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Oh, my gosh. You guys look incredible.


You look like real-life princesses.

Yes, but no princess is complete without her crown. Right?


Um, I’ve got to take this.

Okay. Um, here. Help me out?

Oh, yes.

Here you go. All right. Just lean your heads in.


And we’ll put this right-


Beautiful. Oh, my god.

Let me see. You guys are officially perfect. Right? Turn around.




It’s like you read my mind. I was just thinking how much I’d want you here too.

Hey, you know, the guests are starting to arrive.

You’re so good with them.

Donna and avery?

Strong and confident but still playful and fun. It’s the kind of mom I want to be.

Hey. That’s the kind of mom you are. You’re the best. Right?



What is all this?

It’s called food, tracy.

No, what I mean is, what are you doing with it?

It’s for the wedding. Initially, I was gonna call a caterer. Then I thought, why don’t I do it myself? You know, give it that nice, personal touch.

A wonderful touch, sweetheart.

Yes, just what all brides dream of-

an all-you-can-eat wedding buffet.

For your information, tracy, willow did not want some stuffy, stuck-up sit-down dinner.

You’ll see. It’s gonna be very elegant.


Brook lynn, you don’t need to be here. Olivia and I have this covered.

I’d actually prefer to stay behind the scenes right now.

Ah, so you can avoid chase?


What, am I wrong?

Look alive, people. Everything’s almost ready in the living room. How are things going in here?

Oh, not to worry. All of the food is pre-cooked, just like a picnic!

The flowers, huh? All right, so this is where mommy and I will be standing when you give us the rings.

I have an important job, don’t I?

Oh, yeah, extremely. And there is no one I trust more with it.


Oh. And there is the beautiful officiant.

And her equally, if not more, beautiful sister.

Yeah. Kristina?

Right. Hey, dad.


I’m so glad you came.

So am I. And you look absolutely beautiful, as usual.

You ready for this?

Oh, I think so. Michael said that they’re keeping things relatively simple, so I don’t know. I can’t believe they asked me to officiate.

I can.

Yeah, I can too. You’re the perfect choice, especially given your relationship with willow and michael.

Tj and molly, are they on their way, or-

yeah, they should be here any minute.

Hey, look at this handsome duo.

Ooh, looking sharp, boys.

I was giving wiley a lay of the land.

Whoa. Hey, buddy. You’re gonna crush it, wiley.


Hey, buddy! Are you excited about the wedding?

Oh, yeah!

I bet. This is the greatest ringbearer in the world.

Yeah, the best.

What did I do? Well, I gave the sec a heads-up that a certain ceo was giving his girlfriend stock tips.

Oh, you told the sec about carly and drew?

No, I had martin grey pass on an anonymous tip that the ceo of aurora media and his secret girlfriend were engaged in insider trading. So basically, I took your advice.


Never felt better.

Ah, uh-huh. And how long do you think that’s gonna last?

You know what, mom? Can you and joss take the girls up to the main house?

I’m sure they’d love to see how the preparation is going.


Yeah. Well, careful what you wish for, ’cause maxie might put you to work. Come on, you guys.


Aw, come here.

Aw, good luck.

You’re perfect. All right. Let’s go, ladies. We’ll see you up there.

Pick up your dresses!


There we go.

[Both sigh]

[Door shuts]

Okay. How are you feeling?

Honestly… I’m scared. I just so want this to be the beginning of something, and I’m terrified that it’s the end.

[Dramatic music]


Oh, my god. Hi. How are you?

Oh, here, let me get this. Hi, tj.

Madam officiant.

Don’T. It’s way too much pressure.

Hey. Hey, we’re all here. Let’s get dad and let’s get a photo.


Uh, no. The photographer will get that later.

But let’s commemorate this day, man.

Yeah, and who knows the next time we’ll look this good is?

That’s a good point too.

Okay. Yeah, okay. Okay.

Dad. Dad, come here.



