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Good. You are here. Can I rush over as soon as I got your message, you said it was a matter of life and death. It.

Oh my God, Roman, he didn’t do it. Bo didn’t shoot her. This could mean that that Kate is alive. But where in the hell is she worse than my wife? What’s, where did she go? I wish I had an answer for your Uncle Roman, but the ISA scoured that entire compound and the surrounding areas. So while I can’t tell you where Kate is, I can tell you with absolute certainty, she is not on that island.

I wonder what will be the first thing I do when I get home. I’ll take a long hot bath.

How can I be back here again? It has to be some kind of cosmic joke. I mean, seriously, like a comic kick in the ass. I mean, I’m not such a bad person, am I? Ugh, nevermind. Do an answer that I, I know I haven’t always been a saint, but really this and this filthy, disgusting ship. Decapitating Nemo, I don’t deserve this.

Why is this happening to me? Why is this always happening to me?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives,

what’s going on? Are you nervous about seeing your uncle be. No, it’s not that. I was actually just thinking about Harris Michaels and how I ripped into him at the lab yesterday. Yeah, it’s understandable. He knew your parents’ lives were in danger and he didn’t say anything. I know, but when we ran into him at the hotel, he was so contrite and apologetic.

Not that I’m excusing what he did, but do you think I was too hard on him? No. I thought you were beautifully polite. Thanks to you. You reminded me that he saved us from Thomas Banks, but, but what? He still sent hope to that villain, knowing how dangerous Bud was. I mean, he’s damn lucky that more people didn’t get hurt.

Yeah. And I think he knows that. And he’s obviously beating himself up pretty hard over everything that happened. Sean, I ran into your mother a little while ago. Yeah. We made her come over here to take a shower, which is what I’m here to do too. Any, uh, any change in your father’s condition?

Still in a coma. The, uh, the doctor said that, They don’t know when or or if he’s ever gonna come outta it.

I’m sorry. No. You know what? Don’t be. Look what happened to my father. It’s, it’s my fault. No, it’s not. It’s mine. Okay. Wait a minute. So this is the life and death situation that you had me come over here. That, that, that Stephan hired Gabby at Damira. Ugh. Have you ever tried working with Gabby Hernandez?

Not only is she insulin and classless and altogether infuriating, she’s trying to steal my company. Alright. Okay, so what did s Stephan hired Gabby to do? Oh, she’s been given this frustratingly vague title of consultant and told to eliminate inefficiencies. In other words, to eliminate me. How could she do that?

Well, first thing on her ridiculous agenda is to evaluate my performance. Obviously, their plan is to convince the board that I need to go. Have you heard anything so happily absurd? Gabby Hernandez is going to appraise me as if that as if the useless interloper could possibly comprehend the myriad of ways that my near presence at Dira improves its worth.

This is madness Bell utter utter madness. Okay, so this is about Stephan’s mental state, right? You have some concerns about some lingering issues with his brainwashing. That would be endangering dira. That’s good. That’s very, very good. We could use that if we need to. But for starters, I want you to go through the, uh, company bylaws and, um, See if there’s any loopholes, anything I can use to eliminate Gabby, and could you possibly get started on that today?

I cannot believe that this is what you had me rush over here for.

I was on my way to the courthouse when you called, and I had to explain to my client and a very unfriendly judge that I had to reschedule today’s proceedings for a personal emergency. And, and you lied to me. You said this was life and death. How does Stephan giving Gabby a job come anywhere near that?

It’s about far more than just Job Bell. It’s about protecting what my father built. Safeguarding my children’s inheritance, their legacy, the stakes could not be higher. Right. My family’s company is hanging by a threat. Oh, is your family’s company in the I C U? I bet you. Pardon? My husband is dealing with a real life and death situation where an actual human being could die.

What are you talking about? What happened to Sean? No. Please like you care. Belle, please tell me, tell me what happened. Bell, please tell me Sean accidentally shot his father and put him in a coma.

