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Actress Esta Terblanche

Interview with actress Esta Terblanche of “All My Children” by Suzanne 4/21/23

It was great to speak with Esta! I really loved her character, Gillian, on All My Children, and her relationship with Ryan Lavery (played by Cameron Mathison, who’s now on “General Hospital“).  Esta would like to get back into acting, preferably on a soap. It would be amazing if they hired her to be in GH!  Incidentally, she hasn’t aged much at all since she left AMC!


Actress Esta TerblancheEsta TerBlanche

Actress Esta TerBlanche is best known for her contract role of Gillian Andrassy on the ABC Daytime soap opera All My Children. Her credits also include Spin City and hosting the South African youth program K-T.V.

She was born on January 7, 1973 in Rustenburg, North West Province, South Africa. She is an actress and producer, known for All My Children (1970), Germination (2013) and Three Thieves and a Wedding (1991). She speaks numerous languages, including French, Italian, and Russian and was Miss Teen South Africa. [1991]

Became a household name on the first Prime time Daily Soap ever in South Africa as Bienkie in “Egoli – Place of Gold”.

Hosted numerous TV show: Carte Blanche, Math No Problem, K-TV, Supermodel, Wish you were Here, Series of Documentaries by filmmaker Michael Kastenbaum, Documentaries by Neil Sandilands.

Played lead in short film Germination directed by Neil Sandilands.

Played lead in film “Three Thieves and a Wedding”.

Had a lead in a Pilot directed by Neil Sandilands.

Hosted Soap Opera Digest Awards Show

Been on Various Talk Shows/Entertainment Show: Entertainment Tonight (ET), Good Morning America, Extra, Gayle King Talk Show, Pasella, Kwêla.

– Voted as one of the 50 most beautiful women on Television

– Voted one of the 25 most Beautiful Women on Daytime Television

– Part of 2 of the 5 most Legendary Story lines in the History of American Daytime Television

– Emmy Award Best Show

– South African Prestigious Award Rapport & Sunday Times Woman of the Year (previously won by Charlize Theron)

Jockey Billboard in Times Square with Kelly Ripa.

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Actress Esta Terblanche


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