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Uh, I’m gonna have to call you back.

When did this happen? When did what happened? Did you go back to the church without telling me No? Why would I do that? Then why are you wearing that? What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? Eric, if you’re not really, you know, then you shouldn’t be walking around dressed like that. Dress like, what a priest

Do you have a minute to chat? Yeah. For you out two. What’s up?

Sorry. I got a couple of these, um, breakfast biscuits from Sweet Beds from dude. I do not know what they put in these, but they’re like, crap,

you wanna get married again? Sure, why not? Is he serious right now? It just all seems so sudden. Oh, come on. Chanel spontaneity has always been our thing in, you know, I’ve always been crazy about you. I think that goes both ways, so, Will you please do me the honor of becoming Mrs. John Roman Damara. One more time.

I know everything Gabby. It’s over. What are you talking about? Enough with the pretending we’re done. We are far from done baby. Our story is just getting started and our. He’s gonna stand the test of time.

Stephan, what are you staring at? Only the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

This is an easy, so I’d appreciate it. You let me say what I need to say. Oh, I see. We leave the talking for another day. Where are you going? I said, stop it. What is wrong with you? I don’t appreciate being mocked, baby. I would never Don’t call me baby. I’m sorry. I didn’t have bothered you. You want to know what bothers me, Gabby?

Your need to make me feel more foolish. Empathetic than I already do. What are you? I get it. Okay. I. I’m the loser. I need to face reality that there’s no hope for us, except that this sham of a marriage needs to end fine, but let me do it with some semblance of dignity. I marriage. It was not sham. Uh, g granted, okay, we started off kind of on a, on, on the wrong note, but then our hearts grew to love each other and, and, and it was wonderful.

It is wonderful. And, oh, no, no, no, no. Please say that you remember. Please, please say that you remember our love. Don’t use Stephan.

It’s not nice to tease a girl, Stephan. Oh, who’s teasing? I adore you. I almost believe you. Hmm. Well, just in case there’s still some confusion, let me spell it out for you one more time. Not only are you the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever met. You are the most brilliant, captivating, dynamic woman on the planet.

And I am madly in love with you.

Oh, s Steph and I, I thought there was a chance we’d get close while I was helping you out, but I didn’t wanna get my hopes up. Come again. What you just said about me, were you being serious? I’ve never been more serious about anything at all my life. This you, my love only woman I want to be with and only you.

So what are you saying? Of course, I’ll marry you, G. Oh, that is amazing. I’m so happy. Me too. But wait, what about Wendy? Yeah. What about Wendy?

I’m a priest. What are you talking about? Look,

you’re right. How can I do this? I can give big trouble. Damnit, Eric. I can’t help it. I mean, just, I’m mad at. I could get in big trouble. I mean, impersonating a priest is like sacrilege. I know. When you’re cursing on top of it, we, we could get struck by lightning. Oh, forgive me father, for I know not what I’m saying.

Or wearing right now. You’ve gotta get out of these clothes before someone sees you and call the pope. This is why I’m thinking I’m gonna get on that right now. Yeah. Oh, why did you stop? Why are you following me? Well, because you must have stolen that clothing from St. Luke’s. I gotta get it dry, clean before anyone realizes it’s missing.

Good plan. But let’s go.

Oh, you didn’t hear me Sping. I said our crew was gonna kick the fire department’s asses here in the charity softball tournament. Oh yeah, you heard that? Listen. Oh, okay. Well, not if I see you first guy.

Ah. All right. Where were we? Uh, why? You said you wanted to chat? Yes. It’s on your mind. J Jake. Okay. How much coffee have you had today, boss? Normal amount. What do you ask? No reason. You, uh, you have a little something. Yeah. Oh my God. Wow. Thank you. Would’ve been really embarrassing if I, uh, went in front of a city council looking like a big old slob, huh?

Right, right. Anyway, um, I wanted to apologize. Or leaving so abruptly yesterday. Oh, it’s all good. Good, good. I’m glad, uh, cuz I, I love my job and I love working for you. And the last thing I want is for things to be awkward between us.

