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Yeah. Who the hell is that at this time of night?

Whoa. And you’re home. Home. You were in Bed Man’s, your. I forgot. I’ll go. No, no. I’ll, no, no, no. Get your butt in here. Come on, man. I’m nowhere near going to bed. You now you look beat. Have a seat. Yeah. Well, yes I am. Uh, the, uh, flight got in late to here. I, uh, couldn’t sleep on the plane. I, it’s way too late. I shouldn’t, I’m doing some work here.

Eating a sandwich. You want some food? I’m, I’m getting you a sandwich. You want a drink? I’m good. Good. All right. No, I’ve, um, been trying to get ahold of you buddy. Yeah. I was in Ireland to, uh, you know, scatter Katie’s ashes. Yeah, I know. And then I spent a few days with Carrie and Austin and, uh, Billy and Chelsea.

So that was good. Yeah. Few days, huh? So what you um, lost track of time. You’ve been gone a hell of a lot longer than that. Yeah. Well, I. Went out the grid for a while. I just needed some, uh, time to myself to kind of, you know, get it together before I came back home without Kate. Yeah, I get that.

A few things I need to tell you. First of all, Steven, I, we found Megan Hathaway. Did you kill her? No. No, but she’s in custody. She’s paying for what she did. Not enough. Roman, there’s something else that you need to know, and this is, this is kind of complicated, John. I thought I heard somebody.

Sure. You don’t want something to eat? No, I, I wanna get. As soon as I get this list of Victor’s properties in order so that we don’t keep doubling back. Some of these places are up in the mountains. This could take forever.

Oh God. Jen, how can this be happening? Hey, listen. Look at me. Your parents are fine. I’m sure of it. How can you be? How can I be? Well, cuz what we’re talking about, Steven, Kayla. The meanest sons of bitches in the valley.

Maybe that’s Andrew.

You found them? We found where they were being held. Steph, when we stormed in to try to rescue them, there was resistance. Resistance. The people who were holding them were armed and they fought back. Steph, they were caught in a crossfire. Both of them. I’m sorry. They died. No, no, no. What, what? What was a nightmare?

He said they were dead. Who? No, nobody’s. Nobody’s dead. They’re not dead. They’re okay.

It’s best for both of us. If you think about. For hope too. She started a whole new life. She’s moved on with you and you guys, you, you have a good thing going. Why break her heart again? So she’s all yours. You get the girl, I get my new life without her win-win as long as you keep this little conversation of ours.

Between us, so I’m, we’re supposed to pretend I never saw you deceive hope and let her believe that her husband’s dead. Yeah. But the way I see it, you’re not really deceiving her from my point of view. That husband is dead.

Yeah. I started on the list. I, I went to Victor Kiki’s, uh, childhood Home. Oh funny. Paris, did you find anything? No, uh, nothing at all. It was, uh, place was deserted.

Hi, did I?

How can you tell the days are just running into each other? Oh, it won’t be much longer. Now why do he say that? Well pause. Bringing to that lab equipment, right? So you can make that serum he’s so obsessed with, which would be a nightmare. You don’t have to worry about that because when we get that equipment, it’ll be a game changer.

How so? Because we’ll be able to arm ourselves. There’ll be chemicals, some metal instruments. Steve Bo has a gun. Yes. Well, listen, I’ll draw his fire white. No, no, no, no. I am not gonna hurt him. He’s my brother. I’m not gonna hurt him. Just disarm him. We’ll get the hell outta here and then we’ll get Beau the help he needs.

Fries and shine. Oh, only one ball this time, huh? Yeah. Didn’t wanna be wearing your meal again. So thanks to you. You have cold leftover fish stoop. Come on, Kate. Get up. We’re leaving.

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

What the hell time? Is it time for you to have a visitor at this hour? Who is.

Special agent Andrew Donovan Isa. Hello, Ms. Hathaway. We need to talk

here. Ru, I think you better sit down. Yeah. Hey buddy. Come on. Take. Come on. It’s her. Pardon? Where the hell? That was what I was just about to tell you. When we tracked Megan down, we not only found Marna, but we found Kayla too. Of Yes. Yes. Alive.

I, I don’t understand. We were right. Megan is the one that stole the orchid from Kristen. She, Dr. Ralphs manufacturer serum to cure them, and then he kept them in a cryogenic state. Okay. It’s a lot to take in. Yeah. My God. Funeral. She’s alive. My God. That’s wonderful. That’s incredible. Hmm. Oh my God. But what about Kate?

It was just so real. Andrew came and he, he told me my parents were dead.

