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John questions what Andrew means by saying Bo has Kayla. Roman asks if he’s saying that his brother Bo is alive. Andrew knows it sounds crazy but that’s what Megan told them. Marlena declares that’s who it was then. John asks what she’s talking about. Marlena explains that they had found another cryogenic tube and assumed Megan was keeping someone else alive but didn’t know who. Marlena adds they thought it might be Stefano but Dr. Rolf said it wasn’t and he was about to tell them who it was but Megan interrupted. Roman asks what she is saying. Marlena responds that she thinks Megan might have been telling the truth.

Harris tells Megan on the phone that they are done and there is nothing left to say. Harris then hangs up and Shawn shows up at his door. Harris invites him in and asks why he’s here in Greece. Shawn responds that after Hope told him that Kayla and Steve are missing, he decided to come see if he could help. Shawn asks if there’s any leads but Harris says there has not been a word. Shawn mentions Hope not being in her room, so he assumes she is out looking for them now. Shawn asks if he knows where Hope is at. Harris confirms that he does.

Steve bangs on the wine cellar door, asking if anyone is out there. Steve decides he has to get himself out.

Stephanie tells Kayla how good it is to see her and asks where Steve is. Kayla responds that Steve is not there as he’s being held captive. Stephanie questions who is holding him. Kayla responds that it’s her Uncle Bo.

Hope arrives at Victor’s childhood home with her gun raised and asks if anyone is there. Hope looks around the house, asking if anyone is there. Bo then comes in behind her, leaving Hope in shock.

Roman can’t believe Bo is alive. John calls it one for the books, even for Salem. Roman questions if Megan has kept him locked away in a cryogenic tube all this time. Andrew confirms that’s what it sounds like. Roman argues that if Bo has Kayla then Kayla is okay because Bo wouldn’t hurt his own sister or anybody. Andrew is not so sure that’s true. Roman insists that he knows Bo. Andrew states that he knows how Bo used to be, but reveals that Megan also told them that Bo is the one who killed Kate.

Steve tries breaking down the door but can’t and decides there has to be another way out.

Stephanie questions Kayla saying that Bo is alive. Chad asks if she actually saw him. Kayla confirms that she managed to get away from Dr. Rolf on the island and ran right in to Bo. Kayla explains that Megan had Bo cryogenically preserved just like she and Marlena were. Chad questions why Bo didn’t just take Kayla back to Salem if they managed to escape. Kayla responds that Bo doesn’t want to go back to Salem.

Hope questions if this is possible and if she’s really seeing what she thinks she is seeing. Hope asks Bo if it’s really him as she puts her gun down. Hope approaches Bo and touches his face as she begins to cry and hugs him.

Roman argues that it’s not possible because Bo would not kill anyone, let alone his wife Kate. Andrew says he did not want to believe it but Megan was adamant that it was not Thomas Banks, it was Bo. John questions believing a word from Megan. Roman wants to go back to the prison to get the truth out of Megan tonight. Andrew argues that Roman is a civilian and it’s long past visiting hours. Andrew adds that there is no guarantee that Megan would give them any more information. John doubts Megan will change her story now. Roman says he’ll give her a reason. Marlena tells Roman that he won’t do that because it’s not who he is. Roman questions what the hell he’s supposed to be and if he’s supposed to wait around to find out if his brother killed the woman he loves. Marlena knows it’s hard on him but argues they are focusing way too much on Megan. Marlena declares that they aren’t getting any more answers tonight. Marlena offers to drive Roman home so he can get some rest.

Stephanie tells Kayla that none of this makes any sense and questions Bo not wanting to go back to his family and life in Salem after all these years. Kayla confirms he doesn’t and says that’s why he’s holding her here. Kayla explains that Megan and Dr. Rolf used the prisms to create a youth serum and that’s why Megan had her and Marlena to use as guinea pigs. Stephanie questions this serum being what Bo wants now. Kayla says that’s part of it but he really wants to build his own empire like Victor did. Stephanie questions when Bo ever wanted to be like Victor since he’s always been a Brady at heart. Stephanie asks what’s going on since none of this sounds like uncle Bo. Kayla agrees that it doesn’t at all but now she’s afraid that Steve is going to pay the price.

Steve searches the wine cellar but can’t find a crawl space or an air vent. Steve grabs a spoon and begins digging away at one of the room’s old walls.

Harris tells Shawn that Hope is at Victor’s childhood home. Harris explains that he checked it yesterday and he didn’t find something, but someone. Harris then reveals that it was Shawn’s father.

Hope cries that she still can’t believe this as Harris didn’t tell her what she would find here and just that she would understand when she got there. Hope says she never in a million years thought it would be Bo. Hope asks Bo how this is possible that he’s here and alive. Hope asks if she’s dreaming. Bo confirms it’s not a dream. Hope asks if Bo has been here the whole time. Bo says it’s just been the last few days. Hope asks about Harris finding him and says she doesn’t understand since Harris told her the place was deserted. Hope questions why Harris lied to her if he knew Bo was there. Bo responds that he told Harris to lie.

