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All bugging me fully paid my rent.

Hmm. It’s Brady who’s almost here. So he is gotta talk to me about something. Okay. I’ll just let you two co-conspirators talk then. Wait, you said you just wondered who doctored those biscuits instead of Chanel? We would do something like that. Oh God. I mean, I have a lot of enemies in this town. I should probably hire a private investigator or throw a monkey wrench into the police investigation.

Yeah. Well, how are you gonna do that? If I knew that I would already be doing it. Hmm.

Brady. Oh hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were busy. No, it’s fine. I was actually, I’m just leaving. Don’t you worry. I’ll figure everything out. I always do. Okay.

What’s up? Oh, two’s still a thing, huh? Yes. We’re still a thing. Why? Mm. Ah, no offense. Just, um, Doesn’t everybody hate her?

Mm-hmm. Best chocolate brownie on the planet. Try a free sample. You’ll think you, you’re in heaven. It’s no use mama. People are so scared of what we bake. I couldn’t even pay someone to try one. Ooh, Chanel Dupree. Don’t you even think of giving up? Yeah. We’ll tell that to Sloane Peterson. She lost two court cases and that hasn’t slown her down, and so she can’t get me put in jail.

Then she’s trying to run my business to the ground. I told you we won’t let that happen. Now let’s just go home and come up with a plan because long you stay here, you just keep getting upset. I can’t leave. I have to stay here, close up and just get everything ready for tomorrow. If there is a tomorrow, oh, well, well, well, let me help you.

No, no, it’s, it’s fine. I, I, I wanna do it myself. I, I need to just clear my head and I, and I need some alone time and that’s why I sent Talia home. Oh, well, okay. Okay. You’re the boss. Okay. Oh, alright. I’ll see you later then. Okay, good. See you then. Mm-hmm. And thank you mama. We’re trying to help. Oh, you know, you know I’m there for you, baby girl, always.

What do you mean? Talia told me wasn’t true. You saying she lied to me? No, I’m not saying she lied. That would be assuming too much. It, it’s just, it’s just what? There’s this one thing, something she said that doesn’t line up with what really happened and it’s obviously really bothering you. You need to tell me what it is, Jada.


God, tell ya, you won’t believe how much I missed you. I missed you too, and I’m sorry I’m late. The police want to talk to Megan. What for?

It’s not suspicious of anything, are they? No, no, no, no. Chanel was there too. They just wanted the firm of the timeline for when the biscuits got doctored. That’s all.

Hey, don’t worry. Okay. They have no idea that you are the one that put me up to it.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Okay, so going after Chanel and her bakery was my idea. For saying that I put you up to it. That’s kind of harsh. Don’t you think? I mean, are we not in this together? Yeah. No, we are definitely, I agree to do this. It’s, it’s just, it’s a little hard seeing I’m the only one out there and you just have to lay low.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, it is hard on this end too. My mother was the one that Chanel pushed off that roof. I know that. And you think that I like sending you out to do my work for me? No, I, I don’t think that at all. Look, I’m sorry. Okay. I, I should have never said that. You put me up to it. I wanted to help you and I still do, and I’m so grateful.

I know how much I’ve asked of you, and I know how much you’ve done for me.

And there’s that worry. Look again. Where’s it now? I don’t know it. It’s just what? Just say it. Look, it’s not just about me, Colin. The police are looking really hard into Sloan. She’s their number one suspect and she has no idea that her own brother is behind what happened.

Yes, it’s true. A lot of people do hate Sloan, but I’m not one of them. In fact, she and I decided to take our relationship to the next level. Hey, congratulations to you. You’re giving me your blessing. Yeah, no judgments. All right. I’ve just heard the rumors that Sloan is the one who tempered with the biscuits.

That’s exactly what they are. Brady rumors, I mean, take that from somebody who was a victim. Really, really. I know. I, I assume you’re okay now. It’s all right. It’s okay. I’m fine. What the hell was that like? Hard to remember. I don’t like to talk about it, but look at first, the first thing I was thinking that yes, I thought it was Sloan who tampered with the dough.

All right. But I am her alibi is all the reason why. I know she had nothing to do with it. All right, good, good. You know what, I’m just looking out for you, right? And I know you too, Brady. I know you’re not here to talk to me about Sloan. No, I’m not here to talk about Sloan. I’m here to talk about Chloe and how to keep that bastard Xander away from her.

All right. You can turn around now. Uh, I’m sorry, I, I should have called first. Oh no, actually is kind of unexpected, but I do have a small window of time. My zoom call with Jeff Bezos got pushed back. Oh, wow. Well, when you do speak to Jeff, give him my love. Of course. Um, so, uh, I, I wanted to give you, This, uh, though I’m not really sure where to put it.

