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Victor: Tucker mccall. I’ll be damned.

Tucker: Morning. Uh, the deal is finalized. Contract signed. So congratulations, you’re now the proud owner of mccall unlimited.

Victor: Excellent. I have pre-approved the wire transfer, and I will put the money into your account as soon as we end this conversation. Anything else?

Tucker: Uh, no. No, that should be it.

Victor: Good. Well, tucker, on a personal level, you’re probably relieved no longer having to deal with the vicissitudes of running a huge company. So you’re free of any responsibility. No ties to anyone. Congratulations.

Ashley: So I thought that maybe things would be better now with diane gone, but no such luck. Even though she’s in jail, her presence is everywhere. Because jack is going on and on about how she’s innocent. He’s convinced. And he’s gonna do anything he can to save her, of course. But I couldn’t stand it anymore. I told him that this desire he has to marry diane is just gonna wreak havoc with our family and the company. And guess what his solution was. Again, he’s telling me I should move out. I can’t believe him.

Abby: Uh… mom, maybe uncle jack’s right? Maybe you should move out.

Sally: God, this is amazing. I mean, it’s just… amazing.

Nick: It is.

Sally: I mean, it’s like some kind of miracle that they can just take a picture of the baby, my baby, and here it is. In black and white. Its– its perfect little everything. And to hear the heartbeat again. Did you hear it?

Nick: Yeah, I did. Nice and strong.

Sally: Man, I… I thought I was in love with this little one before, but it’s–

Adam: It’s incredible.

[ Chuckles ] I can’t believe we’re having a little baby girl.

Christine: So where are things at with jeremy stark? Any luck tracking down my key witness?

Chance: Uh, nothing so far. This guy knows how to disappear. But this has fired me up even more to find him.

Christine: Well, I think michael might be searching for him too, since he and jack are certain that he’s the killer. I… wonder if he’s had better luck.

Jack: Glad you could make it.

Lauren: I have to say, I was very surprised to hear from you. I thought you’d be too busy trying to clear your fiancee of murder charges. You’ve certainly kept michael very busy.

Jack: Go ahead, say it. You hate me for convincing michael to take diane’s case. Hey! It’s your dry skin.

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Lauren: I could never hate you, jack. But I sure as hell wish that you had gotten another defense attorney.

Jack: I know how difficult it is for michael to be taking diane’s case right now.

Lauren: No, you really don’T. So you know what? I think we should just handle things the way that we’re handling things at home.

Jack: How is that?

Lauren: To not talk about it. We’re not saying a word because anything leads to an argument. And I could– I– I could really use a friend right now. And I think you could too.

Jack: Yeah.

Lauren: You seem very, very stressed.

Jack: Yeah, it’s been a tough time. Especially at home. Summer is understandably devastated. Kyle is shaken by the whole thing. The two of them aren’t talking. Ashley and I shouldn’t be in the same room together. Allie moved in with noah to get away from all the tension, and, well, tracy was the smart one and took off for new york. Anyway, I’m glad I have a purpose, a real goal, A… direction to occupy my days.

Lauren: Yeah. I mean, michael is so occupied– broke my own rule there.

Jack: How are you doing in all this? You just lost your best friend.

Lauren: I miss phyllis… every day.

Jack: Yeah, it’s a big loss for a lot of us.

Lauren: And I just don’t see a resolution that’s gonna give anyone any peace.

Ashley: Are you taking jack’s side?

Abby: I’m not taking a side. It’s just if you’re so unhappy–

Ashley: It’s my home.

Abby: And you’re miserable there.

Ashley: I’m not gonna let jack chase me away.

Abby: It’s not a turf war, mom.

Ashley: It kind of is, and you’re clearly taking jack’s side.

Abby: I’m not, I just want you to find some sort of peace of mind.

Ashley: Okay, but I’m not gonna let my brother kick me out of my home.

Abby: Okay. Well, since you’re clearly gonna be stubborn about this, I’m gonna go to the kitchen and check on a couple things. But when I come back, if you’d like to look at some video of dominic at the zoo yesterday, it’s so cute. He is all about the giraffes.

Ashley: I would love to see that. That’ll cheer me up.

Abby: Okay.

Adam: Doesn’t it look like she’s sucking her thumb?

Sally: [ Laughs ] Totally.

