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 [Grunts] – Ten… 11– you got it? You wanna take a break? – No. I don’t need one. – Go easy, son. Last time you overdid it, you wound up at the hospital with a bum shoulder. – In fair, dad, only half of that was chase’s fault. The other half was brook lynn.

[Dramatic music] – I’m watching wiley and amelia while willow rests upstairs. Drop everything and get over here. I don’t care if you’re at the hair salon, okay? I have a critical mission for you, and you have to accept it. – Paul, you have an in at the coast guard, so I need you to find out whatever you can about the “haunted star.” Come on in. And allison, uh, I need you to do the same thing with government leads. If they’re credible, find them. Sorry, big news day. – Ah, no–no problem. That’s actually why I dropped by. Dante’s been working so hard on the investigation, but he hasn’t said anything about victor. Have you heard anything? – Yeah, the “haunted star” is gone from its mooring. There’s no accounting for it. They believe there’s hostages, three of them. That’s all I know. – Okay. Well, if anything new comes in, will you please keep me updated? – Mm-hmm. If you do the same for me. I heard you were in court this morning. What’s up?

– Trina is coming home, even if I have to bring her home myself. – Thank you. Thank you for being here and wanting to help find trina. – I can’t just sit around knowing all the danger that faces my daughter.

Your daughter.

– We’re friends as well as colleagues, laura. This plan you’ve been working on with robert and felicia to take down victor cassadine, what is it? And why the hell didn’t you tell me about it? – Anna was a fugitive at the time. If I had involved you, I would have compromised you. Okay, so we all talked about it, and we decided the smart thing to do would be to continue with the plan until we could find proof that it was victor who was behind luke’s death. – Okay, and how did that work out for you? – I knew that I was dealing with a dangerous man, okay? I didn’t know that he would disappear on the “haunted star” or that he would make my grandsons and dr. Obrecht and trina robinson all disappear with him.

– If you think I’m going to help you, you have truly lost

[Speaking german]. – [Laughs] Oh, I do love it when you speak german to me. Well, let’s be honest. You have done worse. And if you choose not to cooperate, I promise you, the consequences will be dire. – Ah! Ah! Oh! – You can say that again. – [Speaking german] – What are you doing? – You need obrecht for your plan to protect your family? No obrecht, no plan. – Don’t just sit there, victor. Do something!

– Have at it.


[Radar beeping, radio chatter] – What’s taking so long with that deflection, spencer?

[Quiet clattering]

– What was that?

[Dramatic music]


– You had a reporter at the courthouse? – He said that cody bell was arrested for grand larceny and you bailed him out. Why? – Well, because cody’s dante’s friend, and he needed help. – So why didn’t dante help him? – ‘Cause he’s busy searching for victor. – So you thought you’d just step in? – Okay, if you wanna hear the full story, I’ll tell you the full story. Sasha gilmore had a very expensive bracelet on loan, and gladys corbin was wearing it at the time. And according to gladys, who is not the most reliable narrator, said that the bracelet just magically disappeared from her wrist. And said bracelet was found in the pocket of cody’s jacket, which he was not wearing at the time. – Mm, doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

[Dramatic music] – What happened to my mother, the lawyer, who believed all defendants were innocent until proven guilty? – She got disbarred. I was under the impression that you didn’t trust cody. – Mom, I told you that I’m handling this. You have enough to deal with. – Fine. Not gonna interfere where I’m not wanted.