John has cocoa with Andrew. John guesses Andrew is thinking about Roman. Andrew feels he has reason to worry about him with Bo being alive and learning that Bo might have killed Kate. John calls that a lot to take in. Andrew can’t help but think if there’s a way he could have not told Roman. John encourages him not to think like that because telling the truth is always the right thing to do. John bets that there’s more to the story than Megan is saying. John suggests they just focus on getting Kayla back and as crazy as it sounds, Bo. John adds that they need to keep in mind that if Bo has done all these terrible things, they have to remember he was under Megan’s influence and he knows how powerful that can be but also that it’s reversible. John declares that if all goes well, the story will end with Bo getting better and reuniting with Hope. Andrew hopes John is right that Bo makes a full recovery and he knows how happy that would make Hope and the rest of the family. Andrew adds that he can’t help thinking about Harris Michaels and how this is all going to affect him.

Shawn tells Harris that it’s impossible because his father is dead. Harris responds that he knows that’s what they’ve all believed but assures that he found him. Harris insists that he’s not lying to him. Shawn is shocked and asks if Hope knows. Shawn questions Harris finding Bo at Victor’s childhood home and then telling Hope that the place was empty. Shawn asks why he would lie to her like that. Harris admits that he was afraid to lose her. Shawn calls him a son of a bitch for not telling Hope that Bo is alive. Harris gets that he’s upset and explains that’s why he sent Hope to Victor’s home because he knew that Hope needed to see Bo for herself. Shawn reiterates that he can’t believe his father is alive. Harris adds that there’s something else he should know and states that Bo is not the man that Shawn remembers.

Hope questions Bo telling Harris not to tell her that he was here and asks why he would do that. Bo remarks that he figured her boyfriend wouldn’t want the competition since she is involved with him. Hope confirms that she is or was but cries that she thought Bo was dead. Hope calls Bo the love of her life and cries that he’s the only one she wants. Hope hugs Bo, but Bo then responds that he doesn’t want her.

Steve continues digging a hole in to the wall of the wine cellar.

Stephanie asks Kayla how Bo could hold her and Steve prisoner. Kayla responds that Megan messed with Bo’s head. Stephanie understands but asks if Kayla really thinks Bo would hurt Steve. Kayla points out that he hasn’t so far but they still need to get Steve out of the cellar which they can’t do by standing around. Kayla decides when they get back together, they can figure out how to help Bo. Thomas Banks then bursts in to the lab with his gun raised. Chad questions how he got out of jail. Thomas implies bribing the cops and swipes the prisms that Kayla had. Thomas says he now got what he wanted, except for his revenge as he aims his gun at Chad.

John asks why Andrew would be worried about Harris. Andrew explains that he spent some time with Harris while he was being deprogrammed and he was so guilt ridden over what Megan did to him and he was tortured by the time lost. Andrew adds that the only thing that seemed to lift his spirits was the possibility of a relationship with Hope but he was reluctant to pursue it because of Bo. Andrew admits that he encouraged Harris to go for it since Bo was thought to be dead but now that they know otherwise, he’s thrilled for all of them but after everything Harris has been through, he hates to see him get his heart broken.

Shawn questions Harris saying his father is not the man he remembers. Harris thinks Bo was brainwashed by Megan and mentions that he pulled a gun on him. Shawn argues that Bo doesn’t know him and probably thought he was a threat. Harris asks if he perceived Kate as a threat. Shawn asks where he’s going with this. Harris brings up Kate being on the island with the others. Shawn says they know she was killed by Thomas Banks. Harris argues that they don’t know that because Thomas denies it. Shawn questions just expecting him to confess. Harris informs Shawn that Thomas has an alibi. Shawn argues that there is no way that his father would kill Kate. Harris says the father he knew wouldn’t have but he’s telling him that something has changed. Harris knows what Megan’s brainwashing can do to somebody because it happened to him. Harris brings up that when he was under her control, he killed two men in cold blood and he has to live with that every day along with all the horrible things he did. Shawn asks Harris if he thinks Bo would hurt Hope and if he thinks Hope is in danger. Harris admits that he doesn’t know but he knows how much they loved each other and how strong their connection was, so if anybody can bring Bo out of this, it’s Hope. Harris feels it’s just better if he wasn’t there. Shawn angrily questions why the hell Harris sent Hope out there alone if he doesn’t know what Bo is capable of.

Hope questions Bo saying he doesn’t want her. Hope argues that he doesn’t mean that. Hope asks what is the matter with him. Hope asks if Bo is angry or mad or if he blames her for not finding him sooner. Hope argues that if she knew he was alive, she never would’ve stopped looking for him and would have spent every second looking for him. Hope cries about all these years of grief over thinking she had lost him. Hope states that she thought she had seen him for the last time and that he was dead. Bo says that was the last time because he’s no longer that man. Bo declares that thanks to Dr. Rolf, he was reborn. Bo tells her not to call him Brady because that’s not who he is. Bo declares that he is Victor Kiriakis’ son with Kiriakis blood running through his veins, so he’s going to make something of himself like Victor did. Hope asks why he would have to do that when he’s already someone. Hope calls him a great father, husband, and now a grandfather. Hope tells him that Ciara named her son after him and he looks just like Ciara did as a baby. Hope encourages that Bo will see himself as their family and friends have missed him and they will be so happy and thrilled when he comes back home with her. Bo shouts that he’s not going anywhere with her and complains that she doesn’t listen, just like Steve and Kayla. Hope then asks if Steve and Kayla are here. Bo responds that Kayla is taking care of something for him and Steve is locked up in the wine cellar.