[ Laughs ]

Nick: I’m glad the appointment was moved from yesterday to today. Built up the anticipation.

Sally: I’m sorry, what?

Nick: I was saying, it really worked out that the sonogram was moved from yesterday to today.

[ Chuckles ] You know, this baby’s gonna be very lucky. It will be spoiled by every member of the newman family.

Sally: Oh, yeah. Not really exactly ready to face that fact.

Adam: Yeah, why don’t you just let us enjoy this perfect moment before unleashing the threat of the newmans?

Nick: I’m just saying. It’s gonna be loved.

Sally: Agreed. Yeah, our… little girl is going to have a whole lot of love. Some might say more than her fair share. My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Adam: She’s already spectacular.

Sally: Little chamomile.

[ Both laughing ]

Sally: What’s up?

Nick: It’s nothing that can’t wait.

Sally: If you need to go deal with work, you can go. I mean, you were already here for the big reveal at the doctor’s office. If you need to go, go.

Nick: I probably should get it out of the way.

Sally: Okay, yeah. Don’t worry about me.

Nick: I’ll call you afterwards.

Sally: Yeah. You walking out too?

Adam: No, you can go ahead.

Nick: Oh, okay. I’ll call you later.

Sally: Bye.

[ Clears throat ] Are you thinking that she looks like you? ‘Cause I gotta be honest, I think she looks a little bit more like me.

[ Laughs ]

Adam: You don’t think that there’s miracles, and then you see something like this little girl. Our baby girl.

Abby: Here you go, dad.

Victor: Thank you, sweetheart. There we go. Now, wait a minute. Your mother ran out of here in a hurry. What was that all about?

Abby: [ Sighs ] Uncle jack and mom have turned their home into a war zone over diane, so I was trying to convince her to move out for a while.

Victor: I don’t think your mother can be convinced to move out of her own home.

Abby: You know her so well.

Victor: I don’t blame her being frustrated with people who are defending diane jenkins. My goodness. There you are, son.

Nick: Hey, dad. Hey, abby.

Abby: Hi. Can I get you a coffee or anything?

Nick: Uh, no, thanks. I’m not gonna be here that long.

Abby: Okay. Don’t break anything.

Victor: We won’T.

Nick: What’s up? I was in the middle of something important.

Victor: I just purchased mccall. The deal is finalized.

Nick: Well, there you go. You got what you wanted. That has nothing to do with me, though.

Victor: Well, it does, son, because adam will run it. And the company is in somewhat bad shape. Will take quite some effort to straighten it up.

Nick: Oh, I’m sure. Why are you telling me this?

Victor: I want you to join adam at mccall. Hi, I’m lauren, I lost 67 pounds on golo. Happy mother’s day! Oh my gosh! My mom deserves the best, and the best gifts are from harry and david. Chocolate. Yummy! Cheese. Gouda. Wine. What’s that? It’s from harry and david. Aww. Thank you!

Nick: You cannot be serious. Why on earth would I join adam at mccall? I have a job, dad. A great job, at newman, in the family business. I have zero interest in some consolation prize that you bought for adam just so you can keep him out of trouble.

Victor: I understand your point of view, son. But hear me out. Victoria, your sister, has your mother to back her up. Adam is about to embark upon a very difficult job trying to straighten out that company. I want you to help him.

[ Scoffs ]

Nick: Ah, you’ve outdone yourself this time. It’s impressive. But that is never gonna happen.

Victor: You told me the other day that you and adam and sally actually get along for the sake of the child. Why can’t you do the same thing for the sake of family unity?

Nick: Here we are back to me and sally, and this time you even brought up the kid. It’s an all-time low. I don’t have time for this.

Victor: Son, please sit down. I’m not finished yet.

Sally: You know, I have to say, you have been pretty amazing navigating this whole thing.

Adam: Uh, I’ll take that. It definitely hasn’t been easy.

[ Sally sighs ] I don’t wanna overstep, but… I am so excited.

Sally: I know, right?

[ Laughs ]

Adam: But I don’t wanna say anything to upset you or– or nick. I just… I wanna stay in my lane.

Sally: The daddy lane.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] That kinda has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Sally: It does, yeah. So, question number one, asked and answered. Question number two… how do you feel about having a little girl?

Adam: I– I love it. I definitely love it, but… I’m baffled.

