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Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Billy: No comment. The family is requesting privacy at this moment. No need to call tomorrow ’cause you’re gonna get the same two words. Know them. Learn them. No comment.

Kyle: You doing the same thing I’ve been doing?

Billy: Trying to find new and exciting ways to tell these reporters to buzz off?

Kyle: Mm. Mariah’s coming back from maternity leave early to help us manage the situation.

Billy: That’s good. All hands on deck. We’ve been at this for a few hours right now and I don’t see it slowing down.

Kyle: I was hoping work would be an distraction from my family’s problems. Instead, the problems are swallowing up everything else.


Ashley: You okay? Sure I don’t have to ask you what that phone call was about.

Jack: What is happening to Diane is in travesty of justice.

Ashley: Okay, and you’re gonna set things straight.

Jack: Well, I’m certainly gonna help.

Ashley: What does that exactly mean? Who were you talking to?

Jack: Michael put me in touch with a financial forensics expert who is working on Diane’s defense.

Ashley: Okay. Well, Michael’s her attorney, so let him handle things, jack.

Jack: I’m trying to help him.

Ashley: What kind of help can you provide?

Jack: I am trying to save my fiancée from a life behind bars.

Ashley: I get it. So, you’re gonna make sure that once again, Diane doesn’t have to take responsibility for her actions.

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