– Do you really mean that? – I’m trying. You don’t want me involved in this business with cody, I won’t be involved. – Have you been hit on the head? – [Sighs] I’ve just been told off. – Oh. By gregory? – If I’m pushing myself, blame my nerves. The ccrb meets later today. – Your brother told me that brook lynn had something to do with you getting a second chance. – Brook lynn convinced the board to reconsider my case. – Well, that’s good news, right? – Maybe. Or maybe I wouldn’t have needed a second chance if brook lynn had submitted her letter of support the first time the board had met. – [Sighs] – This better be good. I had to skip the conditioning treatment. – Wow, your hair looks amazing. But we will talk about that at another time. How are james and georgie doing? – Well, I had to tell them that their oma disappeared because she wanted their magic act to be a success. Georgie didn’t buy it, but james believes it, so georgie is pretending to believe it too. – I’m so sorry about liesl. I know how much you care about her. This must be driving you nuts. – I just can’t believe it’s happening. I keep telling myself mac and the pcpd are gonna leave no stone unturned, and if anyone can take care of themself, it’s liesl. – Well, she is a formidable woman. – Yeah, but still, victor cassadine, he’s a scary guy. And how long can willow wait for the bone marrow transplant? – Speaking of willow, you are going to plan her wedding to michael. – You always really cared for trina. – Trina is a remarkable young woman. I was looking forward to being a part of her family… officially. – You are. Curtis, you are a part of her family. And trina– trina and I are very lucky that we have you on our side. We are.

– All that matters is that we get her home safely. I’m gonna see if jordan is still here. – Okay.

– Hey. Will you be okay? – I refuse to fall apart, but I am far from okay. – I feel you.

– [Exhales deeply] Please, please, please.

[Radar beeping, radio chatter]

– [Over radio]

Security main cabin. Repeat, all security units to main cabin.

– Now what? – Put the knife down, spencer. – You think I’m bluffing… – stop being ridiculous! – That I won’t kill her? Do not underestimate me, victor! I will do anything to save my brother from you. – Don’t you understand, dear boy? If you kill dr. Obrecht, you simply seal your baby brother’s fate.

– Back up. Michael and willow rescheduled their wedding until after the bone marrow transplant. They’re getting married in july. – Because willow’s bone marrow transplant was supposed to be today. – Oh, my god. She doesn’t think she’s gonna make it until liesl gets home. – No one knows when liesl’s gonna be found. – Or if she will. – Maxie, stay positive, okay? Liesl will be found, but I understand willow’s concern. She and michael want to be married. They don’t want to risk waiting, so they’re moving it up. – Okay, yeah. I’ll help in any way that I can. What are they thinking, end of the month? – Tomorrow. – I’m sorry, what? – Too soon, I know, but everyone’s pitching in, and it’s gonna be the most beautiful day ever, but we need you. – To plan a wedding in less than 24 hours. – Well, you planned the nurses’ ball in record time. – [Laughs] Shall I count all the ways that that went wrong? – Count all the ways that it went right. Look, you synced the nurses’ ball with gh’s 60th anniversary. Compared to that, planning a romantic wedding in less than 24 hours is a literal piece of cake. – [Huffs] Brew some coffee. Make it strong. I’ll plan this wedding, come hell or high water. Oh, god. – I’m sorry I brought up brook lynn. – Forget it. Who wants to do more reps? – Oh, no thanks. – Dad? – What your brother said. – Come on, you’ve barely broken a sweat today. – Uh , ’cause I don’t needto actively avoid my feelings. – Why does he care so much about me and brook lynn? – I don’t know. Maybe because he loves you? – [Laughs] I love both my boys, and I want them both to be happy. So sue me. – Brook lynn did make me happy. She also hurt and disappointed me. She held off on writing her letter of support because she didn’t want me to get my badge back. She wanted me to focus on music. Supposedly, the plan was for us to expose her music manager as a predator so he couldn’t extort or harass any other women, and for brook lynn to get her songs back. Instead, she signed a nondisclosure agreement with linc. He gave her her songs back, and she agreed to keep quiet. Brook lynn sold out. – Yeah, that’s pretty tough to get past. – From what I understand, brook lynn more than redeemed herself at the nurses’ ball. She broke the nondisclosure agreement, correct? She outed this linc brown as a serial harasser. – She did. And I respect that. But as long as I’ve known her, brook lynn has always put her own interests first and apologized afterward. And no matter what I feel about her, I can’t trust her.