Sally: Baffled how?

Adam: Oh, I have no idea about little girls.

Sally: Yeah, but you have nieces.

[ Adam scoffs ]

Adam: It’s not the same. Uncles get all the fun stuff. Dad… I mean, how am I gonna be able to say no to our perfect little daughter when she’s looking up at me with those big blue eyes?

Sally: They could be brown.

Adam: Well, no matter what color they are, I am not gonna be able to say no. I wanna be wrapped so tight around her little finger.

Sally: Well, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. At least you’ve been a parent. I mean, I know nothing about kids, and my parents sucked.

[ Chuckles ] But you’re a wonderful father to connor, and he’s a great kid.

Adam: Yeah.

Sally: And so is christian.

Adam: Oh, that’s– that’s thanks to nick and– and chelsea.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, they’re part of the mix, but… I think that there is nurture and nature involved in how a kid turns out.

Adam: Yeah, that’s– that’s exactly what I’m afraid of.

Sally: What do you mean?

Adam: Maybe a reason that I’m glad we’re having a girl is because there’s less of a chance that I’ll screw the kid up, either from my genes or influence.

Sally: So if we had a boy, you would be worried that the kid would turn out like you?

Lauren: You probably don’t wanna deal with christine. Should we just go somewhere else?

Jack: No, no, no. I’m not running. I know diane is innocent. Christine will have to admit that too when the truth comes out. I’m– I’m sorry. The topic’s kinda hard to avoid.

Lauren: It’s all hard. You know? This morning, I got up, I was so excited to meet with this new designer.

[ Voice breaks ] You know, and the first thing I wanted to do was I wanted to go pick up the phone and I wanted to call phyllis and tell her about it. But I couldn’T.

[ Sobs ] Because she’s gone. And not just gone. This horrible, pointless death where I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to her. Ugh, before you know it, I was a mess and I wanted to cancel my meeting, and…

Jack: But you didn’T.

[ Lauren sighs ]

Lauren: I wanted to. But then you called. And I could hear phyllis saying to me, “stop with the waterworks and get your sorry self out of bed.”

Jack: Yeah, that is phyllis.

Lauren: That was phyllis. How could she be gone? Her spirit, and… her never-ending energy.

[ Sighs shakily ] What are we gonna do without her?

[ Knocking on door ]

Tucker: You came.

[ Laughs ] Come on in.

Ashley: Do you need any help packing?

Tucker: No, I’m good.

Ashley: Where are you going?

Tucker: I hear sri lanka’s nice this time of year. Maybe peru.

Ashley: Just like that, huh?

Tucker: Mm-hmm. There’s nothing keeping me here. I sold mccall. So whatever that company was to me before, an ego trip, my life’s work or a possible legacy for my son, it’s victor’s now.

Ashley: You’re quitting.

Tucker: I… [ Laughs ] I’m embracing my future outside of genoa city.

Ashley: Right.

Tucker: Right.

Ashley: So you said you had something for me.

Tucker: Oh, yes. Yeah. Just wanted to make good on one thing before I left. I wanted to get one of those– those big ceremonial checks, you know?

Ashley: [ Laughs ] Right.

Tucker: But this will have to do. So, you see that?

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: There you are. Mccall’s debt repaid, with market-rate interest.

Ashley: Thank you.

Tucker: You’re welcome. So… right? No debt between us anymore.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: No more you using it to keep me under your thumb, which has been a blast, but… game over now.

Ashley: So it’s just like that. You’re leaving.

Tucker: I am exploring other corners of the world.

Ashley: So in other words, you’re a coward.

Tucker: Whatever you say, ashley.

Ashley: I mean, what about devon and dominic? You can’t just leave. You can’t just walk away.

Tucker: Devon wants nothing to do with me.

Ashley: So you’re just gonna slink off like that? It’s unattractive.

Tucker: [ Scoffs ] I look good on a private jet.

[ Ashley laughs ] It’s not slinking off.

Ashley: Look, you know what? I– I had a– I had a plan. I thought it was a pretty good plan. I just wanted you to mend your relationship with devon, you know? ‘Cause yours is a story of redemption, and it– it meant a lot to me that you were gonna be redeemed, so–

Tucker: You know, I– I don’t need to be redeemed by you.

Ashley: Heard. You’re right.

