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Loui – does sonny have you working all night? – I’m not sure. What about you? You got any plans? – Me and shane are going to go back to the dorm, and I guess there’s an after party. – Have fun. – Will you text me when you’re off? Maybe we can meet up. – Where? – [Laughs] Quartermaine boathouse? No one will know we’re there. – Dex, josslyn.

[Ominous music] Why do I always keep finding you two together?

– –After specific

pushing for the bill

for nine years and taking–

[Television turns off] – I really wish I didn’t have to disturb you.

[Inhales] Hey, willow? Willow? Hey. Hello, sleeping beauty. It’s, uh, it’s time you get to bed. You have a big day tomorrow. – Wait. The nurses’ ball is over? – Yeah. It ended a few minutes ago. – [Sigh] What did I miss?

[Ominous music] – Ok, what happened during the magic show? Is liesl backstage? – No one has seen aunt liesl. No one has seen her since she stepped into the vanishing cabinet. – Ok, liesl was supposed to donate her bone marrow for willow’s transplant tomorrow. Where the hell is she?

– [Knocking] Trina? It’s mom. Sweetheart, are you there?

[Indistinct chatter] – Esme? Esme, can you hear me, sweetheart? Oh– oh, god. Are you all right? – [Groans] – Oh, honey. Oh. It’s ok. Take it slow. Take it slow. Here. Come on. Let’s get you on the sofa. Come on now. – Ok. Ok. – Here, sit down. Sit down. – It– it– it all happened so fast. I mean, I opened the door, and then this man, he forced his way in, and then– – oh, my god. – I tried to fight him off, but he knocked me over, and– – oh, sweetheart. – He– he took my baby. – We’ll get your baby back. I promise you that. Come on now, honey. – Why? Why? Why? Why did he do that? Why did he– – I don’t know. – –Take my baby? – We will find your baby, sweetheart, I promise you. – [Sobbing] – It’s going to be ok. – I’m powerless. I hate being powerless to help her. – I know what you mean, but we have to trust that the doctors are doing everything that they can for her. – Anna would be the first to tell us to focus on stopping victor. – First, we’ve got to find that bastard.

[Suspenseful music] – Spencer, please, make yourself comfortable. Leave everything to me. – The boat is moving. – Well, technically we call it weighing anchor. – Uncle victor, where are you taking me?

[Dramatic music]

– I’m disappointed in you, dex. I’ve known for months you two were together. I gave you the chance to come clean, and you lie to me repeatedly, unless you want to deny what’s right in front of me. – No, sir. – You risked your life to save me. You’re lucky, because otherwise we’d be having a different conversation. You proved yourself to me, so how you handle your personal life is your business. Does your mom know that you’re seeing dex? – Yes. – And I should take your word for that? – You can ask her if you want to. Um, she– she doesn’t love it, but she respects that it’s my decision. – Ok. Well, you know what? I don’t like to be lied to. – No one does. – I’ve got a job for you. I have no interest in being the romance police. Josslyn is carly’s daughter. If that– that’s all right with her, that’s her business. As long as it does not interfere with your work. – It won’T. – Good. We’ve got a job for you.

[Suspenseful music] – I think you’ll find the accommodations on the haunted star are really first rate. Oh, speaking of which, your stateroom is ready for you if you want to make yourself comfortable. Alternatively, I can have someone escort you to the upper decks. You can take in the harbor lights. – But why do I need a stateroom or an escort, and why are we taking a tour of the harbor? – Oh, this is much more than the harbor tour, spencer. No, soon we’ll be heading to the open sea. – We’re leaving port charles. Why didn’t you tell me? Where are we going? – Don’t you worry about a thing. I’ve checked everything out. The haunted star is as safe as any ocean liner. – Like the “titanic”? Yeah, I’m out. Whatever the next stop is, I’m– I’m going to get off this boat. – Well, I’m afraid that’s out of the question. You see, we won’t be stopping for quite a while. – Then I’ll swim for it. The shore isn’t that far off.

[Suspenseful music]

– We have to find him. – We will. – My baby needs me. – Honey, we called for help, all right? They’ll be here soon. The police are coming–

[Knock at door] That’s them. – Pcpd. – [Sobbing] – Dante, thank god. A man broke into the house. Please, come in. I think she’s been hit in the head. – Please, we have to find them. He has my baby. – Who has your baby, esme? Who did this to you? – Who else? This is probably nikolas cassadine. – [Scoff] I can’t believe I slept through magic milo. Wait, I knew milo was coming to town to dance, but who else is in it? – Well, tj danced again. – Oh. – And somehow they recruited cody and dex. But you’re never going to guess who else they got to dance. – Who? – You remember that bodyguard that valentin hired to watch brooklyn and bailey? – Uri? – Yeah. – Oh, my god. Big burly yuri danced on stage?

