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Come on, Wendy. Pick up. Damn it.

Hey G. Hey. Something wrong. Uh, yeah, yeah. Something is wrong. Windy is. Rejecting my calls. She’s obviously still upset that I proposed to you. Really? But didn’t you hear me Word drugged like everyone else who ate those tainted biscuits. Apparently she did not hear that she, uh, no, she left town right after she ran into us left town.

Where’d she go? Well, where do you think to see Trip?

Where Johnny? Yeah. He called four more times, so I blocked him. Yeah, I, I don’t get it. If he’s marrying Chanel, why don’t he keep calling you? Oh, probably to alleviate his guilt by groveling, but forget it. I’m not giving him the satisfaction anyway. I don’t wanna deal with him right now, especially since you and I are technically on our first date.

Hmm. And how’s it going so far in your estimation? That is well, considering you made a scrumptious dinner and then insisted on doing all of the dishes. I’d say it’s going great. I can’t wait to see what you have planned next.

Thank God he showed up. When you did that form for you would be missing in your lobe. Or worse. Yeah, once I got your texts, I got here as fast as I could. Excuse me. But who are you? Sorry, mom. This is Harris Michaels. He’s been helping Aunt Hope look for you and Papa. Oh. I, I’m Hope Sister-in-law, Kayla Johnson.

Nice to meet you. I’m glad you’re safe. Well, thank you. But my husband isn’t, in fact, he’s being held captive in a villa. Not for you’ll never hear. Believe who kidnapped. My parents. Actually, I know who it was. The only way. I could be the man I’m meant to be.

Just to get rid of you. No,

no. Damnit, you’ll listen to Pete Brady and, yes, yes, that, that is your name and that is who you are. Your full Brady. The best man. I know. You’re the love of my life. And it’ll never, ever change. Just like I know that your love for me is never gonna change. And no matter what you say or what you do, you’ll never convince me otherwise.

Because you know what? There is one fundamental truth between I’m trying you and Megan, that is the. We love each other to the very depths of our soul.

So then what happens here today? Nothing will ever extinguish that love. Not anything. Ralph couldn’t do it. Nobody else could either. So many people both. Helped tried to keep us apart, but they couldn’t do it. They couldn’t.

Hey, so many things, so, So many obstacles. So many obstacles have stood in our way. And you know what? We’ve overcome them. Every single one of them. So you could stand there with that gun pointing at me with your finger on the trigger, telling yourself that you’re better off without me. But you know what?

I’ll never ever really believe it. Cause what’s what’s talking at you? It’s your heart. It’s the truest, purest part of you and it knows the only place you belong is with me

with your fancy face. I’m your fancy face Baseball.

Just told me I should write fight songs. That’s what we do half the time. We’ve been together forever through thicker and dinner, like the day that we promised.

The best things life was a of friendships and traveling. Why make me much better ever?

It’s unruly. Sometimes it comes at.

And the,


still love you.

Hi, love you.

The one true love of my life. I love you. Oh, William.


Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So is Beau who’s keeping Stephanie’s parents hostage? How do you know that? Well, when I checked out Victor Kiki’s Childhood Home, that’s, that’s when I ran into him. And you didn’t say anything. I, I know I should have spoken up earlier. I’m sorry, but I You didn’t wanna lose hope.

See, you just kept your mouth shut even though my parents’ lives were in danger. Oh. Mentioned that somebody came by the place, but he. Didn’t say it was you? No, I asked him where you were. He denied it and I didn’t really believe him, but I, you know, I just told myself there’s no way he could hurt his own sister, and if he had hurt her, then what?

I, I was wrong. Okay. I was wrong for not telling everybody I. I’m sorry. That’s why I finally came clean to Hope. Did you tell her about Bo? Not exactly. I sent her to the Villa, but I did not tell her that Bo was alive. Oh, she obviously knows now. You can’t imagine what she’s going through.

