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Mariah: Hi, mom.

Sharon: Well, hey. What are you doing here?

Mariah: There’s the maternal warmth I was looking for?

Sharon: No, i am being maternal. It was just A…reflex because I know that you hate leaving Tessa and the baby at home, and who could blame you? But I’m always glad to see you.

Mariah: Well, I am going to be heading home soon, but I just wanted to come here, pick up some treats and some much-needed coffee on my way back from jabot.

Sharon: The office? Why? I thought you were on parental leave.
Mariah: I am, but, uh, with Diane’s arrest, I just thought I could put in a few hours at work. I mean, she can’t handle her own pr crisis.

Sharon: The whole situation is so horrible.

Mariah: Yeah.

Sharon: But I’m sure that jack will really appreciate you stepping up at a time like this. You know, on the other hand, it’s also okay for you to put yourself and your family first. I mean, the first few days with your new baby are so precious.


Sharon: Oh, look how cute. I am so grateful to know this sweet little girl.

Mariah: Yeah. This is from this morning. It was her first time waking up in her new room. Although she had, uh, been up for a few hours before that ’cause she needed to be fed. And it definitely wasn’t daytime out. The sun was not out, uh, but, uh, there’s no need to get into that. I am extremely grateful for every second.

Abby: Even when they’re fussy and they’re having their meltdowns.

Mariah: Uh, though, right here, she happens to be very cute and very, very bubbly. Are they not like this all the time?

Sharon: Oh, yeah, they are. They’re always a bundle of sunshine and rainbows.

Abby: Oh, yeah, and I’ve heard they stay that way. Yeah, the terrible twos are just a myth.

Mariah: Wow. Okay. Well, the less cute moments make the cute moments 10 times better. I mean, just look at those cheeks and those eyes. Oh, God, she’s an old soul.
[Gasps] I have become one of those people that won’t stop gushing about their kid.

Abby: Well, it’s a good thing you’re with two people who can’t hear enough about her.

Sharon: I could talk about this baby 24/7.

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