[Gasp] I can’t believe I missed that. – Well, yeah, I recorded it so we can watch it another night.

[Soft music] But remember…

[Clears throat] I used to be a magic wand. So maybe when you’re back on your feet, I can give you a private show you’ll never forget.

[Laughter] – Promise? – No doubt. – What else did I miss? – Oh, your bone marrow donor was part of a magic act. – Liesl did magic tricks? – Well, more like she was the magic trick. Yeah, maxie’s kids, georgie and james, they put her in a box, and she disappeared. – I can’t wait to watch. – Yeah. Yeah, I know it was just a, you know, magic trick, but it– it looked a little too real. – [Laughs]

[Ominous music] – I’m assuming you called liesl? – Yes, carly. I called aunt liesl. She left her phone in the dressing room when she went on stage during the magic act. – Ok. Well, does sonny now that she’s gone? – He’s gone to look for her, and hopefully by now he’s already– hey. Any– any luck finding aunt liesl? – I have dex searching for her. Speaking of dex, did– did you know that he’s seeing josslyn? – You want to get into this right now? – It’s just a simple yes or no– – I don’t want to talk about my daughter right now. Come on. – A question, that’s all– – yes, I’m aware. I am aware. I’m not crazy about it, but it’s josslyn’s life, so she can make her own decisions. – Oh, ok. – I’m sorry to interrupt, but can we focus on aunt liesl right now? Did you talk to the stage manager? Did she fall through the trapdoor? – Trapdoor? – Yeah, there was a trapdoor in the vanishing cabinet and another one on the stage. – Excuse me, guys. Sonny, I need a minute. – Ok, if this is about how lucy made it from the safe house to the stage at the nurses’ ball, just go ahead and say it, drew. – What are you talking about? What safe house? – I gave valentin and lucy and anna a place to stay so they could be safe from cassadine. – Are you saying that valentin’s alive? – I just saw him a few hours ago. – I–I don’t know– I don’t know how to feel. I mean, whether to be relieved or furious. – In valentin’s defense, he was trying to exonerate anna. He was trying to protect lucy. He had to make victor think that he was dead, but something went sideways. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Anna was shot. She’s in the or right now fighting for her life.

[Suspenseful music]

– So according to robert, victor and some gunmen breached the house, all right? Lucy escaped through the bedroom window. Anna and valentin were captured. Valentin gave up the necklace. – Damn it. – Oh, I don’t understand. What necklace? What are you talking about? – The necklace your cousin britt inherited from peter august. – The stones were cut from the ice princess, but one of the stones had a coat on it– a coat that victor had been looking for for a while. Now he’s got it. Before he left, apparently victor felt like the best form of revenge for what he felt was betrayal was to hurt what valentin loves the most. – So victor shot anna as payback?

[Suspenseful music] – We’re all concerned about anna. But, jordan, you’ve got to remember something. You want to play the blame game? Anna was part of this right from the start. – You gave me your word that mac wasn’t part of the equation, right? – Yes, that’s right. – I appreciate your honesty, even if it’s belated. I have to assume eileen ashby’s murder was part of this as well? – That’s what anna believed, yes. – And that implies that the mayor was a part of this plan too? Don’t bother to deny it. I know laura would do anything to avenge luke’s death and protect her family at all costs. – It’s more about– it’s more than laura’s family. It’s more than all our families combined. And anna knew that. And that’s what…

[Gasping] – What did victor want so badly that he was willing to kill for it? – It concerns the ice princess necklace. – That holly sutton stole? But– that was burned in the fire that injured holly. – Holly’s injuries were faked along with the destruction of the necklace. We had it, victor’s now got it, and god knows what he’s going to do with it.

