan of sonny’s, but I am grateful that he showed up when he did.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s proof that we’re still important to him.

Seems to me, someone had a vested interest in preventing the shipment. So I gotta wonder if that has to do with what’s in the cargo.

That was a third party trying to stop us. I don’t see what the contents of the shipment-

why it’s relevant.

Somebody tried to take my life. You don’t think that’s relevant? Now, I had the assumption that you were shipping weapons. Now… I’m beginning to think… that you’re moving something bigger than guns.

We were under the impression you wanted to minimize your involvement-

provide storage and facilitate shipping only.

Well, your impression’s wrong!

All right.

[Dramatic music]

[Crate snaps]

What the-

this is one of the world’s most powerful plastic explosives.

How powerful?

One brick can take out an entire city block.

Sonny… look. This stuff is in high demand. It’s very hard to get. People like it because it’s malleable and waterproof and a little goes a long, long way. The U.S. Military keeps this ordnance under tight control, real tight.

[Tense music]

If this is the cargo you’re sending through my docks, I’m surprised more people didn’t take shots at us.

What can I say? Great rewards come with high risks.

Except, see, this is something you’re not understanding. I feel like I’m taking all the risk.

[Dramatic music]

Okay, putting aside my situation with sonny, I do know that he is worried about both of you.

I think that the most important thing right now, obviously, is to bring liesl home safe and sound so that she can be a bone marrow donor for willow, and drew is the one who’s making that happen, okay? Not my dad.

Sonny decoyed the sec to give drew time to go after liesl. Does that not count for something?

[Dramatic music]

Look, with regard to the contents of these crates, I can assure you that information is tightly controlled. Leaks are very rare, and, when they occur, those folks are dealt with swiftly. Are we going forward or not?

[Tense music]

Pikeman can use my docks this time, but not again-

not until we renegotiate the deal. Now, by “renegotiate the deal,” you know what that means? I want information on who was behind the ambush.

Understood. Close it up.

Thank you for taking care of the drew situation.

My pleasure.

Now, can you take care of the rest of this? ‘Cause I-

nina’s waiting for me. She’s–you know, obrecht’s missing and she’s nervous.

No problem. You know I got you.

I appreciate you. Um, okay. So my associate will take charge of the shipment from here. Dex, can you come here for a second?

You just need to make sure that the cash exchange goes smoothly.

[Dramatic music]

Give me that walkie. Once you’ve brought me my son, go check on our guests we left aboard the “haunted star.”

Ahh, what an intriguing turn of events. But, of course, you’re the man who thinks of everything. I’m sure you anticipated your son showing up.

Conduct a thorough search. There’s no way my son came here alone.

[Dramatic music]

Move it.


There’s only one way to find out if it’s safe for us to move.

We can’t have you rushing off to the wsb with what you just heard.


[Scoffs] I don’t need your permission.

Yes, but you have to understand, we have our reasons.

Oh, well, then I’m all ears.

Okay, well, first of all, we don’t have incontrovertible proof, right?

Okay, well, then I think I’ll give the wsb a little call-

if you make that call, the first thing-

[Dramatic music]

Here you go. It’s all in there.

Mm. We’re going to count this just to be sure.

[Tense music]

The last thing pikeman would do is cheat mr. Corinthos. We’re hoping this will be the beginning of a very profitable relationship.

That’ll be up to mr. Corinthos.

Deals this profitable aren’t easy to come by. Mr. Corinthos will find his affiliation with pikeman will be life-changing.

Yes, I can see that sonny is making an effort, but that does not mean that he shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions in the past that-

can we just focus on the future, please, or just try to?

Yeah. [Stammers] Tell us what happened at the police station.

Well, I know the government has frozen aurora’s accounts and assets.

Damn it, ned. Though, I shouldn’t be surprised that his games have, you know, impacted the family business. But what I can never forgive is how he hurt you and drew in the process.