I know what nightmares are. When I lost Abby, I, uh, I was afraid to close my eyes. Chad, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to No, no, no. Don’t I That’s, I, I, I’m just saying that I know how scared you must be. I really do believe we’re gonna find them alive. That’s weird. What is, you said that in my nightmare, you’re.

Even in a nightmare. Thank you. I couldn’t get through this without you. I wouldn’t let you think about this. We’re making progress. We’re getting closer. Are we? I mean, now that we know that it wasn’t Thomas Banks who took my mom, to me it feels like we don’t even have a clue of who we’re dealing with, let alone why.

Where are we going? Not you? Just her. She’s not her. She’s your sister. Okay. Beautiful. Sister of mine. I have found a Titan Research Lab, brand new. I don’t think anyone’s used it, but it has everything you say. You need to create the formula for the sear. So, yep, we’ve got the orchid, the prisms, everything we need.

Let’s go over my dead body. Hmm. That could be arranged.

Not yet, nothing. What, what’d he ask? Uh, because you look like you haven’t slept. Yeah. It’s just, you know, it’s uncomfortable and I, I can’t stop worrying about Steven, Kayla. Yeah, me too. I, last night I was racking my brain trying to figure out why banks was telling Stephanie and Chad. He said he wanted them to lead him to Kayla, but why does he even care about Kayla?

And why did Megan lie to us about her? Really did take her, she must be protecting someone, right? The question is, who does she care enough about to protect? The fact is that she is crazy too. Yeah, very crazy. But she’s definitely not stupid. She never does anything without reason. A self-serving reason.

Harris, it’s so frustra. There are so many questions and no good answers. Listen, hope

there’s something I have to tell you.

You know, I really do think it’s, it’s good that it wasn’t Thomas Banks that took your mom and that guy is extremely dangerous. He tried to kill hope, but whoever has her and my dad may be worse. I don’t think so. I’m whoever did this was sophisticated enough to waltz into a police station, impersonating Shane Donovan, and walk out with your dad without raising any suspicions.

Chad, that’s terrifying. That means that he’s really, really good at being a criminal. Yeah, I’m, I’m, I’m not so sure. I mean, if it’s the same person who took both your parents, he let your mom get to his cell phone. He hasn’t made any random demands. So then what does he want? I don’t know. I mean, that’s the question.

He can’t be taking orders from Megan Hathaway. If he ever was because she’s in prison. Isa swept the island and found her Ralph and a whole lot of jungle, and there aren’t a lot of people that it could be when you get your detective badge. Well, your dad taught you how to pick locks. Mine was a master criminal.

You ask yourself, what would Stefan out do? Something like that. Yeah. And like I, I, I still think the best clue we have is the one your mom gave us when she said Victor’s name. I think she’s gonna be at one of his properties. I mean, we. You still have a few to check out? I really do believe we’re gonna find them today.

You just gotta have faith. Okay. I’m trying. I’m trying.

Agent Donovan, what brings you to Salem? You. Oh, you’re a bit young for me, but I am flattered, especially since I have to make a hundred license plates in order to afford toothpaste. So don’t suppose we can add toiletries to the dla. I’d assume they were included. Hmm? You say you don’t like it here? No, I’m just trying to score some toothpaste.

Well, that’s not going to work. You can’t add anything to the deal because the deal is off. You can’t do that. I told you who took Kayla. Yeah. And you lied.

Steve told. Come on. If I let him take you outta here, I might never see you again. You keep this up, you won’t. Okay, come on. If I keep you guys apart, you have incentive to work faster to get back to him. Okay? Let’s just say that I could even do it. How do I know for sure you are gonna let me get back to him?

I’m not. I am not here to ruin your lives. You give me what I need. You get your lives back. As long as he behaves himself. What if somebody comes looking for us while you’re gone? You said Chad and Stephanie were, were here and, and Hope and Michael, no one is coming. How can you be so sure? Because someone stopped by yesterday and they won’t be coming back.

Do you have something to tell me? It is. It,

uh, just, um, you know how much I, I care about you. I’m. You’re sorry for what? Well, I, um, I just feel like you know, what you and your family are going through is at least, it’s partly it’s my fault. Harris,

you, you’re doing everything you can now to help us.

Yeah, well I better get dressed standing here. Oh, hold on a second. The cop at the station last night, he gave me the most basic description as use kidnapper, brown hair, brown eyes, a medium build, and that could be almost anyone, right? I hope the plays artist is back at the precinct today.

If we can get a decent sketch of this guy then, then we’ll know who we’re looking for.