I know. Did you blame yourself for what happened to your father? But I’m the one who set this whole thing all. We don’t need to go over this again. I just want you to, I want you to see that what went down in Victor’s place. Was a direct result of my actions. I put you and your mom on that cliff and I’m responsible for what happened because when I saw Bo in the villa, I could tell that something was off.

And the way he was talking about your mother and urging me not to tell her yeah, that he was because he was brain, he was armed, and I sent hope by herself. Okay. You’ve already explained yourself, alright. Yeah. I just wanna say that I’m sorry and I was selfish and I was wrong, and if I would’ve told your mother sooner or going to the villa with her.

Outcome would’ve been different.

Everything would’ve would’ve been different.

Well, I am gonna go tell hope. She’s going to be so relieved. Roman, I’m so happy for you, man. Oh man. Sure, no worries. Not only is my wife alive, but my brother doesn’t have to live with the guilt that he took her from it. He’d never forgive himself if he knew he took her life. Yeah. You know, as thrill as I am that Kate is alive, we still have no idea where she went, but I will search this damn planet for her.

I’m with you, man. Sam here. All right, good. Let’s put our heads together then. Make a plan to find my wife. Let’s do it. Did my life beat anymore crazy?

One moment being held at gunpoint by a reincarnated ovary. The next moment I’m in the middle of Mediterranean. Chopping up. An endless pile of fish. I really hope you’re enjoying this because I’m not.

Maybe I gotta take a, some more Buddhist. Approach, recognizing that suffering is everywhere, and if I am accept it and go, Mr. Wayer, be free of it. Kate, so this is your life. Accept it. Let it go. Oh, screw it. Hello. How is anyone out there? Is anyone out there? Could you please help me get out here please? I need to get outta this boat.

Please help me please.

Oh my.

Yes, guys, we’ll be home very soon, okay? Just be good for Doug and Julie, okay? Yes, I know that. I know you are always good. I love you both very much.

Stephanie does too. Okay? We’ll be back before you know it. Okay. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bye bye. Kick back.

I mean, I just call an hour ago. I was friends. I keep calling. I obviously miss you. Chad, if you wanna go back to Salem. No, we, they’re well cared for by Doug and Julie. They’re probably being spoiled actually, and I told them we’d be home soon. I want to be here with you. Are you sure? 100%. Thank you so much for all of your support through all of this.

You have no idea how much he means to me.

Let’s go see your uncle. Yeah. Hey. No, I, I’m just coming out to call you. Is everything okay mom? It’s better than okay. It’s, it’s really incredible news. Fos Wait. Well, no, but he, he did squeeze hope’s hand a little while ago. That’s amazing. Yeah. Yeah. It’s encouraging for sure. But this news is not really about Bo.

It’s about Kate. Kate, yeah. Yeah. I didn’t kill her. She’s alive. Chad Kate’s.

Okay, first question. How did Kate get off that island? Well, she couldn’t have escaped by a plane. The only aircraft there was the jet that you and John chartered. Anyone else would’ve had to leave by boat. Well, we know that Ralf escaped on a boat. They found it in the port of Athens and the boat took a similar boat when he left with Kayla.

Kate, were there any other boats on that island? Not that we saw, but there was a space in the lap Marina for a third boat. That’s gotta be how Kate left. Agreed Bus. You know, Bo released her weeks ago. Where in the hell she been all this time? And why hasn’t she contacted someone?

I need your help, tok. Oh no. Please, please don’t take this wrong because I know how much you’ve helped me already. You, you saved my life. And I am, I am so grateful for that. I, I really am. I mean, when I was in that little boat, I had no idea of where I was going. And you, you rescued me and you, you brought me on the ship.

So thank you.

Okay. Um, work. Yeah, I, I, I get back to that. But first I need to make a call.

a call, a phone. Call, phone phoned Telephono. Ah. Telephone. O.