Steve continues digging a hole in the wall and manages to push it through.

Hope questions Steve being locked up and reaches for her gun but Bo pulls his gun and says he can’t let her do that as he orders her to put it down.

John tells Andrew that it’s kind of him to think of Harris, but if he loses Hope, that’s not on him. Andrew points out that he encouraged Harris to go after her. John understands he had the best intentions. John comments that love doesn’t come with any guarantees and knows Andrew can relate. John brings up the connection Andrew had with his son Paul and thinking it was really special but it didn’t work out. Andrew then reveals that he and Paul have decided to give it another shot which excites John. Andrew says it feels trivial with everything else going on. John encourages that there is nothing trivial about love. Andrew talks about how he and Paul know it can be a challenge to make it work with their careers, but they realize they have something really special and he agrees it’s something to hold on to, so he wants to see how far it can go. John wishes them the best. John says he and Marlena had ups and downs over the years but he wouldn’t trade a moment of that. John feels there is a risk that relationships won’t work out but you have to weigh the rewards. John hopes his kids will always want to take that risk.

Stephanie sends a text while Thomas calls Chad the little bitch that shot his ear off. Stephanie calls it an accident. Thomas disagrees and argues that Chad didn’t hesitate to maim him. Stephanie argues that he can’t blame Chad when they were struggling over the gun. Thomas blames Chad and remarks that one good turn deserves another as he holds the gun up to Chad’s ear.

Shawn again questions Harris as to why he didn’t go to the farm with Hope if he was afraid that Bo was going to hurt her. Harris then gets a text from Stephanie that says SOS. Harris tells Shawn that he knows where they are, so he’ll go to them while Shawn gets to Hope as fast as they can and they rush out together.

Bo warns Hope that if she reaches for her gun again, she’ll regret it. Hope suggests they both go to the wine cellar to check on Steve. Bo responds that Steve is staying put, but Hope is coming with him.

Steve reaches through the hole in the wall and finds the door handle to unlock it. Steve escapes the wine cellar and goes to look for Kayla.

Bo brings Hope outside to the edge of a cliff. Hope asks where they are going. Bo tells her that they aren’t going anywhere and this is the end of the line. Hope questions what he means. Bo complains that he can’t be the man he’s meant to be in this world with her in it.

Thomas Banks tells Chad that it’s an ear for an ear. Stephanie asks what if he misses. Thomas argues that he’s a good shot and anything else is just collateral damage. Thomas warns Chad to hold still. Harris then bursts in and grabs Thomas from behind. Harris chokes Thomas out and declares that it looks like he showed up right in time.

Marlena returns home and asks John where Andrew went. John explains that he went to go check in with the ISA for any updates on Megan’s claims. John asks Marlena how she left Roman. Marlena responds that he was a lot calmer once she got him back to the Pub but his head is spinning, imagining that Bo has been alive all this time. John says he can barely wrap his head around it and questions if Bo could really be alive after all these years.

Steve searches the house for Kayla and Bo. Steve finds Hope’s gun and then exits.

Hope asks how Bo can say that and what that even means. Bo tells Hope that he’s making a new life for himself and becoming the man he was born to be. Bo complains that people keep pulling at him and now Hope is here, ruining everything. Bo screams that he’s Victor’s son and becoming the man he’s supposed to be while Hope keeps trying to pull him back to that life. Bo then gets a headache as he starts having flashbacks to his relationship with Hope. Bo declares that the only way he can be the man he’s meant to be is to get rid of Hope. Bo then aims his gun at Hope. Hope says no and tells Bo to listen to her. Hope calls him Bo Brady and says that is who he is, the best man she knows and the love of her life which will never change. Hope adds that she knows his love for her is never going to change no matter what he says or does. Hope declares that the one fundamental truth between them is that they love each other to the very depths of their soul. Bo continues having flashbacks. Hope adds that no matter what happens here, nothing will ever extinguish their love. Hope says so many people tried to keep them apart but they couldn’t do it and they’ve overcome every obstacle in their way. Hope says Bo can tell himself that he’s better off without her but he will never believe it. Hope adds that his heart is tugging at him because it’s the truest part of him and it knows he belongs with her. Hope reminds Bo that she is his Fancyface as they flashback to their relationship over the years. Bo holds back tears as Hope seems to have gotten through to him, but Shawn and Steve arrive and upon seeing Bo holding Hope at gunpoint, Shawn shoots Bo. Hope then rushes to Bo’s side to check on him and cries over him on the ground.

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