Oh. Um, how about here? Ah, why didn’t I think of that? What’s one? Well, I had a hard time finding a card that said I’m, I’m sorry. I almost killed you without Dart. Thank you very much. But I am healing up nicely. I’m happy to report. That’s good. So how often are you changing that bandage? You’re supposed to change it.

Only if you don’t want it to get infected. Uh, okay. Not sit down. I’ll, I’ll do it. Really? Yeah. Well, it’s the least I can do after you save me from almost eating that drugged up skit. All right. Sorry if this hurts. Oh my goodness. Look at that thing. Oh, you’re such a man. Oh, I never had any complaints on that score before.

And promise me that you will change this regularly. Okay? Like every day, price, every day. I won’t able to do it as well as you. You’re regular Florence Nighting, aren’t you? Mm. Thanks. And you are not. A regular Mr. Clean. Ah, yeah. Sorry about that. I mean, if it’s the clothes on the floor you find offensive, you should know that they’re, they’re not all dirty.

Some of them I just haven’t folded yet. Ah, to be honest, Chloe, I’m starting to feel that this place is a bit of, uh, uh, pet not indicative of my current financial status. You know, I was busted when I moved in here. I’ve be saving up some money and I think I’m ready to finally start looking for a new place.

Mm. You and me both. You need someplace new. Yeah. Like yesterday,

every time I see Chloe Xander’s there just hovering, hanging around, playing darts with her, whatever, he’s obviously gunning for her, and the thing is, Chloe’s been hurt recently with some of the things that I’ve said. Happened to walk that tight rope with Rachel. She, she, she may be open to him. Does anything happen yet?

Nothing that I know of. Okay. Then take my advice. Don’t get all worked up for no good reason. All they could be doing is hanging out and throwing guards. Just like you said, you know Chloe, she’s smart and she’s gonna see right through Xander’s Act. See, that’s it. Nicole is a smart cookie as well, and she didn’t exactly see through Zander, Zach either, did she?

I guess you have a good point. Look, it’s nice of you worrying about my sister, but we knew going into this that the cops would suspect her. And I damn sure didn’t want them worrying about you, especially since you’ve put so much on the line.

Your lawyer may have pulled a rabbit out of her hat. But you are not off the hook. You listened to me, Sloan Peterson. You have lost and you will keep on losing and losing. So how about you’ll find something better to do with your time than trying to hurt me and my family trying to drag us to court to satisfy your sick need for revenge.

When my daughter and I, we have done nothing wrong. Do you hear me?

There is definitely no evidence tying someone to that. No Paulina’s office being trashed, right? Because thanks to you getting those keys, there was no forced entry and they can’t know anything else we did on Sloan either because she’s innocent. More importantly, she’s a damn good lawyer. She’s never gonna let them railroad her.

Yeah, but Colin, don’t you think we should probably tell her what we’ve been doing? No. No. That would make her an accessory yet. Plus she would never go for something like this. After she wasn’t able to nail Chanel and her mother in court, she had to pump the brakes. She would never risk a law license doing something illegal, which is when I had to step in.

Change the game. We need help. Of course,

Talia told you that she went straight home after dinner at Chanel’s Place the night before all this went down. Right? I remember, but I was there Rafe, she didn’t, she didn’t come home until hours later. You sure? She would be pretty hard to miss? I mean, we can’t even turn around that place without bumping into each other.

No. I mean, how do you know that it was the same night? Because I vividly remember it. It was when it was when you and I admitted that we have feelings for each other.


Hey, Chanel, Alex. Hi. Hi. Did I read right? You’re engaged to Johnny Damara? Let me guess, lady Whistleblower. I was an spectator today. Is that not true? What is true is that Johnny and I both had my biscuits, which turned out to be tainted with hallucinogens and I told Leo owe that and not to make anything of it, but we all know to him the truth is just an irrelevant detail.

Right. So the creep does what he usually does and wrote whatever he thinks is gonna sell papers. Yeah. To the moron to actually read that crap. Oh, sorry, my, that didn’t come out the way I meant it. Nah, I think it did. Look, I know you’re still pissed off at me about everything that happened with Allie. Okay.

Another topic I don’t wanna talk about. Regardless, this whole thing, the drugging of the biscuits, it’s ridiculous and I truly feel for you, and I can only imagine what it’s doing to your business. No, it’s killing it. Which is exactly why your little girlfriend Sloan did it. Well, it’s not my girlfriend’s.