Tucker: Okay. Wait a minute. I’m sorry. Wait! You see, this is what you do to me.

Ashley: What? I make you say mean, stupid things?

Tucker: Yes. You know that I tried with devon and I’ve tried with you. Obviously, it didn’t work.

[ Laughing ] I think dominic is the only person in this town who can stand me. You know, I don’t like to admit defeat, but I’m defeated, ashley. There’s nothing– nothing left for me. There’s no place for me here.

Ashley: There might be a place for you. Why don’t you move in with me? We’re done.

“The young and the restless” will continue. (Vo) get them to open up.

Tucker: Move in with you.

[ Scoffs ] Is this the bright idea that just came to you?

Ashley: I– I– I gave it some thought.

Tucker: What the hell are you talking about? I opened a vein to you the other day and you just shut me down. Now, you wanna be roomies? Wow. You know, you say I’m the one who enjoys the game. You’re the– you’re the game master. So, no. No, thank you. I’m not biting. I’m not moving in with you. I wouldn’t do it even if you were serious about it.

Ashley: We wouldn’t share a room. Obviously, you’d have your own guest room.

Tucker: Oh, well, in that case, sign me up. Uh, if there’s nothing else–

Ashley: There is something else. Yeah. Your son. Your grandson. You know, you need to stick around so you can fix things with them, and I think it would be very intelligent if you did that. Yes, because then I could watch and make sure that it happened.

Tucker: Yeah, I– I can do that from this room if I wanted to stay. I don’t wanna stay.

Ashley: There also is unfinished business with us. You were right. What you said the other day about me putting walls up where you’re concerned. And by the way, rightfully so. However, when I see you packing and everything, I’m just– you know, I’m not ready for you to go.

Christine: Oh, lauren, hi. I’m happy to see you. Could we talk for a minute?

Lauren: Oh. Uh, yeah. Come on.

Christine: Okay. I really just wanted to see how you were doing. I can’t imagine everything you’re going through, and I know you can’t be happy with michael defending diane.

Lauren: You know what? I’m– I’m not happy with any of it, actually.

[ Voice breaks ] Mostly about losing my best friend. But I’m– I’m so damn angry at my husband that we can’t even grieve this together. And I don’t understand. I mean, he and phyllis were so close. How could he possibly defend this monster? I– I’m sorry. I– I’m sorry. I know this, uh, can’t be easy for you either.

Christine: Yeah. I mean, it’s not exactly the case I would’ve chosen to prosecute, but as da, it goes with the territory. I have a job to do. [ Chuckles ] And I’m doing it. Just like michael’s doing his.

Jack: So what are you doing to find stark? He’s the guilty party, you know.

Chance: Actually, I don’t know that.

Jack: Oh, come on. He’s had it out for me and diane. Framing her is payback.

Chance: Oh, for when you two set him up on larceny charges for a necklace?

Jack: What are the police doing to find him? You tracking him? You– you got any leads?

Chance: You know, I don’t have to have this conversation–

Jack: An innocent woman is behind bars.

Chance: If you have a problem with how the case is being handled, the da’s right through there.

Jack: Oh, yes. I know. She wants to put her away.

Chance: She will have a fair trial, jack. So let me do my job.

Jack: A fair trial. She had everything she could possibly have wanted. Why would she throw that away? She has been set up. Stark had every reason to wanna hurt phyllis. You find him, you find your murderer. Unless the gcpd isn’t up to the task.

Sharon: Excuse me. Excuse me, gentlemen. Can we tone this down?

Christine: Jack, please step away.

Jack: Things aren’t always as they seem.

Adam: I know it’s not logical. But, yeah, I’m– I’m afraid if we had a son that he would turn out to be a little mini-me, and… that’s the last thing the world needs.

Sally: Okay, do I need to point out connor and christian again?

Adam: Yeah, but maybe they turned out great in spite of me, not because of me. I mean, it’s not like I’m some stellar role model or have my act together. I mean, I don’t even have a job right now.

Sally: Okay. All right. We’re shutting this down right now because as our baby girl’s co-parent, I need you to be confident.

Adam: But I’m just, I’ve screwed up a lot.