So how much you pay me for it?

Sean? You gotta let yourself off the hook. Stop. I did this. I told you to get your mother as fast as she, I said. Stop. You saw your father pointing a gun at your mother and thought she was in serious danger. How could you not? You were just trying to protect her. Trying to protect her. Yeah. Yeah. I was doing what everybody else said they would’ve done.

All right. That’s what I keep hearing over and over again and I’m sick and tired of it. Look, the look, the bottom line is my dad may die because of me. Because of me and me alone.

Look, I know you’re just trying to make me feel better and or maybe you’re just trying to make yourself feel a little less guilty by being a martyr. But you can look at this any which way that you want. You can map it out. However, you can just sit there and you can gimme all the reasons why this is on you.

And you know what, yes, some of it is alright. At the end of the day, the fact is you didn’t pull the trigger. You didn’t shoot your own father

Sean shot his own father and put him in a coma two days ago in Greece. Um, not to beuse, but why, why would your husband shoot his back from the dead dad? Because he thought his dad was about to shoot his mother. Which turns out he wasn’t. That’s just what Sean thought he saw. And, you know, it was just a, an accident.

It was a, a terrible, tragic mistake. So, what’s the prognosis? Nobody really knows. We just wait and pray now. So do you, do you see where I’m coming from ej, that that is a life and death situation? What’s happening with Gabby is not, Bo might not survive. And Sean is just devastated.

Yeah. Be Sounds like you happy, really screwed up.

Oh bell. Why the hell did you do that? Why did I do it? Because you damn well deserve it. Telling me my husband screwed up by shooting his father, didn’t he? No, he didn’t. It was an accident. Like I said, listen. I know you don’t like Sean, but to say something so callous and so heartless, that is just low even for you.

Well, I’m, I’m, I’m sorry. I, I should have fought before I spoke. Well, you should have thought before you called me over here. I don’t know. Maybe you should just think some more in general, EJ about what an insensitive jerk you are. I am outta here fell. Wait. Please, please, please. Bell, please. I know Sean and I don’t get along, and in spite of my insensitive comments, I do feel for him for your whole family.

And I’m sorry that you’re going through what you’re going through.

Thank you. And if you’ll allow me, I’d like to make up for what I said, and I think I know how I can do that. You’re right. I can’t know how you feel and I’m not gonna pretend to. And yes, I didn’t pull the trigger, but I still feel like I’m responsible for what happened to your father, and I should be the one paying for it.

Oh, come on, please. Nothing’s gonna happen to you. I’m keeping quiet about my dad, sending my mom to the villa, and there’s nothing illegal about that. Yeah, true. But no, but nothing. Okay. If you want to be punished, the only person that’s gonna be doing that to you is yourself. But nobody’s coming to arrest you.

Maybe not, but I’m still paying for what I did. Oh, really? Michael’s white. How? How is it that you were pain? What? Did you give yourself an imaginary prison sentence? No,

but I did lose hope. So the surgeon found a microchip in Bo’s brain. Yeah. It seems that that is how Meghan Hathaway was controlling him, and the ISA was able to read what was on the chip. Yeah. With an app. Andrew just plugged it into his laptop and it just started analyzing away. It contained a video file, a recording of Bo’s point of view so you could see everything he did and hear what he was saying.

Yeah, exactly. And we can very clearly see Bo fire his gun up into the air and he, he yelled for Kate to run and she did. I’m okay. Uh, sorry, I’m confused. I’m confused because I thought that you said Bo told you himself that she was dead. That he, that he killed her. He did. So he lied. Why would he do that?

Well, I have no idea really. But I think maybe he did it to, to scare me and to keep me in line. I mean, he really went out of his way for me to try to believe that he was dangerous, even capable of murder. Right. He wanted me to believe that, but no matter what he said, I, I knew it wasn’t true. Mom, I’m so relieved you were right.

