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Sloane Sloane.

Hello Eric. What the hell’s going on Jada? What are you doing here?

Hey ish, Talia. Hey. Hey. I was just looking for my sister. Is she around? She’s actually out on a call. You wanna leave a message for her? No, it’s okay. Um, but since I’m here I was just wondering, uh, you and Jada enjoy your dinner last night. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Dinner.

So how was the bakery busy? We almost completely sold out, but I managed to save some ginger scones for eight. I told you to stop doing that. Gonna give that man diabetes. You can just toss that box in the trash. And that would include the bear claw I put in there for you. Gimme that. Okay. So Abe who hits the gym at least four times a week, he’s on a restricted diet.

But you, I don’t go there now. You know Big mama blessed us with her amazing jeans. I’m as healthy as a horse. Mm. And that’s why I had to make an appointment for you with the cardiologist. Well, I was given a clean bill of health even after you had a panic. Oh, oh, you know, that reminds me when I left for that appointment, you, you told me that you were going to handle Sloan Peterson.

So, uh, I’m assuming this is your doing.

Oh, open up Stark. I know you’re in there.

Girl. What is your problem? This, oh, bad manicure. I’m talking about your stupid little gossip column here is Salem’s top legal Eagle. A total psycho. So you read that immediately. Came over here and freaked out there by proving the story is true. This isn’t funny. If you don’t fix this, I will destroy it.

Well, seems the rumors are true. What rumors, according to Leo you two are Salem’s hottest new couple. Looks like he was right. Why are you talking about, oh, come on. Don’t try to deny it. I walked in here. I heard you giving a toast about letting go of the past and moving on with your lives. It’s very clear to me that you are moving on with each other.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You don’t understand what’s not to understand. You lied to me. You told me you couldn’t be with me because you were still so very much in love with Sarah, but now I. You were causing it to her. Craig Wesley stuck up. Daughter. It’s good to see you too, Gwen. Yeah. And you treated Leo like dirt because that’s how you treat dirt, like dirt.

And that was nothing compared to the way you treated me. You know what? As far as I’m concerned, you two deserve each other.

I am here on official police business. Did anything happen to Sloan? No. I mean, not that I know of. I came here to question her and she wasn’t home, so I decided to take a look around. So you broke in. No the super very nicely. Let me in once I showed him my warrant. Would you like to see it? Look Judy, if this is about that later.

No, there’s actually been a new development in the case last night. Paulina Price for received a very threatening text message and I think your girlfriend might know something about it.

You and Jada had dinner together. We talked about this. Ray, Abe. Abe. It was a very platonic dinner. Okay? I went to the pub. I went there to pick up takeout, and then I ran into Detective Hunter and her sister, and then, well, we decided that we would sit at a table together. Now, is that against apartment regulation?

Should I have sat at a table across the room, or should I have fled the place entirely to maintain the department’s sparkling reputation? Talia, I don’t know if you have met the mayor. This is Detective Hunter’s, sister Talia, and she was also there the other night. Hello, today, Dave Garden. Hi, nice to meet you.

Oh, Talia Hunter, you work with Chanel, right? Mm-hmm. And you helped my wife when she had that panic attack? I did, and I’m hoping she’s feeling a lot less stress. Well, not so much. This situation with Song Peterson is Ah, it’s getting to her.

Oh, I hope that article didn’t hurt Sloan’s feelings. She’s such a delicate little Sherman tanked. So this is your, You went trotting off the lady, what’s his face? And toll all, uh, Leo doesn’t reveal his sources well, even with Leo’s socks reference for journalistic ethics, she is gonna know who gave this to him.

Good. It’s about time. She knows that if she hits us, we hit back and this is gonna hit her where it hurts. As far as I can see, the only thing she cares about other than making us miserable is her law practice. Hmm. And. I just wonder how many people are looking for a psycho lawyer. Well, I hope you are right that this backs her off and that that text last night will be the end of it.