– Gregory and I had a run-in. – Another one? – Yeah, compounded on top of the mess that I made the first time when I went to his boss behind his back. – Okay, mom, well, maybe you shouldn’t have called his boss. But you were just trying to help. And that’s what a good friend would do. – Speaking of friends, let’s go back to cody. Dante seems to know as much about cody as he doesn’t know about cody. – Ah-ah, no, no, no. I told you I am dealing with this. So we’re talking about gregory now. What–what ever happened? Did he have a drinking problem? – Gregory doesn’t have a drinking problem. – Okay. Well, I know that you’ve been really concerned for him. If not a drinking problem, then what is it?

– I know better than anyone that the best of intentions can have unforeseen results. And while I’m not thrilled that you chose not to involve the pcpd, I do understand. But things have changed. And I need you to keep me in the loop. – Okay. Felicia is tracking someone down who may be able to help us to find victor. – Okay. Who is it? And does she need backup? – Not yet. You’ll be the first to know if they do. I mean, all hands on deck. – Well, if that’s the case, count me in.

– Without liesl, your, uh, plan is a nonstarter. If she’s not around to devise a vaccine, you risk your own life as well as me and my brother’S. – A sacrifice I’m willing to make. – [Laughs] Now who’s bluffing? – All that matters is that the world is set to right. So go ahead. Kill liesl. Are you willing to risk that your baby brother will be able to survive what’s coming next? His blood will be on your hands.

– Fine. – Ah!


[Panting] – Cover the exits. Your move, spencer.

– Agh! Cassadines are demented. One has me abducted, the other holds me at knifepoint.

[Speaking german] Is too good for the pair of you. – I knew you’d see reason. Get rid of him.


[Static buzzes] – No, come on. Please be what I think you are.

[Device beeps]

Ah.Let’s do that. I’ll be in touch. – Well? – It’s a little early, but she has peonies. – Oh, good. – She can do all the arrangements and the rose petals for the flower girl. – Oh, flower girls plural, donna and avery. The only family member not slated to participate in the wedding is amelia.

[Scoffs] – Is olivia gonna bake the cake? – Oh, try and stop her. She is determined to cook all of the food for this wedding. – That’s really sweet. – Yeah. – And I’m sure it will all be delicious. We just–we need something to elevate the occasion, you know, make it special. Do you think it’s too late to get monogrammed napkins from portugal? – Why don’t we just– let’s just take some of the pressure out of this thing. Hey, all willow really wants is a joyful and happy day with her friends and family. – I got it! A special song just for them. You could write it, chase could perform it. – Oh, I’d be happy to write a song for willow and michael, but I don’t think chase would perform it. – Why not? It’s for willow. – Yeah, but that means he’d have to work with me.

[Dramatic music] – People have the capacity to change. In fact, history has shown us– – dad, please, no–no lectures. Just–all right. – Okay. All I’m saying is that brook lynn made a huge personal sacrifice when she exposed linc. She put other people ahead of herself when she ignored the nda and outed him. Doesn’t that show she’s changed? – Brook lynn has a big heart, no question. I mean, it’s–it’s why I fell in love with her. But I already told you, she has a habit of acting on her worst impulses and hurting everyone around her. – Sounds like you made up your mind about her. – Oh, come on, don’t make me sound like the bad guy. – No, I’m not saying that, harry, it’s just I thought I taught my sons to be open to second chances. – Yes. Yes, you did. So when does alexis get hers?

– Gregory told me in no uncertain terms that his life is none of my business, and that whatever it is that he’s going through, he’s determined to go through it alone. – Okay, well, you know, sometimes people need to figure things out for themselves. Maybe the best thing that you can do right now is just offer gregory your support and trust that he will reach out to you if he needs you. – Mm, no. He won’T. – [Sighs] And it drives you crazy, doesn’t it? Because you see someone that needs help, and you want to help them. – Yeah, it’s a curse. That’s why I became a lawyer. – Well, he doesn’t need a lawyer and he doesn’t need your help. So why can’t you just let this go? – Because it doesn’t matter what he says. He does need my help. As far as I know, I’m the only one that knows he’s got a problem. So what am I supposed to do, just sit back and do nothing?