I, I,

you know, the first thing that Kate would’ve wanted to do once she got off that island was. Call her family, let us know she was alive. So why didn’t she? Well, look, if Kate did take that third vote, she most likely had no idea where she was and no way to navigate it. Might have taken her a while to get to the mainland for weeks.

Come on that. I know that is not that far from the coast, is it? Yeah, but there are over 30 islands in that chain. If Kate didn’t make it to the mainland, she most likely hit one of those. Exactly. So why didn’t she walk up to the first person she saw? And asked to use their phone.

What? What are you thinking? Just that Kate wasn’t an experienced sailor and the seas around here can be fairly treacherous if you are suggesting she didn’t make it dumb. Kate’s the strongest woman I know she has survived cancer. A plane crash. Being shot buried while she was still breathing. Do you think that she cheated death twice on that island only to lose her life when she escaped?

Not a chance. Kate is a fighter. I guarantee you she is alive. There’s not a doubt in my mind. So you speak English Ah-huh. And so, uh, you want me to pay to use your phone? I have to pay my bills. I will, I can’t pay your bills because I don’t have anything to my name except the very pun and close on my back.

Okay. You got a boat? No. No. I don’t have a boat. That’s a boat that I found when I, when I escaped the island that I was being held prisoner on. It’s true. When you found me in the water, I had just escaped. You know, everyone that I love right now, they think I’m dead. So all I wanna do is go to call my husband so I can tell ’em that I’m alive.

You know, I wanna go home. I can pay you all right? Believe me, I can pay you. I just can’t do it now. I’ll do it when I’m get home. I’m good for it. Just don’t have anything to give you right now.

I can’t, I can’t believe this kid’s locked alive. I’m so happy for you, Chad. It really is incredible news for all of us. Okay, so, uh, then where, where is she? Can we, can we see you? Oh, can I talk to her? Well, I, I, I think we need to go inside and see if we can get some answers. Okay, do it. I’m sorry, uncle Ruman, you’re absolutely right.

There’s no reason to give up hope. Well, Andrew, it’s okay. I know in your line of work, you gotta be, gotta be prepared for any outcome. True. But the only acceptable outcome in this case is to find Kate and to do that. I think I need to go get some reinforcements. Will you excuse me? Yeah. You’re saying we do our ours fool.

Catch up in a bit. Sounds like a plan.

What you said is true, brother Kate. This as tough as they come. My guess she washed the shore on another argument. She’s probably barking orders at the locals as we speak. Yeah. And teaching the bartenders how to make a martinis just the way she likes it. I just hope I wasn’t too hard on Andrew just now.

No, no. He guess it. You were just laying out the facts to make sure everybody’s clear on the mission. To bring your wife back safe and sound.

So how are you planning to make it up to me? Oh, I don’t suppose anything will make up for my borsch behavior, but perhaps I can begin to atone for by offering you something that I think you’ll find useful. I’m listening. Take the Demir jet. Go be with your husband. Take the jet to Greece. Hmm. I am sure Sean is in a lot of pain, obviously, and I know you want to be with him.

So fly out today and come back whenever you’re ready. I’ll pay for all the expenses. Of course, I, I mean, it’s, that’s very generous of you, ej, but I can’t, I can’t take you up on it cuz I’m in the middle of a trial. Ask for a continuance. Given the circumstances, I’m sure everyone involved will understand.

Uh, no. Still, you know, I wouldn’t be fair to my client to just take off, and Sean and I talked about it. He understands. All right. But if you do change your mind, just let me know. I will.

So about Gabby Hernandez? Never mind. Never mind. I’ll handle it.

Yeah. Like I said, I saw your mama earlier and she made it, um, she made it very clear that it’s over between us. Yeah. So what the hell did you expect? You kept the truth from her about the love of her life? Of course, she’s gonna dump your ass. Are you expecting me to feel sorry for you? No, just the way I hurt your mother and hurt all of you.

