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Oh, what do you, what do you mean? Oh, yes, Kayla Andrew. Sounds like, I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what Megan told us, but that’s who it was. What are you talking about? When we were on the island, we found another cryogenic tube. Um, we just assumed that Megan had been keeping somebody else alive. We thought it might have been Stefano, but then Ralph said it was not Stefano.

He was about to tell us who it was when Megan walked in on us. Marlena, what do he say? I’m saying I think Megan might have been telling the truth. Truth. We’re done, Megan. We’re done. There’s nothing left to say.

Commander Michaels, I’m, uh, I’m Hope son, Sean Douglas. Brady. Hey, your mom showed me pictures. Very proud of you. Come on in. Thanks. So, um, Why are you here in Greece? Uh, well after my mom told me, not only is my aunt Kayla missing, so is my uncle Steve figured I’d come here and see if I could help. You have any leads yet?

Nope. Not a word on any of them. I went to my mom’s room, she’s not in there, so I’m assuming she’s out looking for them now. You know where she’s at. Yeah, I do. Hey, is anybody out there?

You gotta get yourself outta here, man.

Oh, thank God we found you. You don’t know how good it is to see you, but where’s dad? Is he in another room? He’s not here. He’s being held captive. But what do you mean who is holding him?

Anybody here? Hello.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

My God, Bo Alive. Let’s definitely one for the books. Keep him for Salem. So all this time, Megan has kept him locked away in some cryogenic too. That’s what it sounds like. Okay. Well, if Bo has Kayla’s and Kayla’s, okay. Bo wouldn’t hurt his own sister at hell. Bo wouldn’t hurt anybody. I’m not so sure that’s true.

Of course it is. Andrew, you know Bo, I know how he used to be, but Megan also told us that. He was the one who killed Kate.


Be another way outta here.

It’s gotta be

is alive. You’ve actually seen him. Yeah. On the island where Megan was keeping us, I managed to get away from Ralph and I just ran right into him. So Megan’s had him all this time. Cryogenically preserved just like Marlena and Kate and me. If you and Paul managed to escape, why didn’t he just take you back to Salem?

Because Beau doesn’t wanna go back to Salem.

This possible.

Am I seeing what I think? I’m


That’s not possible. My brother wouldn’t kill anyone, let alone my wife, Kate. I didn’t wanna believe it either. But Megan was adamant that Thomas Banks was not the one who killed Kate. It was Beau. Let’s just, let’s just back up here a second. Since winter, we believing a word that comes outta Megan Hathaway Smart.

I say, Andrew, judge us right back to that prison. We get the truth out of her tonight. By any means necessary. Yeah, I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’re a civilian and it’s long past visiting hours. Yeah. What if I have an ISA agent at my side? Even if I could get you in there, there’s no guarantee that Megan would give us any other information that she hasn’t already given me.

Andrew’s Wright partner here. If she’s lying, which she is. I doubt that she’s gonna change her story now. I’ll just have to give her a reason. You’re not gonna do that. First of all, Andrew won’t let you anywhere near her. And secondly, that isn’t who you are. See what the hell am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to wave around here and find out if my brother who’s now suddenly alive kills a woman?

I love?

I know this is so hard on you. It’s hard on everybody. But we are focusing way too much on Megan here. We’re not going to get any answers tonight, and I think you’re gonna know all your strength when you do get the answers. So why don’t I drive you home and you can, you can get some rest.

None of this makes any sense, ma. After all those years of being held captive, bow doesn’t wanna go back to his family. To, to his life in Salem? No, he doesn’t. That’s why he is holding me here, Megan and Ra, for using those prisms to make a serum. And that’s why Megan was holding Marlena and Kate and I, because she wanted to use us as Guinea pigs to test out her youth serum.

And, and so that’s what Uncle Bell wants. Now the this serum, oh, that’s part of it, but he really wants, is to use it for a. A fortune. He wants to build his own empire like Victor did. Since when does Uncle Beau wanna be anything like Victor? He may have Keri’s blood, but he is always been a Brady at heart.

Mom, what is going on? None of this sounds like Uncle Bo. No, it doesn’t. He’s not himself. Not at all. And now I’m afraid that your father’s gonna pay the price.

A cross face,

no air events.

All right. Okay.

Take one.

My mom went to my grandfather’s childhood home. What? Why would she do that? Well, your cousin Stephanie, put together a list for places to search. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. My aunt Kayla mentioned something about Victor on the phone, and that’s the reason why you guys are searching his properties. Yeah, but my mom texted me yesterday and she said that the farm was a dead end.