– I will do anything to make sure trina makes it home safely.

[Cell phone ringing] – Whoops. Oh. Sorry, I need to take this. Mayor collins. – I appreciate the offer, curtis. – But… – victor cassadine is dangerous. – Right, and he has trina. Believe me, he will not see me coming. – Just trust that we have every available resource looking for victor and his hostages. If there’s something you can do, I will let you know. – Jordan, jordan, jordan. – Curtis, the truth is, there’s not a lot any of us can do right now. We don’t even know where to look for the “haunted star,” so for now, it’s just best that you just sit tight. – Not while trina’s in trouble. If you won’t let me help the pcpd, there are others I can turn to. – Oh, what, like sonny corinthos or selina wu?

– [Choked up] Patient entered the er, um, complaining of stomach pains and nausea.

[Clears throat] Ultrasound indicated that, um…



[Cell phone ringing]

[Sniffles] Hello? – Mom, it’s me. – Trina?

– Trina. Oh, thank god. Where are you, honey? We’ve been so worried about you.

[Dramatic music] – I’m on the “haunted star.” Spencer’s uncle, victor, took spencer, the baby, and dr. Obrecht. He’s taking them somewhere. – And they took you too? Honey, honey, are you okay? How are you calling me right now? – He doesn’t know that I’m here. I followed spencer and snuck onboard. Mom, I don’t know where we are. I need your help. – Okay, honey, hang on, hang on. He-help is on the way. – I don’t understand. You outed that creep, linc, at the nurses’ ball. – But what does that have to do with me and chase? – Well, I saw the look on chase’s face when you laid into that skeevy manager. He was so proud of you. I just assumed when it was all over, he would sweep you into his arms and say all is forgiven. – Look, I didn’t break my nda and expose linc to get back together with chase, maxie, okay? I–I did it because I could not keep quiet for another second and let that creep exploit another woman. – And that is a side of you that chase has not seen before. I know you didn’t out linc for chase, but it is what chase wanted. And maybe now he realizes that his life is empty without you, and you guys can live happily ever after. – I let him down too many times. He thinks I’m selfish. – Oh, brook lynn. You are selfish. – Oh, the pot calling the kettle black. – Selfish with good intentions. You always do the right thing in the end. You just make some questionable decisions along the way. Chase knew that, and he fell in love with you anyway. He will again. – I doubt it. The ccrb meeting is today, and chase will get his life back. A life I’m not a part of. – I think finn has a point, dad. – Your situation with brook lynn was completely different from mine with alexis. – Of course. Of course it is. Uh, wait, how? – Because my relationship with alexis was never romantic. – Ah. – Love doesn’t come along often, son. I hate to see you throw it away. – Love is more complicated than friendship. It requires complete vulnerability to trust another person with your heart. I don’t know what alexis did that was so bad that you can’t be friends anymore. – In all the time we’ve been together, have I ever been drunk in your company? – No. No. Will you please explain to me why you got fired from– – ah! I–

[Huffs] I wasn’t fired. I quit. – I can see that something is really wrong here. Will you please let me help you? – Alexis…

[Sighs] Alexis overstepped. Chase claims that brook lynn violated his trust. Well, alexis did the same to me. – Okay, I–I really don’t want to get in the middle of this. – But you will because alexis is your friend. – Listen, I’ll only say that alexis oversteps because… she is who she is. She won’t be deterred when she thinks she’s doing the right thing. But I think she’s also proven that can respect boundaries. – That hasn’t been my experience. – Have you given her the chance to show you that she can?

– You know, sometimes that’s what a good friend is all about, just waiting for them to come to you. – I’m not very good at waiting for people to come to me. Just doesn’t feel natural. – [Chuckles] – I don’t have a lot of good friends. But the ones that I have, I have this connection with. And gregory and I have a connection. We have common interests, common ethics, common worldviews. And he’s been very supportive of me, so I wanted to return the favor. And when I did, I sort of destroyed whatever connection we did have. So maybe, uh, we didn’t have as solid a friendship as I thought.