What text? Gosh. Take up chill pill. She Hulk. What exactly are you asking me to do? You need to run an immediate retraction. Just admit you made the whole. I didn’t, I got my intel from a very reliable source. Do you mean polling a price? Uh, as a respected journalist, I’m not at liberty to reveal my sources.

You’re not a journalist. You’re an insignificant little worm. I was about to have his ass sued, liable. Ah. It’s not liable if it’s true, isn’t true. I have not been harassing Paul Price. No. You sure as hell had motive? You keep insisting that Chanel Dure killed your mother. That would’ve been a matter of public record had her mother not paid to have the whole thing covered up.

Giving you even more motive. But it’s a sad story and I’m sure the public would be on your side if you just, you know, confessed in detail in my column. We can get the whole town to hate that, not just you tell Lady Whistleblower everything.

Well, if you don’t have the phone, then you have no proof that Sloan sent that text. Well, that’s kind of why I’m here to find proof. Yeah. Well, I’m pretty sure that Sloan took her phone with her. Well, maybe she’s a different phone, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to poke around a bit. Couldn’t hurt you. You don’t have to clean it up.

Did you find anything? Nothing yet. But I did notice that you have your own drawer now. Things are getting pretty serious. I really don’t need a lecture of why I shouldn’t be dating Sloan. No lecture. Just an observation. Okay. Okay. Maybe, maybe a little judgment, but I know it’s none of my business. And honestly, I just want you to be happy no matter who you’re with.

I want you to be happy too. What about you? Everybody new in your life?

Is Paulina okay? She got a clean zone of health. All the harassment and. Just doesn’t let up. Well, I swear to God, I am gonna give it to the bottom of this. I know, I, I, I know that. Have you heard from Detective Hunter? Is she able to question Sloan Peterson about the texts? Well, she has not checked in yet, but as soon as I do hear from her, I will let you know.

I’ll give you a call. Thank you. Thank you. And, uh, I’m sorry about before you do know that I trust you implicit. Yes. Yes. Right. It’s nice to meet you. To meet you. Same to you, Mr. Mayor. Yes, Abe. Abe. Talk to you later. Yep.

Sorry, I got you in trouble. Nah, it’s okay. But’s, uh, do me a favor, right? Yeah. Anything. Just tell me what it is. Yeah. Uh, stop trying to push me and Jada together. Okay. Wow. Was I that obvious? Well, only to a trained detective. Oh, you’re nasty. Hmm. No wonder why Jada likes you so much. You heard ape. I am Jada’s boss.

There are rules against this. All right. Nothing can happen. Well, you know that’s just a shame cuz you two would make a great couple. I mean, you’re funny. Both great looking available Talia, nothing can happen. All right, fine. I guess. But just tell me. If it wasn’t for that stupid policy, you’d be making a move, wouldn’t you?

Hmm? Your husband can’t save you. I can’t believe Sloan sent this text. Well, technically it was anonymous, but we both know it was her. Well, well, did you report it to the cops? Abe’s taking care of it. Oh, that woman is so twisted. No, tell me. Uh, when I ran into her last night, she practically gloated when I.

When you what? I wasn’t gonna say anything, but I had another panic attack. No, no, no, no. It was no big deal. No, no, no. Uhuh. I remember what tall you said to do and was able to calm down. Okay, good. I’m glad. But wait, there’s more, isn’t there?

But when I started losing it, Sloan mocked me. Walked the way before she knew I was okay. Oh that bitch. I swear to God. If something had happened to you, don’t. Don’t even think about it. I’m fine. I’m fine. And that’s what Sloane Peterson, she will get hers eventually, one way or another. There’s nothing to confess.

I’m innocent. Fine. Stick with your old. But you should read the comments section of my column. Everyone thinks you’re guilty. I know. That’s why I want a retraction. It’s too late. The public has already made up its mind. The only way to turn things around is to share your sob story and get people to feel sorry for you.