Well, I was the one who searched the farm, and that’s what I told your mother. But that wasn’t really, that wasn’t really true. The place wasn’t empty. Okay. Well, did you find something? No. I found someone who? Your father?

I can’t. Paris didn’t tell me what I would find. Just said I would, I would understand what I got, but never, I mean, never in a million years I ever think. I think it would be you.

How. How is this possible? How that you’re here? That, that you’re, what am I dreaming? Am I? No. Is it real? No. Dream. And you’ve been here this whole time, just the past few days. Harris found you here? Yes. He found me.

I don’t understand. He told me this place was a deserted. If he knew you were here, why didn’t he tell me? Why did you lie to me? I told him to lie.

All right. Here you go, kid. Thanks. I don’t, don’t, don’t thank me yet. You know, I would’ve spiked yours, but I know you have to drive back to the field office, Coco Doc’s weakness, which you indulge. You know? I do. Hmm. No marshmallows. Those are only for Marlena. I can’t take my life on my hands by busting into her stash.

Hey, listen, before you showed up, I made up a late night snack here while I was working on the case. So, um, feel free to help yourself if you want. Thanks.

You thinking about Roman, huh? Isn’t it that obvious? Well, only to someone who knows the situation here. Well, I have reason to worry about him, don’t I? What with Bo being alive and learning that he’s the one who might have killed Kate. Yeah, it’s um, so after take in, that’s for damn sure. I just can’t help but think if there is a way that I put, if not told him, oh, no, no, no, no.

Can’t even think like that. Can’t tell him the truth. Uh, Even if it hurts, it’s always the right thing to do. And besides, we’re talking about Megan Hathaway here. I’m gonna, I’m gonna bet you dollars to donuts. There’s a hell of a lot more to the story than she’s saying. Certainly possible. I’m more like probable, you know, right now let’s just focus on getting Aunt Kayla back and, and there’s as crazy as the sounds bow, but you know what we need to keep in mind that.

The, if this is Bo and if he has done all these terrible things, we have to remember that he was under Megan’s influence, and I know from personal experience just how powerful. It influences, but I also know that it’s reversible. Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for. Yeah, me too. So with any luck, this story ends with Bo getting well and reuniting himself with hope.

What are you thinking about? You don’t think that can happen? No, I, uh, I hope you’re right. That bow makes a full recovery and I know how happy that would make on hope. Mm-hmm. And the rest of the family for that matter, I guess I. I, I just can’t help thinking about Harris Michaels and how this is all going to affect him.

No, no, no. That’s, that’s not possible. You, you couldn’t have found my father cuz he’s dead. I, I know this is shocking and I know this is what you’ve all believed for a very long time, but I am telling you the truth. Your father is alive. Sean, I’m not lying to you.

Oh my God. I Wait, does my mom know I, oh, wait, wait. Hold on. Wait a second. Wait, wait, wait. You said that you found my father at Vicker’s Childhood Home, right? Wait, you told my mother that the place was empty? Yes, I did. Okay. Why would you lie to her? I like that. I was afraid to lose her. You, you said on a bitch you didn’t, you didn’t tell my mother that her own husband is alive, that you’re upset.

I felt terrible about that. That’s why I sent her to Victor’s home. And listen, I felt I knew. That she needed to see him for herself.

My God,

my, my father is, my father’s alive. There’s, there’s something else that you should know. What? He’s not the man. You remember

you told Harris. Not to tell me that you were here.

Why would you do that? I figured your boyfriend wouldn’t want the competition. You are involved with him, right? Yeah. I was, I thought you were dead.


If I had known you were alive in the love of my life,

you’re the only one I want.

Yeah. Well, I don’t want you.

Okay, here we go.

How could Uncle Vo hold you and dad prisoner? I don’t know. I just, I just think that Megan got into his head somehow. I get that, I think. But no matter what’s going on with Uncle Vo, no matter how Megan May have messed with his head, you don’t think he’d hurt dad, do you? Well, he hasn’t so far. But that doesn’t change the fact that we need to get him out of the cellar, and we’re not gonna do that if we’re standing around here.

So when we all get back together, we can talk about how we’re gonna help fa

meeting you here.

Thomas Banks, you’re supposed to be in jail. Didn’t you get out? That’s a funny thing. Turns out cops are criminally underpaid, so you bribed them. And I wasn’t the first one. Some Americans swept, screwed ’em outta what they thought was theirs. Three very PCI prisms, speaking of which, I’ll be taking them with me.

