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[ Kissing ]

[ Victoria sighs ]

Sharon: Hi!

Mariah: Hi.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. You’re home.

Mariah: Oh, it’s good to see you, too.

Sharon: Oh, you’re here at last and you brought your own baby girl home.

Mariah: I can’t wait for you to meet her. I mean, all the video chats in the world don’t compare to holding that little nugget in your arms. You’re gonna love her.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] From the moment she came into this world and became a part of our family, I have loved her with my whole heart.

Mariah: Oh.

[ Both giggling ]

Nick: Summer, can I get you anything? You want something to eat?

Summer: No, thanks. Just… having you here is nice.

Nick: Of course. I’ll be here as long as you need me.

Summer: I appreciate that. Especially since I don’t know when I’m gonna hear from kyle.

Nick: I’m sure he will get in touch soon.

Summer: Maybe. He’s probably still at the police station with diane. I guess she’s his top priority now.

Kyle: It’s not true. You have to know that.

Jack: Hey, christine. Thank you for agreeing to see me so soon.

Christine: Yeah, of course. And I understand the urgency. You must be reeling after everything that’s happened. The memorial for phyllis, diane being arrested for her murder. How are you holding up?

Jack: How I’m doing is the least of my worries. Right now, I am trying to do everything I can to help diane. Arresting her was a gross miscarriage of justice. There is no way she is guilty of trying to harm phyllis.

Christine: ‘Kay, look, I’m sorry, as district attorney, I can’t discuss an open investigation.

Jack: Look, I’m glad to hear that it’s open, because I think the person you need to stay laser focused on investigating is jeremy stark.

Christine: Well, I assure you we’re following up on every lead, but right now they all lead back to your fiancé.

Jack: What about stark? He has more motive than anyone else.

Christine: Where’s the evidence?

Jack: Where’s the evidence against diane? You can’t just jump to the conclusion that she’s some kind of murderer. You know diane. You honestly think she’s capable of killing someone?

[ Christine sighs ]

[ Phyllis sighs ]

Phyllis: Oh… I’m sorry. Oh, my god, what have I done? For bathroom odors that linger.

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Christine: Thank you. I’m afraid it’s not as simple as that. There are some irrefutable facts.

Jack: I don’t see how that is possible. I know she is not guilty regardless of what chance or anybody at gcpd claim they have on her.

Christine: The judge never would’ve signed off on an arrest warrant if the evidence wasn’t solid.

Jack: You don’t know what they got their hands on, but they’re soon gonna realize it won’t hold up. Yes, diane and phyllis were in a constant state of conflict, right up to the night that they fought and phyllis died. But diane didn’t murder her. That’s outrageous. Do you know what they brought to the judge?

Christine: Look, jack. I take my professional and ethical boundaries very seriously. If you expect me to reveal some information about this case because of our friendship, I can’T. It would be totally inappropriate.

Jack: I’m sorry. I’m not trying to take advantage. I’m not. I am scared, and I am outraged. She does not belong behind bars. All I’m asking is that you try to slow this thing down and not rush to judgment.

Christine: I assure you, it wasn’t rushed or without very strong evidence. This arrest was made on strong investigative work.

Jack: [ Sighs ] Then you have to focus on stark again. You have to. And somehow get diane out of that cell.

Christine: Okay. Jack, I– I understand how hard this is for you and your family, especially at a time like this. But I’m telling you honestly, there’s really nothing I can do except follow protocol.

Jack: Protocol? There is a murderer running scot-free out there, while my fiancé is sitting in a jail cell on trumped up charges. Did it ever occur to you, maybe he set her up? Whatever this so-called evidence your people have is–

Christine: It is very real evidence. So much so that it incriminated, diane to be arrested, okay?

[ Sighs ] I’m gonna promise you this. This case is not over. And yes, I will look into the loose ends. However, until something turns up to exonerate diane or points to some other person, that is really all I can offer you right now.

Summer: Kyle, I– I didn’t expect you to be home so soon. But I’m glad that you’re here.

Kyle: I need to be with you and harrison. I thought you might need me to.

Nick: Well, it’s been a long, exhausting day. You both need to get some rest.

Summer: How– how did things go at the police station?

Kyle: Dad and I were there while my mom was being processed, but they wouldn’t allow us to talk to her. Chance did allow her to tell us in passing and she was okay. Not that I believed her. She looks shell-shocked and traumatized. I mean, they have to know she didn’t do this.