I mean, yeah, we hooked up, but that was over a long time ago. Well, maybe it shouldn’t be. What do you mean? Well, if you’re really sorry about what happened with Allie, make it up to me. Get SW back in your bed.

You want me to get Sloan back in my bed, boy, because you can sweet talk her like crazy and then screw a confession out of her.

Are you kidding me? Look, look, the, the cops keep saying that they don’t have any proof to prove that Sloane is the one that’s doing everything to me and my mom, even though it’s beyond obvious that it’s her and that doesn’t tell you anything. What it tells me is that someone outside of the PD needs to talk to her and that someone is you.

Look, all you gotta do is call her up, tell her how much you miss her, and then show her a good time. Ah, and then you can just steer, you know the pillow. Talk to biscuit though. And psychedelics. Hey. Yeah, look, Chanal, I mean this in the nicest way possible, but are you sure you’re not under the influence of some drug biscuits and psychedelics?

I feel for you. I really do. But you gotta forget about it because I’m not doing it. Oh, come on, Alex. Why not? It’s not like this is outta character for you. Oh, okay. Well, Aside from my general misgivings about this, I’m sort of hooking up with somebody else now. So when has that ever stopped? You just make it a threesome.

Y’all know you have experience with that. Ha on please, Alex. I would forgive you for everything that happened in the past. If you will, please just do whatever it takes to get me what I need to, to just to stop this nightmare with Sloan.

Connie. Everything’s gonna be okay. Trust me, you hold it right there. Shady missile toe. Uh, it’s lady whistleblower and I will not hold it right here or anywhere for the likes of you. You are such a bottom feeding hack, you know that. Oh, come on counselor. You can’t still be upset about that one little article I wrote about you ages ago.

Oh, you mean the one where you called me a psycho and, uh, accused me of going after Paulina Price? No. Shrugged it right off. Of course, I’m still mad at you. Well, first off, I’m not a hack. And second, the bottom happens to be where the good stuff is. Oh, I’m well aware. That’s why I stopped you just now, huh?

Mm. I figured you’d want some dirt for your next column. What kind of dirt? The police commissioner and his favorite new detective. Trust me, it practically writes itself. You forgot it was the same night. Hmm. Jose, we opened up to each other about our feelings. Yeah, I, I did. Right. Well, anyway, um, it was really awkward here, so I went straight home.

You know, the next day you were drugged from those biscuits. Yeah. Sorry, again about my behavior. It’s, it’s fine. Um, anyway, um, The point is I remember exactly what time it was, and I know for a fact that my sister did not come straight home from Paulina prices that night. Okay. Well, obviously you’re convinced that Talia isn’t telling us the truth, so what do you wanna do about it?

I don’t know, like getting involved in everything. It’s kind of the last thing I expected moving to New York. Right. But when we met, there was an immediate connection. At least for me anyway, um, I think putting my medical career on hold kind of proves that I felt it too. I’m gonna make this up to you, Talia.

I swear. Don’t worry, no one’s suspicious.

Who is it? It’s my sister.

I don’t know why she would be calling. I literally just left her. Let her go to voicemail. Maybe she’ll leave a message. No, I always answer her phone calls.

Hello? There you are. I was wondering why you weren’t picking up. Oh, sorry, my phone was buried in my bag. What’s up? Remember when we said we might need to clear some things up? After your interview, you wanna clear some things up? It just a small point. Something you said to the commissioner. Something I told the commissioner wasn’t clear.

It’s about when you got home the night before, uh, the issue with the biscuits and after you had dinner at Chanel’s. You said you went straight home, but I was home after dinnertime. And you weren’t? Yeah, right. Um, I had a headache and um, I went to the drugstore and I got aspirin, but that couldn’t have taken that long.

You’re right. Sorry, I must have forgotten. Um, I was late because I took a walk to the lake. I thought that the night air might help my headache. Well, I guess it did because when you got home, you didn’t mention it. All I wanted to do by then was just to go to sleep. Anything else? I think that’s about it.

Great. Talk to you later. Right on. I’m not so sure

something wrong. You could say that

the commissioner. Commissioner Hernandez, Mr. Straighten arrow, accent on the strait. Sadly, the very one, forget it. People read my column for dirt on people like you not Captain America. Oh, I mean, You don’t think that they would wanna read on Captain America as you put it? Hi on drugs and macing on his lead.

Detective, please tell me it is Detective Sean Brady. No, it was Jada Hunter. Ah, boring. Who cares about a little tongue between coworkers. That tongue flies right in face of Mayor Carver’s new fraternization policy. I thought that just meant they couldn’t be in the Elks or Shriners or something. What it means is that you could launch a campaign to get Mayor Carver to have to enforce his own policy against one of his greatest political allies and a close friend.

