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surprise, little brother. Although, look at you now, not so little anymore.

Ridge: If we’d known you were coming, we could’ve thrown you a party with big “ridge jr.” Banner.

Brooke: Oh-ho!

Rj: That– that would’ve been fun, but honestly I’m– I’m happy to spend some alone time with my parents and my sister, my favorite people on the planet, but seriously I– I really did miss you guys.

Brooke: We missed you, rj.

Ridge: Life is just not the same without you here.

Brooke: The baby of the family. Always knew you’d come back home.

Hope: Now, we just need to find a way to convince rj to stay forever.

Brooke: Yes!

Ridge: Oh, I know how to do that.

[ Brooke gasps ] One more group hug!

Brooke: Oh! Yes!

Ridge: Yeah, come on, check it out.

Hope: All right.

Ridge: See? That’s it, done.

[ All laugh ]

[ Brooke sighs ]

Taylor: Well, this is– this is big news, right? I mean, here at forrester and in the family?

Thomas: Yes, my half-brother is back in town.

Taylor: Yeah, I bet brooke is so excited.

Thomas: Yeah, dad too.

Taylor: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Yeah, I bet he’s really excited. I’m sure he’s feeling really proud right now, having all of his kids in one city. You, steffy and his only child with brooke. How do you feel about it, mom?

Finn: Wow, did I win the lottery or what?

[ Steffy laughing ] Every morning, I get to wake up and see your beautiful face. This incredible force of a woman just lying there, snoring her head off.

Steffy: Stop that! I do not snore!

Finn: When I first heard it, I thought it was the sea lions on the beach.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Or like a wild parrot.

Steffy: Stop. No, I don’T.

Finn: No, in fact it was my gorgeous wife just laying there, drooling just a little bit.

Steffy: Whatever, you know you love it.

Finn: I do. I love everything. I love everything about you.

Steffy: Don’t even.

[ Finn grunts ] Do not talk to me about snoring.

Finn: Oh, does the truth hurt?

Steffy: Yeah. You know, especially after a night of one of your overnight shifts and you come in like a 90 year old man, sounds like you have a chainsaw, just like cutting down trees–

Finn: Yeah, okay.

[ Steffy imitating a chainsaw ] Okay yeah that’s, um, that is accurate, that’s a good one. Okay, you got me there.

Steffy” well the truth hurts, so.

Finn: Does it? Come here.

[ Steffy laughs ]

Liam: Hey, steffy? Oh, sorry.

Steffy: No.

Finn: No, no worries liam, come on in.

Liam: I know I’m interrupting, I know that, I’m sorry.

Finn: No, no we were just, you’re not– we were just talking about steffy’s snoring.

Steffy: Don’t even think about weighing in.

Liam: I– don’t– dude, I plead the fifth.

Steffy: Smart man.

Finn: Yeah, very smart.

Steffy: Oh, I have kelly’s homework for you.

Liam: Ah, thank you, thank you, thank you. Um, do you have a second?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. What’s, uh, what’s goin’ on?

Thomas: You, uh, you haven’t given me an answer.

Taylor: Huh? Oh, what about rj being home? I mean, am I happy? Yeah, why?

Thomas: I mean, look he’s– I know that you– you like him, he’s a good kid. Got no issue with him.

Taylor: Of course not, honey. I mean, come on, he’s– he’s ridge’s son, he’s your brother.

Thomas: Half-brother.

Taylor: Whatever. He’s family.

Thomas: Right.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: Dad and brooke created him together.

Taylor: You mean they–

Thomas: Oh my god.

Taylor: Is that how conception works?

Thomas: Haha, mom, I’m just saying that him being back, it could change all the dynamics.

Taylor: Maybe, I don’t know. How do you feel?

Rj: Hope, you’ve been seriously killing it. The line is so hot right now, not to mention all the philanthropy it’s generating.

Hope: Aw, thank you, rj. That’s so sweet and thank you for letting me run ideas by you.

Ridge: Ah-ha! So, you’ve been paying attention to the family business after all.

Hope: Oh, let me guess, your dad is already trying to recruit you to work here.

Brooke: His father would like nothing more.

Ridge: No, all I’m saying is that, you know, your sister and I, we run this joint, so we can probably find you a nice table next to donna and pam.

[ Rj chuckling ] Angel soft toilet paper is… strong… and soft!

Steffy: Liam, I understand you wanting reassurance about thomas and trust me, it wasn’t easy for me to forgive him too, I was upset.

Finn: I was hesitant. But, I saw how important it was to taylor and the family, so I sucked it up and I’m glad I did.

Steffy: Yeah, me too, and it’s nice having thomas back in our lives. Look, I wouldn’t have forgiven him if I didn’t truly believe he’d changed.

Liam: I know, I know, I know, I just– I wish it were that simple for me.

Steffy: I…

Finn: Okay, I know it’s more complicated for you, liam, but, uh, I gotta work.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah I gotta get to the office too so, uh.

Finn: Why don’t you, uh, call me about this later?

Steffy: Okay, I’ll call you. I love you.

Finn: All right. Have a good day.