Nick: I’m sure the police will get to the bottom of what happened. And I know jack will do everything he can to help your mother.

Kyle: Yeah, he’s meeting with christine as we speak. Hopefully, he can convince her to release her as soon as possible. In any case, thank you for bringing summer home.

Nick: Of course. All right, I’mma leave you two alone. I’m a phone call away. You need anything, I don’t care what it is, call me and I’ll be here.

Summer: Thanks, dad.

[ Door closes ]

Sharon: Where are tessa and the baby? You know I’m dying to see her.

Mariah: Oh. You thought you were gonna see the baby tonight? At this hour? No, no, no. I sent tessa and the baby to the tack house. That’s okay, right?

Sharon: You are teasing me, right? Stop, where are they? Are they waiting outside? ‘Cause I’ll go out there and get them myself.

Mariah: No, no, no, no, no. Hold your horses. I will text her to come in. I just wanted to come in first to make sure the place was warm enough and, you know, there wasn’t anybody with any strong perfume, or nobody was, like, hacking up a lung. I know, I sound ridiculous. It’s a little embarrassing.

Sharon: No, no, it’s perfectly normal. You sound like a first-time parent. But now that you see none of those horrors are going on in here, bring her in here. Hurry up! I can’t wait to meet her.

Mariah: Well, there’s, uh– there’s no need. Ta-da.

Tessa: Hey, sharon.

Sharon: Hi, tessa. Finally. Oh, my gosh. Aw.

Mariah: Well, here she is. Meet aria porter copeland.

Sharon: She is perfect. She’s absolutely perfect.

Tessa: Isn’t it crazy how pink her lips are? They’re so perfect.

Mariah: It’s the cheeks that get me.

Tessa: The cheeks, I know.

Mariah: The cheeks, they’re just so round. There are times, I wonder…

[ Kissing ]

Victoria: Oh, yes. Oh.

Nick: Hey, audra.

Audra: Nick. Um, I heard about your loss. Please accept my condolences.

Nick: Thanks.

Audra: You know, I’m surprised to see you here. Wasn’t the service today?

Nick: Yeah, it was. But, uh, there’s always work to be done, and honestly, I could use the distraction.

Audra: Well, if you’re looking for your sister, she’s in her office.

Nick: Oh, yeah? Great. I wasn’t sure she’d be here this late. I do need to speak with her, but I gotta run by my office and I’ll come back and see her. Thanks.

Audra: Yeah. My pleasure, nick.

Sharon: Come here, baby. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Look at you. Oh, my sweetie-jo. Look at you.

[ Gasps ] I think she smiled at me. Did you see that?

Tessa: Yeah, she definitely did.

Sharon: Ugh. Well, does she– does she cry much? Because she just seems so peaceful here. Like, she didn’t even make a fuss when she came into my arms.

Tessa: Aw.

Adam: [ Laughs softly] It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Sally: [ Sighs ] Yeah. I mean, they look like their world just got a million times more wonderful.

Adam: Hmm. There’s nothing better than a baby. There’s just something about their presence that fills your heart in a way that you can’t even imagine. Just this little life with endless potential. Your world is suddenly brand new because now they’re in it.

Sally: Well, look at you getting all poetic on me.

[ Laughs ]

Adam: I’ve been there. Trust me. It’s– it’s magical. And it won’t be long until you get to experience that for yourself.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Well, why don’t we go in and meet the new baby?

Adam: Hello to the happy new parents.

Sally: Congrats, mamas.

Mariah: Thank you so much.

Tessa: As you can see, we’re over the moon.

Sharon: Her name is aria. Isn’t that a beautiful name?

Adam: That is absolutely fitting. This kid is gonna get the best lullabies ever.

Mariah: [ Laughs ] True.

Sally: Can I take a peek?

Mariah: Yeah, of course. Go ahead.

Tessa: Oh, yeah, we’re all about sharing the joy. I mean, what else is a baby for?

Sally: Oh, my gosh. Hi. Oh, my god. Look at those little fingers and her precious cheeks.

Mariah: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Aw. How does it feel?

Mariah: What?

Sally: Just, you know, being mothers now and knowing that aria is all yours?

Tessa: It’s like this wonderful miracle just happened.

Mariah: It’s like our– our greatest dream came true.

Kyle: We have a lot to talk about. But first, I wanna know how you’re doing? You poured so much of yourself into planning this memorial and now that it’s over–

Summer: To be honest, I’m just… exhausted. You know, I feel like I could sleep for a week, but… it was worth it, you know? The service was lovely. Don’t you think?