Okay. Yay, picture time. Okay.

Okay, here. I’ll take it.

All right.

[Camera shutter clicks]

There we go.

Hey, it’s your wedding day. You might want to look like you’re enjoying it.

Yeah, I know. I plan to enjoy every second.

[Clears throat]

Looks great. Okay, wait, a couple more just like this. Hold on. Hold on. Smile.

[Camera shutter clicking] Cute.

I love it.

Oh, my goodness. The gang’s all here. Everyone, get ready for pictures.

I want to be in the pictures.



Then come over here.

Hey, wiley, come over here for a picture.

Why don’t we take this up to the stairs?

Why don’t we take it up at the stairs? Yeah.


Right up here?


Hey. Hey, I can take the photo.

Um, no. It’s okay. I, uh–I got it.

[Indistinct chatter] Okay. Say cheese. All: Cheese.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Hey, josslyn, you want to get in?

Um, I’m good for now.

Okay. Suit yourself.

[Camera shutter clicking]

You know what? All right. These are so adorable.

Let’s go. Let’s go in.

[Singsong] I want to see the pictures.

Tj. Is everything okay with molly?

Okay, the kids look adorable, but me on the other hand…

what are you talking about? You look beautiful. You’ll send me those, yeah?

Yeah, of course.

[Warming up voice]

Ned, please.

Excuse me. Michael and willow asked me to sing at the ceremony, and I don’t want to disappoint them with rusty pipes.

Wouldn’t want anything to derail this ultra highbrow wedding.

All right. You know what, tracy? I’ve had just about enough of you.

Let’s go and see the guests, gran–I mean, tracy. I’m sure everyone is excited to see you.

Fat chance.

Even still, let’s go. Come on. Okay, this way. That’s right.

Sweetheart, deep breath.

Hmm? I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say a word.

Which says everything.

Exactly how long is mommy dearest planning on staying?

Molly’s fine.

Are you sure? ‘Cause she seems a little off to me.

I’m sure. But I am glad that she has the support of her sisters.

How did the doctor’s appointment go?


That’s it? Fine?

I don’t know. It’s private, kristina.

Okay, the davis women don’t do private. What’s going on?

It turns out getting pregnant may be more difficult than tj and I had hoped.

It’s a buffet, not a bout of food poisoning.

Time will tell.

Well, it usually does. So just leave it alone–oh!


Chase, hi.

I’m sorry.

Oh, chase, the young man you’ve been hiding from.

What? No.

The policeman who owes you a debt of gratitude.

I’m sorry?

Did my granddaughter move heaven and earth to get your badge reinstated or not?

Exaggeration is sort of her thing. Let’s go find your seat.

Any jitters?

Uh, actually no.


How about you? Think you can handle the rigorous best man duties?

I’ll do my best, man.

Oh, I like that.

[Chuckles] Hey, listen, you deserve this. You’re a great brother. You’re a great guy. You’re gonna be a great husband.

Yeah, I hope so.

I know so. You’ve been through hell multiple times, and you got someone that loves you just as much as you love them.

Yeah, forever. Whether willow’s with me or not. You know, long, short, or somewhere in between. No matter what happens, dante, this is-

this is the happiest day of my life.

See, and the fact that you know that-

that you can see that–that’s the greatest gift of all. Hey, I’m happy for you.

Thanks, man.

The world is full of beautiful things that end. And the truth is, none of us know when our time is up. And in my opinion, the biggest tragedy is throwing away what we have today worrying about what’s gonna happen tomorrow. You’re surrounded by your family and friends. You’re gonna marry the man you love.

Love with all my heart. It took me a while to know it, but… michael is the one.

Do you know how rare that is? How so many people go their entire lives and they never experience that? I mean, I know you appreciate every minute you spend with michael and your kids, but if today is the only day we get, shouldn’t we make it the best one?

You told me to call the sec. You handed me the phone. You almost dared me to do it.