Liam: I– I don’t want to put you on the spot, I swear. The problem is that I trust you. You’re telling me thomas is improving, he’s really working on himself, he’s making great strides, okay, cool. What’s the degree, though? Like, uh, like how much of a change are we talking about? Is this a radical change? Is this enough of a change that I don’t have to worry about him working with my wife all day and all night?

Taylor: I feel like I kinda asked you first, but okay, fine. How do I feel about rj being back? I’m happy, I am– I am– okay here, I am happy that brooke and ridge have their son back home.

Thomas: Are you though, really?

Taylor: Yes! Am I happy that they have their son back home? Of course, I am! I mean, I know what it was like, you know, when I was away from you, thousands of miles away. It’s A… it’s a terrible feeling, you know? And rj, rj left home when he was so young, you know. He was probably like, what, this big? And now, he’s probably, like, this big?

Thomas: Kinda like this big. He’s like– he’s big. He’s almost out of school!

Taylor: You know what, babies are always gonna be our babies and you’re gonna feel the same way about douglas when he gets older. I mean, I… I look at you and I cannot believe how old you are.

Thomas: Thanks.

[ Taylor laughs ]

Taylor: Come on, if you’re old, then I’m ancient. Come on, it’s gonna be nice to see your half-brother.

Thomas: Yeah, it is. It’ll be great and I’m– and I’m looking forward to catching up with him.

Taylor: Good, I mean, I think there’s going to be a lot to catch up on, I– I do. And hopefully you and steffy are going to be able to spend a lot of time with him, you know? It’s important. Um, don’t think I don’t notice you are still dodging the question.

Taylor: Yeah, I… I do seem nervous. I– I– I know that there are some factors at play here and you’re wondering how I feel about rj being back and if, um, if I think his presence is gonna get ridge and brooke back together and I would say… probably so.

Ridge: I’m only kidding! You wanna come work here, you get your own office and we’ll put “rj” or “ridge jr.” Or– or “mr. Forrester” on the door.

Brooke: Well, now that’s a pretty sweet deal, rj.

Ridge: It is and I’ll make it even sweeter. You know what? Own parking spot, next to mine.

Rj: You’re crackin’ me up.

Ridge: What?

Rj: You’ve– you’ve gone from offering me an internship to just, like, handing me the keys to the company.

Ridge: I’m not a good negotiator, everybody knows that.

Rj: No offence, dad, but come on, you know how I feel. This is a fashion house, forrester creations. It’s a company that granddad and grandma built from the ground up. One that mom helped innovate, one that you and steffy have been running like pros and that’s awesome and I’m proud of this place and everything you guys have accomplished but… I really wanna try to do my own thing, you know? Establish my own identity.

Ridge: By being an influencer?

Rj: Yeah, I’m– I’m building my brand. I’ve got a lot of followers. I’ve– mom, hope, can you please back me up on this?

Hope: He does have a ton of followers. He is doing quite well.

Brooke: Yes, he is. Gosh, so much pressure, right? Sorry, honey. Will you stop, please? Don’t drive our son away before he’s even spent one night here. – They get it.

Steffy: Here.

Liam: Thank you. Here’s the thing, you’re just– you’re the only person I know who is both close to thomas and at least capable of being objective about him.

Steffy: Liam, I wouldn’t lie to you. If I had any misgivings about thomas, if I doubted him, then I wouldn’t have accepted his apology. I wouldn’t have rehired him at forrester. Remember, we were not in a good place.

Liam: Oh, I do remember.

Steffy: I blame thomas for taking away my parents’ chance at a future together.

Liam: As you should have.

Steffy: And we hit a rough patch and I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to trust him again.

Liam: So, what– what now? Is it– is it just that you, like, feel it in your bones? I mean, you sure you’re not caving into pressure because it’s the sisterly thing to do?

Steffy: I truly believe thomas is a different person.

Liam: Really? Like, what– so, what made the difference for you?

Steffy: I know my brother. I know when he’s struggling and I can sense when there’s something to be concerned about. And right now, all I feel is… his calmness, his humility, his determination. Thomas is not hung up on hope anymore. He is focused on being a dedicated father and a designer and my father and my mother sees it too. I gotta tell you, it’s– it’s really a wonderful time for our family.

Thomas: Okay, so, you– you do think that rj being back in town could bring dad and brooke back together?

Taylor: There is no doubt in my mind.

Thomas: And you’re– you’re, what? You’re just cool with that?

Taylor: I am– I am– I am– I don’t know, I’m indifferent? I don’T… you know, they– they share a child together and…

Thomas: Yeah, dad shares multiple children with you.

Taylor: Oh– oh, yes and… this isn’t just about sharing a child, obviously. You know, there… brooke and ridge are gonna wanna spend time together with the family and– and, because that’s what families do and– and you and steffy are gonna be a part of that. And you know what? I’d even be able to have some big, crazy dinner with both families, which could be kinda fun.

Thomas: Okay.

Taylor: Come on. We can put the “fun” in dysfunctional.

Thomas: Mm.

Taylor: It’ll be really good to see rj.

Thomas: Okay, yeah, well as much fun as we could have, um, this could still cause you a lot of pain.