Okay. Do you really believe ned woulhe’s always been so kind.

Ned is a quartermaine. He pus elq ahead of everything else. And I get that it’s hard for you to see that because you always see the best in everybody.

Well…not always.

Hey. How you doing, kevin?

I’m doing well, ms. Reeves.

He’s expecting me.

You got it.

Thank you. Well, hey, handsome.

Hello, yourself.




Sorry to call you down here. I just needed to talk to someone.

Oh, no problem. Tell me about the wedding.

I’m not gonna tell you about the wedding ’cause I don’t want you to be sad-

no, no, no. It’s okay. I wanna hear about it.

Are you sure you want me-

yes, I want to hear about it. How was willow?

She looked–[Sighs] Beautiful–a vision.

I knew she would be. And, um, the-

everything wasn’t too much on her?

No, she did great. And you should have seen the kids.

[Laughs] I bet wiley was very handsome. And how did avery and donna do as flower girls?

Terrible. Just kidding. Uh, you should have seen baby amelia. She was like-

had this little, pretty dress on and everything. I-I took pictures like you wanted.



Thank you. Thank you for remembering. I’m glad that willow had a perfect day.

Uh, well, listen. It wasn’t quite perfect.

What do you mean? It was too much for her, wasn’t it? It–well, what happened?

No. Some agent from the sec hauled carly into the pcpd for colluding with drew on insider trading.

No, martin. I haven’t changed my mind.

[Dramatic music] Just the opposite. I want you to go all out and expose drew and carly for engaging in insider trading.

Just make sure… to keep my name out of it. That happened at the wedding?

The good news is that carly was released, uh, after a few hours.

Well, do you think that’s the end of it?

Not for carly and not for drew. The sec is trying to find him now.

Wait. I don’t understand. Wasn’t drew at the wedding too?

You haven’t heard yet?

Okay, guys, the coast is clear. There’s no sign of any other guards. I think the best plan is to head to the “haunted star.”

Yeah, but we don’t know how many guards victor has on that ship or scouring the rest of the island. But we have to assume that victor knows that valentin didn’t come by himself.

Okay, curtis, I can go with you, help you get everybody off that boat.

I think a two-pronged approach is probably best.

Okay. Okay, so you want me to get victor’s attention, get to him, keep his attention off the “haunted star”?

Exactly. Do you have any idea how to gain entry into the bunker?

[Sighs] I mean, I’m open to suggestions.

I know how.

We give victor exactly what he’s looking for: Valentin’s accomplice.

[Dramatic music]

There we go. [Grunts] Sweetie pie, now, what have you gone and done?

[Door shuts]

I neutralized the threat-

temporarily, anyway.

I thought I was getting through to him.

He was literally dialing the phone to the wsb. We couldn’t take that chance. He’s got tunnel vision. He would do anything to save obrecht. And doesn’t the bureau strongly recommend against forming attachments?

Oh–[Stammers] T-that’s rather cold calculation.

Thank you.


how long will he be out?

Oh, he should be out for a few hours. And then he’ll come around with a devil of a migraine.

You know, I for one am really concerned that laura and the rest of the crew-

they just have no idea what victor is actually planning.

Along with everyone else on that island.

Which is why we need to get on the next flight to greenland.

I’m ready within the hour.

I’m ready now.

[Dramatic music]

what exactly are you suggesting?

Okay, I’m saying you capture me, hold me prisoner. You gain entry by delivering me to victor.

Laura, you–you’re here to rescue your grandsons. I can’t put you at victor’s mercy, especially when you and I both know he doesn’t have any.

You’re right. He doesn’t have any, and I won’t have any peace until I see that my grandsons are safe, and you’re not getting past those guards without me.

Laura, you and I have been friends a long time. We’ve trusted each other with our lives.


Trusting me with your life is one thing. Having faith that I can rescue your grandkids is something else completely different. I’m promising you I will not leave the “haunted star” without them. I’d rather die before I let anything happen to trina or your boys.

