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Sally: God, this is amazing. I mean, it’s just… amazing.

Nick: It is.

Sally: I mean, it’s like some kind of miracle that they can just take a picture of the baby, my baby, and here it is. In black and white. Its– its perfect little everything. And to hear the heartbeat again. Did you hear it?

Nick: Yeah, I did. Nice and strong.

Sally: Man, I… I thought I was in love with this little one before, but it’s–

Adam: It’s incredible.
[Chuckles] I can’t believe we’re having a little baby girl.


Adam: Doesn’t it look like she’s sucking her thumb?

Sally: [Laughs] Totally.


Nick: I’m glad the appointment was moved from yesterday to today. Built up the anticipation.

Sally: I’m sorry, what?

Nick: I was saying, it really worked out that the sonogram was moved from yesterday to today.

[Chuckles] You know, this baby’s gonna be very lucky. It will be spoiled by every member of the Newman family.

Sally: Oh, yeah. Not really exactly ready to face that fact.

Adam: Yeah, why don’t you just let us enjoy this perfect moment before unleashing the threat of the Newmans?

Nick: I’m just saying. It’s gonna be loved.

Sally: Agreed. Yeah, our… little girl is going to have a whole lot of love. Some might say more than her fair share.

Adam: She’s already spectacular.

Sally: Little chamomile.

[Both laughing]

Sally: What’s up?

Nick: It’s nothing that can’t wait.

Sally: If you need to go deal with work, you can go. I mean, you were already here for the big reveal at the doctor’s office. If you need to go, go.

Nick: I probably should get it out of the way.

Sally: Okay, yeah. Don’t worry about me.

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