No, no, nina, I was playing devil’s advocate. I was trying to show you how way over the top the idea was. No, it was reverse psychology. I was trying to talk you out of doing it, not encourage you to do it.

Well, that backfired.

Yeah, clearly.

Carly has yet to face a single consequence for what she did. Had she told willow about her birth mother, me, then willow wouldn’t be on death’s door right now. She could’ve gotten that bone marrow transplant months ago, and she’d be thriving instead of withering away.

Okay, I need to stop you right now because now you are skating dangerously close to alternative facts.

Okay, just tell me one untrue thing about what I just said.

[Sighs] Yes, it’s true that carly was wrong. And yes, she should have told you and willow the truth. But that’s not the reason willow is sick.

She delayed her treatment.

Nina, because of the baby, not because of carly.

But had willow known that-

no one knew. You’re forgetting the fact that willow didn’t tell anybody about her cancer.

You’re not blaming willow now, are you?

No. No, of course not. I’m just simply saying that no one had all the information, not even carly.

Okay, you know what? It doesn’t matter. Carly and drew, they broke the law. And is it so inconceivable that carly should pay for her crime?

Oh, see, but, nina, that’s just it. You send her to prison, it’s not carly who pays. It’s you.

Well, I think that’s it for the prep. I can just play hostess to the guests, at least till the ceremony begins. Hey, hey. Hey, girls. What did we say about running in the house?


Uh-huh. Aren’t they adorable as they cut a path of total destruction through the house?

You blow me away.

Really? Tell me more.

Pulling a wedding together in a couple days.

Mm, you say wedding. Tracy says picnic.

Oh, don’t listen to her.

Hey, guys, have you seen donna and avery?

Thataway. I’m just so happy that I can do something for michael and willow after everything they’ve been through. Well, everything they’re still going through. But also, I had a lot of help.

Sorry, um, have either of you heard from willow?

You are amazing at putting things into perspective. You know that? Okay, no more thinking about tomorrow or next week. Today I live in the moment.

That’s right.

Thank you, carly.

Thank you. No, really, thank you. I’m so grateful that michael found you and that you fell in love. And I pray that it lasts for the next 60 years. But if god forbid it doesn’t, it doesn’t take away from the joy that you’ve given each other for the past two years or the love you’ve given wiley and amelia.

But doesn’t part of you wish michael had never met me?


So he could be spared the heartbreak?

No, willow. I mean, would it hurt to see my son in pain? Yeah. But it would hurt even more for him to never be in love. I love seeing his face light up when you walk in the room. Or you two with wiley. Or when michael’s holding amelia. You’ve given my son so much. And I wouldn’t wish any of that away. I just want more of it for you. All of you.


So do I.


Ugh. But we’re not thinking about that today.

No, we’re not.

No. Today we bask in the joy and the love and the light.

Okay. Is it dress time?

[Chuckles] Let’s do it.

Okay, come on.

Thank you. All right.

I love you so much.

I love you too.

[Tender music]

Of course it’s me who pays. It’s always me.

Oh, that’s not what I meant.

Carly has come between willow and me over and over and over again. She has made sure that at every step, challenge, crisis, that she’s the one that willow turns to for support, not me. Take today, for example. It’s my daughter’s wedding day, and who gets to play mother of the bride? Not me, carly. I’m not even invited to the wedding.

Nina, I don’t need convincing that carly is a piece of work, but I do need you to acknowledge what’s really going on here. Why did you sic the sec on carly?

What do you mean?

Just answer the question.

Because carly and drew, they violated-

oh, come on! You don’t give a damn about the security and exchange commission. You don’t care about laws or statutes or shareholders. Just admit it, nina. You wanted revenge.


Come on.

Willow. Oh, my gosh. You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.

She speaks the truth.

See, I told you.

We’ll see you in there? Okay.

Okay. You look beautiful.

Hi, mommy!

Hi. Are you ready to be the best ringbearer ever?

You look pretty.