Why? Why the hell would it ever be awkward? Department policy, we discussed this. We have to obey the rules. Rules, yeah. Rules, rules, rules. You know, the, the guys that make these rules, they, they sit behind the desk, they’re pencil pushers and we, where do they get off making these rules and telling us who we should fraternize with.

The new policy came directly from the mayor who feels very strongly about superiors and subordinates not getting involved. Okay. Yeah. And, and you know, I love the mayor. I love Abe. Right. But he’s not a cop anymore. You know, he’s got his fancy job and his fancy wife and it, I just, I just don’t think that he gets us anymore.

I don’t follow. Yeah. Okay. Well, you and. We work long shifts overtime, steak outs, right? I mean, it is hard. It, it is stressful. It is hard. Did I say that already? I mean, whatever the, the point is this, right? You and me, we wake up every day and we risk our lives to make sure this damn city is safe, right? And, and if we feel comfort in each other’s arms, then that’s cool.

I mean, we should just go for it, right? Screw the policy. Screw them. Ra, are you okay? I’m, uh, I’m great. The, the best I’ve ever been. I’m just saying I don’t think that we should let the man dictate our lives, the man. Yes.

I, I just can’t tell you how good you look right now. Dress like that. Like what? Come on. Come on, hunter. You are right now. Okay. I, I, I don’t. I don’t know what’s going on right now. I have no idea what’s going on today.

Wendy. Hey, I didn’t see you there. Yeah, obviously not. Did I see what I think I just saw? Did you really just propose to Chanel? Uh, yeah. Yeah. I, I think I did. Johnny, Wendy, what? What’s the problem? Oh, you really don’t think proposing to your ex-wife while you’re dating me is a problem. Well, you never said we were exclusive, so it’s, well, Johnny, you could have at least given her a heads up, you know, as a courtesy, do me a.

Stay out of it. Why are you so bad outta shape, aren’t you dating Trip the drip?

I cannot. To make a love to you. Come down, take a step, and take me right now.

Uh, Melinda. What? Yes. Love. What you doing in my bed? What the hell happened to Gabby?

Stephan? Stephan? Answer. Why? Why are you calling me Stephan? What else would I call you? I mean, that’s your name. You look at me and see your ex-husband. I look at you and I see the love of my life who I thought I’d lost forever, and now you’re back and I’m never gonna let you go. I am Stephan. You are Stephan.

You remember? Of course, I remember it. I’m the man who loves you more than anything in this world. And I love you too, and I want you

take me to bed.

No peeking. I’m not.

I’m, are you almost done? Cause we really need to hurry yet. Yes, you go. Oh,

thank you. You know, for the life of me, I still don’t know why I end up dressed as a priest. Well, I’m just glad I was here to help and that no one saw you. I need to get these to the cleaners. Yeah. Make sure you’re steaming the bill. Who’s Bill? Okay. You know what? Just tell me later. Huh? I need to save your soul.

I appreciate that.

Oh, how did you. Do what? Change to that bikini. What do you mean? I’m not wearing a, oh. How does that happen? No idea. But you look good inside that bikini. You know what it reminds me of when you used to model for Bella Magazine? Wait, we should take some pictures for full-time sake. Oh yeah, that’s a great idea.

Great. Wait. I need a camera. Okay. I found it. Okay. Whenever you’re ready. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay. Come on. Perfect. Alright. Got it.

What’s wrong? You look amazing, Nicole. I mean, I love being on a beach with. Me too. I love that sand and the water. Sun. Ugh. Oh hot. Yes.

What the hell are you doing? I’d like to know the answer to that. Do you ever hear of knocking? You know, if you want to be alone, Rafe, maybe try locking the door. But this isn’t what it looks like, but what it looks like is that the police commissioner is coming onto you and you’re not very happy about it.