[Suspenseful music] – Dr. Robinson? Hi. – Hi. Joss, I– I was coming here to see trina. – Oh! – I knocked and– – I don’t think she’s back yet. Here, come on in. – Ok. I was on my way home, and i found myself coming over here. – Oh. – After seeing her on stage tonight at the nurses’ ball, she just looked so happy and beautiful. I kind of wanted to tell her how proud I was of her. – Yeah. Well, um, she should be back soon. We were just going to change and then head to a party. – You know what? You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking this might not have been such a great idea. Just don’t– don’t tell her that I came by, ok? – Dr. Robinson, wait. I know that you and trina are having some issues, and this is not me trying to get in the middle, but, you know, maybe you could stay and just see how trina reacts. – Is– is it true nikolas showed up and took the baby? – I wasn’t here when it happened. – But– – esme, did you see nikolas here tonight? – Uh, no, but– I mean, if not nikolas, then who? Spencer? Maybe you were helping him. Is that why you left? – No! No, honey. Esme, I’m on your side. You know that. – Esme, paramedics got to take you to gh. – No, I’m not going anywhere without my baby. – Sweetheart, we need to know whether or not you were seriously injured, ok? In the meantime, detective falconer is going to do everything he can to try to find your baby. Now, come on. You go. You go. – My baby. Please, she’s all I have in the world. – I’ll get to the hospital as soon as I can, all right, honey? In the meantime, you do everything the paramedic tells you to do. Do you know what happened tonight? – Yeah. Deputy mayor ashby is dead, and anna’s been shot and is now in surgery. – And now esme’s baby has been kidnapped. How far do we have to look to find the common denominator? – It’s all right, ambrose. My nephew was just kidding. No one’s swimming anywhere. – Hey, I thought that you said that we were going to be working together. You were going to help me find a way to send esme to prison, and then I was going to make sure that my little brother gets the life that he deserves. – That was the plan, but plans change. – I don’t understand. You send your man to tell me to follow your instructions without question, I did exactly that. I’m here when you asked, when you called, and now I find out that you’re taking me somewhere against my will. Is that right? – Oh, come on, spencer, stop being so dramatic. I’m not abducting you. I’m saving you.

[Suspenseful music]

Remember when youguys moved into this dorm last fall. – [Laughs] – You two were so excited, because you got better rooms as sophomores. – That – [Sigh] So much has happened since then. Oh! Trina’s still misplacing her socks, of course. – [Laughs] Oh, god. Misplaced, leave out– neither one of us is clean freaks. Um, I’m going to go to the bathroom, and I’m going to change, but I’m also going to text trina that you’re here so she doesn’t feel ambushed or anything. – Thank you for that. – Ok.

[Gentle music]

– Well, the details are still a little bit sketchy, but yeah, valentin was able to call 911, get anna to gh in critical condition– like I said, she’s in surgery as we speak. – Oh, my god, this is crazy. I mean, victor shot anna just to get back at valentin. That’s attempted murder. He can’t bribe or charm his way out of this, and he can’t stay in port charles. – So I’m guessing he doesn’t care that his plans or whatever they are don’t involve port charles anymore. – Which makes him more dangerous. He’s not even bothering to cover his tracks. – That’s right. – He’s– he’s just going to target anybody that stands in his way.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Ominous music]

You ok?


– Look, I’m only going to

say this because sonny is the father of my kids, and if you’re going to be with him, there’s something you need to know. Sonny needs to be with someone who knows the good, bad, and ugly about him and his business, who will stand beside him no matter how dirty things get.

– You know, anna’s a fighter.

[Indistinct chatter] – I’m ashamed. I thought she was indestructible. But that was before. – Before what? – Before she came in contact with my family. There’s something truly toxic about the cassadines. They poison everyone and everything they touch. – No, no, no. That’s not true about all of you. You proved yourself differently. That was one of the big reasons why anna fell in love with you. – You really think so? – I do. Anna’s in that or right now fighting to come back to you. – Listen, if the worst should happen–

[Ominous music] – No. You can’t lose hope. She won’t let you.

[Bell dings] – You can’t speak for anna. – I’m not. I’m speaking for charlotte. – [Sobbing] – Thank you, kevin. Yeah. No, I think a visit from you would be just what she needs, you know? You’re one of the few people that she learned to actually trust, and she is frantic right now. It’s going to take every one of us to try to keep her calm until we’re able to find her baby. Ok, yeah. I know. I love you. Bye.

[Ominous music] Has there been any update about anna? – She’s still in surgery. – Ok. What I don’t understand is how somebody can walk in the building and walk out carrying a baby and nobody saw that. – I know. Look, I got people pulling surveillance footage from the building, we’re going to pick up ace’s trail, and we’re going to get your grandson back to you. – You’re trying to save me? From what? – From yourself amongst other things. Oh, come on. I was there for you when your father turned his back on you. Now, listen, it’s true. Nikolas has been nothing but a big disappointment to all of us, but you’re different. See, I trust that you will step forward and do whatever is necessary for our family. – I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me. I am so grateful. But I was under the understanding that you did those things for me out of love, not to compel me to obey you. – I don’t want your obedience. I want your loyalty. – You demand loyalty, and yet you won’t trust me with the truth! Or perhaps my grandmother was right about you all along. – Oh, come on. You can’t believe a word that woman says. – Then let me go home to my family. – Oh, spencer, don’t you understand? Your family is right here. – I have more family than just you, uncle victor! – I am well aware of that. Ambrose.