Fuck is he? He had his phone, his lemonade, ambulance, ambulance. Hey, he’s gonna help mom. I’m so sorry. I’m gonna, he had the gun pointed at you and I didn’t, I didn’t know what to do. I, I, I, I couldn’t tell me. I didn’t do, it’s gonna hurt. How do you know that Michael said he was brainwashed, that he wasn’t the man?

You don’t understand. I got screwed to him. I came back to.

Hear my heart. I shot him.

Look, I’m sorry to hear that Wendy left town, but. If she won’t take your calls, then maybe you should just give her some space and, and then when she comes back to town, you can explain what happened. What if she and Trip are together? By then, I told you the guys got a thing for her. Oh, right. Well, what else can you do?

I was gonna go to Seattle tonight, but my flight got canceled.

Oh, great. Now my texts aren’t even going through. She must have blocked my number. Damn it. These. The drug biscuits really screwed everything up, huh? Yeah. You can blame Sloan Peterson for that. Please tell me the police were able to prove it was her. Not yet. God, that is so obvious. She tried to destroy my business and she may have succeeded.

I’m really sorry you’re going through all this tuchi. Well, well, if it is in Salem’s newly engaged couple, so tell me when’s the big day?

Uh, well, to be honest, I haven’t really thought of anything else, uh, for our date yet. Oh, that’s fine. I mean, I showed up out of the blue. No, no, that doesn’t mean I’m giving enough though. Okay. I mean, not a few traveled, you know, like 2000 miles to get here at least I can do is bring my A game, right? So, We were going out.

Okay. We can go to a club or something. Um, well, you’ve seen my dance moves, right, son? Are you really willing to subject yourself to that level of public humiliation? Yeah, that’s good point. Yeah. Uh oh. We can go to the pier. They have a, they have a Ferris wall there, you can see like half the west side of Seattle in the waterfront.

And, uh, you don’t like Ferris wheels? Well, it’s. Okay. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I have a strange phobia of getting stuck in them. Come on. That’s, that’s not gonna happen. All, it’ll be fun. We can just stay home. No, no, no, no, no, no. You, you did not come all this way to hang out in this apartment.

Okay, so we are going to ride the Ferris wheel, which will not get stuck for promise. And then we walk around the pier. There’s some cotton candy. I am going to show you a good time, even if it kills me.

Okay, let’s go. I’ll want you back. Good call.

What? Well, maybe seeing hope will shake off my brother’s brainwashing. You don’t think you’d hurt, or do you? No, I mean, he, he couldn’t bring himself to hurt your father, so I can’t imagine he would hurt. Hope. Have you heard from her yet? No. But her son Sean arrived in town. He went straight there. So I’m hoping he’ll be in touch soon.

Well, you know what? We can’t wait. Steve is in trouble and we need to go rescue him. Okay. Um, if hope’s there, I’m sure I’m the last person she wants to see. So in the meantime, I’ll return banks to local authorities. You can’t. He bribed them last time. That’s how he got free. Then I’ll contact the ISA and I’ll return these as well.

I just, I, I wanna say that I regret not telling you the truth sooner. I’m really sorry.

I just didn’t wanna lose hope. Blood pressure is dropping. We need to stabilize him. Hang on. Fighting. I can’t. I’m sorry man. You cannot be here. I’m not leaving. Not shall I know he’s okay. It’s fine, but stand. Get me the puddles.

Uh, thanks.

How you doing, buddy? I honestly don’t really know how to answer that. I’m just, man, I’m trying to process the fact that, that my dad’s alive and thanks to me, I might lose him all over again. Hey, buddy, listen. What was a fighter after everything he’s been through, do you think one little bullet is gonna take him down?

I don’t think so.

Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. He’s gonna be okay. Like he’s gotta be.

Oh God. Go on. Ready?

Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What are you doing? Wait, why are you stopping? Wait, what are you doing? What? I’m so sorry. Here. Stop. He’s gone. Yeah. Oh please, no.

