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Tucker: You got dressed?

Ashley: As one does. What did you think? I was gonna be lounging around all morning. I– this is a work day.

Tucker: I was gonna make you breakfast in bed.

Ashley: I only see coffee.

Tucker: Yeah, I’m still navigating my way around that kitchen.

Ashley: It’s very sweet. I’ll give you a tip though. If you want to catch me before I go in to work, you’re gonna have to start a little earlier.

Tucker: Yeah, but it’s impossible to know when you get up ’cause my room’s all the way down the hall. We’re gonna have to fix that, I think.

Ashley: Not right now. I have to get to work, but you know, we’ll talk about it later. You know.

Tucker: Oh, you’re gonna…

Ashley: That’s very sweet. I’m good. Okay, goodbye.

Tucker: Morning. Coffee?


Jack: Why are you here?

Tucker: Oh, you mean like what’s the meaning of life and all that?

Jack: My family is in crisis right now, Diane is in jail. Summer is mourning the loss of her mother. We are struggling through every hour of every day and Ashley drops you on us. It’s offensive.

Tucker: It’s offensive that your sister is moving forward with her life?

Jack: With you? Yes.

Tucker: Jack, I know you don’t like me.

Jack: You apparently don’t realize how much I don’t like you.

Tucker: But believe it or not, I am as dedicated to family as you are.

Jack: You don’t know the meaning of the word.

Tucker: Which word?

Jack: Family.

Tucker: Uh, that’s true. I’m not as great at it as you are, but I’d like to be and I’m trying to be. And that’s one of the reasons I’m here. Uh, I’d like to repair my relationship with Devon and Ashley understands that. So, she’s offered to let me move in here.

Jack: Oh, let’s be clear. Ashley asked you to move in here to make my life hell.

Tucker: Jack, I hope you will receive this in the spirit that it’s offered, but not everything’s about you. And I came back to Genoa City expressly to, uh, to show Ashley that I’m worthy of her love. And so we can make a real future together.

Jack: A future? With you?

Tucker: Yeah.

Jack: After the unending pain you caused her. How did you con her into believing that!?

Tucker: Yeah.

Jack: After the unending pain you caused her. How did you con her into believing that?

Tucker: So, you think that she’s just so easily manipulated that she’s fallen prey to my evil agenda?

Jack: Yeah, that about sizes it up.

Tucker: That’s funny because that’s exactly what she thinks about you and Diane.

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