You know, you just committed a very serious crime. No, no, no, no, no. Did you even go to law school? Okay. Because in this country you’re guilty until proven innocent, and therefore I am innocent. You. You’re guilty. You’re guilty of marching. My mellow What? I meant horsing, my mellow. I said, Marshing, my mellow marsh marshmallow.

Do you My God,

honey. Anyway, what do you want? You summoned me. I did, yes. After Detective Hunter here raided my home, she left me a voicemail saying that she would like me to come down to the station as soon as possible. So, What I had a search warrant, whatever. Look, I brought my phone like you asked, okay? And yes, it is the only one that I have.

Great. I’ll have the tech team examine it right away. You’re not gonna find anything. By the way, with me and Paul, nothing connecting us to the alleged harassment, there’s nothing alleged about this. She received a threatening text message, not from me.

Talk about harassment. Okay, look, it looks like I came out of bad time. I’ll take that phone now.

Fine. But to know that you’ll be wasting even more of your time and the taxpayer’s money, and when you do finally come crawling back to me yet again to admit that this little witch hunt of yours has come up empty, be prepared to face a lawsuit. Because I am really getting sick of this. Du,

what are you looking at?

You are alive.

Toki. That’s you and Trip were dating. I told you he was moving in on her. Oh, I love trip. You guys make such a cute couple. You know, he and I did almost have sex once, but we were hammered so it doesn’t count. And you don’t have to worry about me selling him no trip and I are not dating. Oh, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait a minute.

I came over. Apartment the other night, and I told you all about my big plans to whine you and dine you at the bistro, but you told me that you had plans with Dr. Boy. We ended up not going out. Ah, drip flaked on you. Trip didn’t flake. Joey was in an accident and you wanted to be in Seattle with his brother.

Oh my God. Is Joey okay? He will be. Oh good. Okay. I’m gonna send him a gift basket and I’m gonna put it all against some donuts and cookies. Oh, oh. And send him doza. The biscuits and send me some too. Can we please get back to your engagement? Did you really just propose to Chanel because I agreed to go on a date with trip?

Yeah. Yeah, I think I did. Unbelievable. Wendy. Wendy, don’t be so mad. You, you can totally come to our wedding and we can even go on a date after if it’s cool with shit now, please tell me you’re. No, of course not. I, I, I just call a bistro, move the reservation. It’ll be,

you know, your sister warned me about how badly you treat women. She said You are reckless. Impulsive. But I didn’t believe her. Oh, my sister dis me. You too. Why is she such a hater? It’s getting really old. No. You know what’s getting old? This conversation?

Yeah. Johnny, I really thought we had something special. I really wanted this to work.

Mature the trip. No, I’m interested in trip, so rather than hiding it, I wanted to be open and honest about it. You know, do the mature and respectful thing and, and try to clarify my feelings for him before fully committing to you. It never occurred to me that it would make you do something so stupid. I mean, God.

You really are the jackass. Everyone says you are. We’re done.

So where should we go on our honeymoon?

I want you so bad step, please. I can’t wait any longer.

No, no, no, no, no. Gabby, I, I can’t do this. What? What’s wrong step? Don’t you want me? Of course. I want you, but not like this. I just, I don’t understand. Gabby, please. What? Tell me what is the problem step? Just tell me. The problem is I’m not stepping,

where is Gabby? How the hell should I know? What is this Some kind of game? No, I was just about to ask you the same thing. What did you do with her? Where is Gabby? I didn’t do anything to Gabby. Okay. Well, she was here and then, then she, she, she. And then she, what? She turned into you. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Are you, are you saying that you were just pretending that I was Gabby? Wait, that’s the only reason why you wanted me. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. She was here. Okay. If you’re gonna use me to fulfill some fantasies about your ex-wife, at least have the guts to. Down up to it when you get caught. That’s not, that’s not at all.

I take time outta my incredibly busy life to pulling over on EJ and Lee and this is the things I get under humiliation.

No, not laughing. Don’t you dare laugh. Who’s laughing? Step. What the, what the hell are you doing? Melinda? Melinda, Melinda, take it easy. Melinda. Take me. Going to kill you.