Kyle: It was just right. You did a great job. I can’t believe you did all that work on your own. Everyone was grateful for the chance to say goodbye to phyllis.

Summer: Yeah. And I got to say all the things that I needed to say to her. Things that I should have said to her while she was still here.

Kyle: And phyllis would’ve loved it. I hope that’ll bring you comfort in the days ahead.

Summer: Maybe, but I’m still gonna wake up every morning wishing that she were still her. But maybe– maybe I’ll be able to rest a little easier knowing that we honored my mom in a way that she deserved. And I think she was smiling down at us today. And thank you, my wonderful husband.

Kyle: For what?

Summer: Just for standing by me, for being the loving, supportive partner that I’ve needed throughout this whole ordeal. And I– I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling right now. You must have been blindsided by diane’s arrest.

Kyle: Yeah. I– I really didn’t see that coming. I hate to think that she’s all alone and locked up for something she didn’t do. I mean, how can they even think that? She’s not a murderer.

Summer: You really still think that? Even now?

[ Jeremy sighs ]

Jeremy: What happened to you leaving town last night like we planned? It’s so dangerous for you to be within 50 miles of this place. Why are you still here? Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Jack: I understand your point of view. I– I respect it. But promise me you’ll hear this much. From the moment diane came back to town, she has wanted nothing more than to reestablish her relationship with her son and get to know her grandson. That is all. Now she has a future with them, and with me. She has a new and burgeoning career. And why would she jeopardize all of that to get back at an old foe? Why would she go to all that work to rebuild her life here in town, only to throw it all away?

Christine: And I see your point. But the evidence indicates she did exactly that.

Jack: Then the evidence is wrong. This leads us back to jeremy stark. He’s a criminal. He set her up.

Christine: Tomorrow is her arraignment. I think you need to be prepared for what could happen. And given diane’s history of disappearing into the wind, there’s a very good chance that she won’t get bail. And there is nothing I can do about that. And if stark is responsible for phyllis’s death, he has done an excellent job of implicating diane and covering his tracks.

Jack: He may be good, he’s not that good. Eventually what he did wrong will come to light. He will be proven guilty.

[ Clattering ]

Phyllis: I changed my mind. I’m allowed to change my mind. People do it all the time.

Jeremy: Yeah. Look, I knew it. You took an insane risk by going to the memorial service.

Phyllis: I had to go.

Jeremy: No, you didn’T.

Phyllis: I did.

Jeremy: No, the only thing you have to do is get the hell outta town.

Phyllis: I had to see how my children feel about me. I had to see.

Jeremy: There you go with the kids again. Okay. Why do you care? They are adults now. They have their own lives and they’re gonna mourn and get right back to their busy lives.

Phyllis: No, they’re not.

Jeremy: Yes, they will.

Phyllis: No, they’re not.

Jeremy: Yes, they will and you know it.

Phyllis: They’re not.

Jeremy: You know it.

Phyllis: Shh. Shh. You didn’t hear the pain and regret that was in their voice. You weren’t there. I can take that away for them.

Jeremy: By showing up and letting them see that you’re alive.

Phyllis: They’ll forgive me.

[ Jeremy scoffs ] I know they will. I know they will.

Kyle: Of course, I believe my mother is innocent. What– are– are– are you saying you don’t?

Summer: Look, kyle. I know how hard it is to accept a reality that you don’t want to believe is real.

Kyle: Because it’s not. I will never stop believing my mother is innocent. The cops got this one wrong. It is tragic and it is disgusting. But jeremy stark is the only one to blame for what happened to phyllis.

Summer: Look, I don’t doubt that jeremy stark played a role in this and hopefully it won’t be long before he’s arrested, too, but I’m not buying that he acted alone. Chance didn’t arrest diane for no reason. Okay? They have a strong case against her.

Kyle: What? You can’t believe that. Whatever dubious evidence they have comes courtesy of stark framing my mother.

Summer: [ Scoffs ] You’re way too close to this. You just can’t see your mother for who she is. But I can. And now the police do, too. Look, I’m sorry, kyle. But I have to believe that diane is the reason my mom is dead.

[ Knock on door ]

Nick: Vic, you in there?

[ Victoria groans ]

[ Handle creaking ]

[ Nate hissing ]

Victoria: Uh, hey, nick. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I had the door locked. Uh, nate and I were just having a drink. I imagine you could use one after the day you had.

Nate: Yes, thanks.

Victoria: Sure.