– Are you accusing me of something, jordan? – Hey, we’re all on the same side, right? – Right. – I promise, you’ll be the first I tell if you can help. But I’m asking you, for now, just to back off before you get yourself in too deep. If something were to happen to you… – it’s trina! I have trina on the phone. – Oh, my god. – Where is she? – She’s on the “haunted star” like we were afraid of. – Put her on speaker. – Okay. – Trina, this is commissioner ashford. I’m here with curtis and mayor collins. – I’m so glad my mom found you. Um, I’m calling on a satellite phone.

We’re in open water. I don’t know where we are or where victor’s taking us. – Trina, are you okay? Is spencer and ace okay?

– Yes.

Um, victor doesn’t know I’m on the ship, and– and he has spencer and dr. Obrecht under armed guard. – I’ll call it to pinpoint the location of your phone. – I’m not sure how long I have before the guards come back. – Trina, only stay on the phone as long as you safely can.

– I was trying to find a radio

to call for help, but it doesn’t seem to be working. – Are you in the communications room now? – I think so. Um, there’s a lot of equipment here, but I don’t know what it does. – But you do, don’t you? – That ship was my wedding gift.

– [Grunts] What is the meaning of this? I didn’t do anything. – My great-nephew reminded me that one can’t be too careful. You disappointed me, spencer. – The feeling is mutual. I trusted you, uncle victor. And then you tricked me into meeting you here on this ship. You have abducted my baby brother. You have abducted britt’s mother. And what’s worse is you want to unleash hell on all of humanity, including the people that I love. – Tsk, tsk. I had hoped you’d have the stomach for this. Turns out you’re just as weak as your father. – I am not weak. But there has to be another way. You said it yourself, dr. Obrecht is brilliant. And I think that between the three of us, we can come up with a solution that would be amicable to everyone here. – And just why would I believe anything you say now, hm? You betrayed me, spencer. You have to face the consequences.

– take dr. Obrecht back to her cabin. I prefer to deal with my family in private.

[Dramatic music]

I’ll have all the information I’ve collected on the pathogen sent to your cabin so you can see I’m right. Oh, spencer, spencer, spencer. This gives me no pleasure. – Forgive me for not believing you. – Why can’t you understand that love of family has always been my driving force? It really hurts me that you can’t see that I’m not doing this to you, but for you and your brother! – Let’s work together. – Oh, it’s way too late for that now. You’ve left me no choice. – You can’t kill me, uncle victor. Whether you like it or not, you need me just as much as you need liesl. With my father and valentin out of the picture, I am your heir. – [Scoffs] – Well, now, you see, you’re half right. I do have an heir… and a spare.

[Sighs] I’ve allowed my love of family to cloud my judgment too long. All of you have forgotten what it is to be a cassadine. But it’s not too late for the baby. I’ll raise him and educate him as a cassadine. – Over my dead body. – [Laughs] That can be arranged.

– Trina, I haven’t been in the communications room in years, but from what I remember, there was a radar screen. It shows a round circle in the center. There’ll be some lines through it. Can you see something like that?

[Whispering] Get ready. – I see it.

– Great. Okay, in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, there will be some numbers. Do you see something that looks like coordinates? – Yeah, yeah, I do. Um… 43 degrees, 42.7 north. 89 degrees, 41.1 west. – Um… – they could be the coordinates from the gps device victor tied to the buoy. – Trina, can you find a heading? – A heading?

– Honey, it’s the numbers right at the very top. – 29.369 degrees. – I’ll update it.

– All clear.

All units return to post. – I gotta go. I’ll call you back. – No, no, trina, trina. – No, no, no, honey. – Okay, is that the only satellite phone there? – Uh, I think so. – They’ll notice it’s missing. Whatever you do, do not take it with you. – Got it. – Trina, honey, it’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna find you. – Mom? – I’m here. I’m here. – I love you. – I love you too. Now please, just be very, very careful. – I will.