Melin. Hey, what has gotten into you? Let’s help you entitle crepe. You have messed my head for the last time. Oh my God. Oh, Melinda, are you okay? I think I need a doctor.

I can. I’m not, Stephan, what are you talking about? I’m looking right at you, but what you’re seeing isn’t real, baby. You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to push me away. I already know that. Ley knows we’re together. He found out though we don’t have to sneak around or lie or anything. We’re free. And yes, I’m gonna lose this.

DER share’s a big deal. What matters now is that we’re free to show the entire world how we feel. That’s what matters now. Yes, Gabby, I did find out about you and Stephanie EJ sent me a picture of the two of you having sex in the Dera Wine Cellars. Why do you keep doing that? Why do you keep talking like you’re in third person for the last time?

I am not your ex-husband. I’m your current. The pitiful excuse for a man who was so desperate to hold onto you. I almost ended up in prison and, and after that, I still didn’t get the hint and diluted myself into thinking I could win you back with Sheila Keels and Van Gogh

Lee. Oh, thank God. What is going on? You’ve been hallucinating. You take something? No. What? No, I don’t do drugs. Well, clearly someone drugged you. Yeah, no, I, I do feel a little weird. Okay. Just take it easy. Okay. Oh, wait, lemme watch out for what?

Who the hell is Duke? I have no idea I missed you buddy. Oh God, you look great. Recovered like a chimp. Recovered what is from decapitation. It props to your effect, but uh, you shouldn’t be here right now. Okay. Says um. Nicole and I are over, and I was trying to get busy with this one when the uptight blonde witch showed up.

Excuses. No, it’s cool. Like we’re still buds. It’s just having, uh, the stuffed bear that my wife and I shared custody with, show up on my date. It’s just a little cramping. My style date, what, what type of date?

Why, why is the room I’m spinning right now? Are you okay? Uh, No, no, no, no. Oh, great. Breathe free.

Oh, I want you so much you here. All I want you.

Wait, wait, wait. What? What about Sloan? She needed things because I had trouble believing that she wasn’t stalking, pulling it, you know, lot of sex for her. Hmm mm-hmm. Wait a minute. What about you and ej? PJ is so boring. Told you all he wants to do is plot against his stupid undead brother. Be with you is so much more fun.

Except they run with your mocha. No, no, it’s, it’s fine. And why aren’t you drinking it? Ah, I don’t know. I guess I’m just kind of bummed that Wendy dumped me. I mean, I can see why she wouldn’t want to keep dating me if you and I are getting married. But I’m surprised it was a deal breaker. Hey, hey, hands.

What? Those things are delicious. Those things are for paying customer. Well, don’t I get a family discount? Oh, your family. Oh. Forgive me. My name is Johnny Dara. I am Chanel’s once and Future husband. Once and Future. Yeah, we’re getting married and you are the first person that we’ve told except for my almost girlfriend, but she doesn’t really count because she was eavesdropping on the proposal, so, but they’re getting married maybe.

Maybe you, you said? Yes. I’m not sure why I said that. Wait, wait, wait. Are you saying that you don’t want to be my first and second wife? I think so. So does this mean the honeymoon’s off too? Sorry. Hmm. Oh, well, I guess I should probably get home. Yeah, and I, I have to get back to work. Oh, where do you work?

Here, here at the Bakers. Cool. Oh, cool. Yeah. Well, maybe. Since I got dumped twice in one day, could I get some biscuits for the road?

Okay, well, I’m just gonna go home and take a nap.

What was that all about?

Woo. What did we just do?

Eric, open up. Are you in there? Oh my God, this mo sh. Maybe she’ll go away. Eric, open up. We need to talk.

Hello? I don’t think she’s going away.

What’s with the pillow? Um, I was getting dressed. Okay. Uh, so look, I, I came here cuz I wanted to apologize for overreacting. You know, I thought about, I did say to you that I was still planning on. Getting revenge on Chanel and Paulina. And while I’m not guilty of anything that they’re accusing me of, you know, it makes total sense.