I’m just gonna have to live with that for the rest of my life. Yeah. Well, I’ll, I have to go shower and get back to the hospital. Of course. Look, I’ll, I’ll be, I’ll be praying for your family shot and I really do hope your dad is gonna be okay.

You know, see, I am having a hell of a time having my head around this whole thing, especially Bo being alive. Oh, I hear you, man. And seeing him standing there in front of me after all these years, Larry, to be confusing. I mean, the way he was acting. You know, didn’t take me too long to figure out the guy I was dealing with wasn’t the real him and that the real Bo Brady, my friend, my best friend of 40 years was still in there somewhere.

You know, Steve, when I heard we had him back, I was so damn happy. But knowing that he might have hurt Katie. Well, you know, I mean, I was having a hard time. I was. Having a hard time squaring the joy. I felt that my brother was alive with the likelihood that he killed my wife and oh yeah. I mean, hell, I love Bo and I would’ve done anything I could to help him get better, but once he did, I doubt there’s any way I could have ever forgiven him.

Well, thankfully you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Yeah. That is a big weight off my shoulders. You think you’re feeling relieved now? You just wait till we get your Katie back. Alright. We just gotta find her. This is my wedding ring. I can’t give you my wedding ring. You know, you just get another one when you return home.

I, I cannot get another one. Okay. It’s one of a kind. It’s, it’s my prize possession. My husband put it on my finger when I was on my deathbed. Okay. I got better. It’s a long story and very interesting, I’m sure, but if you want to use this phone, I need that ring. Okay, fine. Let’s take it. Just so you know, this is my last earthly possession, the one thing in this world that I care about.

I thought you wanted to telephone your husband. I do want to telephone my husband. Okay. Gimme the phone.

Only one. Call not more. Only one. Call


Hey honey, I was hoping I’d catch you. Hey Bell, are you at the hospital? Uh, no, no, I’m at the hotel. Real quick, just to, uh, take a quick shower. So what’s the latest? Uh, I just spoke to my mom and, um, my dad squeezed her hand. Oh my God, that’s amazing. I mean, that, that’s a good sign, right? Yeah. Yeah. They, they told her not to, not to get her hopes up, you know, nothing’s changed except for that.

So, uh, they don’t expect that he’s gonna wake up anytime soon. Well, he could though, right? Sean? You cannot give up hope. No, uh, no, you’re right, you’re right. I’m, uh, I’m not, it’s just, um, You know, it’s just, it’s just hard.

Please pick up. Please pick up. Oh, someone answered that is recording in Spanish. What? Here? Here. Tell me what they’re saying.

I heard that myself. What are they saying? The number cannot be complete as you put it. No, no, no, no. That’s not possible. No, I called Roman, I put his number in, so that’s wrong. So just gimme the phone and I’ll try it again. You say only one phone call, remember? But that phone call did not go through, and that was not my fault.

Had to have been bad reception. So let’s just go up on the deck and I’ll call again. Sorry.

Oh no, please don’t do that. Please don’t do this. Please don’t do this. No, no.

Mom just told us about Kate. Yeah. Great news, huh? God the best. Okay, so what’s the plan? How do we find her? We’re working on it. Okay. Well, whatever you need, I want to help. All right. We appreciate that Steve and I are, we got some leads and, uh, Andrew’s on it too. Is he still around here? No. No. He said he had to go get some reinforcements.

Oh. What does that mean? I’m not sure.

Oh, I’m glad I caught you. Yeah, I was headed out when I got your text headed out as in was going someplace else to figure out my next move. Oh, maybe I can help you with that. Figuring out your next move.

I need your help. Turns out Kay Roberts is alive and we need to find her. Okay. What? But why would you ask me for help? Well, for starters, you are a highly decorated Navy seal. Yeah, he’s done irreparable damage to your family. So again, why would you want my help? How would you like a shot of redemption?

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