Sure. You, you saying that Kate was alive and now she’s. I’m so sorry. I I would’ve tried to help her. I, I couldn’t do anything. Well, I know you would have if you could have, but the Isha in not iron if they’re not hers. Who’s it? We don’t know. And her body, well, the ISA searched the island. They haven’t been able to located,

I dunno. Why is this hitting me so hard? I mean, I had already accepted the fact that she was gone. It’s a lot to process. First you saw me alive and then, then you heard that Kayla’s alive as well, but I wasn’t there when she died. She had to be so frightened. Why? And God’s named and May didn’t have to kill her.

Well, well, and she said she didn’t, said it was someone who worked for her. This is who you think has Kayla. No, we’re not sure about that. Megan said that Thomas Banks is the one who took killing. Thomas Banks is in custody in Greece. He’s denying everything. Well, of course he is. Apparently he has an ironclad alibi and Brady said Kristen sold him a bill of goods about Megan Recanting in the Nu Recanting.

Your story. So all this is tracking. There’s something else you should know. Steve went to look for Kayla. Now he’s missing as well. Damn. So Megan took Kate from me now once, but twice. And now she’s the reason that Kayla and Steve are missing. What is she? She cut a deal to do her time in State’s film. Okay, good.

I don’t have far to go to choke the truth out her. I did not.

The, the word he is arrested Thomas Banks and he insists he didn’t kidnap Kayla. That he didn’t kill Kate Roberts. Well, what else is he gonna say? Shirley, you didn’t believe him? I did because he has an alibi for when Kate was killed and when Kayla disappeared. He was a Aristotle’s retreat. The sex club.

Ding, ding, ding. You got it. And there’s an orgy full of people who can verify his whereabouts. I can’t imagine Thomas going at it with even one person, let alone in orgy full. That is the most ridiculous alibi I can imagine. Hmm. Well, it all checks out. But back to us, our deal was based on you supplying information that would lead us to Kayla, but you didn’t supply information.

Instead, you lied through your teeth. And those lies, in fact, led us off on a wild goose chase that impeded our efforts to find her. You will be remanded to a black site that makes Statesville look like the Ritz.

You know, the, the sketch artist is, uh, it’s a good idea. Yeah, I know it’s a long shot, but what else have we got? Michaels? It’s us. Okay. Hi. And I’m glad you’re here too, right, Marilyn, how are you holding up? Um, pretty well. Only the occasional meltdown. Good morning, Chad. Good morning. So should, uh, should we write up the list like we did before?

I think guys a great idea. We have three sites left on ours. Yeah, same here. Okay. Should we go now again, again, I will reiterate, if you do find anything, please call us right away. Okay. Whoever took your mom and dad is probably just as dangerous as banks. Got it.

What’s up? I just, I can’t wrap my mind. You say that the ISA searched that whole island? Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. And if Megan Hathaway and Dr. Wolf and now Thomas Banks are all in jail and someone had to have taken my mom, there wasn’t anyone else left on that island.

What do you mean somebody was here? Was it Stephanie? Answer me, relax. Cowboy wasn’t Stephanie then who? It doesn’t matter who they were here, they checked this place off their list and they won’t be coming back. So you are not gonna be rescued unless you do what I ask. So step back, you move a muscle.

You’re dead to the door. Kayla. Move Kayla. Move Steve.

Roman, nobody’s going to let you see Megan tonight. And even if, even if you could see her, she will not tell you anything. Patty could screw up our chance to pick up on. I gotta do something to help find him. I failed Kate. I can’t fail. Caleb, you did not fail. If anybody failed pain, I did. I was there. We’re, we’re not gonna do this now here in Rome, the thing.

Chad and Stephanie. They’re over in Greece right now. They’re going through Vic’s old properties. Harris and Hope are heading up the Issa investigation over there. Michaels is there. Yeah. Issa broke through his programming. He’s on our side now. Are you sure about that?

Poor girl has been through so much. Stephanie’s scared shouldn’t be happening to her. This is getting to you, isn’t it? I am sorry, Harris. You’ve lost so much of your own life and now you’re putting on hold to help me find people you don’t even know.

I’m not saying.

You’re definitely not a saint.


Saints sometimes can be boring. And you’re definitely look boring. It’s fine. Steve and Kaylan bring them home. Okay? Because as I remember, you and I have, um, plans after all this is over.