Yeah. That you would find me suspicious. No, it’s not Mickey. Is that all? Oh, aren’t you gonna invite me in? I, uh, I, uh, uh, what, when, have you ever been nervous about me watching you get dressed? I don’t think so. I’m, I’ll call you later. Okay. Good. You’re hilarious.



detective Har, I need to speak to you immediate. This isn’t a good time. Mr. Damara, what if I need to report an attempting partner? Two, actually. Okay. I’m listening. I’d rather EJ poisoned me and District Attorney Trask. He needs to be arrested. Do you have proof of this alleged poisoning? No, but I’m pretty sure he poisoned these breakfast biscuits.

We ate, did you say breakfast biscuits? Yeah. Nicole picked him up from Sweet Bits. Melinda and I both ate ’em and started hallucinating. She’s in the ER right now. Your brother may not be the one responsible for this.

Gabby, is that really you? My love’s me. Hey, what happened to her? That’s what we’re here to find out. Please hold me.

It’s gonna be okay.

Thanks. You feeling any better? Yeah. I don’t know what happened to me like with Johnny before. So he really asked you to marry him? Yeah, and I said yes, which is nuts. I, I don’t know. He was just so excited and I got caught up in the moment and I, I guess it was just like a temporary moment of insanity.

Isis they send you on a donut, right? I wish I’m actually here to investigate a crime. Did something happen to my mother? Ms. Price is fine. But the police commissioner and the DA are both in the hospital suffering from hallucination. Oh God, that’s awful. It’s, but what does that have to do with the bakery?

Well, they both ate breakfast biscuits that they purchased here this morning. There must have been something in them. Have the town had breakfast, uh, biscuits from here this morning. So have you gotten reports from other people being sick? Not yet. But if you really sold that many of them, then it’s likely that we.

This could ruin Chanel’s business. Oh my God. Oh my God. Okay. One step at a time. Okay. Chanel, do you think it’s possible that someone may have spiked those biscuits? Yes, and I know exactly who it was.

I was fast. This isn’t what it looks. One more person says that to me today. I swear to God. I meant, I know. Really, son. I don’t know how this happened. Yes, you do. You got undressed and you took out your banana. She means camera. Yeah. He was gonna take pictures of me. Yeah. For all time sake. But I’m. Think that really ever happened?

Hmm. I If you’re trying to convince me that the two of you didn’t just have sex or, oh no, we definitely had sex. But you, we were wearing a bikini. Yeah. Wait, what happened to it? Yeah. Wearing my collar. Collar caller. Yeah. You were supposed to take that to dry cleaner, which I don’t think ever happened. Well, I thought he was dressed as a priest and turns out he.

Yeah, and she was wearing a bikini, but now that’s gone.

So you guys are seeing things that aren’t there. And thinking things that are, there are something else. Yeah, exactly. And you guys ended up in bed together and you both don’t know how it happened.

It sounds to me like you guys were drugged. It had to be Sloan Peterson. Are you sure? Yeah, it makes perfect sense. I leaked the story about her harassing mama to the Spectator, and now she’s coming after me. But how would Sloan know that you were the source? Well, I ran into her yesterday and I told her, and then we got into it physically.

Thank goodness I was able to break it up though. But not before Sloany blood. Oh my God, that woman is a total psycho. And that is exactly what the headline on Leo’s column said. So it makes sense. Look, it cost her business. So now she’s trying to hurt my business. But Sloane was at the police station when RA passed out, and she seemed just as shocked as I was.

Well, she was clearly putting on an. Oh my God. Maybe the, that’s what happened to Johnny. Johnny Dara. Yeah. Johnny was acting really weird before, and actually so was I, and we both had those biscuits. Oh, this has Sloane Peterson written all over it. Who else would do something that twisted.

Okay. I don’t know whether Sloan is behind this or not. I can promise you this. This is going to be my top priority and I’m gonna find out who’s been drugging the citizens of. And I’m going to bring them to justice.

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