[Suspenseful music]

– Ace? What is he doing here?

– As I told you, spencer, your family is all here on this boat.

– Give me my brother. – Oh, spencer, don’t worry. I’ve arranged a wonderful nursery on board for little ace. God, we really have to do something about– – where is esme? – –That stupid name– esme? Oh, miss prince won’t be joining us. – There is no way that she would give that baby up. – Ambrose can be very persuasive. Oh, I don’t know why you’re so shocked, spencer. You agreed with me that esme should have no part in little baby ace’s future. – I know what we said, but– – esme is back there with all the other mediocre people of port charles, and we are here because we’re different. We’re cassadines. We deserve better. So for you, for me, for our entire family, it’s full steam ahead. – Man, I wish my mom cleaned my side of the room. Dr. Robinson, is everything ok? Ah. Yes. You know trina. Any chance she can get to add a little extra art in her life.

[Laughs] – I, um, didn’t mean to pry. I wanted to look at the art, but something’s written inside. – “Trina, every day with you is a gift.” – It’s not signed. But then again, it doesn’t need to be, does it? That’s from spencer, isn’t it? – Hey. Did the doorman see something? – No. Not a thing. – Nothing? – We did put out a missing child alert for esme’s baby. – Ok. Well, hopefully somebody saw something. But you know you can’t go with that. – Right. Hopefully forensics gets me this footage and– look, all we need is a picture, one image of the person who broke in here tonight and took ace.

[Phone chimes] – Is that them? – Yeah. They’ve emailed me the footage. – Ok. – Maybe this is the break we need.

[Ominous music] – When did you get here? How did you get here? – I was staying at my friend melissa’s house when felicia sent a police car to pick me up. – It was mac who sent the car. I just told him you needed to be together. – Thank you. – I’ll give you some time alone.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Suspenseful music]

– How is anna? How bad is it? – It’s bad. But she’s got really good doctors, and she’s in good hands, and she is the strongest person I have ever met. – Is it my grandfather, victor? – Yeah, it was. – I hate him. – No. Don’t hate. I don’t want that for you. That just makes him too important. Your life is your own,

mon petit, then it marches by. Please don’t spend it hating. I don’t want that for you. You’re better than that. – Don’t ask me to like him. – No. I would never do that. I just want him gone. You’re going to have such a life, you are, with people to see and places to go, and I just want it to be so full that there’s no room for thoughts of victor. – It would be a lot easier to forget about him if he was locked up. – Yeah. Yeah. And I promise you he will be. One way or another, he’ll be stopped.

– Lucy’s alive? – Yeah. – She showed up at the nurses’ ball? And sonny saved her life? – Yeah, that’s what’s being reported. – You’re proud of your dad, aren’t you? – I mean, I’m happy lucy is safe– absolutely. And I’ve always known my dad is this physically courageous. It doesn’t– doesn’t make me like him any more. – None of us can change the past, michael. We can only try to be better in the future. – Does that go for nina too? Sorry, that was a cheap shot. – No. No, it’s fair. I do hold what n ina’s donein the past against her. But I have to admit that she’s a big part of why liesl has agreed to be my donor. And I owe her for that. – I’m just– I’m trying to understand this. So victor, he shot anna in cold blood just to punish valentin? And then– and then he’s going to target other people who opposed him? Dex! Did you find her? Did you find my aunt liesl? – Go ahead. Say what you need to say. You can talk in front of everybody. – I checked the crawl space under the trapdoor on stage, and I found this. Looks like a– a charm from a bracelet. Does it look familiar? – The– the charm was my cousin britt’S. It’s very precious to my aunt liesl. I can’t imagine her being careless with it.

[Suspenseful music]

– I wish you had better news. I’ll be in touch soon. – Now what? – Missing child. – Oh, no. That’s awful. – It’s esme prince’s baby. – Nikolas cassadine’s the father of that child. This can’t be a coincidence. – No. It sounds like victor’s getting all of his ducks lined up in a row. – His ducks and his diamonds. Let me know the minute you hear a word about anna. – Where are you going? – To get answers.