Oh, come on. Don’t be stingy. Give lady whistleblower all the juicy deeds. Share your premarital bliss with all of Leo. I don’t know what you heard, but hey honey, I heard all the tea. My spies. I mean, sources told me that Johnny got down on his knee in this very spot and asked for your hand in marriage again, and you said yes again.

Look, that’s true, but it’s okay. Chanel girl, let’s see the ring. Come on. Show that bad boy off. Okay. I can’t, there isn’t one. What? No ring. You cheaps skate. Surely a damira can afford to give a lady a proper rock. Leo, I am going to say this one time in hopes that you’ll stop talking and go away. Huh? Chanel and I.

Are not getting married. Wow. Okay. You don’t have to yell, you know? What is it with you two anyway, off again on again. Married, divorced, doing the dirty with the other one’s. Twin sister, few millennials, you’re so hard to keep track of. There’s nothing to keep track of. Johnny isn’t interested in me anymore.

Oh. Is there someone else? Oh, come on. I won’t print it. I’m just curious. Johnny, if you don’t tell him, he’s just gonna make something up. Fine. I’m dating Wendy, shit. Oh wow. That must have been awkward. How did she handle the news of your engagement?

Okay. When you said you’d show me a good time, even if it killed you, I didn’t think you were being literal. Yeah, me neither. I did try to tell you that Ferris wheel was a bad idea. Well, at least we didn’t get stuck that No. That would’ve required us to actually get on a ride. Yeah. Yeah. I wonder if I’m the only clutch to manage to trip in fall getting into one of those, uh, Ferris wheel pods or whatever they’re called.

Right. Operator allow so hard and not as hard as you did. I just, I couldn’t help him. Ok. The way you missed. That little step in the face that you made when you fell. Hey, I injured myself. Oh, come on. It’s just a bruise. Yeah, just like my ego. Okay, well look on the bright side. You said you’d showed me a good time and I had one, even if it was at your expense.

Oh no. Where’s Papa? This is where I left him. Uncle Beau wasn’t upstairs. Do you think he took him somewhere else? Or maybe Hope got through to him and he let your father deal.

I think he escaped. That sounds about right. Well, Papa did get free. Where do you think he went? So Michael’s knew Beau was alive and he said nothing. Son of a bitch. Yeah. He said that he didn’t tell my mom because he thought that he was gonna lose her. And, uh, I guess his, his conscience got the better of him, and so he sent her to the villa.

And, uh, once he relayed the story to me, I raced over there too, and I, I didn’t, I didn’t know what to expect. I, and I get there and my dad just got a gun and it’s, and it’s pointed at my mom. And it’s like all I could think of how was how Michael said that Megan had turned him and that he had, that he had probably shot and killed Kate.

And I just, I just knew that there was no damn way I was gonna let that happen to my mom too.

I understand. It looked the same way to me. Yeah, but you were both wrong. Like my mom had gotten through to him. He was the same, same man that we once remembered. And I mean, he would call her fancy face. Look, which means it, it means that I shot my dad for no reason.

Look, and if he look at he dies. Oh my God. I.

Please must be something more you could do. We tried everything. I’m three. Too late. I already lost you once. I can’t lose you again, please. Three easy. Four. Oh. There we please. Come on please. Wake up. Open your damn eyes. Would you open them please? Oh. Oh, wake up. I understand that this is difficult. No, we don’t understand.

We were apart for so long and I just got him back and we didn’t get any time together.

So let’s get the, how it ends.

I’m very sorry. There’s anything we can do. He’s calm dead.

Fancy face.

Thank God. Welcome back. Welcome, welcome back, Brady. I missed you. I missed you.

Wendy was obviously upset. Not that it’s any of your damn business, but I hope to smooth things over by explaining to her that I was high on biscuits. Biscuits, biscuits. What are these biscuits everybody keeps talking about? Are they some new designer drug? Am I missing out? He’s talking about my breakfast biscuits.

Oh, so you are the hookup. My. When did our little Pat TCA break? Bad? Okay. I didn’t break bad Leo. That would be Sloane Peterson because of her half the town was on a powerful hallucinogenic. So if you want something juicy for your column, you should just go ahead and write that. Okay? I’m afraid I can’t.

