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Sharon: So, how did things go with Victoria and your father?

Adam: Uh, better than expected, actually.

Sharon: Well, that sounds promising.

Adam: I realized how fun it could be when my father and i get along.

Sharon: In what way?

Adam: Well, Victoria is jealous. This father and son reunion is killing her. Just seeing her try not to work herself into a frenzy — it’s a gift that keeps giving.

Sharon: Adam…

Adam: I know what you’re gonna say. Okay? And you’re right. We’re not here to celebrate Victoria driving herself crazy. Tonight is about Genoa City’s bicentennial.

Sharon: That’s right. And as long as we are here celebrating history and fond memories and longevity, here’s to us, best of friends


Nick: So, how you doing? You cold?

Sally: A little, yeah. But it was totally worth it. The rooftop view is gorgeous.

Nick: It’s nothing compared to what I’m looking at right now.
[Camera shutter clicking]

Sally: You, always with the right thing to say.

Nick: Yeah, it makes up for the fact that I’ve been a subpar date.

Sally: Well, you’ve been attentive, courteous.

Nick: Haven’t even asked you to dance yet.

Sally: Well, I thought maybe it had something to do with your abilities.

Nick: Uh, what? Wh– did you just question my abilities as an answer?

Sally: I don’t know. I have heard things.

Nick: Oh, no, no. You — let’s go. It’s on.

Sally: [Chuckling] Okay.

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