Isn’t this place great. Has all the supplies. You said you needed it. Yeah. Yeah, great. Ralph was able to put the serum together in just a couple of days, so it shouldn’t take you too long. No pressure, eh? Just relax. Focus on your work. Don’t do anything stupid. Cause you know I have your precious, Steve, you get it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I get right. You’re gonna coerce me into doing something that I don’t want by using the people I love as leverage. Yeah. Oh yeah. I got that. Good. So tell me something, Mr. Whoever you are, let’s just say I happen to figure out Hira. What happens? Then you release me and what. Do I ever see you again?

Don’t see why you’d want to. I’m giving every reason to hate me. Listen to me, Bo. When our mother brought you home from the hospital, she placed you in my arms and she said, you know what baby girl, this is for you. And I have loved you since you were a little baby, and to the man that you became to this moment right now.

So you asked me do I want him? Yes. I want him back. I want my brother back.

I’m gonna lock you in here. I’ll be back tomorrow. Tell me one thing if I make that serum, promise me that you will use it for good.

I will sell the formula to the highest. And everyone will know my name. Yours too, if you want. I don’t want, that’s the Brady Way. Humble and quiet. I was never either one of those things.

We should hedge the police station.

There’s no reason to go to the police station. I know it’s a long shot, but we, there’s just something that, that I have to.

I have to tell you. Okay.

You need to go to Victor’s childhood home. You already searched it. You told me there was nothing. There was nothing there. I know I lied.

Oh, what the hell do I do?

This place seems deserted. So there’s one more door.

Sorry, little brother of mine. No one is standing in the way of me getting back to my family.

Please. You can’t send me away. Actually, I can and I will. I’ll get you the formula. You’ll be rich. I’m not interested.

That’s right. You’re from the Law and Order branch of the Brady Bunch, aren’t you? All I want is to find my aunt and uncle. Your uncle Steve went to Greece to look for Kayla and now he’s missing too. You wanna keep our deal then? Tell me the. Tell me who really took Kayla. Then when and if we find her safe, I’ll let you stay here in Statesville, but if we don’t find her safe, you’ll find out firsthand that the Law and Order branch of the Brady Bunch can be pretty ruthless when exacting revenge.

So you better start talking right. Why did you lie? Why didn’t you want us to find Kayla? That’s not it, Steven. Hope so. Happy to go chasing after Thomas Banks.

And finally they knew who really took Kayla,

that it wasn’t about to give hope, the satisfaction knowing that her beloved bow, he’s alive again.

If that’s not it, then what is

we are going to find this guy with or without your. How do you know it’s a guy? He showed up at a police station in Greece, impersonating my dad. That’s when he took Steve. Oh. And those, uh, prisms, you were ready to kill for prisms. We have a general idea of where he is and a general description of what he looks like.

So if we figure this all out before you help us, your leverage is gone. So what’s it gonna be here in Statesville or the seventh circle of hell?

You lied? What do you mean? I’m.

Uh, this, this isn’t, um, it’s not making any sense. Why? Why would you lie about that? You said you wanted to help. I, I, I did. I do.

You’re just gonna have to go and see for yourself. I am not understanding any of this. You will when you get there and I, I go with you, but it’s something that you have to do on your own. That’s all you’re gonna tell me.

Oh, oh God. Oh. Oh my God.

Look at you. Are you okay? I’m. Fine, thank God. Where’s dad? Is anyone out there?



Anybody here?

Michaels. Yeah, I’ll take the call.

What the hell do you want? Listen to me. If you want a chance with hope, any chance at all, you will take her right now and you will go far, far away. That’s too late for both of us.

Okay? I know D I S A D program, Michaels, and I know what a big party he played in tracking down. But are you sure he is not playing both sides? Him. You work with him? She’s convinced he is no longer under Megan’s influence. Okay, good. And he’s looking for Kayla and Steve because, cause he knows that he has a lot to make up for far to impress hope.

Mo’s gotta be turning over and he could look, I was under Megan’s and fonts, so I know what it’s like to be in Michael’s shoes here, and I think he deserves a. I agree, John. I do agree, and like I said, I know how big a part Michael’s play in tracking down menu. Are you going, well, I’m going to Greece or Statesville?

I don’t know. I’m not gonna sit around here and do nothing. Oh, oh my God. Look at that thing. Let’s find out. Hey, Andrew, I just, uh, saw your lights were on and you’re gonna want to hear this. Uncle Roman. Andrew didn’t know you were back. What are we gonna want to hear? I just came from Statesville. Now that we have Tom Spanks, Megan Hathaway has changed her story.

Well, what is, so, how do you know she’s telling the truth this time? What she said seemed well. Unbelievable. But I’m actually inclined to believe her. Believe what she said, that the person who took Kayla was Uncle Bo.


Anybody here?

Oh dear God.

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