[Ominous music] – Ok, it’s going to be much easier to see this footage from your computer. – Yeah, good idea. – Ok, here’s a nighttime view of your building. – Uh-huh. Ok. Oh, ok. So that’s the service elevator. Is that the kidnapper right there? – Could be. We don’t see his face. He’s got a hoodie on. Let me see. Freeze this and zoom in. Well, look at that. He’s got a gun. – Oh, my god.

[Suspenseful music]

– I’ve known for a while now. I’ve known that spencer had become more than just a friend to my daughter. – Especially after rory died. – And after seeing them together tonight, the connection that they have– pretty obvious. – I take it you don’t approve. – Do you? – [Sigh] I mean, it’s not really up to me. It’s up to trina. – And I’ll take that as a no. – Look, I’ve known spencer for a really long time, and I know that he can be a– a jerk, but I also know that if there’s anyone that’s going to make him want to be better, it’s trina.

[Suspenseful music] – I’m going to go. I appreciate you, but I’ve been here long enough and– you know what? If you could just tell trina– just– just tell her that I miss her. – Ok. Dr. Robinson? – Yeah? – Um, no matter what mistakes spencer may or may not end up making, I do know he would never knowingly hurt trina again. – Knowingly. And that’s the part that scares me. – Look, victor, I know that you’re doing what you think is best for me and for my little brother, but leaving port charles means leaving the people who we care about– people who are going to start to wonder where I am as soon as they realize that I am missing. – If you’re referring to your grandmother, it’s high time you stop letting laura control your life. Or is this about the young lady who always seems to bring out your weaker, more sentimental side? – Do not talk about trina like that. – Oh, romantic attachments are all very well and good, spencer, but now is the time to make your family your priority. Take it from me. I’m speaking from experience. In no time at all, you’ll have forgotten all about miss trina robinson.

[Ominous music] – Is it possible it fell off britt’s charm bracelet without old britt knowing? – Well, sonny, that doesn’t make me feel any better. I mean, aunt liesl knew how important tomorrow is for willow. What was she doing in a crawl space beneath a trapdoor? That definitely wasn’t part of a magic act. – Um, I think michael and willow need to know what’s going on with liesl. – You want me to have dex drive you? Because he can drive you. – No, I got it. It’s ok. I can take her. – Oh. – Thank you. I appreciate that. – Yeah, of course. Come on. – I’ll go pull the car around. – Well, for once, I’m not upset that carly gets to be the one with willow. Carly will be able to reassure her and comfort her. Because I have to find my aunt liesl, and you’re going to help me.

[Suspenseful music]

– I need to find out what happened to my aunt liesl. – You want my help? You realize what you’re asking, right? – I know what I’m asking you, sonny. My aunt liesl and willow’s lives are at stake, and my aunt liesl is the only one who can save willow. I want you to do whatever it takes to find her. – Are you absolutely sure? – God help me. I am. – Ok, ok. Let’s get– let’s get to bed, and I’m not taking no for an answer, all right? We need to get you rested for your big day tomorrow. – Ok.

[Knock at door] – Hey, mom, drew. What are you doing here? – Is something wrong? – Ok, so we should see the same hooded figure leaving the building, right? – Yep. – Ok. Oh, my god.

[Tense music]

Stop right there. – What? You recognize that face? – It’s hard to forget. It’s ambrose. It’s victor’s bodyguard.

– [Gasping]


[Heart monitor beeping] – You were just having a bad dream, esme. – I kept seeing the face of the man that broke in and took my baby. – Did you recognize him? – [Stammering] I don’t know who he is. All I know is that he has my little boy. But why? Why did he take my baby?

[Ominous music]

[Sobbing] – Jane, I think it’s time you took this little sleepyhead back to his crib.

[Ominous music] – Isn’t it past your bedtime as well? – That’s very kind of you to be concerned. I’m a night owl. – Ambrose is here for my protection and yours, as well as your little brother’S. And he sooner you understand that, the better off you’ll be.

[Tense music]


[Indistinct chatter] – Charlotte? I’m, um, I’m going to speak to robert for a second. – How are you holding up? – I hate waiting. – Me too. – What’s the word on anna? – There’s been no update. Well, that in itself is an update. It means she’s still fighting, and we– we knew she would. – Anna’s going to make it. Robert, I want victor found, and I want him dead. And then I want to dig a hole and bury him with my bare hands. – [Sighs]

[Groans] Where are you, trina?


[Ominous music] – How about I make you a deal? I will agree to go with you wherever you want to take me. But you have to letmy baby brother go home. – [Chuckles] Spencer. You still don’t understand. He is home. And so are you, here, with me. As long as we have each other, we have everything we need.

[Ominous music]

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