You could blow up the Mayor’s office and the Salem pd. I’d be like, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford put together. You’d be a real force in Salem. One to be reckoned with, feared, and you’d get exactly what you wanted. The two cops who were on your ass would be out on theirs perhaps. But most importantly, I just think everybody should know the truth, don’t you?

The thing is, when Nicole succumbeded to Xander’s Charmer, whatever you want to call it, she was settled with an arrogant. Self-absorbed neglectful husband. That would be, that would be me.

I don’t know. I think my situation with Chloe and me is a lot more like yours in Napoles than you think. More than I’d like to think. Meaning you call yourself a neglectful husband. I haven’t exactly been the best boyfriend either. Alright. Kristen and Rachel have been treating. Chloe liked dirt while I’ve just pretty much been sitting back and saying, Hey, Chloe, you’re gonna have to deal with it.

You know, why don’t just play this my way? Hey, let me tell you something. I wish somebody would’ve told me, forget Sandra, he’s not the problem. He’s a. Here’s a symptom. Yeah, I’m the problem.

Oh God. Dunno why you’re slow. You eager to move. I mean, Salem end’s great. Yeah, it’s a little too great, especially when the bill arrives and I’m outta work and I’m just, I’m running through my savings. But it’s more than that. I, so, Well, it’s an in, it’s a place you stay when you’re on your way somewhere else.

But I’m not going anywhere and I’m not going anywhere with Brady, certainly not with Rachel. I don’t have a job. I don’t have a life, and I just, I want something someplace. It’s yours. Yeah. But not that I can afford it, and to be honest, I’m, I’m just worried that I’m gonna end up in a place like this. So you need a place that’s a step down from where you live, and I need to step up and why don’t you take that step together.

You mean we can find a place together? Oh, Xander, that sounds horrifying. You know, I actually thought you’d sparked the idea. Okay. Well, you’ve just recently been nice to me and. Since I did dart you, I’m not gonna dwell on the fact that this place is a pigsty, but I’m gonna point out the obvious, which is you own a newspaper and I am basically broke.

So you wouldn’t wanna live in a place where I can afford half the rent. We wouldn’t, we wouldn’t split rent. We, I know you don’t have a job, so just make wherever we find look like I don’t live there, and we’ll call that REM for the time being. Oh. Sounds like you need a housekeeper, not a roommate, Chloe.

Um, look, one of the most irritating things about becoming your friend and getting to really like you, is I want to atone for what I did to you and a bunch of other people. So in that sense, you’d actually be doing me a favor if you allowed me to give a ma helping hand when she’s, as you say, Basically broke.

That’s Hannah. That’s it’s very sweet. I swear it’d be totally, completely platonic and, and this is very hard for me to say, but I will be neater, not just neater. How about cleaner? So we are now officially in negotiation.

You’re in sex. Therapy with allie’s. Grandma, it’s not sex therapy, it’s therapy. It’s not funny. All right. It’s a little bit funny. All right. Okay. And I know you got a million things you can throw on my face right now, and I’m sure it looks utterly ridiculous. Me telling you, no, you can’t ask me to use sex for nefarious purpose.

Well, we both know it wouldn’t be the first time. No, it would not here. You’re serious about this, aren’t you? Yeah, I am. After I started speaking to Dr. Evans, she’s starting to make me realize that, uh, I’m pretty screwed up and Chanel, as much as I would love to help you throw Sloan back in her cage, please do not ask me to sleep with her.

Or I’m gonna end up right back where I started.

Honey, you look so glm. Come on Talia. We were a great team. We totally dodged a bullet. No we didn’t. What do you mean? We were completely in sync? I was all like, and you said, oh, I just had to take a walk around the lake. What you said you were reading my mind. No, it was more like Jada was reading mine. My sister knows me, like the back of a book, Colin.

I don’t just forget things. I don’t get through med school by forgetting. What are you saying? I’m saying that my alibi that night can’t be, I just forgot that won’t fly. Especially since I came up with it after the fact. Then why didn’t you account for it in the first place?

I am sorry. Okay. I guess I just, just wasn’t thinking. Yeah. Yeah, you weren’t thinking, look, it’s just that they separated me and Chanel and I didn’t know what they were saying to her, what she said. And then I was dealing with the commissioner. Babe. Let’s just, my, my charm just didn’t work on him. Okay. No, no.

I, I get it. It’s just, this is really important to me cuz that bitch killed my mother. You, you do get that right? Uh, I thought so before I got here. But now, but now what? I don’t know Colin. I’m just confused. Okay. Cuz I actually know Paulina and Chanel now and hey, they seem like really nice people. They seem nice.