[ Nick clearing throat ]

[ Victoria clearing throat ]

Nate: Uh, nick, my, uh, sincere condolences. Losing phyllis is a huge loss to you and her family. She’ll be missed, uh, by the whole city, really. Um, I’m sure you two need some time to talk. Uh, I’ll check in with you later, victoria.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. There you go. So, how was the memorial service? I imagine it was especially hard for daniel and summer.

Nick: I don’t wanna talk about that right now.

Victoria: Okay. What do you want to talk about?

Nick: What are you thinking?

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] What? I don’t understand what you mean.

Nick: Stop. Just stop it. You know what I’m talking about. You and nate. Whatever was happening in this office. (Lucky) uh-oh the magic’s disappearing!

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. (Vo) get them to open up.

[ Chatter and laughter ]

Elena: Is that who I think it is?

Tessa: Elena, meet our daughter, aria.

Sharon: Isn’t she darling?

Mariah: You know, we didn’t plan a welcome home party for her, but it looks like we don’t have to. She’s getting to meet everyone.

Elena: Oh, yes. Welcome home is right. We have all been dying to meet you, baby aria. Look how perfect you are. And look at your mommies. You guys are all glowing.

Mariah: Aw.

Elena: Oh, my gosh. I know how much you both wanted to be a family and now look at you.

Tessa: Thanks, elena. I don’t think I could have done it without you. I mean, all your help and advice before the baby was born. I was just so worried about being unprepared.

[ Elena laughing ] But you totally calmed my nerves. You were so positive and reassuring. You were right, so far. And now aria is here and there’s just nothing that I wouldn’t do for her or for my family.

Elena: That’s because the three of you were meant to be together.

Elena: Oh, hug it out.

Tessa: Yeah, we did.

Nick: I know I’m not the most observant guy in the world, but even I could see the smudge of lipstick on nate’s neck. What about the button you missed there? And what in the hell is going on with your hair? Is that the way you normally wear it?

Victoria: Fine. You got me.

Nick: You think?

Victoria: Look, why are you freaking out about this? When you have other things that you should be concerned about. Why are you not focusing on your family right now?

Nick: You are my family. I care about you. You’re making a terrible mistake.

Victoria: Well, there you go again, making another leap without any evidence to back it up.

Nick: He is in a relationship, vic, with my friend.

Victoria: Yeah, yeah, I know. And you– you have a saintly past, free of guilt. Right, nick?

Nick: Well, he’s an executive here. He could have some ulterior motive. Maybe, uh, looking for some personal gain.

Victoria: What gain? That’s not nate. That’s not who he is. Look, if he was up to something, I would know it anyway.

Nick: Oh, like you saw everything that was going down with ashley?

Victoria: That was a completely different situation, and don’t you ever mention his name to me again. Do you understand?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yes. Sorry. But this could be more of the same, you know?

Victoria: I’m not interested in your opinions or your judgment. I’m just not. I– I… you yourself had a relationship with the ceo of newman media, remember? And you– you firmly told me to stay out of it. And I have been nothing– nothing but respectful of your relationship with sally.

Nick: Yes. And I appreciate it.

Victoria: So, would you please show me the same courtesy? You told me to keep quiet about her pregnancy and that adam is the father and I have done that. So, please, do the same for me. Keep my private life private. Do you understand, nicholas? Now, if that’s everything, I– I have some things that I need to finish.

Nick: Start by brushing your hair.

Kyle: I get how this must look to you. I understand how desperate you must be for answers. But I know my mother. She isn’t capable of poisoning someone just to get them out of the way.

Summer: My mom is not just “someone.” Their hatred for each other goes back decades. As does their competition over jack.

Kyle: Oh, I know. I remember the story about the pool house. Dad had to have it rebuilt after my mom burned it down.

Summer: And she did it so that it looked like my mom tried to kill her. She wasn’t arrested or convicted back then, but everybody knew what happened.

Kyle: That really doesn’t matter. She’s not that person anymore. She has worked very hard to try to prove that to us, ever since she returned.

Summer: Our moms bring out the worst in each other. It’s obvious that some things never change. Or you know what? Maybe– maybe they actually do because this time it was way worse. Your mom was pushed past her limit, and she snapped.

Kyle: Oh, wait a minute. She didn’t–

Summer: No, kyle. Just listen to me. Okay? Hear me out. I’m not trying to make excuses for my mom’s behavior. God knows that I wish that she had gotten a grip on herself and stopped her obsession. Maybe then she would still be alive today. But she didn’T. She was gonna keep on pushing diane and undermining her at every turn, including in her relationship with jack, and diane knew it. She was done with my mom.