Thank you. And I’m sure your daddy looks devastatingly handsome, but no one is more handsome than you.

How are you feeling?

Good. I’m ready. Thank you again for, you know, officiating.

Yeah, of course. You know, jason would be really happy for you.

[Sighs] Yeah. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about him a lot today.

So have I. And about you and willow, of course. You know what’s funny? She looks so soft and sweet on the outside, and of course she is, but I don’t think people realize how strong she is and how she’s been through. I mean, just like you. You’re kind and easygoing. The peacemaker-

mostly, that is. But I don’t think people realize that you have a core of pure steel. And I am so glad that you and willow were able to recognize that in each other. And I am honored to be leading you through your vows tonight.

Yeah, thanks. I love you.

Back at you.

[Doors opening]

Excuse me. Could everyone please take their seats? We are about to begin.

Ah, showtime.


So are you ready to start the rest of your life?

So ready.

You’re wrong.

Am I?

Yeah, you’re wrong. Way wrong. Because I’m not doing it for revenge. That’s more carly’s mo.

Mm-hmm. So you don’t want to wipe that sanctimonious smile off her face?


After everything she did to you? Engineering it so that willow would go to her for love and support, even after you found willow a bone marrow donor.

Exactly what I’m saying.

Yeah. I know that’s what you’ve been saying, but you’re trying to pretend it’s not the reason that you turned carly over to the sec, and I need you to see that it is.

Because you think what I’m doing is wrong?

I’m not gonna judge you. You want revenge? Go for it. Get your revenge. I’m just saying it better be worth it to you, because if this comes out, it is the end of you and sonny.

[“Canon in d” playing]

[“Bridal chorus” playing]

You’re breathtaking.

And so are you.


thank you, friends and family, for joining us to celebrate the union of michael and willow. When they asked me to officiate the wedding, I was, um… I don’t know, I was kind of surprised, a, because I’ve never done this before, and b, that there’s probably a reason for that.

[Laughter] But when I sat down for a second and thought about it, it actually-

it made a lot of sense. I’ve known michael since he was just a kid. And we have been through a lot of life together. And watching him grow into the man he is today has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. And, willow, we’ve had some shared experiences, which I will not get into tonight, but it has given me an insight into the kind of person she is. Strong. Resilient. Beautiful. And so, so brave. All of the traits that she and michael have in common will only serve them as they embark on their life together. I love you both so very much.

I love you too.

Joss, you’re up.

Some shakespeare. “Let me not to the marriage of true minds “admit impediments. “Love is not love “which alters when it alterations finds. “Or bends with the remover to remove. “O, no, it is an ever-fixed mark “that looks on tempests and is never shaken. “It is the star to every wand’ring bark “whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken. “Love’s not time’s fool, “though rosy lips and cheeks “within his bending sickle’s compass come. “Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks “but bears it out even to the edge of doom. “If this be error and upon me prov’d, “I never writ, nor no man ever lov’D.”

That was beautiful. Now ned will be performing a song that the bride and groom have chosen.

[Gentle strumming]

Sonny’s never gonna find out, but even if he did, he’d understand.

No, he wouldn’T.

Yes, he will. Because no one more than sonny has seen how carly has treated me. The cruelty. The utter disrespect. You know, sonny and I, what we have, it’s the real deal. If it wasn’t, sonny wouldn’t have sacrificed everything for me.

But that’s just it, nina. Sonny sacrificed everything. And he kept choosing you over them time and time again, and at great cost. Now I have learned the hard way that sonny and carly, they have their own history, and part of that history is a blind and stubborn and even toxic loyalty. I’m not even talking about romance. The two of them could be at each other’s throats, but if a threat comes for one of them, the other one will step in and defend them. And so, if the sec goes after carly and sonny finds out that you were behind it, I don’t see him backing you.