And why would I do that? You’ll just twist my words. You’re a lawyer. You’ll choose your words carefully. Just not too carefully. We do need some juicy details, so question number.

Which magazines did you use to cut out those letters? Vogue, vanity Fair. Why does it matter? I don’t know. It’s the first question that came to my mind. Gosh, you’re such a total hack. Listen, work with me here now. You listen here, you little twerp. I expect an immediate retraction by tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll sue those hideous pants off of your little scrawny ass.

They’re not hideous. They’re cut.

Not that it’s any of your business, Gwen, but Chloe and I were just having a drink together. There’s nothing romantic going on. Oh yeah. Okay. What about last night then when I walked in here and you were in each other’s arms? Oh, for goodness sake, I was upset about Brady, and Xander was comforting. What about the photo that Leo took of you?

To what photo? This picture right here,

a sneaky little pip squeak. If Leo thinks he’s using this picture in his column, don’t worry. I killed it. It’s like how you killed the story about this one being a child hater. And when he killed that so-called story, I was happy and I hugged him. Oh, is that how the two of you shacked up? Then you traded Sex for Fathers.

There’s nothing going on between Oz Gwen. Why do you care anyway? You’re sleeping with Alex. I don’t care. I just don’t like being lied to. I mean, if you, if you didn’t wanna be with me, you could have just told me so. So making up some rubbish excuse about how you still hung up on your ex, Sarah, you know what?

You were a coward then and you are a coward now. Just have the bloody guts to admit that the two of you are a couple. Fine, you’re right. I fallen madly in love with Chloe Lane. I don’t care who knows anymore.

I am not seeing anyone. Right. I am focused on work. Yeah. Well, I hope you don’t neglect your personal life for too long. You deserve to be to some degree. Thanks. Anyway, I better get going. I left Sloane a voicemail, but if you can please remind her to stop by the PD first chance she gets and she should bring her phone or phones.

Okay. Okay, I got it. I’ll tell her also. I hope Sloane is aware that we have ways to access any deleted messages. Jenna, I really don’t think Sloan has anything to do with this. Well, if that’s true, it would still be in her best interest if she cooperated. Owen, sorry about the mess. Right.

I really should get back to work. You’re avoiding the question. Hey, you catch on eventually. I’ll let Jayden know you stopped by. You know what? Fine. You don’t even need to answer the question. I can see that both you and Jada are attracted to one another. We just need to figure out a way around those stupid regulations.

All right, Talia, lemme tell you something. There are a lot of people in this town that I know very well and that I trust, and I have not discussed this situation with them. So don’t be offended that I don’t wanna discuss it with you. Direct, forceful man. You are right up Jesus Alley. Uh.

Wow. God bless Chanel. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. These are for later. Chanel went to the bistro to pick up something for dinner. Oh, well that’s nice her. Mm-hmm. It is. But I also think she wanted to get out and get some air. Yeah. Yeah. She was pretty upset when I told her about Sloan Peterson Walking away from you while I was having my panic attack.

Yeah. And that nasty text message I told RA about that he got a. He sent Jada Hunter over to search her apartment and as soon as she reports back to him, he’ll give me an update. Oh, good. I hope they nail it to the wall. Me too. But in the meantime, I think we should leave Salem.

Hey, do. Tell your mother to stop spreading those lies about me, especially to the reporters. Oh, she didn’t do that? I did. And they weren’t lies. Oh. Like hell, they weren’t. And if you are the one who went and spoke to Leo Stark, then you’re gonna be the one to go back and set that record straight. Oh, the record’s already straight.

You trashed my mom’s office. You sent that threatening note. And then last night after walking away from my mother when she could have been dying, you sent that text, excuse me, I’m sorry. What text that your husband. Save you. Okay. I didn’t send that text. Oh no. Then who did? I don’t know. Maybe one of the hundred thousand other people who hate that old obnoxious bitch.

