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Phyllis: You will never in a million years guess what I found in Diane’s purse.

Jeremy: You were rummaging through her purse?

Phyllis: A big, fat diamond engagement ring. That was in her purse.
Jeremy: Huh.

Phyllis: She did it! She got Jack to propose to her. So, I was right all along. That was her goal — to come here and con Jack and everybody else in this town. And she has a big diamond ring to prove it.

Jeremy: All of her dreams are coming true.

Phyllis: Her dreams are my nightmares. There’s no way in hell I’m letting this happen.

Jeremy: That must be the news she was talking about.

Phyllis: Of course. Of course. She was gloating in advance. This was her “news.”

[Sighs heavily] I’m just thinking of my future family events, how I have to sit there and make nice and ta– oh, I’m not even gonna be invited. Forget it. I will never see my daughter again. I will never have a relationship with my daughter again. I am not letting this happen! This will not be ignored, Jeremy! This evil must be eradicated.

Jeremy: Okay. Well, then it’s a good thing our plan will stop Diane dead in her tracks.


Phyllis: I mean, I know exactly what this woman’s gonna do. She’s
gonna make this whole gala about her and her engagement. She’s gonna celebrate. “Hey, I’m back from the dead, and I’m also the newest member of the Abbott family,” with this big, disgusting ring on her finger.

Jeremy: She is insufferable. I mean, the fact that she’s being so unjustly rewarded despite all the crimes she’s committed and all the lies she’s told.

Phyllis: I don’t understand this. I don’t understand why I’m the only one who sees her for who she is. I don’t get it.

Jeremy: You’re not alone anymore, Phyllis. You got me. And if she’s planning this big announcement tonight, I think it’s only right that we make our move, as well, to balance the scales of justice.

Phyllis: Okay. I mean, everything has to go as planned. It has to because if this blows up in my face…

Jeremy: That’s the beautiful thing about a masquerade ball. I can work my magic, and no one will even know I was there.

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