And now that I got what I want, I’ll be on my way except for my revenge.

Harris Michaels, why would you be worried about him? I spent some time with him when he was being deprogrammed. He was so guilt ridden over what he had done under Megan’s control, his torture for him, the regret, the time lost. The only thing that seemed to lift his spirits was the possibility of a relationship without hope.

Only He was reluctant to pursue it because of. Well, sculpt of Uncle Beau. I see. But I encouraged him and told him to go for it. I mean, since Uncle Beau is thought to be dead and. Now that we know otherwise. I mean, obviously I’m thrilled for all of us, but I mean, after everything that Michael’s has been through, I hate to get his heart.

What do you mean? My father’s not the man I remember. I think he’s been brainwashed by Megan Hathaway. Look, I don’t, I don’t know who he was before, but something was off and he pulled a gun on me. Yeah. I mean, he doesn’t know you. I mean, he probably thought you were a threat. He knew Kate Roberts, right?

Yeah, of course he, he knows Kate. Would he perceive her as a threat? Where are you going with this? We know that Megan had Bo on the same island where she was holding Kate and the rest captive. Yeah. But we also know that Kate was killed by Thomas Banks. We don’t, we don’t know that Thomas Banks denies having anything to do with Kate’s murder.

Yeah. What do you expect him to do you think He’s just gonna confess? He, he has an alibi. No, no, no, no, no. There’s no way. There’s no way that my father would kill Kate. No.

Look, the father you knew wouldn’t have. But that’s what I’m, I’m trying to tell you, something’s changed. Look, I know what Megan’s brainwashing can do to somebody. Firsthand because it happened to me when I was under her control. I killed two men in cold blood and I have to live with that every single day and all the other horrible things I did when I wasn’t myself.

Okay, so do you wait, do you think, do you think that my father would hurt my mother if he’s under Megan’s controls? You think that my mother is in danger? I honestly, I don’t know, but I know how much they love each other. I know how strong their connection was. And if anybody can bring Bo out of this, it’s your mom.

And it’s just better if I wasn’t there. Damn it, we, if you don’t know what my father is capable of, why the hell did you send my mother out there alone?

You don’t want me. That’s what I said. You don’t mean it. You can’t mean it. You don’t. What’s the matter with you? What’s wrong? Foam? Are you angry? Are you mad? Are, do you blame me for not finding you sooner? Is that it? What? What is it?

If I had known that you were alive, I never would’ve stopped looking for you. I would’ve spent every waking second looking for you. Oh my God. All these years. All these years. Great. So worry. I was always there when I wake up in the morning when I get into bed.

Had lost you. Look at me.

I thought that I’d seen you for the last time I touched you for the last time I thought you were dead.

That was the last time.

I am no longer that man thanks to Rolf. You could say I was reborn.


you were a reborn Brady. Don’t call me that. What? Brady? That’s not who I am. Oh, it is. I am Victor. Kik, his son. I have Kiki’s blood running through my veins. I’m gonna make something of myself like he did. Why would you have to do that? You’re already a wonderful man. You’re a great husband. Grandfather, I know you’re, you’re a grandfather.

Wait until you meet. Little bow. So you’re named him after you.

He looks just like here, baby.

But you’re see for yourself. Our family and friends of love who missed you,

you’re gonna be so happy and thrilled when you come back home with me. I’m not going anywhere with you. You’re, yeah, you’re just like them. You don’t listen. Just like Steve and Kayla. Steve and Kayla, they are,

Kayla is taking care of something for me and Steve is locked up in the wine cellar.

Yeah, Steve locked up. Can’t let you do that. Put it down now

put it down.

Oh kid, it’s, uh, it’s kind of you to think of this guy. You know, it’s, um, you got a really big heart here, but if, if Michael’s loses hope, that’s not on you. If I encouraged him, yeah. With the best of intentions though, you know, love doesn’t come with any guarantee. I think you know that better than anybody.

I mean, I, I, I’ll go, I don’t wanna bring up something so personal here, but I think about you and my son Paul, quite a bit. You know, the, the connection that you two had, I found that to be really, really special. And then for one reason or another, you know, it just doesn’t work out. Uh, actually, I should probably let Paul tell you this, but.

He and I decided to give it another shot. No way. Yeah. Really nice. Can’t tell you how happy I’m for you. That’s great. Thanks. But with everything else going on, it just seems kind of trivial, trivial. Come on. What are you talking about, man? There’s nothing trivial about love. I, I’m not. Assuming that the two of you, I love running like that.