Oh, I know you did not just call my mama an old bitch. You just forgot. Obnoxious.

I will kill you.

You want to move out of. I didn’t say that. I, I, I just think it’s, uh, it was time for an extended vacation and we never did have a honeymoon. This isn’t about a honeymoon. This is about getting away from Sloan Peterson, right? Yes. Yes. I, I, I, yes it is. Look, look, the police are on the case, and once she’s behind Barbara, we can come back.

So we’d be running. Don’t think of it like that. Oh, what other way is there to think about it? Think that you are under a lot of stress and Paris is beautiful this time of year. Well, as much as I would like to go to Paris with you, I can’t leave Chanel here all alone, but she can come with us. She won’t, she won’t leave her bakery for that long, which means I have to stay here and protect her from Sloane, especially after she got Leo’s start to run that column in the Spectator.

Ah, yeah. I’m not sure about that. Eh, well, with what we know about Sloan Peterson, I am not sure. It’s a good idea.

Willie are psycho me. You’re the one who killed my mother.

Oh, she started it. Oh wow. We, I’m not afraid to finish it. No, this ends now leave. Before I call the. I already had to file a restraining order against your mother. I guess I had to file one against you too. Are you all right? Yeah. God, I hate her. Yeah, I would’ve never guessed. Come outta your bleeding. She’s just a scratch.

Yeah, that can get infected. Come on, let’s go to the bakery. They have a first aid kit there.

Yeah. Oh, hey, how’d it go with Peterson? Uh, she wasn’t home, so I looked around the apartment, find anything. Uh, she has crap taste in music, and she has more handcuffs than the department has, but no burner phone and no cutout magazines. All right. You left our message both on her cell and with Eric. Oh, he was there.

How’d that go? Strained. You know how it always is when you’re talking to an ex? Yeah. Tell me about it. But in a way it was good. You know, I, as I’m living there with that woman, a dominatrix who listens to cold clay, and I thought to myself, dude, I am over you.

You are a pig.

That one is not. Yeah, well she’s right around one thing. You are a pig.

You’re not gonna believe what I’ve been through. Yeah. Well, I’m not gonna believe this either. I went into the pub. You were right of Alexandra and Chloe there. They were her showing off her cleavage to her best advantage while he’s undressing her, his eyes. So you quietly backed away to weep in private.

No, I did. I walked over there and I told him off how out of Charact. First he said there was nothing going on, and then. She kissed her right in front of me. Yes. What gwenny don’t you see? This means we’re winning.

Ow. God, what was that for? You assaulted me. How was it? No, I just gave you a kiss. In public for someone else’s benefit. You know, I don’t like being dragged into your deeply icky relationship with that limey psycho, but I especially don’t like being used as a prop in your gotcha moment for your ex upon reflection.

You have a point. Reflection, you don’t even know what the word means. Did you stop for one second to think about what you just did upon reflection? She’s gonna run straight to Leo and tell him what happened, and then he’s gonna write some truly disgusting column about it, and then Brady will read it.

Give, I thought even moving on, I never said that, but even if I did, it doesn’t give you a right to maul me in public to prove your pros. I’m sorry, Chloe. I, you’re right. I, I didn’t think on, even when I do think I usually. Mess things up. Bye. I’m sorry. Really, I, because I don’t know, this is a long shot, but I really would like it if we could be friends.

I’ll get started on that report. There is one more thing your sister stopped by. Why o c you? But she did manage to speak about our dinner together last night in front of the mayor. I’ll kill her. Well, I’d have to report that. Okay, fine. I won’t kill her, but I’ll tell her to back off. Yeah. Well I already did that.

Did not seem to phase her this. Um, she, uh, she started talking about our dinner together and then segued into, uh, an aria about how unfair the new policy regulations are and then concluded with, uh, how clearly we are attracted to each other. I am mortified. I am so, so sorry. No more. It’s okay. I. Wanted you to know she clearly hasn’t given up her campaign.