Sally: Yeah, you have. You’ve made some terrible choices, but you have owned your mistakes. You’ve learned and you’ve grown, and you know how to love. I see it every time you’re with connor. That kid means everything to you, and he adores you right back. He is smart, he’s kind, he’s funny. He’s everything like his father, so I don’t wanna hear any more about how you’re gonna screw up our kid, because it’s impossible. Okay? She’s– she’s gonna be perfect.

Adam: Well, thank you for believing in me. And I will do my best to put aside my fears and insecurities for you and for our baby girl.

Sally: Thank god. She’s gonna need a heck of a strong dad.

Adam: I thought you just said that she was perfect.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Except for the fact that she might inherit all of my worst traits.

Victor: Please sit down, son. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, okay? But you’re my sons, and I want nothing more than to see the two of you get together. So if you work together at mccall’s, that might happen. Instead of the two of you competing for a woman whose only skill seems to be to pit one brother against the other.

Nick: That is not what’s happening.

Victor: Nicholas, listen to your father. I’ve been around men. That’s exactly what’s happening. You’re too close to see it. She has both of you where she wants you.

Nick: You know, I just… I don’t appreciate being patronized.

Victor: I am not patronizing you, son. I’m trying to help you.

Nick: By asking me to join some business venture with adam, which you know is never gonna work. We will be at each other’s throats constantly. Give me a break, dad. Why can’t you do this? Why can’t you just focus on the fact that you have a new granddaughter coming and quit playing these games?

Victor: Granddaughter? Hi, I’m john and I’m from dallas, texas.

Nick: You know what? That was a mistake. That was not my news to share. It was adam’S. But we just found out this morning at sally’s sonogram appointment.

Victor: Oh, yeah. The three of you. How cozy.

Nick: As I’ve told you many times, we are making this work like adults.

Victor: Adam must be very happy having a girl, along with his two sons.

Nick: Yes. He’s excited. We all are. Sally is gonna be an amazing mother. But there’s something bigger going on here, dad. It is a new baby. Okay? It’s a new life. Now, I know how crazy you are about your grandchildren. So why can’t you just take a step back and wait for this beautiful little girl to get here in a couple months, hold her in your arms, and fall in love with her, and forget everything else? Please.

[ Victor sighs ]

Adam: Is this where I give you the pep talk that you just gave me?

Sally: Yeah, but this is totally different. ‘Cause we’re actually having a little girl, and I was a little girl. And I was a terror.

Adam: Oh, come on.

Sally: I was–

Adam: You were probably adorable.

Sally: I was stubborn. And a pain in the ass.

Adam: Oh, okay. So a lot’s changed since then?

Sally: Exactly. Look, I’m– I’m not– I’m not known for my patience, and I get short-tempered whenever I don’t get enough sleep, and I am super opinionated. And I know that mothers get into it with their daughters. What if she hates me?

Adam: Okay, just– stop. Come on. You sound ridiculous.

Sally: Is anything that I just said not true?

Adam: You can be a pain in the ass, but… we’re talking about traits that our daughter could inherit from her mother. She will have fire. She’ll be smart and sensitive, and she’ll be funny as hell. And she will have all that love that you never got from your parents. Shall I go on?

Sally: Why is all this so crazy-making?

Adam: No, believe me, we– we are just getting started. We’re gonna be second-guessing ourselves for the rest of her life.

Sally: Mmm. And loving every minute of it.

Adam: Yep.

Sally: Until she comes home late. Or what if she dates a guy that we don’t like? Or, what if she decides that, you know–

Adam: Okay. Okay. Why don’t we just save the crazy-making for after she’s born? Okay?

Sally: You’re right.

[ Chuckles ] It’s just…

[ Sighs ] I already love this little girl with my whole heart. You know, loving her is the easy part. But this responsibility is huge.

Adam: It is.

Sally: Like, scary huge.

Adam: It is. But you’re not gonna be alone. Girl dad is right here.

[ Sally chuckles ] When nick mentioned the newman clan and all the smothering that would entail.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Oh, yes. What is not to love? You know? Endless judgment from victor and nikki and victoria on everything from schools to, you know, what diapers I choose, and… you know.

Adam: Don’t freak out about it, okay? I promise that I will fend them off. And so will nick.

Sally: Well, I’m so grateful for that. But I do think that there is one newman who I love to the moon that we should include in all of this, and soon. Connor.

Sharon: I’m sorry about jack coming at you like that. You’re doing everything you can.

Chance: Yeah. It’s part of the job.