I’m just, I’m trying, I’m trying to, I really stuck my foot in an air, haven’t I? No, you haven’t. You haven’t. But you know, Paul and I haven’t gotten as far as to call it love. Yeah. And we know it could be a challenge, you know, making it work with my career with the ISA and his baseball career, but we realize that.

You think we have something really special? And you’re right. Something to hold onto. Um, we just wanna see how far it can go. Well, I am only wishing the two of you the very best and Andrew, you know, you know, God and I, we’ve, we’ve, we’ve had, you know, a lot of ups and gallons over the years, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of that.

You know, I guess what I’m, I’m trying to say is that there is a risk that, that relationships aren’t gonna work out. But, but what you have to do is you have to, you gotta weigh the rewards. And when you do that, that, that, that risk is what I hope my kids will always want to take

revenge. Obviously you’re the little bitch that shut my ear little off. He was an accident. I don’t think so. Judge Strap and me telling me a terrible story about Suzie’s fiery crash and then you didn’t hesitate to ma may Ma. Still says scratch. Quite honestly, it’s an improvement. I think I’m everything right.

You can’t blame Chad. You are struggling over the gun and whose fault was that missing? Because little blue eyes here, I gotta walk around Madison Earlobe now you know what they say? One good turn deserves another. My God, you are afraid that my father was gonna hurt my mother. Why didn’t you just go to the farm with her?

Who is that? Is that my mom that Stephanie, she and Chad are trying to track down Stephen K’s and sos. I know we’re there. I’ll go to them. You get to your mom as fast as you can

reach for the gun again, you’ll regret it. Okay.

I wanna check on Steve. Why don’t we both go to the cell and see how he’s doing. Steve is staying put.

You’re coming with me.

Chair girl, sweetness. Oh, where are we going? Where you taking me? I’m not taking you anywhere. This is the end of the line. You’re not making any sense. What are you talking about? The end of the line.

I can’t be the man I’m meant to be with you in the world.

That don’t mean to get too biblical, but it’s an ear for an ear, my friend. You can’t just shoot him. What if you miss? Oh, a pretty good shot, but. If I happen to hit there, just set it there. Well, it’s just collateral damage in it. Now you hold real steel. We would want you to lose your baby maker. Now, would we?

Looks like he showed up right there.

Hey. Oh, hi. Wheres Andrew? Well, he had to head back to the field office, finish up his report for the isa, and wanted to see how the investigation’s going on. Megan’s claims. How’d you leave Roman? Well, he was a lot calmer once I got him back to the pub. His head is spinning, you know, trying to imagine that Bowie has been alive all this time.

I can’t even wrap my head around this. I mean, all these years thinking that he was gone. Could he really be back?

How can you even say that and what in God’s name does that even mean? You can’t be the man you’re meant to be? If, if I’m in this world, don’t sing, I’m making a new life for myself, becoming the man I was born to be. And you people, you, you keep pulling at me, yapping at me. You’re like, and now here, here, you’re ruining everything.

I’m Victor Koch’s son, and I’m becoming the man I’m supposed to be. You keep trying to pull me back to that life. Oh God.

Back to that old love.

The only way I could be the man I’m meant to be.

This to get rid of you? No.

No. Dammit.

You’ll listen to Pete Brady and Yes. Yes. That that is your name and that is who you are. You’re pro Brady the best man. I know. You’re the love of my life. It’ll never, ever change. Just like I know that you are in love for me, it’s never gonna change it no matter what you say or what you do. You’ll never convince me otherwise because you know what?

There is one fundamental truth between, between you and Megan that is that we love each other to the very depths of our soul.

So don’t matter what happens here today, nothing will ever extinguish that love. Not anything. Ralph couldn’t do it. Nobody else could either. So many people both have tried to keep us up. Barbara, they couldn’t do it. They couldn’t,

and so many things, so, So many obstacles. So many obstacles have stood in our way. And you know what? We’ve overcome them, every single one of them. So you could stand there with that gun pointing at me with your finger on the trigger, telling yourself that you’re better off without me. But you know what, you’ll never, ever really believe it, because what’s what’s talking at you?

It’s your heart. It’s the truest, purest part of you and it knows the only place you belong is with faith,

with your fancy face. I’m your fancy.

Just told me I should write fight songs. That’s what we do half the time. We’ve been together forever through thicker and dinner, like the day that we promised.

The best

with friendships and.

Make me much better ever.

Easy At times it’s unruly. Sometimes it comes at

the deep in.

And the,

I still love you.

I still love you.


are the one true love of my life. I love you.

Fancy– Fancy Face?

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