Kyle: But not to the point of trying to poison her.

Summer: No, it all came to a head the night of the gala, when they had that crazy fight. Diane said that she wanted to strangle my mom to death.

Kyle: Oh, that was a figure of speech. She didn’t mean it literally.

Summer: She could’ve easily poisoned her right after that. The last words that my mom said to me was that she needed to protect and defend herself against diane. She knew that diane would do anything to make her suffer. And even though she knew the threat that your mom posed to her, she wouldn’t stop. She kept on pushing and aggravating her. It’s just– it is so clear to me what happened. And kyle, I know that it is painful, but you need to open your eyes. There are times, I wonder…

Jeremy: Don’t you think for a second that you can go back. Oh, yeah, they’re shedding tears now. But what do you think will happen when they figure out that you faked the whole thing?

Phyllis: They’ll forgive me. Diane did it. They forgave her. She let her kid think that she was dead for years and years. Trust me, it’ll be fine. It’s only been a couple days.

Jeremy: You seem to be forgetting the point in all this. We put this in motion so we could see diane rot in prison. Meanwhile, you will be off someplace being a whole new person with not a care in the world.

Phyllis: How could I have not a care in the world, jeremy? When there are people out there that I love so much, who are in so much pain?

Jeremy: You seem to be ignoring the fact that we’re in this together. You made a commitment and I’m not about to let you blow everything up over some stupid sentiment.

Phyllis: My kids are not some stupid sentiment.

Jeremy: I mean, revealing your involvement would be revealing my involvement. Okay? And I can’t let that happen. So, if you’re having second thoughts, I suggest you get them out of that pretty little head of yours, before something happens to that pretty little head.

Phyllis: You think you scare me? Is that what you think? That I’m scared of you? You think you can give me orders and tell me what to do? You have no idea who you’re dealing with.

Kyle: All right. All right. I have heard you out. Now you have to listen to me. I swear my mother didn’t do this. I know that nothing can convince you of that right now. But the reality is, we don’t know what evidence the police have. I have no idea how strong their case really is or what we’re actually facing here. So, I am asking you to just let this play out. You will see my mother will be cleared and released.

Summer: Why are you so sure?

Kyle: Because I know there’s no way she could have done this. She didn’t like phyllis, everyone knew that. But she wouldn’t kill her. She isn’t capable. And after everything harrison has been through, I don’t want him to hear these horrible things about his deedee. So, I am asking you, summer, can you please keep an open mind for now? Can you do that for me?

Summer: For harrison’s sake, I will do whatever I can to protect him from the news. But you and I need to agree on a cover story for why diane is gone.

Kyle: I’m hoping it won’t be more than this one night. Her arraignment’s in the morning. I’m hoping that she will get released on bail.

Summer: That’s wishful thinking, don’t you think? The fact is, we don’t know how long it’s gonna be before diane comes back, if ever.

Nick: I thought I might find you here.

Nate: Why is that?

Nick: Figured you’d wanna take some time, you know, figure out what you want to say to elena before you go home.

Nate: I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about, nick.

Nick: See, I already played this game with victoria. I’m not doing it again. So, here’s the deal. I don’t know if it’s, uh, just a fling or if it’s been going on for a while.

Nate: Nick, it is not like that.

Nick: I don’t care. I don’t care, nate. I just need to make sure there’s no agenda here.

Nate: Nothing is going on, other than I have everything I could hope for heading newman media. Things couldn’t be better.

Nick: Oh, I bet. Here’s my concern. You had, uh, a tremendous position at chancellor-winters, but it wasn’t enough for you. You wanted more. So, what did you do? You turned your back on your family for your own selfish gain. And that tells me everything I need to know about you.

Nate: It wasn’t that simple.

Nick: Really? Well, maybe you can explain it to me someday. But as far as I’m concerned, your credibility is shot.

Nate: Wow. Well, if you came here to put me on some kind of notice, fine. Message received. But even though I work for newman media, my personal time is my own business.

Nick: Sure, it is. Until it’s my business.

Elena: Hey. Nick. Long time, no see. What are you guys talking about?

[ Nick clears throat ] (Vo) is she tired? Sad? Bored?

Tessa: Oh, I can’t get over how adorable she is.

Sharon: Ugh, her sweet little face. It’s like all is right in her own little world. Mariah, is everything okay?