I believe that. So I’ll go with drew, and I’ll keep victor busy.

[Walkie-talkie static buzzing]

[Dramatic music]

Anna, what are you doing?

What? I’m taking care of business. It’s what I do.

Yeah, it’s what we all do when we’re best at it, but you’re recuperating and you have nothing to prove.

Really? I believe that I have a score to settle with victor.

Ah, you’re one stubborn woman.

I’d say brave. But I do have to ask, anna, are you sure you’re up to this?

I have to see it through.

Is this because of valentin? Is this–is this guy really worth the risk?

You have to stop talking. Okay, I’ve gotta find my clothes. All right.

[Shuffling] I got them.

A little privacy, please?

Wh-what about him?

Well, he’s unconscious, and will be for some time.

Okay, then I’ll just go home and pack a bag and-


Oh, don’t even think it, you two.

You have to stay here. Not just because we have an unconscious man in my room.


I’m with anna. If the wsb gets wind of what we’re doing, you can buy us some time, and you can keep us posted on what’s happening here at port charles.

Look, it’s not that I don’t have faith in the both of you. I do. Trust me. But this is probably the most dangerous mission you’ve ever embarked on.


Don’t forget,


My darling, anna and I were both married to you.

Yeah, but that’s-

and we survived that.

That’s a terrible-



[Pensive music]

You can get back to work.

What’s the point? Valentin found you. It’s only a matter of time before others do too.

All the more reason to expedite your work.

Time is not the only impediment here. The stabilizers, the surfactants, and the adjuvants are all sufficient. But there’s no 2-phenoxyethanol here.

All right. All right. In layman’s terms, what is going on?

In order for me to make this work, I need preservatives. Single-dose vials. Otherwise, the antidote is too easily…contaminated.

Well, that’s precisely why i have you here, liesl. I know you can get past these problems.

Even if I could solve this preservative problem, this endeavor of yours is zwecklos. Futile. Doomed.

I seem to recall you saying this could be a crowning scientific achievement.

Scientifically speaking, I still do. But we can’t make this happen if we’re caught. I mean, it’s time to retreat and regroup.

If I stop the process now, who knows how long that’s gonna set me back.

You’ve made a valiant effort, victor. And your brilliant plan just can’t come to fruition under these circumstances.

[Tense music]

I suppose you’re right. Just have to reevaluate part of my plan.

Good. Thank you for listening to me.

I have not been bested, not by my son or any doubt. I still hold all the cards, including you, liesl.

There’s a possible location on your aunt liesl.

W-w-where is she? Where did victor take her?

I can’t–I can’t say, ’cause I don’t know. But what I do know is, drew went out to find her.

Drew went searching for my aunt liesl?

Yeah, that’s why he was missing from the wedding. So he went out to find your aunt. He’s gonna bring her home and save willow’s life. Don’t worry about it. I threw the sec off the scent. I got brick to arrange for drew’s name to appear in a manifest for a flight going from san diego to maui. They won’t know he’s not there until he doesn’t get off the plane.

But–but sonny, that was just a temporary dodge, right? I mean, eventually the sec will find out that that was a false lead and go back on drew’s trail. What happens if the sec catches drew before he can bring aunt liesl home?

[Dramatic music] What does that mean for willow?

This is all my fault. I mean, drew did everything he could to discourage me from investing in aurora, but I wouldn’t listen. I mean, you did too. But I was so determined to support you both, and now look. It all came back to bite me. I lost my hotel. There’s an sec investigation. Aurora’s assets have been frozen. It-

just–just forget about that. I mean, aurora’s assets and accounts-

they can be dealt with later. It’s–I think we should call it a night.

Oh, of course. I agree. Willow, why don’t I walk you down to the gatehouse while michael wraps everything up here.

Oh, michael, can you find my bouquet? I wanna put it in water and make it last a few more days.