I will handle her the commissioner. I want you to know that I have never, ever encouraged that. I never said that. I, I mean, I know there can be nothing between us. I know you have no interest in me, you know, in that way. Right. I think the problem is, um, I actually am,

Hey, I didn’t expect you to, What the hell is all of this? Jada? She executed a search warrant. What? Yeah. Well, someone sent, Pauline had threatening text message last night. Yeah, no, I know. Apparently I’ve already been tried and found guilty. You know. Jen left you a message. I want you to come down the station.

I’m really getting sick of all of this. Well, they said you should probably bring your phone. I want to take a look at it. You better do what they say. Of course, I, I have nothing to hide. I here if I don’t, why don’t you see for yourself?

Apparently it’s a good idea to hire a baker who’s also a doctor. Yeah. Especially if you love street brawls. It literally looked like you two were gonna kill each other. Hold on. This is might sting a little bit.


You know, I’m really glad you showed up when you did. It looked like the white chick was getting the worst of it. No, I, I mean, not just now, but in general. You know, when Allie and I broke up, I didn’t just lose my girlfriend, but I also lost my business partner, and I’ve just been feeling so overwhelmed.

And then you showed up and I feel like I’m finally starting to see a path forward, so thank you.

I don’t get it. How exactly am I. Your sexual exploits with Alex have made Xander mad with jealousy, so now he’s trying to make you jealous by stripping. Chloe Le doesn’t feel like wanting to me. Don’t you see? He’s using her so that you’ll come back to him maybe. Or maybe your plan backfired and now he has real feelings for her.

Huh? I hadn’t thought of that.

Chloe, I really am sorry. Could you please, please just gimme another chance. Well, as someone who just told a little kid that I hated her, I know what it’s like to be provoked into doing something you regret really. And for what it’s worth, I’ve actually. Really enjoyed hanging out with you. Never thought I’d be leaning on you for emotional support, but here we are.

So we’re good. We’re good as long as you keep your dirty paw away from me. Okay.

Did what you just said mean what I think it.

You know, I think that maybe I should clarify this further. So, um, if I wasn’t your boss, then I would ask you out all for further clarification. I’d say yes. Okay. Well, right. I just, um, I just thought if we were aware of the situation, then we could be more in control of the situation. Yeah, I agree. Right, and And to be clear, yeah, I don’t think the problem is that you’re my boss because you are a very good professional boss.

I think the problem are those departmental regulations. But they’re real. And, uh, what are the consequences? Meaning nothing can happen. That’s right.

Well, um, now that, that’s settled and out the way, I should keep going. Good night. Quiet. Yeah, boss. Okay. Yeah. Good night, detective. I’m.

I don’t need to see your phone. I believe you, Ali. Someone does. But I do have one question for you. What. I have baby’s breath in your hair. Let me get it. It’s been a long day. I know. I’m going up to shower. I’m done. Can we make dinner please? Yeah, sure. Or we can order in, but I’m just not in the mode to go out.

I have up to here with the good people of Salem.

Well, um, you. I wasn’t just trying to get you away from Sloan Peterson. No, no. Uh, look, I, I, I, I, it’s not that I don’t like having Chanel here. I love her. But I would like to spend a little alone time with you.

Oh, well, once that cycle is behind bars, we are Paris bound. Promise.

Oh, well, table’s all set. Oh, we’re missing as the food, I’m wonder was taking Chanel so long? Uh, let me text her and see. Mm-hmm. Where.

Oh, I should get going. Mama wants her dinner. Well, you all bandaged up. You’re good to go. You know, we always order way too much. Why don’t you join us for. Sure. I mean, I don’t wanna intrude or anything. Are you kidding me? Mama loves you. She’ll be happy to see you again. All right, well, okay. Sounds nice.

Thank you. No, thank you for all the free medical assistant, a girl ain free. You just haven’t gotten a bill yet.

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