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Nikki: Well, if it isn’t the man who restored my faith in attorneys.

Michael: What could I possibly have done to be worthy of that compliment?

Nikki: Ah, it’s what you didn’t do. Now, I know you have a soft spot for Diane and I will never understand why, but the way you refused to rush to her rescue at Phyllis’s memorial, trust me, we all got the message, loud and clear. If the best attorney in genoa city thinks she’s guilty and won’t go near her with a 10-foot pole, well…

Michael: Well, yeah. Well, have a seat, please. Nikki, our constitution assures all citizens are innocent until proven otherwise, even the ones who don’t measure up or haven’t earned your seal of approval.

Nikki: According to the constitution, yes. But the founding fathers never met Diane. We know what she’s capable of. She’s dangerous and now Phyllis is dead.

Michael: Correlation doesn’t equate causation.

Nikki: Your clever tone has me a little worried. Please tell me I don’t need to be.

Michael: Last night, I got a call from jack asking me to represent Diane.

Nikki: Oh, my god. That is outrageous. Michael, you can’t defend the woman who killed one of your best friends.


Victor: Hello, Michael.

Nikki: I can only imagine the kind of nonsense jack was trying to feed you.

Victor: Well now, Michael is a very smart man and I’m sure he would do the right thing. Right, Michael?

Michael: I probably will.

Victor: You know, otherwise, you’d have to ask for a leave of absence and then I would have to approve it and then I might be inclined to fire you.

Michael: We wouldn’t want that.

Victor: We wouldn’t, would we?

Nikki: That’s what I love about you, Michael. You always manage to do the right thing.

Michael: Your faith in my decency is humbling. I’ll do my best to live up to it. Have a good meal.

Victor: Have a good day, Michael.

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