Sharon: Well, now I can understand why you’re rethinking your career.

Chance: Yeah. Uh… it’s crazy. I was pretty much ready to walk away from the gcpd. This case has changed that.

Sharon: How?

Chance: There’s certain people in this town, they think they are above the law. Whether it’s trying to get away with something or taking matters into their own hands, there is a complete lack of respect. And I am so sick and tired of being yelled at, and manipulated, and second-guessed. I’m gonna do something about it.

Sharon: Wow, this has really lit a fire under you.

Chance: Yeah. I will do whatever it takes to get the truth. Phyllis and her family deserve that.

Ashley: Look, if you feel beaten, then go. But this is not a good time in– in sri lanka. It’s monsoon season. And it’s almost winter in peru. So I think you should, you know, just stay, for a while, anyway.

Tucker: Why, so you can just keep jerking me around? You know, I’ll take my chances with the monsoons.

Ashley: Okay, what I said the other day about us not riding off into the sunset together?

Tucker: Mm-hmm. And… that you never made me any promises.

Ashley: Right, right. You know, maybe I was a little–

Tucker: A little wrong?

Ashley: I was… hasty.

Tucker: Ah.

Ashley: ‘Cause you pushed buttons that I didn’t even know I had. And I don’t know, maybe whatever this whole thing is, maybe we can make it work.

Tucker: If we’re under the same roof.

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: What about that guy you live with? What’s his name? Jack?

Ashley: Yeah, there is jack.

Tucker: Oh, yes. Yeah, there is jack. I see what this is about. This has nothing to do with us.

Ashley: This is not about that.

Tucker: No, this is you wanna use me to stick it to jack.

Ashley: This is not about that. No, it’s not. He’s got enough going on in his life right now. You know what? This is embarrassing. It’s like I have to beg you to move in with me. Why don’t we… just think of this as a grand experiment? We’ll just see if we can make this work, and if we can’t, well, then you fly off to sri lanka and follow your monsoon, and– and… if it does…

Tucker: I just– I don’t know why when you say it like that, it’s such a turn-on. (Dog barking) we love our pets.

Ashley: So? Do you accept my offer?

Tucker: How stupid do you think I am, ashley? I’ve gotta have some assurance that you have real feelings for me and you’re not just screwing with me again. I can’t take it.

Ashley: You broke my heart in ways that I didn’t think it could be broken.

[ Voice breaks ] And when you came back to town, I swore to myself that I would never let you close enough to me again to hurt me.

[ Sobs ] And then when I bought your debt, I thought I would be okay ’cause I would– could– could control you, so. And then when you said that you were leaving, I thought that was great because then maybe my life would be better, but now I’m thinking maybe I was…

Tucker: Hasty?

Ashley: I was wrong. I really don’t want you to go. I mean, you paid off your debt, right? And the playing field is level. So why not play?

Tucker: I’m only gonna play if you admit that you want me as much as I want you.

[ Scoffs ] You can’t do it, can you?

Ashley: Look, I–

Adam: You wanna tell connor? I haven’t even broached the subject with chelsea yet.

Sally: Yeah, but from what I know about your son, I feel like he would love to have a little sister.

Adam: He’s a big fan of yours. But don’t you think it would be confusing for him? Why you’re with nick, you’re not with me? If he has a new baby sister and the child’s mine? And he’s still getting used to having johnny as a biological brother.

Sally: Yeah, but they love each other.

Adam: Yes, they do. But I wanna handle this responsibly. Will you let me talk to chelsea about the best way to go about it?

Sally: Yeah, of course. And then there’s christian.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] But, I mean, I guess I can talk to nick about that. Or should we all talk about it together?

Adam: The awkward negotiations of a modern family.

Sally: Yeah. Especially when we’re trying so hard to be open and honest and mature. It’s exhausting.

[ Laughs ]

Adam: Well, no matter how complicated it gets, I am certain about one thing: That this little girl is gonna be loved every day of her life.

Jack: I’m not here to make trouble. I forgot my tablet.

Chance: What do you got? What? No. Are you sure?

[ Sighs ] Damn it. Yeah. I– I appreciate the call.

Jack: That phone call have anything to do with diane’s case?

Chance: You know, I’d like to know that as well.

Jack: What does that mean?

Chance: They found jeremy stark. He’s dead.

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