Mariah: Yeah, I just– I still can’t believe the news about phyllis. We were about to take off on our flight and nick called us and told us what happened. I just can’t believe that she’s gone, and in such a terrible way.

Sharon: All the people she cared about, they’re all in so much pain right now.

Mariah: It’s why it feels so weird to be happy right now.

Sharon: Hey. You have nothing to feel guilty about and none of those people would want you to feel that way. They want you to relish all the happiness of the moment that you’ve been given. I mean, here you are home with your new baby and tessa, starting a new chapter in your life. And it’s a really special time. It goes by very fast.

Tessa: Aw.

Sharon: Aw, see, aria agrees. She’s already a very wise little girl.

Sally: That is the most precious little girl. It’s her big eyes and her plump little cheeks. I just wanna eat her up.

[ Both chuckling ]

Adam: Sounds like you’re falling in love with the idea of having a daughter.

Sally: Well, a daughter or a son. Either one would be amazing.

Adam: Well, we’re gonna find out soon enough, aren’t we? Thank you, again, for asking me to go with you to your appointment. A little daughter would be nice.

Sally: Finding out is gonna make this all the more real, isn’t it? It is crazy to think in a matter of months, this growing baby is just gonna be out in the world, hanging out in a car seat, just as adorable as little aria.

Adam: I cannot wait.

Nate: Unfortunately, nick didn’t drop in for a friendly visit.

Elena: Oh. What’s going on?

Nate: He seems to share your belief that I’m being consumed by power. And quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing it, on all fronts.

Nick: Well, the truth often hurts. And it gets old when you don’t want to admit it. All right. With that, I will say good night. Elena, it’s nice seeing you. You look beautiful. Nate’s a very lucky guy.

Elena: You wanna tell me what that’s about?

[ Door opening ]

Kyle: Hey, how was your meeting with christine? Any progress?

Jack: Uh, not much, I’m afraid. We’ll have to wait for the arraignment and hope for the best. How’s summer?

Kyle: She’s upstairs. But not in a good way, I’m sorry to say.

Jack: Wait, how so?

Kyle: She is locked into this belief about mom. She truly believes mom is to blame for phyllis’ death. Dad, I– I don’t know how I am going to handle this. I feel like I am caught between my wife and my mother. They both need my support, but they’re on complete opposite sides of the problem. How do I help without feeling disloyal?

Jack: No, you are definitely in a tough spot.

Kyle: Somehow, I have to convince my wife that my mother did not kill phyllis. Not only because I know for certain she is innocent, but because my marriage is at stake, dad. If I can’t accomplish that, I– how does my marriage survive?

Jack: Wait. Of course, you– don’t talk like that. We’ll– we will get her home. We will clear diane’s name. We will put all of this behind us.

Kyle: See, that’s the thing. Summer doubted mom will be freed anytime soon.

Jack: Yeah, christine said something like that, too.

Kyle: Something’s got to come to light to set the record straight, right? Mom has to come home soon.

Jack: I promise you, kyle, I am going to do everything in my power to prove diane’s innocence. We will do it together.

Kyle: Okay. Then we have to start by finding the truth.

Jack: That’s right. And we will not give up until we uncover it.

Phyllis: Let me tell you something. I am not an amateur and I’m not easily manipulated. If I have a problem with somebody, they get it. Let me tell you something else. I usually get away with it. Also, I’ve spent very, very little time behind bars, stark. So, who’s a smart one now? Okay? And if you’re half as smart as you say you are, you will get out of my way.

Jeremy: Okay. Okay. Let me tell you something. Huh? I’m not going back to prison. Do you understand me? You’re not gonna blow this for me. So, you’re going to do what you’re supposed to do. Go it?

Phyllis: Did you hear me? I don’t take orders from anyone. I’m not taking orders from you.

Jeremy: Wait a second. Is this some sort of a game for you?

Phyllis: It’s not my game. It is my life.

Jeremy: No. Wrong. You have no life. You are dead. Dead to the world. And you better keep it that way. So help me god, I will kill you myself. You got it?

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless.

Tucker: I’m gonna sell my company and I’m gonna leave this town.

Ashley: Okay. So, now you’re threatening me.

Adam: Looks like you’ve, uh, been left out of the loop, dad. Sally’s having my baby and I’m still in love with her.

Michael: Last night I got a call from jack, asking me to represent diane.

Nikki: Oh, my god. Michael. You can’t defend the woman who killed one of your best friends.

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