Oh, and make sure you get the top of the wedding cake. You have to put in in the freezer at the gatehouse so you and willow can eat it on your one-year wedding anniversary.

[Tender music]

[Wind whooshing]

Help me! Please! Help me! Please!

Hey! What are you doing here?

Somebody help me! Oh! Oh, my god. Thank you! Thank you. Help me. Please help me. Now, boys.

[Dramatic music]

Better get this locked away. You can find your own way back. Ah. Words of advice: If you want to stay in this business, outside of sonny, trust nobody.

Not even you?

Especially not me.

[Tense music]

All right. I’ll get my people on it asap. All right. No problem.

[Exhales] I gotta take care of something for sonny.

You good here?

All good.

Drew’s a smart guy. I’m sure he’s taking every precaution to cover his tracks.

But the government-

the government is resourceful. I mean, the fact that drew is missing-

won’t that intensify everything?

Probably so.

[Tense music]

You know, this could interrupt the rescue mission, make it impossible for drew to bring aunt liesl back home, and aunt liesl is willow’s last chance.

Nina, take it easy. I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure drew’s mission is successful.

Okay. Thank you. I mean, surely the sec has bigger fish to fry than carly and drew.

Well, I don’t know about that, ’cause the government, you know-

from my experience, they love to prioritize its money. You know, whoever tipped off the sec… I don’t know who it is, but let me tell you something. They’re not only hurting carly and drew. They’re hurting willow.

[Dramatic music]

Okay, let’s go.

Ugh, I never thought I’d get to the point where I couldn’t walk to the gatehouse.

Okay, it’s been a long day for you.

Yeah, for you too-

and not in a good way.

That’s all right. Diane’s an amazing lawyer. She’ll get it all figured out.

How can you be so sure?

Because I know if we stick together as a family, we can make it through anything.

[Soft dramatic music]

[Beeping] Gotcha.

[Dramatic music]

[Phone chimes]


[Tense music]

I met a guy named hume. Handed sonny a briefcase full of cash just for showing up.

So sonny draws a line on running drugs, but he’s willing to help ship weapons of war?

There’s two reasons people wanna ship under cloak of darkness: Either what they’re moving is dirty, or what they’re moving is being supplied to dirty people.

In this case, both.

This deal is extremely lucrative for sonny, but also extremely dicey.

This is it.

This is how we bring sonny down.

Anna. You’re in no shape to go charging off to greenland.

Perhaps you’re right. But I just feel that we’re all in for a world of hurt if victor’s plan is successful, so-

sorry to leave you with this mess.

Oh, that-

I’ve been cleaning up messes for the both of you for years now. I’m highly experienced at it.

Yes, and we love you for it.

[Tense music]



Wow. [Laughs] Very convincing.

I am going to bring them home safely-

all of them.

I know you will. Good luck.



Laura, are you absolutely sure you wanna do this? You can still wait by the sea plane until I give the all clear.

I know you wanna protect me. You can’t get past those guards without me. And then once we get inside, then-

then we’ll think of something. You have to trust I know what I’m doing. Okay?

Okay. Let’s do this.

Okay. So from now on-

from this point on-

I’m your prisoner.

Yes, you are.


Let’s get those hands out, please. Here we go.

Okay, not too tight.

You got it.

All right. That’s-

let’s do this.

[Suspenseful music]

I’m sure it fits with your agenda for me to give up now. But my plan is moving ahead. I just have to speed up the timetable.

There’s no way to be certain the antidote is viable without testing it on a human subject.

Yeah, and that’s-

that’s the plan.

I refuse to use trinaor spencer as my test subjects. I will not risk cutting short a young, innocent life.

Would you have the same qualms about using a more mature subject? Someone who’s decidedly less innocent?

[Dramatic music] Hmm. Perfect timing, son.

[Dramatic music]

[Soft piano music]

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