Why not? Well, thanks to Chanel and her previous hot tip, Sloane is threatening to sue me for libel. So unless you have concrete proof,

you don’t. I can tell by your expression. Right. I don’t. Well then I’ll be running my original story. Johnny and Chanel Salem’s answer to the bene reunion and poor Wendy Shin, the jilted arod left out in the cold. The story practically writes itself. We’re not even together. We only did this because of the damn drugs.

Or is it possible that the drugs brought your true feelings to the surface?

Food for thought.

I come bearing a peace offering. Gross peace. Yeah. Maybe I should have said a Pease offering. Wow, man. You are Roll today for your bruise obviously fell with the swelling here. It looked like your shirt. I, I appreciate that, but it’s fine. No. It’s sore and swollen.

It’s pretty cold. Yeah, that’s the point, which I’m sure you know, Dr. Johnson, you just enjoy torture me, don’t you? I have been told I have a slight Sadomasochistic Street. Wow. Okay. Well, what have I gotten myself into? Seriously? Do you want me to stop? No, no, actually, it’s starting to feel pretty good. I’m glad.

We know what my kid make it feel even better. What this

look, I’m sorry. Hey, come on. There’s nothing to be sorry for. Listen. Uh. I hate to leave you like this, but I need to get over to the Titan lab and make sure Kayla’s all right. Yeah. No, no, no, no. You should go. Yeah, you should go. I’m gonna stay here with my mom and, uh, we’ll, uh, I’ll call you. I’ll call you if something changes.

Okay. Good? Yeah. Oh, do you have my, you have my phone? Oh, yeah, it’s right here,

Stephanie. Hey, Stephanie. Papa, I was just calling Sean to see if he knew where you were. Uh, we’re at a local hospital. Sorry, the connection’s bad. Did you say you’re at a hospital? Yeah. Are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. So is Sean.

It’s your Uncle Bo.

I’m so, so sorry. For what? Just I had a gun on you. I was gonna kill you. No, you weren’t. I didn’t believe that for a second. No matter what, Ralph did you, I knew that you would never hurt me, and he really messed with my head. Tried to make me forget who I am. Forget our love. You may have messed with your head, but you could never touch what’s in your heart.

Nothing can erase our love. Not Ralph, as it turns out, not even dead. I can’t believe you’re really here, I believe. I thought I’d lost you forever. Sorry for what you went through.

What’d he say? Let’s. Let’s never be apart again.

Listen about what Leo said about the drugs, somehow revealing our true feelings for each other. Yeah. Please, Leo. Lives for the drama. And besides, I, I already know that Wendy’s who you wanna be with. Well, the question is, does Wendy wanna be with me? She, uh, she probably hates me right now. Maybe I can help with that.

Well, don’t, don’t tell me you wanna broadcast this story too, only to the person who matters. You already tried calling, so now it’s my turn. But Lee already tried that. Okay. Didn’t work. If Wendy’s not gonna listen to her own brother, I doubt she’s gonna listen to her ex-roommate, especially if she thinks you stole me from her.

You’re probably even blocked too. Okay? Which is why I am going to call Tripp. He and I are friends, so he should answer, and then I can explain to him what really happened.

This could be about Kayla. Oh, of course. Take it. It’s Chanel. Chanel, why would she be calling? I don’t know, but after the way she screwed you over, I might as well. Here’s what she have to say. Huh? I hear congratulations are an order trip. You have to let me explain what Wendy saw. Wasn’t real, not not real.

Okay. So, so what are you saying That she, uh, she imagined it, that she was hallucinating? No, she wasn’t. But Johnny and I were, what, what are you talking about? When Johnny proposed and I accepted, we weren’t in our right minds. We were high on biscuits. Okay. Okay, now I’m really confused. And then we’re way past April Fools.