Talia, do you not know an act when you see one? I don’t think it was just an act. Okay. I, Chanel told me about everything that happened in London unless she told you. If she pushed my mother off a roof, then she did not tell you everything unless she told you that her rich mommy flew to London and paid for everything to be covered up.

Then she did not tell you everything.

I’m sorry. I I, I just, I get so worked up. This is obviously so triggering for me. Yeah, this is extremely. Important. Look, I know that. Okay. I do. I promise. I just need to ask you one thing. Yeah. Are you still on my side?

Jada was bothering him. This is vague, but it didn’t feel like I was talking to my sister. Alright, what can you figure out why Talia’s always a stream of consciousness all over the map, but there is these hesitations when she was answering my questions. Maybe she was just trying to remember. No, no.

Talia’s memory is scary. She remembers what she did for her 12th birthday party, but, but now she forgets that she had a headache and then she forgot that she walked around the lake. Wait, she said that? Yeah. Yeah. And she’s also the one who forgot to set the security systems. All this from someone who never forgets a thing.

All right, Jada, if this is too much, I can put you on another case. The department cannot ask, you cannot ask any officer to investigate their own. No, no. Thanks for the golfer, but it’s too late to back off now.

You need to have a little bit more faith in Chloe Xander. Yeah, he may be making a play for her, but she more than most knows exactly what he is capable of. You’re right. No, you’re right. After what that jerk put her through, I can’t imagine she would involve herself with him and she knows what he, what he did to Nicole and how much Nicole regretted getting involved with him.

Exactly. And Chloe’s not gonna let. Xander entered her life in any meaningful way. Yeah. No, you’re right. Whatever they, they hang out. They play darts. It’s not like they’re moving in together. Right.

Well, this place looks pretty promising, doesn’t it? Nice fuse. Plenty of immunities. I mean, it couldn’t do any harm to go look at it, right? I guess not. Let’s do those future room, lets find a place and move in together.

No more jokes about it, I promise. And for what it’s worth, I think it’s, you know, uh, brave they are going to therapy. I agree. Although I’m not really sure I wanna know. Who I really am

enough about me. You’re going through hell right now. Is there, like, how about I float you along? Something to just keep the business going until everything gets, you know, blown over. That is, that is very, very sweet of you. But I, I can get a loan from my mom and besides all the money in the world, can’t buy me back my customers.

But you know, as, as much as all this sucks on the bright side. You offer me a loan, which is like, so generous. And then my new employee, I, I told her that I couldn’t afford to pay her. And you know what she said? Hmm? She said that she would work for free. Wow. That’s amazing. She’s amazing. And you know, she’s, she’s only worked here for a short time, but it’s just like, like this whole thing has hit her just as hard as it’s hit me.

You can’t let Chanel and her mom get into your head. Okay. And babe, we have nothing to feel guilty about with a good gas here. Yeah, but maybe we should just back off a bit, you know? Give things time to just go away. No, we can’t do that. Have to keep, apply pressure. You just have to be really careful of what you say to your sister.

Yeah, yeah, of course. Bye. I should get going.

I need you. I can’t do any of this without you now. I love you, right?

I love you too. Here’s my girl.

Oh, hey, uh, you work at sleeps, right? I met you the other day, Talia. Yeah, that’s, that’s me. Hmm. Sweetness. Are you the one that sold her a tainted biscuit? I did, and I’m sorry. I’m really, I’m really sorry. Was that really necessary? I didn’t even eat the biscuit. That poor girl just works there. It’s not like it’s her fault.

I just keep thinking. My sister gets out of medical school, becomes a baker’s assistant in Salem. And as a doctor, she would have access to the drugs that were put in that dough. Okay, but why? Hm. She didn’t even know Chanel until she got here. They seemed to get along and well, she sure doesn’t seem like a disgruntled employee.

Yeah, she always told me that she loved that job. Okay, so what’s her motive? Hmm? Why would she decide to drug half the town? You know, you’re right. You’re right. It, it makes no sense. It has to be someone else, someone with a real motive. Which brings us back to Sloan Peterson. So the cops are all over you because of the sweet bit’s druggie incident.

Yeah. Especially because of the way you went after Paulina Price. Hmm. Look, I couldn’t break into Paulina’s office and I didn’t drug those bloody biscuits. And yet what better way to get the commissioner and his lead detective off your ass by getting them thrown off the force. Look, I saw those two with my own two eyes.

All you have to do is keep my name out of it and quote, anonymous source. You really think a column by me is gonna be enough to throw the investigation off track? Let’s find out, shall we?

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