Taylor: I trust my friendship with brooke and all I care about is honesty and transparency from her when it comes to ridge because that’s what our pact is. Friends first.

Brooke: Ooh, I can’t believe you’re back, I just don’t wanna let you go.

Hope: Mom, I don’t think he can breathe.

Brooke: Oh, I’m not squeezing too tight, am I honey?

Rj: No, no, you’re fine, mom. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss your hugs.

Brooke: Oh, my sweet boy.

Ridge: Also, we have a gym here at forrester, I don’t know if you knew that.

Rj: Yes, I know we have a gym, dad.

Ridge: It’s open 24 hours. You could take pictures of yourself in the mirror, doing whatever you guys do.

Rj: That’s very funny, dad, but, you know, that’s not really my kinda thing. That’s a nice pose though.

Ridge: Thank you and we could work out, once a month or whatever, you know, you think is appropriate.

Hope: Okay, you know what? He only just got home and I don’t think we should be pushing so hard to get him to work here just yet. I don’t want him feeling cornered, so–

Rj: No, it’s okay, I don’t feel cornered. I know my dad’s just lookin’ out for me.

Ridge: I am looking out for him, that’s what I’m doing.

Hope: Okay.

Ridge: Also looking out for the company a little bit because I know how talented you are and you could help us.

Rj: Thank you, dad. That’s high praise coming from you, actually. I really appreciate it, but… I mean, I don’t know, I– I just, I really wanna try to do my own thing, you know?

Ridge: Well, I hope that doing your thing will bring you back to this office, working with me. Martial arts is my passion.

Taylor: I don’t wanna talk about me anymore, I wanna talk about you and how you feel about ridge jr. Being home.

Thomas: Okay, look, I don’t exactly know what you mean. Like, how do I feel about what?

Taylor: How do you– thomas. How do you feel about your half-brother being home?

Thomas: I don’t know. Good, I guess? Look, it’s– it’s not like we, uh, hang out all the time and like you adorably pointed out, um, I am much older than him, like really old apparently.

Taylor: Super old.

Thomas: But at least not ancient. Okay look, and especially after everything that’s gone down recently… I don’t know, look, I’m sure that we’ll get together and we will bury the hatchet.

Taylor: Hm, I think that’s a good idea and there is no time like the present. Come on, let’s go.

Thomas: Why do you have to be so pushy?

Taylor: Uh, have you met me? Come on, let’s go, age before beauty.

Thomas: Ancient before old.

Taylor: Oh, my god, you did not.

Thomas: Yup.

Taylor: Come, thomas, let’s go. Come on!

[ Thomas sighing ]

Steffy: Don’t feel bad for having reservations.

Liam: Huh, reservations. That’s– that’s, uh, diplomatic, especially when hope’s spending her entire work day with thomas, well into the night.

Steffy: Well they’re– they’re creating a line, that’s what designers do and there’s a lot of pressure to perform.

Liam: I know. You know what? You’re– I– I know that, you’re right. I’m proud of hope’s career, I want to be supportive, I want her to succeed. It’s– it’s just that when it comes to thomas specifically, she… I don’t wanna talk this to death and– and hope knows how I feel.

Steffy: Your opinion has changed?

Liam: I can’t really put my finger on it, I just… I started thinking maybe it’s not just thomas. Maybe there’s something… with hope that keeps bringing her back to him.

Ridge: Door is always open.

Brooke: I think he gets the picture, ridge.

Hoep: Yeah, loud and clear.

Ridge: What he doesn’t get is that he was given a talent. Same talent that your grandfather has and thomas, zende, sometimes me. It’s a gift, you can create things. But you have something else and that could make you the best out of all of us because you inherited your mom’s brain.

Hope: Okay, ridge is right there.

Ridge: Yeah.

Hope: You got the best of both worlds and while I don’t want to add to the arm-twisting by ridge sr. Over here, working here does have its perks.

Rj: Oh, no, there’s no doubt about that. The work you guys do here is amazing and it’s known worldwide, I mean… I’m not gonna lie too, it has opened some doors for me but… I just, I wanna try to pave my own way, whatever that is.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh, there he is.

Rj: Taylor, hey!

Taylor: Hey. Wow, look at you, it’s wonderful to see you!

Rj: It’s great to see you too. Thomas.

Thomas: Little brother. It’s good to see you. I missed you.

Rj: It’s good to see you too. I, uh, I was just sayin’ how I’ve been keeping up with hope for the future. Dude, incredible work, truly. You’ve– you’ve really developed into a world-class designer.

Thomas: Thanks, man. I appreciate that.

Rj: But, uh, I do believe your success is because you take after dad.

Thomas: Our weird, mischievous father.

Ridge: What– what is that? Where’s that comin’ from? There’s nothin’ weird about me. I created the two of you, right?

Thomas: That’s a good point, yeah sure.

Ridge: It’s not a question, it’s a great point!

Thomas: Sure, yeah.

Ridge: My two boys, all grown up. This is the kind of moment that a man, a father lives for, ’cause I helped raise both of you with these two amazing women. I love you guys. Glad you’re home.

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