Michael and willow have made things easy on me today and have requested a traditional ceremony, so here we go. Michael, do you take-

actually, um, sam, I know we asked for this, but… now that I’m standing here and looking at you, I just-

I have to tell you how thankful that I am. For your friendship. For your–your courage. Your love. Your compassion. Your… support. But most importantly, how you’ve been such an amazing mother to wiley. And now amelia. And the fact that I get to call you my wife is…

wait, what? We’re getting married?

I also forgot to thank her for her sense of humor. Of course. Look, willow, I couldn’t love you more if I tried. But I am going to try every single day for the rest of our lives.

Wow. I can’t let you have your say and not get mine. It’s ironic that you would be up here thanking me when I was a person who was alone for most of my life. And then came you. At first, you were my friend, and such a good one. Supportive. A great advice giver.

[Chuckles] You never judged. As everyone here knows, the first time we did this, it was a legal maneuver. But then, this crazy thing happened. As each day passed, I realized how happy I was to be married to you. And it quickly became something I wanted to last. It’s like my whole frame of reference shifted. What I’d refused to see before was suddenly standing right in front of me. All of that time, I’d been falling in love with you. And since then, that love has only grown. I’m fulfilled in ways I never thought possible because of you. And our kids. And this amazing family of yours.

Hey, ours. Ours.

Ours. I am so incredibly lucky.

I think you both are.


[Tender music]

Are we good to move on to the vows now?

Yeah. Yeah, we’re ready.

Okay. Do you, michael, take willow to be your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…

I’m really putting you through the paces on that one.

Till death does you part? Will you love and honor her for all of the days of your life?

Oh, I will, and I do to all of it.

Okay. And do you, willow, take michael to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death does you part? Will you love and honor him for all of the days of your life?

I will.


Hey. Thanks, buddy.

Way to go, bud. You were perfect. Thank you.

It’s possible that no one will ever find out.

It’s possible.

But you don’t think it’s likely.

I think it’s true what they say, that secrets have a way of coming out, no matter how hard we try to bury them.

It’s not like I made up the insider trading. It happened. Anyone could have reported it.

No, but it wasn’t anyone, nina. It was you. You turned in the mother of sonny’s children to the authorities.

I-I turned in amelia and wiley’s grandmother in to the authorities. What will happen if willow finds out? She’s depended on carly so much through all of this. She’ll never forgive me, ava.

Willow, I give you this ring as a sign of our love for and commitment to each other. And I promise to support you, to care for you, and stand alongside you for all of our days.

Michael. I give you this ring as a sign of our love for and commitment to each other. I promise to support you, care for you, and stand alongside you for all of our days.

Well, I don’t think there’s anything left to say except, by the power vested in me and the state of new york, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Well, I’ll take it from here.



[Cheers and applause]

[“Wedding march” playing]

[Cheers and applause]

We did it.

We did it.

We did it!

Yes, we did, buddy. Here. Here.

I have never seen a more professional ringbearer. Have you?

No, I have not. It’s probably your calling.

What’s a calling?

It’s a purpose.

So mommy’s yours?

Yeah, she is.

[Doorbell rings]

That’s weird. Who’d be showing up now?

Oh, please. I’ll get it.

Oh, boy. Don’t tell me you’re bored already.

Who, me?

Maybe nothing will come of it. I mean, it was an anonymous tip to a bunch of bureaucrats.

Bureaucrats who live for this kind of stuff.

Could be months or years before they open an investigation, assuming they get that far.

I don’t know. I don’t know much about this stuff. But I doubt the government takes kindly to citizens messing with the markets. If I had to guess, I’d say it won’t be long before the sec is knocking on carly’s door.

Okay, everybody to the solarium for the reception.

[Indistinct chatter]

Who’s this?

I tried to put them off, but they insisted. They are from the sec.

Look, if this is about elq, it’s gonna have to wait, okay?

It’s my son’s wedding.

It does concern elq, but we’re not looking for you.

Well, can you tell us who you are looking for?

Drew cain and carly spencer.

[Tense music]

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