So, hey, look, I know it sounds crazy, but I’m telling you the truth. Johnny and I accidentally ingested a powerful hallucinogenic, so did a lot of other people in Salem. It is a long story, but Johnny and I aren’t engaged. He wants to be with Wendy,

Steve. Oh my God. Tell how good it’s to see you, baby. Are you all right? I’m fine. She definitely is. I took her to get checked out after everything that happened, but she insisted on coming here before she even got out of that hospital gown. Stephanie said that Bo’s been shot. Yeah, I’m wait near from the doctors.

Hope is in there with him now. Well, what happened? Who shot him? It was me. I, uh, I made a terrible mistake

almost there. Hold on. Stop. Stop. Oh, okay.

You did all this? Mm-hmm. Well, you know, when we’re together, anything is possible. Hey, I was thinking that what if we buy this place from Victor? Huh? Then we would have a place to get away to you and I to be alone. Maybe have some. Romantic time. What do you say? What do I say?

I think it sounds pretty spectacular. Brady.

And speaking of Victor, do you think we should call him? Huh And the rest of the family tell me Good news. The good news, the Spectacular Miracle visit, at least our children. Yeah, yeah, I, we should do that. It’s like right on the top of my list of things to do.

But right now, this is some US time and we deserve it cuz we were torn apart a long time ago. But despite the odds, we found our way back to each other. Don’t we always. Now we get to spend the rest of our lives together, ready the way it was meant to be. You know? To our future. To our future.

Let’s move to the fireplace. Love you. I wanna share life with,

oh my gosh.

I never thought I could be this happy.

What? I just love you so much.

I love you. You are my heart and always will be.

Oh, I think so. Perfect. It feels like a train.

Oh, Mrs. Brady,

welcome back. You look familiar. Do I know you? Perhaps you saw me earlier. I’m Angela. I work here in the trauma unit. It’s right, I’m the hospital.

Did they already take? No, they took him to surgery.

Wait, wait. They took surgery after you pass out? His heart started beating again. I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean, it was a true miracle. Oh my God. Thank you. Thank you. God, thank you. No, no wait. He’s not outta the woods yet. But it’s clear he is not giving up. And I suspect you may be the reason. Yes.

So you were drugged? Yes. Yes. That’s what I’ve been trying to explain to you and, and it really. It mess with my head. You know, I was lost in, in my memories of my wedding to Chanel. Uh, but, but now that I’m sober, I, I, I swear to you that you are the only woman I want.

That sounds so crazy. It must be true. See, believe me, actually I do. Oh, thank God. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Now things can just go back to the way they were.

Hey grandma. Oh, thank you sweetie. Yeah. Where’s Chad? He, uh, he went back to the hotel to get some of my clothes. I figured he might wanna change into something fresh. Thank you. Any word on Uncle Beau? Not yet. What is taking so long? Sean? I’m, I’m sure they’re doing their best. Well, I can’t just sit here and do nothing, so I’m gonna go get some answers.

Hey, come on. How’s dad? I almost lost him again. But he’s in surgery. Yeah.

Hey, hey. Oh, thank God. You’re all right. Yeah. Thank God. Same for you. Sean told me that you got through to my brother. I did, but he was fighting and you know how stubborn he is. I do. So I just kept talking to him and talking to him until, until they finally go through and call me a fancy face. And you and dad would be together at this very moment if it wasn’t for me.

Hey, hey. Uh, how to cold? Thanks. Well, he’s uh, he’s out of our hair. He is in ISA custody. Did you guys find Steve? Yeah, we did. Everyone’s at the hospital. The hospital. Why? What happened, Sean? It was an accident. You had a split second to make a decision and you did what you thought was best. Kayla’s right buddy.

So listen, why don’t we all focus our energy on Bo, send him some prayers so he knows we’re here for him. Yeah.

Doctor, how is he houseful? Mr. Brady made it through surgery and his vitals have stabilized. Thank God.

Hey, I see there is something you should know first. His injury caused a lot of damage to his system and as a result, There is a new complication. What? What complication? Tell me what is it? I’m afraid Mr. Brady has lapsed into a coma.

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