[Dramatic music] – [Breathing shakily]


[Consoles beeping]

[Indistinct radio chatter] – Mom, if a friend truly knows you, eventually, they’re gonna realize that you have good intentions, and they will come back to you. – Well, I’m not sure it even matters what he thinks about me because I’m worried about him regardless. And I wish that he would talk to his sons about whatever this is, and if he would listen to me, I would tell him that when you cut your children out of your life, that it just causes you more misery. – Wait. Mom, gregory told you what’s really going on, didn’t he?

[Melancholy music] Okay, well, then maybe, just– maybe he’s gonna come around. – I doubt highly that I’m ever gonna see him again. – [Sighs] I’M… I am so sorry.

Are you gonna be okay? – It’ll take more than this to keep me down.

– I’m gonna take a shower and go pick up violet. Good luck in the meeting, bro. I’m rooting for you. – Thanks. – Sorry I pushed you. I just thought brook lynn was good for you. – I know. I thought alexis was good for you. – I enjoyed our friendship. Just wish things were different. – Look, I should hit the showers. I don’t wanna be late for the ccrb. – What? – I just realized, if all goes well, I’m gonna be the one who’s seeing more of alexis. – How so? – Well, not only is she a journalist, but the pcpd’s biggest case is tracking down her uncle victor because he kidnapped her nephews. – Yeah, I heard. – I’m sure she’s anxious to hear news about her family.

[Somber music] Anyway, I’ll see you.

– Chase and I were friends, but we didn’t get close until after he was suspended– because of me. – You didn’t ask chase to punch a civilian, let alone two. – But with linc and valentin, I was in a situation of my own making, and chase, you know, stepped in to defend me. – Because he cares. – Yeah, and that caring cost him a lot. And now he has a chance to be a detective again and reclaim his old life and everything he had in it before I came along. – But what you and chase had was real. – Until I messed it up… more than once. – Look, you tried to make it up to him, okay? You wrote that letter to the ccrb. – True. – So why are you giving up now? – I shouldn’t even be thinking about getting back together with chase. I mean, what I really owe him is helping him get his badge back. – I think you’ve done all you can do there. – I don’t know. Maybe there’s more I can do. – All right, then what are you waiting for? Go to that meeting. I’ll stay here with willow and amelia. I’ll work on wedding prep until michael gets back. – There’s still one more thing. What if I’m the last person chase wants to see? – [Sighs]

– It is working on the coordinates trina gave us. – Do you have any idea how long it’s gonna take them to find my daughter? – Portia, listen to me, honey. Trina can do this. The fact that she has evaded victor for this long– it actually gives her and spencer a little bit of an advantage here. – Think about this: Trina snuck onto the “haunted star” without being noticed. That’s brave. And it is that level of courage that will carry her through. – I just pray that this nightmare will be over soon.

[Dramatic music] – Come on, sweetie. – [Sobs] – Double the guards outside dr. Obrecht’s room. She’s a brilliant woman and not easily intimidated. She’s bound to try to escape. All right, time to go. – If you wanted me dead, you’d have killed me already. – Of course I don’t want you dead, spencer. It would pain me no end to harm family. Well, call me sentimental. But I cannot allow your transgressions to go unpunished, so from now on, consider yourself my prisoner. – What have I been until this point? – You will no longer be afforded the privileges of family, including food. – You’re gonna starve me? – Oh, trust me, this won’t hurt you nearly as much as you’ve hurt me.

[Dramatic music] Watkins, take him to his cabin.

– Get in here. – Is one of the walkies missing? – Mm-hmm.


[Melancholy music] – I can see that something is really wrong here. Will you please let me help you?

– Alexis… I’m sick.

– [Sighs]

Come in.

– [Sighs]

– [Sighs] – Brook lynn. – Right on time.

[Tender music]

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